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Mauserfan1910 said …
My neighbors new pole barn is officially open for business. The pastor who organized the community effort gave a little speech about different people with different backgrounds coming together to help out a neighbor, and he listed off all the different religions who helped out. Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Mormon, and one Satanist.

He called me a Satanist, why the fuck does he think I'm a Satanist? Posted 6 hours ago
Mauserfan1910 commented…
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's probably the Rams Head pentagram I put on my truck window. That's probably it 6 hours ago
SilentForce commented…
Mauserfan ist Krieg ! 5 hours ago
Mauserfan1910 commented…
^ the funny part about that is how ist krieg is German, and Mausers are a German rifle design 4 hours ago
8theGreat said …
So I decided that it would be a good habit to start writing down to-do lists and weekly goals for my art, but I have a limited supply of the paper I'm using and I really like it because it's got a pretty pattern, but I don't want to sacrifice writing on pretty paper, so I was like I need cute stationery. Why don't I just make some?- I have a printer and photoshop skills... I could make it Sanrio themed!

And so an hour later I'm still staring at pictures of Little Twin Stars. Posted 17 hours ago
Mauserfan1910 commented…
Put a Mazda Autozam on it, those are cute 6 hours ago
8theGreat commented…
No. 3 hours ago
Mauserfan1910 commented…
Put you on it, you're cute 2 hours ago
springely said …
I come back with 11 damn shots. I claim this city and I take your spot. Posted 1 day ago