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Is there a name for this phenomenon?

When something made sense to you at the time, but not anymore
 ApplesauceDoctr posted 5 days ago
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BlueDopamine said:
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posted 5 days ago 
2ntyOnePilots posted 5 days ago
2ntyOnePilots said:
Ugh so relatable my dude.
I don’t hav3 an answe4 5hiugh, sorry.
Wha5 about not having good thought to word translation? That’s meee
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posted 5 days ago 
Nick3600 said:
yes, it's called growing up. It happens to all of us. When you get older, you realize the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny aren't real because your brain matter develops and you mature more and more as time passes. Don't worry, it's normal.
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posted 1 day ago 
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