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Opinion by Hades_Shadow posted 4 days ago
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For all Wreck-it Ralph fans out there, here is a club I made here to create and play as your own character from any of the games in the Movie! So far we have the Games of Fix-it Felix Jr., Sugar Rush, and Heroes Duty! I would have just made a link but it would not add it here, so here it is!

To those who stumble on this article, Welcome! This will be the Role Play for those who love the Movie Wreck-It Ralph. This page itself is for you to game jump. You can share things with different characters, go try your luck in another game, and mainly to make friends. There will be a couple rules, but the main one is have fun, play nice, and Enjoy the Arcade! 

Main Site:
Join for a digitally fun time!

The Code Mainframe- where you create characters:
Article by slenderman777 posted 5 days ago
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1. The last thing i saw was my alarm clock flashing 12:07 before she pushed her long rotting nails through my chest her other hand muffling my screams, i sat bolt up right glad it was just a dream but as i saw my alarm clock read 12:06 i heard the closet door creak open.

2. Growing up with pets i was used to scratching on my bedroom door, now that i leave alone its much more unsettling.

3. In all the times i lived in this house, i swear to god i closed more doors then i open.

4. I thought my cat had a staring problem she always was looking at my face, until one day when i realized that she was always looking just behind me.

5. Theres nothing like the laughter of a baby, unless it's 1 am and you're home alone.

6. She went to check on her sleeping toddler, the window was open and the bed was empty
Opinion by kicksomebut23 posted 5 days ago
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Once upon a Time...The Night was calm, and Nice.....Many of the customers in my restaurant "Popeye's Fast Food Restaurant" was hungry and ready to order chicken. Most ordered Chicken breast with biscuits , chicken wings, and French Fries as a meal. But a guy showed up in the restaurant very tall than most of us.....I remembered since the first week....and the first day was Sunday before school beginned for me. He appeared with a yellow,jacket and boots. Almost most people looked at him because he was very tall. He had pretty,Blue eyes, and long brunette hair. I was a little surprised to see a tall guy come over but not that much. He walked towards me and I said to him "Hello , how are you? What would you like to order?" He looked at the menu for a second and respond " Let Me have number 2 and a large coke drink" I told him the cost and he waited for his order by standing in the corner....I wasn't sure but the guy seem like he looked at me....I thought he was staring at someone else....surprisingly he went to my high school too...but he is a senior....he is great at playing football and seems lonely sometimes. Everyday we suspectly hear that a murder kills a teenager at our...