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Opinion by tinkerbell_cate posted over a year ago
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Hi Guys! I'm cate and as part of a secret santa I'm doing, I've written my version of all the scenes in season one between Quinn and Puck for my friend Morgan and I thought I'd post it here so you could all see it. I would've done some of the ones we've gotten in season three, but I wanted to rewatch them before I wrote about them and I couldn't find many of the scenes online. hope you like it, merry christmas!

Quinn walked through the hallways of Mckinley High with barely contained tears in her eyes. It was confirmed this morning, she was officially pregnant. Her whole world was about to change and she had no idea what to do about it. "Sup MILF". Quinn spun round and saw Puck looking at her. A flash of anger and desire passed through her. How dare he do this to her in public! as if things weren't bad enough! but he was so hot......"Leave me alone" she warned, walking away from him. She didn't want to have this conversation right now, let alone in a crowded school. "Who's the daddy?" Puck demanded, following her. "I think its kinda weird if its Finn, since you told me you were a virgin when we did it. And I know for a fact you didn't do it with him"....
Opinion by quickawesome posted over a year ago
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Season 3: Quinn goes Goth, Dyes Hair Pink, Smokes.
Quinn was stupid for ever letting Puck go, and how long is the Finn/Rachel/Quinn triangle gonna go on, I mean, everybody knows that Finn doesn't love Quinn.
And They also need to get rid of the Puck/Quinn/Santana triangle and just let them be.
Here's a list of things that should not happen:
1. Puckleberry
2. Fabrevans
3. Pucktana
4. Fuinn
5. Faberry
6. Luck
7. Quinn andWhoever the Hell Quinn is with.
8. Puck andWhoever the Hell Puck is with.
Opinion by Kassaremidylynn posted over a year ago
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Quick was featured in the promos.
Quinn and Puck have been SERIOUSLY lacking this entire season. For whatever reason, my and many others OTP has been basically dropped from the series, for reasons no one has commented on. The only person who has - sort of - commented on Quinn and Puck is Mark Salling, who tweeted a while ago about their baby Beth's birthday, which gave a few of us some hope.

However, there have been moments, whether the writers meant to put them in or Dianna and Mark have been sneaking them in. The moments were very short but they were there. I am here to point out those moments, however sparse they were.

I have posted links to videos or gifs of those scenes after each episode.

There was one(ish) in the first episode, Auditions. Jacob Ben Israel asked Puck if it was true that he had fallen into a depression since Quinn rejected him, to which Puck had no answer and then pushed Jacob away.

The second was in the Britney/Brittany episode, and it was one of those blink and you'll miss it moments, as most of the rest of these will be. The couple was assigned to be dance partners during Toxic and a rather raunchy pose was caught on film: