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News by Riku114 posted 1 day ago
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(Eh. To all those out there don’t take this too seriously. This is about 60% a joke. XD Mostly for those that suck at keeping up with the Uaan news as well XD)

Okay so hey there everyone! Apparently Im the Grandma who writes long explanatory paragraphs for everyone so here I am to do more explaining and catching up for those that will be lost soon! Anyways, so Uaan decided to answer a question binding Five Users under the title of “Gang DUMBHEADS”! Heres a screenshot of his response.

If Im correct, I believe this was him trying to insult us or something, but if you managed to get a look at the comments you would quickly notice that me, and several others, took this more of a comedic show than anything else.

So….. For those out there, particularly those who were listed in his mail, I would like to ask if we should take up the gang assumption and title he gave us. You see, I think it sounds like an interesting thing really and if we are all up for it, it was about time we got a name for our group of people. Its fine if you aren’t up for it.
Opinion by Riku114 posted 2 days ago
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(So this is the first edition of two Race of Writers that Ive done as a group before. We were still figuring a few things out back then XD Anyways, Wanta suggested me posting things here.)

Race of the Writers. Is an article game series that serves as an exercise for RP-ers. In this game, 3 or more writers participate where one person calls out a 1-3 word phrase in which the others have to write to with the 2 minutes they are given. The phrase must be implemented inside the writing though tense and minor changes to it does not matter.

Participating Writers:


Big Red Apple (2 min)
Opinion by blackpanther666 posted 6 days ago
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Regardless of who is on here and who isn't anymore, most of the people on here have a nasty habit of feeding the trolls, then wondering why they write so much crap and rubbish directed at others.

Trolls love attention. Yeah, no s**t, Captain Obvious, they say. But, think about it - if no-one answers a troll's questions, or pays any attention to the, then they end up getting bored and go away (fair enough that you can disagree that it isn't always right, because some trolls, like Naoi, or HaruhiSuzumiya- never go away). Then, all is well, right?

But, I just feeling like pointing out that this club has never really gotten that. Some people do and don't make a big deal about trolls, while others take every opportunity they can to try and insult the troll and entertain their silly habits. I think it is time we started thinking about this a little more and maybe start learning when to stop, take a deep breath and then think logically and rationally about the situation.