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aNinnyMouse posted on May 27, 2012 at 04:58AM
It's been several years now. The vampires have finally integrated themselves into the veins of society. No longer creatures of myth and legend. No longer minorities.

Ever since they've reared their heads in this world. There has been an increase in violence from both the humans that protest their very existence and the vampires vying for domination over the human's world.

The once peaceful group that called themselves Voices for Vampires have now become a full on vengeful cult that worship the very ground the vampires. They have utilized the name society has given them, to intimidate and prove their devotion by wearing society's scorn with pride. They now call themselves Bleeders.

There are also the vampire hunters, an equivalent of the hitman who only specialize in killing those with fangs. They are hard to find and very few, but you can a hold of one if you know the right people.

But good has come from the vampires. Not just personal good of the vampires with good morals, but universal good. Recently after many years of experimentation. Scientists have discovered that the vampire's blood is the source to their rapid healing and are currently working on a way to recreate that for humans.

Yes, there's no turning back now. The vampires are here to stay, but some humans refuse to accept that.

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