S won the first FOTM. *claps* and since I made the pick, I will interview her. It’s funny because we totally converted her into a Quicker and I’m so proud of her. She has a great taste in couples and she’s adorable! So let’s get started.

Aww G! This is so sweet xD thanks. And yeah. You totally made me a Quicker.
I still don’t understand why I got this FOTM.. but thank you guys :).

1. How did you start watching Glee?
I heard about Glee long time ago. I guess it’s kinda everywhere since last spring. But my Glee Journey started when Nat (if you don’t know - iLoveChair..but really, you don’t know her? SHAME ON YOU!) did very unexpected, weird…and gross thing. I don’t want to bring here bad memories... Anyway I wanted to know what sick people made that mah Nat lost her mind xD I stalked her (yes. I admit. I’m one of scary stalkers) and found out Quickers Haven. And here I discovered that this sick people aren’t that sick after all. LMAO! I met amazing Quickers. They were super nice to me and showed me awesomeness of Fuckerman. And main thing was THE EYESEX which converted me into hardcore Quicker! So since I was already shiping best couple in Glee I decided to watch show already. I started when S1 was going to end. Watched whole season in 10 days xD And transferred from ‘stalker, wannabe Quick fan’ to ‘full Gleek, Quick obsessed’.

2. Why Quinn and Puck and not another couple?
I. Because Quickers here would kill me if I wasn’t one of them xD
II. Because Quinn and Puck have something very important in TV relationship - SPARKLING CHEMISTRY!
III. Because their first meeting (kinda ;p) was full of Angst and memorable quotes. I would love them for this even without Quickers at forum telling me how great their ship is ;p
IV. Because of EYESEX! COME ON! When they look in each others eyes you can literally see sparks!
V. Because of Puck’s smile, Quinn’s eyebrow, Quinn’s lips.
VI. Because Quinn thanks god for Puck and Puck thinks Finn doesn’t deserve Quinn as his girlfriend!
VII. Because of Beth! ADORABLE BETH<3
VIII. Because they remind me a bit about my Jate<3
IX. Because I don’t like ships just about sex *insert throw-up here* Puck: This isn't just another hook up to me!

I can do it forever, but then this interview would be endless xD

3. Pick a song for the following :
1. Puck singing to Quinn, - Can't Take My Eyes off You. In Heath Ledger\10 Things I Hate About You\ Patrick Verona‎ style xD
2. Quinn to Puck, "From this moment" by Shania Twain
3.Duet - ‘Something stupid’ by Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman

4. Favorite Quick scene and why?
Baking scene! That was the cutest scene in Glee! Everything was so perfect. Puck’s black shirt, Quinn’s laugh, quotes ’It would be pretty awesome if it came out with a mohawk’, Puck touching Quinn’s hair. THE LOOK!... and of course Finn screwed everything up.

5. What’s your favorite thing about them?
EVERYTHING! But I love the fact that every time I see them together I get stupidly excited. They are just the most awesome ‘thing’ in Glee <3

6. If they didn’t end up together, who would have them be with?
What a stupid idea, G! Of course they’re gonna end up together! DUH!
BUT if not (in some twisty, odd way) I want someone new for both of them. I didn’t like Puck with Santana, Rachel or Mercedes..:/ And Quinn.. well.. I didn’t hate idea of Finn\Quinn ..but seriously. Finn&Quinn? Even their names sound weird together! I don’t like the idea of Artie\Quinn either.. so, please, someone new :)

7. Which couple are they similar with?
Like I said before, they remind me about mah Jate (Jack&Kate-Lost) a bit ;p
There is a lot of similarities but I’ll go with the most important one. A lot of people believed that it was only Jack who wanted be with Kate. That Kate didn’t love Jack. I can see same thing happening with Quick. Some Haters seem to think that Quinn doesn’t want Puck Oo. We know how it ended with Jate *still in heaven*, and I believe it will end same with Quick xD

8. Your favorite Quick episode?
Journey! Beth, ILY, sexy flashbacks, NOT ANOTHER HOOK UP!! anyone?!

9. Would you still watch the show if it wasn’t for them?
Hmm.. don’t get me wrong but sometimes Glee can be really annoying. LOL!
..but I think I would. Of course Quick is this what I love the most in this show.. but music and humor are very close. And I would watch for Quinn anytime. Even with PR in background…*vomits*

10. A scene or storyline you would like them to have (e.g rain kiss..etc)
Oh my.. Rain Kiss is something what every shiper dreams about, right? haha! ..But I want for Quick something new. Something what any other couple ever had. .. And I’m too stupid to think what that could be ;p

11. Your favorite Quick fan? :P
This is really mean question! There are so many awesome Quick fans on this spot! And outside this spot too! OK I will answer on this.. BUT I’ll go with 2!
Nat - Because she’s the reason why I started Glee xd. Because she’s mah horny-epic EVOL! Because I love her xD
G- Because she showed me the awesomeness of Quick. And she always believed I would be a Quicker. Because I love her too!

12. Imagine that you are at the show for one day, who would you like to play?
I would definitely play some evil cheerleader xD I would try to hook up with all guys in show (I mean hot ones). And to do one good thing - I would kick Santana’s ass! XD

13. A message to Ryan Murphy?

14. Would you have liked them to keep Beth Drizzle Jack Daniels?
I’m torn here. My shiper heart want Quinn\Puck + Beth = FOREVER IN HAPPY LAND! lol.
But on the other hand I want some drama and sexy, hot Quick. Sometimes babies in shows can really screw great relationship ;p. So this little part of my heart is happy they gave her away. BUT I hope that in future Beth storyline will come back.. and that Beth will come back<3

15. Something you’d like to share….
umm IDK Well I’m so this interview had some Jate. but I’m still on high after finale xd And I hope next FOTM will go to someone who REALLY deserve it!

Thank you baby. Comment people. S is awesome!