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Article by mile0812 posted over a year ago
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So it’s 8 ish a.m. Saturday April 14th 2018 and I just woke up. My tv was left on all night long, and I don’t know why, but when people first wake up they really don’t know what they are doing right away and I went to turn it off the tv(knowing in my head that I was going to watch it, weird right?) so I grab the remote. As soon as I grab it, this angel (literally) appears on my tv. I’m 47 years old and I have been blessed to have seen a lot of absolutely beautiful and stunning things. None which compares to the young lady whom graced my tv screen. I knew nothing about Ms. Bilson until this day(I’m sad to say) so like everyone else I googled her. Spent the better part of my morning reading about this young woman, and I came to this conclusion. Along with external beauty (absolutely breathtaking) comes a woman with integrity,respect,morals, love for family and friends, determination, and I could go on and on. So it really comes down to this: Ms.Bilson is simply captivating in all aspects of the word. Both inside and out,(from what I read, but my opinion is exactly that,mine. People will form their own.)Her appearance on my tv made me find out more about this amazing woman,...
Article by kellyclarkson12 posted over a year ago
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January 10, 2008 04:00 PM EST
Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson almost didn't appear in The Last Kiss because she won't do nudity, the actress reveals in Playboy.

"Movies can be sexy or sexual without showing things," the former O.C. star, 26, said in the issue out Friday. "It's almost a deal breaker. The movie was rated R, and they like to put in nudity wherever they can, but I'm pretty strong willed and believe it can be avoided."

The other thing Bilson won't do is talk about her relationship with Hayden Christensen, even though the two have been spotted together around Los Angeles for almost a year. She will, however, defend his acting chops. "He's an amazing guy and a fantastic actor," she told Playboy. "In those Star Wars movies I thought other people – people who are successful and Oscar-nominated – came off looking much worse than he did. But he caught a lot of s---, which really made me mad."

Other interesting Bilson bits:
List by tareva1451 posted over a year ago
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Rachel Bilson: I've always been a really maternal person. I really want a family. I love the career I have chosen, but I'd be quite happy as a housewife, at home with the kids. I think I'd be really content.

Rachel Bilson: (about going nude on film) Movies can be sexy or sexual without showing things. It is almost a deal breaker.

Rachel Bilson: My first scene on the show (The O.C.), I showed up on set and they're like "here's your little bikini, here's your little miniskirt. Now go out on the freezing beach and be drunk and basically molest Ben's character, Ryan". Ryan, ohmigod! I was like, "alright, cool!"

Rachel Bilson: I really do believe that if someone tries hard enough, they can get what they want. If you put all your effort towards something, you're going to be rewarded. The trick is to not give up. If you don't, anything can happen.

Rachel Bilson: I feel like you have to be who you are and be true to yourself first, always. You can't worry about how you're going to be perceived by other people. I have a quote that my mom taught me: "It's none of my business what other people think of me".