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aNinnyMouse posted on Apr 11, 2012 at 05:40AM
Angels, Demons and Humans all have coexisted in this world, as physical manifestations, mortal and feeling creatures. When they die, their soul becomes lost in the spirit world, a universe within a universe, containing remnants of all that has ended physically in the many worlds that exist within this universe.

Two worlds have already ended and it is this realm that still holds strong, yet it is torn by war, such is the way of most worlds. For years demons and angels have battled, their reasons varying from power to religion. The angels have deemed the powers of the demons impure and degrading to the spirit world, while the demons simply seem content to battle, be it for survival, power, or their destructive nature but bloodlust is common among all living beings.

The humans, however, never being quite as in tune to the spirit world, the source of the strange powers both the angels and demons have, were stuck in between. For years they were enslaved by the demons, before the angels stepped in and banished the demons to the Barren grounds where there is scarce any food, the land is infertile, and there is nothing to be seen but bare white flat land, layered with snow and ice; A frozen purgatory.

Now the humans live in harmony with the angels, as the demons struggle for their sruvival. But how long will this last? How long before the demons retaliate? And are humans in a true alliance with the angels? Or is this a different kind of enslavement...

Edit: I believe there should be room for more than just three races here. Like elves werewolves, and the like but I mostly put thought into those main three and was very eager to start. Hopefully, we can develop more within the rp.

((Okay, I know I wasn't very good at setting this one up so, ask me any questions you have and I will explain the best I can. There is no set time period for this. So it can be modern, futuristic, medieval, etc... I may not be able to be on as much because I have other things to tend to. Sex is perfectly fine as long as the entire rp doesn't center around it.. it has to have at least a little bit of everything in it to keep it going. You don't have to post your profile, just have your character in mind and enjoy! Thanks!))
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