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Fan fiction by deathding posted 1 day ago
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Hours, turn into days.

Light, into darkness...

Hope, becomes insanity....

The shadow then smiled at me....Staring into my face with those evil soulless eyes, it was truly a terrifying sight.

Blood slowly began to run down his neck, and lucky for me I managed to bring out my Shadow Katana quick enough to land a hit on him.

It's too bad it did nothing....My blade did absolutely nothing, as the shadow attempted to stab into my heart with a giant legendary sword....

It was him, Sabres.

The darkest most evil sword to ever be created in all of the universe's history. It was made by a god that lived in a black hole and was forged by his hatred for the god Zeus.

Sabres was faster than anything I'd ever seen in my life, and smiled the closer it got to my heart. I could tell from the beginning this..,..Thing was serious, and obviously wanted my life, and luckily for me I knew that ten steps ahead of him!
Article by deathding posted 2 days ago
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*Sigh* 14 years of age. And yet, life hasn't gotten too much better. I have a bit more friends, and am getting along with life pretty well, so what's the problem?

Well, it's....These haunting memories of mine. They keep coming back to me, back when I was nothing more than a mere shadow, hiding all alone in the corner of my school.

It started out as a weird dream.... I was standing on a cliff, and there was a short gap between another cliff that I could've jumped over pretty easily, but the gap got larger.

And it was right then and there that I realized, I was alone.

It seemed like the dream wanted me to jump, but I couldn't do it. I was just...Too scared! I wanted a friend to help me with it, and cheer me on.

But the more I looked around the deserted area, the more I realized this was an absolute ghost town.

A ghost desert at that.

It reminded me of the times I had no friends, and even then, I don't get much company nowadays.
Fan fiction by TotalDramaFan60 posted 2 days ago
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Giselle: hey joey watcha doin
Joey: playin five nights at freddys
Giselle: who the h**l is freddy
Joey: i dunno
Freddy: hi

And that was the end of Joey and Giselle.

Later that day...
Sammy: hey miranda
Miranda: what
Sammy: wheres joey and giselle
Miranda: they got killed by freddy
Sammy: who
Miranda: freddy
Sammy: i didnt say what i said who
Miranda: d****t sammy

And then they all got together for Thanlsgiving!
Miranda: omg sammy i totally forgive you this turkey is delicious
Sammy: i know right
Chief Mikey: im a cop
Scardey Sylvia: oh god its a cop
Chief Mikey: yeah

i said that
Scardey Sylvia: im not deaf

Scardey Sylvia: WHAAAAAAAAAT?