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Just Because.....
fail Naruto shippuden
 I hate Humans!
This is what I call a "Ladies Man"
Ouran High school Host Club
In case you havent seen this
Patrick Watches Frozen
Dear authors
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Riku114 said …
Wow. That moment when you are used to one of your rp-buddies being online and then the one day you are completely free, no one is there.

I havent felt bored like this in ages. Posted 4 days ago
Liquidz-Flamez said …

C'mon guys, join! You know you want to! XD Posted 5 days ago
666demon said …
Hey guys I'm sorry that I left you all! I'm getting some help from this dude I met named Jon Good. Or You can call him Moxley or Dean Ambrose. I met him when Raw came to Toledo on the 28th and he saw my scars i guess and he gave me his number. Posted 13 days ago
Nevermore_ commented…
Glad to hear you're well (: 8 days ago