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Guide by Dreazky posted 14 hours ago
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Your Get-Pretty Guide For Your Prom:

These amazing how-to tips will help you find all the answers to your prom dilemmas and become the Belle of the ball.

How to...Find your dream dress:
~Start by browsing through magazines for styles that you like and once you find the style you like, tear the sheet out and show it to your dress designer so that he or she can make it.
Tip: Do this at least three months before prom. Buying dress off the rack? Start window-shopping about a month or two before prom so you don't get stressed out.

How to...Choose the right shoes:
~You'll need to base this on the length of your dress. If your dress falls near your knee, choose some pretty strappy sandals...It will help to make your legs look longer. If your dress is full-length, bring your shoes along when you fit your dress to make sure that the heels are in the right height.
Opinion by Dreazky posted 18 hours ago
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Crazy Things Girl's Do:
Girl's Weirdest Worst Habits

Changing into dozens of outfits before a big date:
Adorable - Annoying
"I completely understand wanting to look great for a date---just make sure you don't keep the guy waiting."

Ordering a tiny salad for dinner, then stealing fries off her boyfriend's plate:
Adorable - Annoying
"We can always order another serving...and sharing is good!"

Spending hours over analyzing one little Facebook comment from her crush:
Adorable - Annoying
"Don't make a big deal out of it. It's just a Facebook!"

Giggling like a five-year-old every five minutes:
Adorable - Annoying
"Short, carefree giggles are cute. But if a girl giggles for no apparent reason, it may get annoying."

Exerting extra effort to do very through research on the guy she likes:
Opinion by ZacharyWhite posted 6 days ago
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ok.. So I know the part1 was hilarious for MOST of you guys, but it's ok... But I'm still a little freaked out, cuz it's like I don't wanna unfriend/block the fangirl cuz it's kinda rude for me... So I didn't. Anywaysss... Here's part two of our conv.

(I logged in... and suddenly..)
Fangirl: Heeyyy!!! Zack :D why did you logged out last time, aaww I felt bad :"< but it's ok cuz you're back now :D
Me: ...yeAh, "nice" seeing you again too... I guess?
Fangirl: Aww hihi, so ok back to what I said last time.. So the time when we'll get married, we're gonna have kiddieess!! :D
Me: K-k-kiddies?? ._.
F: Yeah! I know you want that :D If it's a girl then we'll name her... CARZACK!! :D
Me: Uh... Carzack?
F: yeah, if our names are combined it'll be CarZack :D (Her name's Carla)
Me; Kinda sounds like carjack...
F: Haha you're sooo funny sweetiee :-* Anyways so after having kiddiiieess, we're gonna live together!!! FOREEVVEERRR!!!