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iceblu said …
Hello! Uh, my other account gonxgon...I lost the password to. It's also hard to be on and roleplay when school is driving you insane. Welp, I'll try to be on as often as I can. Posted 26 days ago
Hades_Shadow commented…
Welcome back! Join us again in the Adilgashi forum. 16 days ago
catos971 said …
Hello! I haven't been here in a long time! I was just hoping someone could gimme a re-cap on stuff that's happened and maybe do an RP together! I was kinda in the mood for a steampunk/dieselpunk RP if anyone's interested. Posted 26 days ago
Phantelephant commented…
ME ME ME ME ME 26 days ago
Phantelephant commented…
I AM INTERESTED 26 days ago
Hades_Shadow commented…
Miss ya both 10 days ago
beautybeastfan2 said …
I'm part of a Disney RP group that's still looking for members to join and bring our favorite stories and characters to life. Come check it out! Plenty of open roles available!
link Posted 28 days ago
Hades_Shadow commented…
Which characters are you still looking for? 28 days ago
beautybeastfan2 commented…
The site has a whole list of Disney characters to choose from. Disney classics, Pixar, live-action, and Star Wars 28 days ago
Hades_Shadow commented…
Ok cool, I'll see what I can do 27 days ago