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The fans pick: Kyouko Sakura
Kyouko Sakura
Homura Akemi
The fans pick: None of them
None of them
The fans pick: Madoka
The fans pick: Mami Tomoe
Mami Tomoe
Sayaka Miki
The fans pick: Madoka Kaname
Madoka Kaname
Homura Akemi
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Plutia said …
I have the DVD to it my mom's friend gave it to me Posted 29 days ago
Plutia commented…
im talking about i have the dvd to this anime 29 days ago
Plutia said …
I llove this anime Posted 29 days ago
haeun971121 said …
Hi Madoka Magica fans! My name is Eunice and I really want some Madoka Magica figurines. However, I can't have any because my mother is a single mom earning about only 2000 dollars for a month and we are moving next month so we have absolutely no money for anything.. so I wish you guys could help me. Thank you for reading this and have a nice day! Posted 2 months ago
NagisaFurukawa- commented…
wait so how must i help you? I need to know in order to help you. And i feel bad for you. I hope your mom can meet a man who can be your step dad. 1 month ago
haeun971121 commented…
I just want some madoka magica figurine... any kind of figurine... and thank you so much for looking at this message! :) 1 month ago