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heart-of_love said …
You know its sad when you used to be up at the crack of dawn to roleplay, and now you can sleep until noon and have nothing to reply to... Posted 2 months ago
TAIKAMODO commented…
The sad truth. 2 months ago
sieluvzsoul commented…
agreed 2 months ago
Iveon said …
Does Anyone wanna Rp With me? I'm open. Posted 4 months ago
Hades_Shadow commented…
Definitely! Would you be interested in a Marvel RP? 4 months ago
Iveon commented…
I Don't watch much marvel so idk. 4 months ago
Hades_Shadow commented…
It would just be in that universe, It is all OC characters 4 months ago
Hades_Shadow commented…
What are you interested in role playing? 3 months ago
Hades_Shadow said …
NEW ROLE PLAY UP!!! Earth 616 - A Marvel Universe Rolepay. Bring your OC superheroes into the Marvel Universe with me! Posted 4 months ago