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That moment when the club is so dead the latest replies are from half an hour ago. Posted 7 hours ago
demon_wolf said …
link Alright so I would like to know how no one has joined this? Or at least found it interesting! Are all of you dull???! Posted 18 days ago
demon_wolf said …
Are people still active in this club? Posted 24 days ago
Riku114 commented…
I dunno. I honestly left like a year or two ago cause of the massive amount of smut and lack of time I had and only came back today cause I really miss making characters and all. I dunno if Ill join again, particularly since there dont seem to be stories that interest me and I dont have any stories in mind. That plus Im even busier than before and dont even know if I could keep up with an RP XD 19 days ago
Phantelephant commented…
massive. MASSIVE amounts of smut and mellodrama HOLY mother of god like it was a soap opera. oh and the smut was like the most distasteful and offensive form of smut i had ever seen. 16 days ago
TeamPeeta649 commented…
When you read the old roleplay forums and are ashamed of how terrible your execution on smut writing was haha. As a 14-year-old I just really had no clue of how to write properly DX 16 days ago