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Pugatuar Meditation

Pugataur leads you in his own personal version of meditation....

Milo the Psycho Pug

My mother's pug Milo finds himself in a bit of a pickle...

Funny Pug in Advert: behind the scenes

A funny behind the scenes video of Stan the Pug - star of the Vernons Bingo TV ad

Insane Pug goes NUTS on the Beach

Blossom the pug goes COMPLETELY BANANAS when her sister Sasha gets too far ahead of her. It was our anniversary! Check out our wedding page at

Pug Chases Laser

Blossom the Pug chases a laser pointer around the bed, while Sasha mostly just observes :)
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Pug vs Frankenstein

Blossom the Pug decides to GET SOME... of Frankenstein, that is.

Pug Head Tilt

This is Sassafrass! I just got her for Christmas and shes 8 weeks old! :)
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Balloon Boy Pug

Pug in a Balloon Boy outfit. Adorable

Pug Dance

A funny video of 2 pugs dancing in a box with Robbie Willimas song Rudebox playing in the background.
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All Pugs ATTACK!!!!

A funny video of pug puppies attacking an old woman.