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The fans pick: Yes
The fans pick: Morning beast.
The fans pick: Yes you are super cute in your black sparkly dress. 10/10
The fans pick: Vivid, intense.
The fans pick: Sing passionately and with your soul
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Bratz4life said …
Today my mom spanked me hard across her lap. For all the bad girl things i done. While i was wearing my favorite black sparkly dress and black sparkly high heels. While my sister was watching from a distance. My mom used her hand and than paddled me hard. I deserved it for being a bad girl. I got grounded and some corner time for an hour. And my computer use is taken away from me. I snuck on the computer while my mom and little sister are at the store. Don't tell anyone im breakinh punishment. Posted 16 hours ago
Bratz4life commented…
I was crying while spanked hard across my mom's lap. She video recorded it all to throw it in my face when i act badly like i do. Life is just well you know not easy for a girl my age. I deserved a long hard spanking and paddling. I hope my mom don't come home and catch me useing the comouter when I'm grounded for a while. My butt is still very red from the spanking. Sigh i just don't wanna obey my mom and teacher at school. I can't help it. If my mom heard me say that I'd be punished big time. And I'm still crying from the pain of being spanked really hard across my mom's lap. I'm just glad my favorite black sparkly dress and black sparkly high heels did not get messed up that I'm wearing now still. Well i deserved a spanking. I'm just a bad girl and that's how it is. Being good girl is no fun. :/ 16 hours ago
Canada24 said …
I did a face reveal Posted 22 hours ago
THaSlimJim commented…
<--- dude i did too 22 hours ago
Canada24 commented…
Really? 22 hours ago
Bratz4life commented…
Hey yah so did i. 16 hours ago
springely said …
I told you with the pen there shall be none equal, but since he ain't write it that makes him more lethal. Posted 1 day ago