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New Years Resolutions! :D

I have a few!

I wanna stop giving a shit about what other people think and do what makes me happy, I want to be nicer, I'm gonna practice bass as much as possible and try to finish my book by this time next year!

I'm gonna try to make 2019 my year. Fuck yeah!
FUCK? YOU PLAY BASS?! DUDE! THATS SICKKK! #finding more and more reasons we get along. XD that’s so awesome I aspire to play bass when I finish learning acoustic
2ntyOnePilots posted 3 days ago
Yeah and a bit of uke. Not good at either but I never find time to practice which is what I'm trying to fix haha
gvldenyovth posted 2 days ago
 gvldenyovth posted 3 days ago
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BlueDopamine said:
My new years resolution is to find my new years resolution
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posted 3 days ago 
twinklestar11 said:
i dont rlly make new year resoulutions since 2018 started. idk y i just quit making them cuz i fail at them every year, so im done making them for the rest of my life
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posted 3 days ago 
zanhar1 said:
I don't usually make them but I guess some goals would be;

- Focus on my story
- Activly try to think more positively (it's still hot or miss for me)
- Get at least a little toned. I have two ideal body types; what I like to call the 90's grunge look--very skinny, flat chested and assed lol. The second ideal would be a toned body. I have too much boob for the first to work out so I'll shoot for slightly toned. Or as my friend likes to call it, gently jacked.
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posted 3 days ago 
Riku114 said:
I dont tend to make them but I suppose I could say some of my goals

1) Do well in all my classes (pass them all, preferably with a B or better XD)
2) Maintain a strong relationship with my boyfriend
3) Get good internship practice or a job
4) Figure out what the fuck my mind is XD
5) Make notable improvement within my mental health and hopefully get some of my ability to remember things back
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posted 3 days ago 
Probably also maintain my weight and if possible lower it more XD
Riku114 posted 3 days ago
2ntyOnePilots said:
Make it
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posted 3 days ago 
kingcesar67 said:
Masturbate every week as opposed to every month.

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posted 3 days ago 
ShadowFan100 said:
1: Focus on my story.
2: Focus on my Sonic Fan-fiction.
3: Keep job at Goodwill.
4: Earn enough $$$ To finally move TF out.
5: Write more songs.
6: Learn to play my old guitar, so I can put my music to my songs.
7: Write a Fan-Fiction about myself traveling to Zootopia.
8: Get my damn drivers permit.
9: Learn more Japanese.
10: Learn Korean.
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posted 3 days ago 
Makeupdiva said:
For me New Years resolutions never seem to stick with me but yet I still writes lists. Anyways:

-Eat healthier
-Go to sleep at a decent hour at night.
-Read more.
-Save money so I can move into my own place.
-Workout more.
-Get a job that I'll hopefully be happy with.

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posted 2 days ago 
springely said:
play less Scout
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posted 2 days ago 
Nick3600 said:
steal my own virginity
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posted 2 days ago 
JetBlack__ said:
I dont have any because I like to live the moment,see if I have an opportunity I take it,planning things sometimes comes with a disappointment,so for me I take and do things when I feel like it,another reason I get more
satisfied to achieve things without planning just take my chances and enjoy the positive results.
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posted 1 day ago 
Zeppie said:
Embrace social opportunities. I think that would be the main one. Just saying yes to invites sorta thing instead of getting scared and not going from fear of social discomfort.

I am better with it. But I want to be confident with it withouting doubting myself.
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posted 16 hours ago 
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