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wolfmaster3000 posted on Dec 05, 2011 at 04:25AM
well i've been playing Legend of Dragoon and some other Dragon related things so I figured this seemed like a good RP to get people back in the mood of posting up ideas good or bad

The Dragon Elders have assembled and have casted a spell so that new Dragons take the forms of people so the humans stop hunting and killing our Race it's 400 years since this time. the Dragons have split up and made a clan of there own element or power. Each Dragon has a leader king or queen and of course the leader of these races. however the humans have made an Elite group of people with spiritual power known as Dragon hunters. Dragon hunters have spacial Magical weapons used for killing Dragons. The Dragon hunters greatly Renown for there slaying of the dragons.

Dragons-if you do make a Dragon just know it does have a human form & can turn into a Dragon ( your not litterally a walking talking Dragon though you can be if you like ) Each Dragon form looks diffrent than the last so no dragon forms are the same.

Dragon clans:

Black Dragons-Typecailly an "evil" Race of Dragons that Gain werid abilityies of Unstopable attack power as well as there able to use Darkness Magic with ease as well as Infuse it with an element to make it more powerful

Earthen Dragons- A powerful Race of Dragons that live in the Desert or Foresty Climates they are Extremely Large but lack Brains, and have the ability to control Earth to the point of Terra forming.

Water Dragons- These Dragons are timid and shy and are mostly Female they also are the only Dragons that can learn other magic.

Wind Dragons- Wind Dragons are the pricks in the Dragon world they live high in the mountains and fancy themselves and often don't go to Dragon meetings or. they can control Wind

Fire Dragons- Fire Dragon act like the leaders of the Clans of the Dragons they try to make sure everyone is happy and peaceful and have a good sense of honor, the control Fire ...

Light Dragons- These are the True leaders of the Dragons oftein knowns as the High Born or first dragons to be turned into "people" they are also a bit snobby towards black Dragons (no pun intended), as they are polar oppsites of each other. they control Light ( like Divine light not your Light bulb light )

The Dragons in this RP are "human like" there humans forms have Dragon like Features what you want your dragon too look like is up to you.

Rules :

1. no god modding

2. be nice

3. Don't Control other people's characters

4. have fun

format :

any style you want just include

Name :

Age :


that's all I need hope to see some livly young dragons ;)

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over a year ago southern-belle said…
Sounds cool (: I'm up for it!
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
:).......we do everything together XD
over a year ago southern-belle said…
Lmao, I've just gotta come up with a character now :P
over a year ago YugiohFanatic1 said…
I'm SOOO joining! This sounds so cool!

Name: Mina
Age: 17
Race: Water Dragon
Appearance: Pic below
Other: All you really need to know is she's very shy but nice when you break through her shell.

That's her and her dragon form.
I'm SOOO joining! This sounds so cool!<br />
<br />
Name: Mina<br />
Age: 17<br />
Race: Water Dragon
over a year ago Thern said…
big smile
((oooo this sounds like loads of fun. I'll join once i figure out my character))
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Skorn Slain

Race : Black Dragon

Age : unknown

Rank : Right hand man of the black Dragon king / most trusted advisor / Elite Dragon Warrior in the Dragon Kingdom

Persnality: Ruthless, Rude, Barbaric

historey : not much is known about Skorn but he is oftien sent on Genocide missions alone in hopes he won't come back as the Black Dragon King fears his Power however Skorn always come's back

Apperance : ( pic below, his tail doesn't Actually show, nor does the Dragon I was trying to add a menacing effect) , oh and he also wears a Black Sleeveless vest with Red trimming around his shirt

Name : Skorn Slain <br />
<br />
Race : Black Dragon <br />
<br />
Age : unknown <br />
<br />
Rank :
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Skorn's Dragon form
Skorn's Dragon form
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Kain Dragneel

Race : Fire Dragon

Age : 600 or so

Magic : Eternal Flame Magic

Rank : High Advisor for the red dragons / Goverment offcail/ Commander of the Red Dragon's Armyies

Persnality : Heroic, Courages, Rightoues , nice, Kind, short tempered

Historey : He is known as the Crimsion Dragon and is a Greatly renown hero of the Dragon war , he has stood by and watched manythings as well as killed many people he is Sorry for what he has done, but he is Rather Curel to Skorn of the black Dragons and his ruthless Personlity and oftien think Skorn lacks a heart.

Apperance : picture below ( no helmet his face looks like that of a 25 year old he has deep orange eye's and Dark red Hair, he also has visable Fangs )
Name : Kain Dragneel <br />
<br />
Race : Fire Dragon <br />
<br />
Age : 600 or so <br />
<br />
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Kain's Dragon Form
Kain's Dragon Form
over a year ago southern-belle said…
Name: Gaea
Age: appears to be around 23
Race: Fire Dragon
Other: Named for the Greek goddess personification of Mother Earth, Gaea tends to mother other other dragons of all races and is very protective of her friends and almost anyone else she comes in contact with. She makes new friends easily and as most others of her race, Gaea's goal is normally to keep the peace and make people happy.
last edited over a year ago
Name: Gaea<br />
Age: appears to be around 23<br />
Race: Fire Dragon<br />
Other: Named for the Gree
over a year ago Thern said…
((Okay i got my character now and even drew what he looks like :D ))

Name : Kazuma Kaito (goes by the nickname Kazu)
Age : 8
Race: Wind Dragon
Dragon form Appearance: a small child dragon with jade Green scales mixed with a lime green with a yellow under belly, Blue eyes, soft brown feather like hair that goes down along the spine up to the end of the tail. near the end of the tail it begins to form in to two separate tails. Feathery Wings that are weak and small and can only support flight for small distances. wears a leather flight cap with goggles and also wears a bracelet on the right arm with two feathers on it.
Human form appearance: A little kid with Light brown hair with Blue eyes. He wears the same Leather flight cap as his dragon form. he also wears a Leather jacket with fur like feathers along the neck and the cuffs of the the jacket. he also wears a light green shirt with green jeans and brown shoes. He wears a long Yellow scarf that often blows in the wind, he also has the same bracelet as his dragon form but it's hardly seen because of his jacket.
Personality: bratty, Adventurous, and hyperactive.
Other: Likes to spend his days looking at the sky and trying to strengthen his wings so he can fly for a long distance like older dragons.
over a year ago southern-belle said…
So then, when are we getting this party started? :P
over a year ago shadowcon99 said…
(Let me join first!PLZ!!!!)
over a year ago southern-belle said…
big smile
Lol well make a profile then!
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
( as soon as SC put's his profile up I guess )
over a year ago southern-belle said…
Song while you wait?
over a year ago Thern said…
((That's a sweet song you posted, Southern-belle))
over a year ago southern-belle said…
Thanks (:
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Talon Storm

Age : 500

Race : Wind Dragon

Rank : Assain / Personal Body Gaurd to the Royal Wind Dragon Family/ The master of Kazuma ( if that's okay )

Historey : again like all the charcters i've posted little is known about Talon and where he came from. but he showes to be quiet & not like the other Dragons , he can't stand being around Skorn or Kain , he's tryed to kill them on several Occasions.

Weapons : A katana that is said to be a scared weapon to the wind dragons , he keeps on an angle just behind his lower back ( not like how I have it in the picture )

Talon's apperance below
Name : Talon Storm <br />
<br />
Age : 500 <br />
<br />
Race : Wind Dragon<br />
<br />
Rank : Assai
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Talon's Dragon Form
Talon's Dragon Form
over a year ago Thern said…
((yeah that will be fine))
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
( okay thanks )
over a year ago Axel1313 said…
Name: Izekiel Abhainn
Age: only about 200. He's pretty young for a dragon.
Race:water Dragon. one of the few males.
Personality: Rather shy, doesn't really talk too much. Very lonely he is willing to befriend anyone who shows him kindness and in return gives them unquestioning loyalty.
last edited over a year ago
Name: Izekiel Abhainn<br />
Age: only about 200. He's pretty young for a dragon.<br />
Race:water Dra
over a year ago Axel1313 said…
(His dragon form.)
(His dragon form.)
over a year ago southern-belle said…
Name: Blaize
Age: He doesn't really remember..
Race: Earthen Dragon
Other: Blaize is down to earth but not all that smart. He tends to be a bit of a klutz and appears to be constantly high. His main abilities are brute force and accidental luck.
Name: Blaize<br />
Age: He doesn't really remember..<br />
Race: Earthen Dragon<br />
Other: Blaize i