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Article by blueberry0x1 posted 3 days ago
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Not even the One Direction lads get dates with all the people they like! Here's a list of celebs who have been turned down by their crushes.

Emma Watson: “Between the ages of ten and twelve I had a really terrible crush on Tom Felton, to the extent that I would go into work in the morning and look down the numbers on the call sheet to see if he was going to be in. We love a bad guy, he was a few years older and he had a skateboard — and that just did it really." She confessed her feelings, but Tom saw Emma in a “younger, sisterly way.”

Justin Bieber: “My first crush was when I was 13, in my little town in Canada. I asked her out and she said no.”

Harry Styles asked Jillian Harris, a 32-year-old reality star, for her number, but she said “I'm way too old for you”, and later said she would never date an 18-year-old.

Liam Payne asked the same girl out 22 times! He said “"She always said no. Finally, I sang to her and then she said she’s go out with me. [Then] she dumped me the next day.”
Guide by blueberry0x1 posted 4 days ago
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1.Go out for coffee
2.Cut a stencil and put a design on an old t-shirt
3.Learn a new recipe
4.Properly fold all of your cloths
5.Find a marker with a blue or green lid and run around pretending it’s a sonic screwdriver
6.Walk to McDonalds and get a McFlurry
7.Organize your iTunes library and make sure everything has album art
8.Start a blog
9.Read through old posts on your favourite blog
10.Have a movie marathon
11.Ride the transit all the way around, until you’re back to where you started
12.Make a friendship bracelet for yourself
13.Shave off all your body hair
14.Go shopping with only $5
15.Try to invent a new way to play solitaire
16.Take a really long bath
18.Pretend you’re on a cooking show and talk out loud while cooking
19.Catalogue your home library
20.Go to the library
21.Count all the blue things in your house
22.Build a fort!
Article by blueberry0x1 posted 4 days ago
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I think Selena and Justin's drama has to stop. If they break up they have to understand that they are done, but if one of them still feel for each other than they can talk it over.But the Relationship has to stop now. Selena should stop making Justin jealous and just accept he is moving on and so does Justin beiber. He should also stop. People don't care anymore of them. People are just annoyed how they have on and off relationship. If they get back together they should at least make it last long. If they can not just deal with the relationship they should just break up for REAL! But hey! That is just my opinion.