As Psych fans might have heard, Maggie Lawson has been tapped to star in an ABC comedy pilot. But what does this mean for Psych and/or Juliet? Let’s just say it’s too soon to sweat.
“We’re so happy and excited for Maggie having all of these opportunities, and we never want to begrudge somebody who has an opportunity star in their own show — especially in something that’s a big project like this,” executive producer Steve Franks tells me.
Additionally, dozens of pilots are made every season with only a few getting picked up for full seasons. And if that happens, says Franks, “we have a great contingency plan. … We have a plan in place. We’re rooting for her show to get picked up, and that’s the way we work on our show.”
Meanwhile, as Psych writers prepare to head into the writers’ room to start crafting season 8, Franks left me with this cryptic — but very exciting — tease: “We have one thing we’re going to try to do this year that I don’t think any show has ever done before. So I’ll be pretty excited if we pull it off.”

Sooo... how does everyone feel about this? Will you still watch Psych if Maggie's show gets picked up? Thought I'd let you all know about this.