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Firework-Katy Perry (Laughing Version)
Demon Traffic Light
Cohose Yuor Cloor
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The fans pick: Kasane Teto
Kasane Teto
Snow Miku
The fans pick: Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Ariana Grande
The fans pick: Sayaka Miki
Sayaka Miki
The fans pick: i literally find this cruel and honestly wish i didn't see it
i literally find this cruel and honestly wish i didn't see it
some comments say aww cute /funny.(agree)
The fans pick: 1. Netherlands
1. Netherlands
2. Jamaica
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ITF said …
When you feel that somethings wrong
I'll shelter you and keep you warm
I'll never let you walk alone
I loved you when you still hated me

Im comin and I won't be long
Time to reap what I have sown
Never ever let you walk alone
I know your enemy it once was me Posted 19 hours ago
shadowlover3000 said …
So, I read my first manga, and I was confused for about five minutes because I didn't know that you had to read the pages from right to left, too. Woopsie. ^ ^" Posted 21 hours ago
Zeppie commented…
lmao I remember making that mistake xD But the bad thing is that now whenever I read any comic I automatically read right to left :| 8 hours ago
shadowlover3000 commented…
Lol, we can never win. xD 55 minutes ago
Alex6219010 said …
I was writing about blue screens in my coursework and today, Windows blue screened. How ironic. Posted 1 day ago
shadowlover3000 commented…
Hahah! Oh, irony. 22 hours ago