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My Dogs Roscoe (Pup) And Spanky (Dog)

Article by kcano posted over a year ago
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my dog roscoe is a basset hound with 1 brown skin around the eye,black dots,brown dots and a pink spot on top of the nose dosent bark at all not fat and an eliphant but lol if u seen u would lol.spanky is a funny name but he is a surviver.he survived parvo.(a dog disese)and he is a rottrilier so thats all my dogs.my rats name is jerry.yes its from tom and jerry.thes a hooded rat,well my friend told me that,his head is black and he has black dots on him.he was my snakes food but she didnt eat him so hes r pet since he was a ratling.i have a snake thats named kristal and is a gray banded king snake(which is funny cuz my snakes a girl) anyways,thats all my pet.i had some dogs that died and coupil of iguanas some birds and some snakes 2 and a turtal named kc and a fish named kc also.thats all thx 4 reading if u liked it give me sime props plz thx

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big smile
nikaitla said:
oh that is soooooo cute do you have an image to go with it because i would love! to see one
posted over a year ago.
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kcano said:
ill sho u roscoe and spanky
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago