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wantadog said …
I believe if someone is running something like an icon contest or a picture contest and they are so insanely busy that they constantly disappear and neglect it, they should simply pass the contest into the hands of someone with the time to run it. Posted 1 hour ago
wantadog said …
Totally Random Person: "Yes im smart ive always been smart from the day of my birth" *Cannot correctly use punctuation* Posted 1 hour ago
poulamikundu said …
many here think i'm now, i wanna go on a top of a hill and Posted 3 hours ago
Uaan commented…
And die ? you are only 13 you have not seen anything yet . And if you die before your actual life span (period) then your spirit would wander until the completion of life span you were supposed to live , i know a girl from neighbours she sit outside her house everday since the day she committed suicide , we called the person who deals with spirit and she said she wants her parents to stop crying because their tears have become a river for her in which she is drowning , i get shiverings when i see her spirit O_O 2 hours ago
wantadog commented…
@Uaan, cool story, never tell it again...ever. 1 hour ago
wantadog commented…
@Poul Everything ok? I know what you mean about immature. Apparently by not getting upset and raging about Uaan's "gang dumbheads" thing, I am being childish. 1 hour ago
BlindBandit92 commented…
@Uaan Don't even tell that story again man. @poul dude don't jump off a hill because of what people think you are,. If you see a fault just fix it. Never do something like that because people find you annoying. People find me annoying and others. Yet they never did anything like that. I would wish you not do something so rash based on peer pressure. Immature is not always a bad thing. 1 hour ago