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In case you havent seen this
Patrick Watches Frozen
Dear authors
Siera and Justin Freedman
Siera and Justin Freedman
Kazie loves her Zuzu
Naruto Lol
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Ramblin' Man ( Vargas's Song)
Coming Home
Dark Waltz
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The fans pick: all of the above
all of the above
characters with no creativity
The fans pick: Everything!
The Creativity put into it
The fans pick: The main introduction
The main introduction
Everything! I just love Rping!
The fans pick: 20+ Sentences
20+ Sentences
10- 13 Sentences
The fans pick: "Fire-Fist" Portgas D Ace
"Fire-Fist" Portgas D Ace
"Salamader" Natsu Dragneel
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6 fans have answered this question
3 fans have answered this question
3 fans have answered this question
3 fans have answered this question
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PsychoChickin said …
Hi! My name is Psycho and I joined this club just now! And I actually just got a fanpop account right away. I was just asking if there are any eps I could join. I'm an action-packed chicken but can have sorta those random rps. I like rps with interest. So if I can join some bodies Rp I will be thankful.
-THE ONE AND ONLY.....PSYCHOCHICKEN -Le Poof- Posted 7 days ago
Phantelephant said …
You are all invited to the biggest party at the END OF THE WORLD! Posted 9 days ago
Somewhere outside the infinite confines of space,mechanical evil fish cause destruction and terror to an alien species. Posted 14 days ago