Random Anime OC Role-play! OC RP Part 1~

haremaster99 posted on Jan 01, 2012 at 06:16PM
okay everyone! this is part 1 of the OC RP!!! please use your own OCS from any anime or anything~ please RP safely! and LETS GO!!
Sora: hm, i wonder were my sister is? ISABELLA! WERE ARE YOU?!!!
okay everyone! this is part 1 of the OC RP!!! please use your own OCS from any anime or anything~ ple
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over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Sarah: uh... there really wasn't any need to use violence...
Story: Nyan? *clueless look*
over a year ago izbia150 said…
yume:i'm coming with you
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: trust me it did
Asmita: *hurting and rubbing his head* fine....j-just please keep between me and her
Sora: stupid saint...
Albafica: *passed out*
Sora: *pours water on his head* WAKE UP!!!
Albafica: AHH!!!!!!!!!!
Sora: lets get going, your holding both of them *death glare*
Albafica: HAI!!!! *picks Yume and Sarah up*
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Sarah: *giggles*
Story: *bites Asmita's hand*
over a year ago izbia150 said…
yume:i don't need to be carried
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: good Story!
Asmita: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU!!!!
Asmita: *sulks in pain*
Albafica: its a long trip, just dont fight with Sora....
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over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Story: *jumps back* Nyan?
Sarah: she didn't mean to! don't yell at her...
over a year ago izbia150 said…
yume:put me down before i hurt you
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Albafica: i cant thats the point....Sora will....kick my....
Asmita: *getting hit in the head by Sora* OWWW!!!
Asmita: HAI!!
Albafica: please just bear with it..........*very embarrassed*
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Sarah: is this how it always is?
Story: *walks over to Sora and bites her hand too*
over a year ago izbia150 said…
yume:fine, but you can't blame me for being a dream demon like your friend did, it's annoying and i don't use vessels like the others, this is my own body
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: *used to it* hiya Story *picks her up* yep, pretty much, its worse when Kardia and Manigoldo is is around......
Asmita and Albafica: yes......
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Story: *squirms* Nyan! Nyan! *scratches Sora's cheek*
Sarah: Story!
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: its fine, my cat does it to....*heals cheeks*
Albafica: *scared* um......Sora your friend is scary * referring to Yume*
Sora: *ignores him*
Asmita: here we are! England!
over a year ago izbia150 said…
yume:now put me down
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Sarah: *eyes widen*
Story: *sees Sarah* Onee-Chan?
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Albafica: *puts her down*
Sora: follow me, its time to get my sister back.....
*Manigoldo shows up laughing* Manigoldo: WELL, WELL, WELL!!! LOOKY WHO'S HERE! SORA AND THE GIRLS
Sora: Shut it Mani, they arent girls, the three are but not Asmita and Alba
Manigoldo: whateva, lets go i found your twerp sister
Sora: A**hole.....
Albafica: *puts her down* 
Sora: follow me, its time to get my sister back.....
*Manigoldo shows up l
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Sarah: *doesn't move and keeps her eyes widened*
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: somthing wrong Sarah?
Sora: *smacks Mani and walks to Sarah*
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Sarah starts shaking. Story pulls on her arm.
Story: Onee-Chan?
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: Sarah speak to me whats wrong?!!
*Manigoldo Asmita and Albafica looks at her worried*
Manigoldo: hey kid you okay?
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Sarah's legs give way and faints.
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: *shakes Sarah* SARAH!! WAKE UP!!

(GTG bed time XD good night)
over a year ago izbia150 said…
(i have to go, idk when i'll be back because i'm going to dinner, bye)
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Story's eyes tear up. Sarah stays asleep.

(kk, good bye everyone)
over a year ago izbia150 said…
kairi:isabel your starting to hurt me
isabella*still hugging him* i told you i'd get revenge
kairi:wha?! that was years ago!
isabella:yes but i don't forget easily
kairi:*chuckles* alright, you got your revenge, now lets go back to nara
isabella:*lets go then nods* okay
kairi and isabella walk back to the house and when they get inside they see nara sitting down and reading a book
isabella:so you finally found time to read huh?
nara:*looks up at isabella and nods* yeah, i only recently found the time though because i'v been really busy,
isabella:*smiles* it's good you found the time
(i forgot to post my pic of kairi)
kairi:isabel your starting to hurt me
isabella*still hugging him* i told you i'd get revenge
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: we cant leave her here!
Albafica: I agree with Manigoldo, as much as I do not, Sora either someone holds her, or we leave her.
Sora: *slaps Albafica* pick her up, let's go, I'm not leaving this country until I get my sister back,
Albafica: *rubs cheek and holds Sarah* hai......
Asmita: *picks Story up again* I think I have meditated enough.
Sora: good, cause your gonna need it.

(>=)) this is my favorite pic.....link enjoy~ kukuku)
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over a year ago izbia150 said…
yume:do you know where she went?
Nara:so Isabel-San have you been praticeing?
Isabella:yeah, just the way you taught me
Nara:*smiles* I'm glad to hear that
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: yea, But I have no clue she's there or not.

(I'm gonna send u the photo ^_^)
over a year ago izbia150 said…
(ok ^^)
yume:then let's go check
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: yea, we are..
Asmita: We are here. *arrives at a worn Down home*

(I sent it!)
over a year ago izbia150 said…
(cool! did you text it?)
yume walks inside and there are first-aid kits and ribbons and books and many other things scattered all over the room, she goes to the room next to that one and sees Nara reading but Isabella and kairi aren't there, Nara looks up at yume and smiles
Nara:and who're you?
yume:my name is yume, who are you?
Nara:Nara arel, may I ask why you have come into my home?
yume:I am looking for someone named Isabella atasunta
Nara:you mean Isabel? she's in the kitchen with kairi, go see her if you want
yume:thank you
over a year ago izbia150 said…
(I'm gonna go to bed, I gotta get up soon, night)
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
(yea i did, and okay XD sleep well!)
Sora: *walks past Yume to the kitchen* Isabella?!
Asmita and Albafica: whats with the Kits and Ribbons?
Manigoldo: ISABELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sora: SHH! BAKA CRAB! Isabella!
over a year ago izbia150 said…
in the kitchen kairi is cooking while Isabella is sitting in a chair
Isabella:I'm here onee!
kairi:come on do something!
Isabella:*smirks* hugging you wasn't enough revenge, now you gotta do this to
kairi:*smiles* I'll get you back for this
Isabella:sure you will
Nara:(to asmita and Albafica) I like ribbons and we get hurt a lot, that's why we have them
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Albafica: Sora! Did you sense that?!
Sora: Wyvern......
Asmita: it's impossible! You sealed him 124 years ago!!
Sora: some how he escaped.....Pandora must have opened the box.
Manigoldo: that b**** is always screwing with the Sky. Che.
Sora: Isabella, it's not safe here! Wyvern is getting near......*coughs up a small amount of blood*
Manigoldo: you alright Sora?
Sora: I'm fine.....it's to much at one time for me. Asmita, get ready to use Tenbuu Hou
Asmita: of course *starts meditateing*
Sora: Albafica find a place to hide the girls and Kariri.
Albafica: hai *opens a cellar*
Sora: *coughs up more blood* itete......
Manigoldo: come on your not ok!
Sora: I'm fine! Get ready to use Persapes Underworld Waves!
Manigoldo: fine.....

(Did u get it?)
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Story backs against the wall.
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Albafica: stay right here, don't move, it will be a while *sets Sarah down* miss Nara, watch them please.
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Story: *snuggles up to Sarah*
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
(a man with a Surplice appears. link)
Sora: Rhadamanthys........*summon's Bloody Rose*
Rhadamanthys:hello again Sora.
Sora: Who unsealed you Wyvern?
Rhadamanthys: Pandora-Sama, who else
Manigoldo: Che, why are you here?!
Rhadamanthys: easy, to get revenge on Sora
Sora: I sealed you for a clear reason, and you know it, 3rd judge of Hell!
Albafica: Piranha Rose!
(Rhadamanthys doges and flees)
Sora: go! After him!
(Sora Albafica And Manigoldo goes after him while Asmita stays behind and protects the house.)
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Story nudges Sarah with her nose and shakes her lightly.
Story: Onee-Chan?!
Sarah doesn't move
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Albafica: Crimson Thorn!!
Manigoldo: Persapes Underworld Waves!
Sora: Kokoro no Arro!
Rhadamanthys: *gets shot with Kokoro no Arro and Crimson Thorn* Ah!!
Sora: *puts Bloody rose to his throat* I will now seal you. *stabs him in the chest* bai bai *Rhadamanthys Body turns into a box with a seal on i* one more that Pandora won't be able to open again *slaps seal on the box and it disappears* let's go back to the house.
Manigoldo and Albafica: right. *heads back to the house*
over a year ago izbia150 said…
Nara picks up one of the kits and walks over to sora
Nara:here use this, I know you most likely have a million but just incase
Isabella:it was nice to see you again kairi, but I gotta go now *hugs him*
kairi:*hugs back* come and visit sometime okay?
Isabella:yeah, I will
Isabella stops hugging kairi then gives Nara a quick hug and runs out the door
Isabella:come on onee!
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Albafica: *leads the girls and Kairi out of the cellar*
Sora: you guys alright?
Manigoldo: *wrapping his hand that had been cut*
Sora: *helps Manigoldo then goes to Sarah* she hasn't awaken yet has she? Thanks Nara *continues wrapping Manigoldo's hand*
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over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Story shakes her head and shakes Sarah again.
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: *gets bucket of water and pours it on Sarah*
Everyone: *shocked*

(Isabella did u get the text?)
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Sarah's eyes fly open. they go wide.
Sarah: i must s-save... Rachael and Anna... *gets up and walks outside*
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: *grabs Sarah and restrains her* where are you going?!! I need some answers! You passed out and now your running around looking for your deceased family! Stop!
Albafica: Sarah-San!
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Sarah: there not dead! there alive! but if i don't get to them soon, they won't be any longer! let me go! let me go!
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: No!! Albafica!
Albafica: *brings our a rose and puts it in her hair, putting Sarah into a calm state*
Sora: now explain to me how you know this and did not tell any of us?