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Article by MJisLove4life posted 4 days ago
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Who said car names don't have meanings





VOLVO πŸš– πŸš– πŸš– πŸš–

πŸš– Very
πŸš– Odd
πŸš– Looking
πŸš– Vehicular
πŸš– Object

PORSCHE 🚘 🚘 🚘 🚘

🚘 Proof
🚘 Of
🚘 Rich
🚘 Spoil
🚘 Children
🚘 Having
🚘 Everything

OPEL πŸš‘ πŸš‘ πŸš‘

πŸš‘ Old
πŸš‘ People
πŸš‘ Enjoying
πŸš‘ Life

TOYOTA 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨

🚨 The
🚨 One
🚨 You
🚨 Only
🚨 Trust
🚨 Always

HONDA πŸš” πŸš” πŸš” πŸš”

πŸš” Hanged
πŸš” Over
πŸš” Now
πŸš” Driving
πŸš” Away

BMW 🚘 🚘 🚘 🚘

🚘 Biggest
🚘 Money
🚘 Waste
Opinion by macedoialveu posted 5 days ago
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Proeski was born in Prilep[3] and grew up in Kruőevo[3] as the son of an Aromanian family.[4][5] After his musical talent was discovered at the age of 12, he was chosen to perform at the popular children's song festival Zlatno Slavejče (eng.: Golden Nightingale) in Skopje, performing the song "Јаs i mојоt dСdо" in Aromanian language.[6][7][8] This was his first public music performance; however, his successful career began in 1996 when he participated in the teenage music festival Melfest in Prilep.

Following this public exposure, he was awarded for his strong vocal capabilities. This led to his rise to fame when he participated in the music festival Makfest in Ε tip with the song "Pusti Me" ("Let Me Go") in 1997. His fanbase quickly grew and he continued to make use of festivals, such as SkopjeFest and OhridFest, as a platform for promotion and publicity. Proeski collaborated with one of Macedonia's acclaimed lyricists and composers, Grigor Koprov, to produce some of the greatest hits of his career such as "Usni na Usni" ("Lips over Lips") and "Sonce vo Tvoite Rusi Kosi" ("Sun in Your Golden Hair"). In 1999, he released his debut album, Nekade vo Nokta...
News by ShadowFan05 posted 12 days ago
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Well, I haven't been on here for 7 months and I still remember my password. lol You guys don't have to worry anymore. I'm still here. Oh my gosh, A bunch of stuff has changed since then. The reason why I haven't been on here for seven months is because:

1. I have a Youtube channel now.
2. Because of school.
3. I've been playing Five Nights at Freddy's. ( I've gotten into that now.)
4. I've been busy with my cousin and family.
5. The holidays.
6. Deviant ART has stolen my time to be on here.
7. I have a Steam account.
and 8. My computer has been an idiot lately.

I hope to get more active on here and get more pictures up.