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List by BlondLionEzel posted 12 hours ago
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#5: Death of Cliffjumper (Transformers)

I know we didn't know a thing about the guy, but he died a heroes death.

#4: Death of Mothra (Rebirth of Mothra)

Mothra saves her son Mothra Leo, but drowns in the process. This one is sad because Mothra was a very kind mother.

#3: Death of Burai (Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger)

Burai's left was bound by the Green Candle, kept hidden in the Lapseless Room, which was destroyed by Bandora ,killing Burai.

#2: Death of Godzilla (Godzilla vs Destroyah)

Godzilla, who is on the verge of nuclear meltdown (which would destroy the whole Earth), losses his son, who was killed by Destroyah. Godzilla retaliates be killing Destroyah. Finally, Godzilla begins to melt, and the humans use special freezing weapons to keep Godzilla from killing everyone. Godzilla melted right before my eyes. As a child, it was like watching Superman or Optimus Prime melt to death. Thankfully, Godzilla's son is revived and becomes the new King of the Monsters!
Opinion by -SkySplitter- posted 15 hours ago
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Ok, this is my first fan-fiction, no negative commments plz.

"Lock' in teh poool," Rumblfoot sadii.
"I seee it, it;s a profecy, Hollylaf sad.
"FBrumble will concour Fir and Bamble and blud will ran throug thee 4rest," Hollylaf resighted.
"Thee poo haz spoooken." Gayflyht said.
"Tall teh medisin cat! A KNEW HERU WILL BE BURN!" Rumblfuut shittad.
Add a hereo wass burned...

Opinion by -SkySplitter- posted 16 hours ago
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On the internet, nearly anyone respects someones opinion. People tell each other to go to hell for disliking something. Like, if you were to say you hate Miley Cyrus some fan might say go to hell even though you were just saying your opinion. This is really bad. People aren't getting proper respect of their own opinions. This is how I feel about it. :/

This article is really short. And I mean really really short. Like little baby kitten short. Or puppy... or cub.... or sushi.... or chick.... the chicken kind....