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The fans pick: 2 - Kyoko Sakura
2 - Kyoko Sakura
1 ~ Homura Akemi
The fans pick: Current favorite: Sayaka Miki
Current favorite: Sayaka Miki
Initial favorite: Mami Tomoe
The fans pick: Kyoko Sakura
Kyoko Sakura
Homura Akemi
The fans pick: I guess I could
I guess I could
No! Give me my food!!
The fans pick: i dont watch akb0048
i dont watch akb0048
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1 fan has answered this question
1 fan has answered this question
3 fans have answered this question
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ChibiItalia said …
So, I seriously need some Madoka Magica fangirls to help me out. You know that moment you watch the anime and you just NEED someone XD Posted 1 month ago
AnimeFan66 said …
Hey! I am thinking about writing a Madoka fanfic, but I am not sure which of these clubs should I publish it under. I would like for you guys to cast a vote in seeing if it should be posted here or any other club. Again, I'm only posting this because I am unsure which club it should be under. Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of your week. :) Posted 6 months ago
FanCris said …
Madoka's soundtrack are so flawless +-+ Really, first time I've heard a soundrack made by the so amazing called "Yuki Kaijura" Posted 10 months ago