Random Role Playing Welcome to the Aptitude Facility, Humans!

splintered posted on May 31, 2012 at 12:59AM
Welcome to the Aptitude Facility, Humans! You have been chosen to participate in the Ultrathon, a flagship reality entertainment programme! Or was it an ancient spiritual ritual? Or perhaps scientific research? Either way, it is a great honour to be chosen! You are free to decline to participate, but you'll have to remain on the compound for the duration of the Ultrathon, during which time you may browse our array of shops and services! However, everything must be paid for in U-tokens, which can, you guessed it, only be obtained through participating in challenges. Since that includes food, some level of participation is highly recommended!

Challenges come in many forms! Some will be combat-based, some will be team exercises, and some will involve voting for or against your fellow selectees. Participation can have great rewards, but also great risks!

That brings us to the best part: to make things a little more interesting, you won't have to rely entirely on your pathetic human capabilities! While you were unconscious, your genome has been modified to include the O-Chromosome, which we can use to safely and conveniently transfer powers and attributes between your person and our central computer. 

Good luck! But remember, luck isn't everything...

Rules: you can take the RP anywhere except for outside the facility
No god modding
You can transfer your own U-Tokens, but it is preferable that they do something for you in return

Powers: (maximum 3 powers)
Items: (things you brought with you, should probably include clothes)
Clothes: (can use a picture)
Bio: (optional)
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over a year ago izzah25 said…
Matthew smiled a bit at Rue's boldness.

George noticed Rue's bracelet coming free from the ceiling.
He fell and landed on the trampoline.
Bouncing back up, George noticed Matthew's bracelet still up there and grabbed it, successfully coming back down with it.
George bounced off the trampoline grinning.
He tossed Matthew's bracelet to him.
"You're welcome~," George said, winking.
Matthew rolled his eyes a bit.
George tossed Rue's bracelet to Rue, still beaming.
over a year ago MOARdesu said…
"Thanks, guy!" *Rue grinned, catching his bracelet with his non-injured hand*
over a year ago izzah25 said…
George replied with a "No prob!" and glanced at his bracelet.

((@-@ What should be George's power?))

Matthew looked at his bracelet, trying to make out the small letters.
"CTRL SHAD," it read.
...What? Matthew thought desperately. That doesn't make any sense!
over a year ago MOARdesu said…
(The ability to pick his nose without anyone noticing! :D
kidding xD)
"Oh yeah! My name's Rue, by the way!"
over a year ago izzah25 said…

"Nice to meet you, Rue! I'm George," he put his bracelet back on and held out his hand to shake.

Matthew sat on his bag and tried to figure out what "CTRL SHAD" meant.
over a year ago MOARdesu said…
"Nice!" *Rue shakes his hand* "Nice to meet ya too!"
*He peers over at Matt* "Hey, something wrong, guy?"
over a year ago splintered said…
(Woah~ everyone defied the laws of the almighty computer!.....)

"hm... " Skye tugged at her bracelet and fell down to the ground. She landed and fell to a crouching position as she quickly jumped back up with her hand behind her head.

The man who had been panicking before had left the room and the nurse who had been behind the desk was also gone. The room began to rumble once more and the light cut off before it moved upward like an elevator. The lights flickered back on and the room was a simple white room, missing the couch, chairs and desks it had before.
over a year ago xokaylaxob said…
minami scanning the blank room that she ended up in with everyone else. "where the hell are we?" she said nervously
over a year ago MOARdesu said…
"Woah~!" *Rue cried out, kinda whobbling from the sudden movements of the room* "Where did everything go?"
over a year ago xokaylaxob said…
"i-.. i have no idea..." minami said really confused
over a year ago MOARdesu said…
"Crap." *He looks around the empty white room*
over a year ago izzah25 said…
George looked around in alarm before saying, "Shit-- We broke it!"

Matthew looked up and around, frightened.
"Wh-what's happening?" he asked, standing up.
over a year ago xokaylaxob said…
*minami scans the blank creepy room*
"this place looks like the place they send crazy people. any minute now that scienctist guys going to come back with safe jackets" she said nervously
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over a year ago MOARdesu said…
"Safe Jacks?!" *Rue repeated, sounding alarmed* "They're gonna send clones to brainwash us into being safe by making us wear helmets and reflective tape?!!"
(Haha, sorry! ^^;
I just had to...)
over a year ago izzah25 said…
Matthew shivered involuntarily as he heard Minami's words.
Then he heard Rue and facepalmed.

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over a year ago MOARdesu said…
*Rue shudders at his own words. There was no way he is going to wear a dorky helmet with shiny tape! He doesn't even skateboard that much!*
over a year ago xokaylaxob said…
*eye browns raise at rues comment. shakes head trying not to laugh *
over a year ago splintered said…
A computerized woman's voice came on abruptly while everyone seemed to freaking out. "Dawn, Skye, and Rue. Please stand at wall A" a tile flipped on one if the walls with the letter A on it. "George, and Matthew. Please stand at wall B." another tile on a different wall turned and had the letter B. "Minami, please stand at wall C." the third wall had another tile that flipped with C on it. "Welcome, test subjects, to our first challenge."
over a year ago xokaylaxob said…
*looking around room nervous" "ahhg.. okay" *slowly walks over to wall c*
over a year ago splintered said…
Skye walked over to wall A.

The speaker turned on again with a loud crash. "h-hey" the man that was standing with them before was speaking through the speaker. "I'm afraid I can't stop this challenge, but I can tell you that this one is not dangerous. I can assure you for future reference, that we will give you a choice to participate in the challenges."
over a year ago MOARdesu said…
"No way!" *Rue immedietly snapped out of his mini freak out* "The first challenge!"
*He then makes his way over to wall A*
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over a year ago MOARdesu said…
*Rue stands against the wall, wondering what could be in store for him*
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over a year ago izzah25 said…
George and Matthew hesitantly walked over to Wall B.
over a year ago xokaylaxob said…
*minami thinks*- i hope this doesnt take to much energy. plane rides make me tired-
over a year ago splintered said…
Once everyone was at their walls, the room moves horizontally quickly. The floor then starts to open up, leaving a small ledge, large enough to stand on, on each wall. Once the floor was fully openned, a shallow pool was revealed. "you're going to have to jump. This challenge was designed so that they ceiling will close in to where the floor should be" the man said through the speaker. "this is a scavenger hunt if sorts, and you have the list of items you'll need to find on the bracelets"

Skye looked down at the water that looked like it was a 3 foot step to the surface. She couldn't tell how far it was to the bottom, but she took a deep breath after the man finished speaking. She took a step from the ledge and fell into the water, feeling the bottom quite easily, being able to sit in the bottom with her head just poking out. She looked down at her watch and saw the list. "An uninflated inflatable duck, a golden ring, a ten pound weight" she cringed, realizing this was going to be in the water. "a tennis ball, and a water bottle full of water." she looked around the small 'room' full of water and saw a hole large enough the squeak through. "oh dear"