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so im reading ' the last apprentice ' series and i just finished. i need more books like this. any ideas?

btw the lat apprentice series is : a dark fantasy series of books. basically people fighting witches , boggarts , ghosts , ghasts and other dark stuff.
thnx all :D
XxEmolovexX posted over a year ago
 XxEmolovexX posted over a year ago
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TDIlover123 said:
any steven king novel
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posted over a year ago 
soxfan89 said:
Dean Koontz Books
Dracula By Bram Stoker
Frankenstein By Mary Shelley
Vampire Diaries
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posted over a year ago 
ruby1000 said:
Book's now this is my area of expertise...

OK so this is all the good books I have read as well as some I have not got around to yet... the ones i have read have rating of how good I thought they where (this is just my opinion but)...

Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (9.3/10)

Fallen by Lauren Kate (8.2/10)

Wings by Aprilynne Pike (7/10)

Eyes like stars Lisa Mantchev (8.5/10)

Beastly by Alex Flinn (7.3/10)

A kiss in time by Alex Flinn (7.2/10)

Wake by Lisa McMann (8/10)

Imortal by Gillian Sheilds (7/10)

Percy Jackson and the olympians by Rick Riordan (9.5/10) (... this book is a bit young but still an all time fav.)

The Mortal instruments by Cassandra Clare (9.5/10)

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (8/10)

Poison study by Maria V. Snyder (8.5/10)

The Moorehawke Trilogy by Celine Kiernan (8.5/10)

Angels Blood by Nalini Singh (8/10) (it is like an adult version of The Mortal instruments series... so a bit old but i liked it... kinda depends on your age)

Dragon Keeper by Carole Wilkinson (7.5/10) (a bit young I read it in year 4 so 8 but still a really good book... actually a young adult so not young...)

Paranormalacy by Kiersten White (have not read yet but looks good)

Generation Dead by Daniel Waters (have not read yet but looks good)

The Iron king by Julie Kagawa (have not read yet but looks good)

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra clare (have not read yet but looks good)

Ok, hope that helps and will keep you going for a while....
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posted over a year ago 
I aslo forgot...
ruby1000 posted over a year ago
Maximum Ride by James Patterson 9/10
ruby1000 posted over a year ago
Daniel X by James Patterson 7.5/10 (a bit young but a good read)
ruby1000 posted over a year ago
The witch and the wizard by James Patterson (Have not read yet but looks good)
ruby1000 posted over a year ago
LinaHarrow said:
Boggarts? Witches? Ghosts? Harry Potter!

Fighting mythical things? Spiderwick Chronicles!
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posted over a year ago 
r-pattz said:
Harry Potter.
Do it.


His Dark Materials (Golden Compass is the first.) They're anti-religious, and do have those undertones, but good.

Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

Dracula by Bram Stoker.

Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore.

the Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.

Lord of the Rings trilogy by JRR Tolkien.

the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. Don't read past the second or third though, since they get worse as they go.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel.
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posted over a year ago 
I almost read Graceling. But, then I got bombarded with other books.
LinaHarrow posted over a year ago
allieclark123 said:
i liked Hush Hush by Becca fitzpratrick or the devouring By Simon Holt!!! have funreading!!!! XD
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posted over a year ago 
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