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Axel1313 posted on Mar 24, 2012 at 04:58PM
Listening to this song, not only is it awesome, but it made me think, 'This would make a really cool rp'. So here it is!

It is said that there is a place where you can become trapped for all eternity.Scattered though out time and space it goes by many names, but the results are all the same in the end. You can never leave or can you? That's your callenge. Find a way to beat this monsterous place and it even more monsterous host *i'll be playing that part*.
You can come from anywhere and be anything.
Please try and keep it PG-13.

anything you feel like putting

(We don't have to make it exactly like the song, just based off of it.)

*bows politely* Welcome to my humble abode. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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over a year ago Axel1313 said…
Name: Obsidian
Age: unknown, look 26ish
Abilities: A very skilled magic user and good with any sword like weapon. He prefers his delicate saber like blade over any other.
occupation: Lord of the....lets just call it castle.

Personality: He appears as a warm and inviting host, but it is only a facade. He true nature is insane, cruel, two faced and controlling creep. He is also quite flamboyant, loving to go over the top in almost everything he does. He calls his imprisoned ones his 'dolls' and his favorites are those he cannot 'break'. Normaly calm and seemingly understanding if angered enough he will lose it completely.

Background: Obsidian has ruled this castle fo many years. He claims that this duty was givin to him by his god, whom he worships undyingly. He is the only one who knows all of the ways out.
Name: Obsidian<br />
Age: unknown, look 26ish<br />
Race:unknown<br />
Abilities: A very skilled magi
MOARdesu commented…
finger lickin good over a year ago
over a year ago YugiohFanatic1 said…
Can I be like his right hand girl? And like a love story bloom from that?

I love that song btw. It's amazing.
over a year ago Axel1313 said…
over a year ago YugiohFanatic1 said…

Name: Emerald von Bock
Age: 25
Race: Vampire
Personality: On the outside she is nice,caring,and loving.But on the inside,she's sadistic,masochistic,insane,twisted,you get the point.

Background: Will be put out during the story.

Other: Pice below.She feeds on blood,yes,but that's not the only thing that satisfies her hunger.Pain,suffering,and depression feeds her as well.


She has green eyes and taller and bigger bust because she's older.
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over a year ago bloodyjam said…
Name: Amelia De Rouge

Race: mage's apprentice

Personality: inexperienced with other people who use magic, has a tendency to forgive deviancies, can't stand someone who believes their way is the only way, childish at times

Background: she ran away from her home, which was full of people who followed every single rule there was was for people with magic, and found herself on the door step of a Mage. This Mage took her in out of pity. She was sent off to test her survival skills in a forest, but when she woke up, she was welcomed by workers of the hotel California

Extra: is carrying 3 magic books for reference in her shoulder bag
over a year ago Indecipherable said…
Ooo, this sounds interesting :)

name : Infinity Fraiz
age :19

race : "prophet" or human that sees the unrelated future

Personality : tries to be polite, hates misinformed people, enjoys puzzles/riddles, usually goes deep into thought and forgets to respond to other's questions or statements, usually has useless facts that no one finds interesting

Background : when Infinity had turned 17, she began randomly spewing out predictions of the future. She was soon put into a mental institute, where after being in there for 2 years, her parents signed for a lobotomy. She had enough and escaped from the building. drifting to sleep while hiding under a think tree in a dense forest beside a road, she awoke to find herself in the Hotel California.

Extra: when she goes into "prophet" mode, her pupils dilate and a different voice is spoken with her own voice. She cannot control her predictions and they rarely have anything to do with her current situations.
Is wearing a white button up shirt with a white tank top underneath and white pants. Has no shoes.
over a year ago shadowcon99 said…
Can I be his best friend/confidante/loyal executioner?
over a year ago Axel1313 said…
perfectly okay with me! Now should we start this or wait for more people?
over a year ago YugiohFanatic1 said…
Start it.I'm excited.
over a year ago Axel1313 said…
(okay! ^w^)

I awoke at roughly 2 or 3 in the morning my neck was cramped. I had fallen asleep in my chair yet again, terrible habit of mine. Everything in the room was dark and quiet accept for a warm light comming from cracked door. I got up rubbed my eyes and stumbled through the dark to investigate.
over a year ago YugiohFanatic1 said…
Emerald sat in a lit room.She was carving something from an object that was concealed by her hunched over body.He hair was in a loose ponytail,some of her hair falling to her cheeks.Her shirt ended right before her waist and her skirt flowed over her thighs.`
over a year ago shadowcon99 said…
I'll put up a profile tomorrow.
over a year ago Axel1313 said…
I opened the door and saw Emerald at work with something, but couldn''t tell what exactly becausr it was hidden.
"You're up awfully early."
over a year ago YugiohFanatic1 said…
Emerald immediately stopped,then straightened her form.She slowly turned her head and looked at him."Do you not remember what I am?"
over a year ago Axel1313 said…
"Of course I do, but that doesn't mean that you need to be up and about at this time." I attempted to see what she was up to from across the room."So what ARE you up to anyways?"
over a year ago YugiohFanatic1 said…
Her eyes went wide and she rushed to him,pushing him out of her room and closing the door."Nothing,"she said in an eerie whisper."So.Why are YOU up this early?"
over a year ago bloodyjam said…
Amelia : I opened her eyes to a dark, seemingly empty, room. Sitting up and trying to adjust my vision to the darkness, I saw shadows of objects I couldn't be sure of. I lifted my right pant leg up to check the watch I hide on my ankle to see the time as 2:43am. 'why am I up so early...not in the forest anymore?' I thought to myself as I felt around for my bag with the magic books. The materiel of my bag's shoulder strap came between my fingers and I quickly pulled it to my chest. "is anyone here?" I asked, only to be greeted by my own echo.
over a year ago Axel1313 said…
"Pushy much? I just fell asleep in my chair again and happened to wake at this time....." I looked over my shoulder at another door behind me sensing a presence in that direction. "Seems we have another guest. I believe a proper greeting is in order. Take care now hun, and don't stay locked in your room all day." I teleported myself into another dark room. "Hello?"
over a year ago YugiohFanatic1 said…
I only looked at him,then when he was gone I went back into my room,closed the door,and went back to carving at the object.My room was more than unusual.Body parts were nailed to the wall,bones and skulls were strewn throughout the room.There was blood splatter everywhere,and my desk had many candles on it,some papers,and many books of horror.In the middle was a skull that was staring at me that I used as a home for my most favorite pet snake.I also had a few terrariums full of spiders and snakes.How I loved them.I continued carving and carving.
over a year ago shadowcon99 said…
Name: Xadonus
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon
Abilities: He has a silver tongue which means he can convince you to do anything, with a little work, and he is extremely skilled with knives.
occupation: Butler for the Castle but in truth he is Obsidian's executioner.

Personality: He appears as a very loyal and trustworthy person to all who he meets. Obsidian, his best friend, is the only one who knows that he is truly cruel and is amazing at what he does; killing.

background: I'll explain throughout the story

description: picture and he does have the tail
Name: Xadonus<br />
Age: Unknown<br />
Race: Demon<br />
Abilities: He has a silver tongue which mean
over a year ago bloodyjam said…
I jumped when I heard a sudden greeting. I looked around the room, soon seeing a young man standing in the room with me. "oh, hello... Um, where are we?" taking a step towards the stranger with what looked like coal black hair, I didn't sense any danger, then again, I've never been good with instincts.
over a year ago shadowcon99 said…
I Knocked on Emerald's door. "Emerald we have a new guest Obsidian may need you after his greeting."
over a year ago Axel1313 said…
"You're in the Hotel California. I am the host of this place." I gazed around the dark room." This isn't a very pleasant place for a first impression now is it? Follow me, I will take you somewhere more comfortable." I bowed politely and opened the door behind me.
over a year ago YugiohFanatic1 said…
I growled and turned my head a bit to look at the door with an evil,insane eye.I then appeared behind Xadonus,fully dressed in my employee attire that Obsidian ordered me to wear.I had on a bright smile and was completely fixed to look normal and like a true co-host."Oh certainly.I can't wait to see our new guest."
over a year ago shadowcon99 said…
I used my tail and touched Emerald's cheek. "Shame I don't get to see you like this all the time." I disappeared and began to prep the dining hall for our new guest.