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Deadman Wonderland  HumphryOmega 33 1504 over a year ago
The Kingdom of Astoria [Open, No Character Limit]  teamsalvatore98 257 3914 over a year ago
Romance RP  ShiverStar 5 975 over a year ago
Extreme Hide And Seek [Open-No limit]  BlackPetals 382 6385 over a year ago
Why Did I Decide to Do This...? (Five Nights at Freddy's)  citrusella 275 4992 over a year ago
The spirit Hill  BanetteGhosneir 1 179 over a year ago
Suzuran Academy. (Under construction, posted by accident)  Angel_Kiss 0 158 over a year ago
MPD Institute  Liquidz-Flamez 487 4916 over a year ago
A Slice Of Life  TAIKAMODO 4 622 over a year ago
Dreamcast!(Reboot)  TAIKAMODO 1 202 over a year ago
Edge of the Two Race War(Romance/Action RP No charater limit Please join!)  Ted9773 84 1473 over a year ago
Why does it have to be Demons? (Romance/Action RP)  Ted9773 6 955 over a year ago
Your New Home: The Underground  Riku114 59 1158 over a year ago
Vampire Knight RP (No Character Limit Please Join!)  Ted9773 177 2890 over a year ago
cross over role play  Sufferingsnow 0 113 over a year ago
Periit Memoria et Phantasiae: Amensia  Riku114 56 2253 over a year ago
Assassin High  ThatScaterBrain 1 209 over a year ago
The Nabashi Corporation  wantadog 45 1185 over a year ago
Creepypasta RP, PLZ?  citrusella 13 489 over a year ago
Town of the Sky, children of dust  BanetteGhosneir 4 372 over a year ago
The Maze Runner.  Angel_Kiss 429 6765 over a year ago
Rusted Halos.  Angel_Kiss 8 452 over a year ago
Glowing Eyes  kittyluv57 17 1354 over a year ago
HTF (Happy Tree Friends) Roleplay  citrusella 16 371 over a year ago
A world of Neoterics  Dizmo 7 453 over a year ago
City of Brass, People of Copper, World of Steam.  BanetteGhosneir 33 1565 over a year ago
PRIVAT ROLE PLAY: TF2  calebluke 3 499 over a year ago
Jungle RP  BlackSparrow 1042 12731 over a year ago
Horror movie's  wildwolfheart18 557 4671 over a year ago
Freak Show  Angel_Kiss 0 242 over a year ago
The Curse of the Howling Moon  LocalArtistist 498 6414 over a year ago
Super Smash Bros: After the Subspace Emissary  citrusella 5 248 over a year ago
Aliens are my friends?  BanetteGhosneir 42 1218 over a year ago
Vampire Circus  XxLostAngelxX 36 1550 over a year ago
I Command Thee [6 spots currently available]  kittyluv57 250 8243 over a year ago
Magic Academy  ShiverStar 102 1830 over a year ago
The Evil Within Roleplay [no limit please join]  catos971 27 2614 over a year ago
After the Rebellion (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)  citrusella 3 241 over a year ago
Ouran High School Host Club Role Play!  Ted9773 4 1233 over a year ago
Marrying the Enemy. (Closed)  Mirra1007 1054 14194 over a year ago
Repo! The Genetic Opera  XxLostAngelxX 0 102 over a year ago
The Lost Slayer  XxLostAngelxX 9 352 over a year ago
Eden Had A Forest  Liquidz-Flamez 237 1910 over a year ago
What happens After Dark  Alaska- 10 622 over a year ago
MAGIC Academy  TAIKAMODO 186 2862 over a year ago
Sin City  Axel1313 506 5240 over a year ago
dont let life fool you  reb1009 1 113 over a year ago
Poke'mon RP anyone?  heart-of_love 17 472 over a year ago
C:\Program Files\Fanpop\Roleplay\Title\Watch_Dogs  BanetteGhosneir 44 917 over a year ago
Camp Half-Blood RP (REBOOT)  Dizmo 107 2649 over a year ago
Transhuman  Angel_Kiss 18 510 over a year ago
A City of Worlds  heart-of_love 3 220 over a year ago
It is coming! (2 player) (FULL)  sieluvzsoul 1043 7688 over a year ago
World of the wolves  wildwolfheart18 3 206 over a year ago
Surviving Twins  BanetteGhosneir 60 1280 over a year ago
The spirit within  wildwolfheart18 204 2183 over a year ago
Shit, man!  Angel_Kiss 28 1133 over a year ago
(Interest check) Where Forever Ends  Angel_Kiss 0 286 over a year ago
The GODS of Roleplay  Liquidz-Flamez 522 5407 over a year ago
The gang mansion  wildwolfheart18 1 220 over a year ago
Beyond Human  Angel_Kiss 35 1228 over a year ago
Kingdoms of Revelation  dargox 629 8214 over a year ago
PRIVATE DARK RP  mechslime 256 5053 over a year ago
dark heaven((horror /rp))  wildwolfheart18 6 539 over a year ago
Yogscast RP  catos971 21 3603 over a year ago
The Book Of Mages: Xiàngdâo vs Èmó  heart-of_love 60 1068 over a year ago
Insert Cliché Rp Title Here.  Angel_Kiss 55 1046 over a year ago
World War IV : Enlist Today!  Kat-chan 16 906 over a year ago
Voldemort doesn't like WAFFLES?! -Started-  BlackPetals 110 2604 over a year ago
C.U.P.I.D  wantadog 395 5194 over a year ago
Alice in Zombieland.  AmyRose11 60 1626 over a year ago
Random Roleplay! Do Anything! (Remake)  LillyBlack 55 860 over a year ago
Romance Roleplay (SCHOOL THEME OPEN NO LIMIT ANYONE CAN JOIN)  yumiyukifan1 113 2332 over a year ago
The Blood Games (OPEN/ANYONE CAN JOIN!)  yumiyukifan1 12 205 over a year ago
All the Colors of the World (Remake/ANYONE CAN JOIN/NO LIMIT)  yumiyukifan1 43 1482 over a year ago
6 Feet Under  LocalArtistist 235 2217 over a year ago
Random Roleplay (NO LIMIT!!! ANYONE CAN JOIN!!!)  yumiyukifan1 16 521 over a year ago
Reality  Angel_Kiss 45 967 over a year ago
Eterna  wantadog 60 1070 over a year ago
How Far Did You Fall From Heaven? (Romance/Action RP)  Ted9773 41 857 over a year ago
Angels And Demons (RRP)  ShiverStar 21 465 over a year ago
Arashidori  TAIKAMODO 164 2523 over a year ago
The Beast Within [OPEN/No Limit]  Nevermore_ 161 4791 over a year ago
Random Rp! (No Limit! :D)  ShiverStar 28 1209 over a year ago
Stranded [NO LIMIT]  citrusella 33 875 over a year ago
RainbowLand (No Limit!!! Anyone Can Join!!)  yumiyukifan1 11 800 over a year ago
Naruto Rp.  heart-of_love 649 5849 over a year ago
Indigo Children (Reboot) [OPEN/NO CHARACTER LIMIT]  kittyluv57 103 2594 over a year ago
Revival: When The Blood Isn't Enough  Noone_N 497 5679 over a year ago
The Blood Games (OPEN ANYONE CAN JOIN)  yumiyukifan1 7 120 over a year ago
Legend of the Leagues  Angel_Kiss 3 311 over a year ago
◇ The Eternal Master of Diabolus Mansion ◇[closed, details in thread]  kittyluv57 131 2293 over a year ago
forgoten by satan hated by god (OPEN PLEASE JOIN)  catos971 105 4215 over a year ago
Random Role-Play (Anybody is Welcome)  Smackle 28 679 over a year ago
Swords and Sandals, Helmets and Greaves  Liquidz-Flamez 34 1556 over a year ago
Privat rp: rumor has it  calebluke 31 1156 over a year ago
The promise land  XxmousexX 3 1281 over a year ago
Judgment Day  Angel_Kiss 17 533 over a year ago
Random Role Playing Conversation and Awards!  Riku114 2 163 over a year ago
I..Met My....Favorite YouTuber!?  ShiverStar 14 866 over a year ago