Jeff with the IC gold. A great champion, an under used title.
The Intercontinental Championship was once one of the most prestigious awards in wrestling ( or sports entertainment to the younger viewers, to me it will always be wrestling ). Since 1979 it has been held by some of the true greats in the business. Legends that include Pat Patterson, Don Muraco, Tito Santana and Greg Valentine. Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Chris Jericho and Triple H have all had major career boosts from the IC belt encircling there waste. Wonderful... Now on to the US Title.
The United States Championship did not start out as a WWE/F Championship. Rather, it was WCW that made it what it is today. Like the I.C. Belt it's been held by Hall of Famers like Sgt. Slaughter and Greg Valentine, each great name adding to it's prestige. Despite loosing face in the late 90's due to frequent vacations the U.S. Championship finally regained the glory it once held when competitors like Eddie Guerrero, Booker T and John Cena fought over it. Cena's Spinner version of the US belt was a defining moment in his career.

So i ask you this:
Why in the last year or two has there been virtually no attention payed to these two titles within wwe story lines & events? I pray these great additions to any wrestles career do not go the same way as the cruiser-weight title & drift into the list of retired gold.

Jericho came to save us. Please Jericho, while you have it, save the I.C. Title.

Rick Flair in 1980 with US belt