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dargox posted on May 01, 2012 at 05:01AM
Ok, it's the year 2067 and you have been life sentenced to live on a group of islands very far away come any mainlands that houses a huge co-inmate prison system, where there are little guards exsep when the warden holds broadcasted events to let prisoners fight or race for the chance to win money, one grant of a demands, or freedom.

Prisoner info:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Life sentenced crime:
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over a year ago dargox said…
((well it isn't that easy, only the warden can chose what the winner gets and he rarely gives freedom.))
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
(hey Dargox are you gonna reply to the kingdom hearts rp?)
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
(i wish i could kill errors now)
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
over a year ago Nathan-Croak said…
Name:Tim Drake
Language:English and French
Personality:Another disturbed child, dealing with everyday problems
Eye color:Green
Hair color:Brown
Clothing:Brown boots, a green long sleeve shirt and dark blue jeans
Crimes:Theft, forgery , breaking and entering..he's just a really bad theif
Life sentenced crime:(does it have to be life?)
Bio:A brilliant kid who wastes his intellect and athletic capabilities with petty crimes. Growing up in a middle-class neighborhood Tim thought life was a bit too dull
over a year ago aNinnyMouse said…
((Tim, what the fuck did you do?? Does Bruce know about this?? He I gonna be soooo pissed when he finds out.))
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over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
(lolz XD)
over a year ago aNinnyMouse said…
Rasvan cursed under his breath and left Shade in search of a bandana of his own.
over a year ago Indecipherable said…
Name: Natalya Vasilev
Age: 17
Sex: female
Race: half Canadian (mother's side) and half Russian (father's side), white
Nationality: Russian
Language: Russian and English 
Personality: odd thought process, perfectionist, quiet, bad at having conversations, masochist, curious, sadist, doesn't show much emotion
Eye color: amethyst
Hair color: blonde
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 115lbs
Markings&scars: red circular mark under her left eye, but doesn't know what it is
Clothing: red tank top under white tank top. Red hoodie half zipped up. Black jeans. Red and black runners.
Crimes: vandalized other's property
Life sentenced crime: committed genocide at her school, 79% of her school.
Bio: an A student in school until she stopped working and began failing in grade 11. Smething went off in her head and she couldn't take the reality of the  lack of intelligence surrounding her everyday. She brought what weapons her father had for hunting to school and didn't stop until the cops came, where she did nothing to stop being brought to court, and testified 'guilty'. (also, she has her reasons for not committing suicide after what she did)
over a year ago aNinnyMouse said…
(((Yaaaaaaay! Goodnight everybody!))
over a year ago Nathan-Croak said…
((Just had to use the name..I'm totally a fanatic lol))
over a year ago YugiohFanatic1 said…
Nenali sighed and started walking away."Damn warden.Let me enter........"
over a year ago Rebecca_Orlando said…
Olivia:I hate Hitler!!!
Random Guy:I can tell... So you killed the president of the united states because he looked like Hitler.
Random Guy:Wow...
over a year ago Indecipherable said…
Natalya walked out into the courtyard and followed along the wall by herself.
over a year ago Nathan-Croak said…
(( so..where is everyone ?))
over a year ago YugiohFanatic1 said…
(I'm right here.)
over a year ago Nevermore_ said…
(I'm not sure I'm trying to figure that out myself... I'll just be in the courtyard I suppose.)

Benjirou walked in the courtyard kicking a pebble. He didn't exactly like prison, but it was free room and board and free meals so what the hell, it was better than living on the streets like he almost was before.
over a year ago Rebecca_Orlando said…
Olivia:*walks into the courtyard ready to strangle someone if she had to* I'm so bored!!!! *sees Benjirou* Hi. Do you hate Hitler?
over a year ago Nevermore_ said…
"uhhh.. Hai, I guess so..." He replied, taken slightly off guard by the strange question.
over a year ago Nathan-Croak said…
Tim wandered aimlessly ignoring the stares.For some reason, the boy became somewhat of a celebrity within yhe last few months. For what, not even he knows. He sighed as he kicked some rocks, keeping his hands in his pocket.
over a year ago Rebecca_Orlando said…
Olivia:Sorry, if I scared you but if you didn't say yes you would already be dead by now. I'm Olivia! Who are you?
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over a year ago YugiohFanatic1 said…
Kin looked over at Tim.
over a year ago Indecipherable said…
Natalya sat down and watched all of the criminals on the island converse with each other.
over a year ago Nevermore_ said…
Benjirou raise an eyebrow at Olivia. "I'm Bejirou. You are odd."
over a year ago Nevermore_ said…