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Rachel Green Do you like Rachel's bald cat, Mrs Whiskerson?

26 fans picked:
Yes, it was so cute.
No, it was evil.
 alkonyat posted over a year ago
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KatiiCullen94 picked Yes, it was so cute.:
My family loves those cats. My mum bought a kitten a couple of months ago. Which is a devin rex, which looks the same as Rachel's. However our baby hasn't not been born yet. I can't wait.

Beleive it or not, those cats are the most plasit cats around so I found it so shocking how they portrayed Mrs Whiskerson. They have the kindest souls, they love to snuggle and spend peaceful time with you. They climb over your shoulder and fall asleep. Absolutely beautiful cats.
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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ecpjll picked No, it was evil.:
no.... like chandler said : it was a minion of the anti-christ!!!lol
posted over a year ago.
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makintosh picked Yes, it was so cute.:
All living creatures are beautiful
posted over a year ago.
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jeannette26 picked No, it was evil.:
I wouldn't call it evil but the cat had no hair.It also scatched up her arm.ouch
posted over a year ago.
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marakii picked No, it was evil.:
this cat was really evil :P
posted over a year ago.