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Opinion by Coffeeuser posted 11 hours ago
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I recently made a list of my Top 10 Most Beautiful Women but I decided to made a new extended version of my Top 18. This is countdown, meaning that number one is the best. Please tell me what you think! Remember that this is just my opinion.

News by deathding posted 2 days ago
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Summer Vacation is almost upon me.......
Hey everybody, it's Deathding here once again, and I wanted to talk about an idea that I've had for quite a while now. The series will be called "*Insert Title Here*......In Laymen's Terms", which will basically be me reviewing anything you guys suggest, but in my usual comedic format.

This will not only let me find out about new things I didn't know about before, but hopefully provide some good analysis and kinda-sorta-not-really jokes along the way.

The most requested comment will be what I review, which will be either a movie, video-game, TV show, again, anything. I don't care if it's Gatorade, an alarm clock, or even a goddamn WINDOW, so just let your mind cut fucking Footloose and I'll be right on it. :)

Also, I plan on making a return to Ask Dr. Robotnik in some way, as it's almost been a year, and I do sincerely miss that series, but all this high-school stress has been getting to me and I haven't had as much time to be on here as I'd like to.
Opinion by Coffeeuser posted 3 days ago
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I've really been looking forward to doing this list. These are the celebrites that I absolutely HATE! This this case, number one is the WORST. I apologize if for some reason you like one of these creeps. Just keep in mind that this is just my personal opinion. Please tell me what you think.

Opinion by Coffeeuser posted 3 days ago
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I've been meaning to do this for a while. This is a countdown, meaning that number one is the best. Also, this is just my personal opinion so keep your rude comments to yourself. I hope you like it and please tell me what you think.

Article by TheMagicLoki posted 5 days ago
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Hoi! Starting Tuesday, I will be releasing one episode every week of a series named as the picture over there shows.

The item labeled "insert title here" will be replaced with the title of a movie, TV show*, or video game. I will then use an art studio to depict a comic of what would happen if the characters in whichever title weren't so stupid. I already have a plan for the upcoming premiere episode, but I encourage suggestions in the comments for future episodes. Also, to prevent the inconvenience of saying that long fucking name every time the series is referred to, I will officially call it Turtle Sandwich.

*TV shows will be divided by season rather than episode or entire series.
Opinion by Riku114 posted 5 days ago
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Okay so hey there guys. This is a kind of article that I dont usually do, however I found this article that peeves me off with how stupid it is that I had to make a complaint about it. Id like to note that all of my complaints are totally 100% serious and should be taken with that. Like seriously. I never mock idiots.

But anyways. So I was randomly browsing the internet -not Fanpop comments at all- and I found this atrocious article called "Zanhar's Rules of Shipping" and the stupidity of it made me cringe. However I dont think you guys have ever seen this article and will never see it or bother to search it up and Im sure the author herself will never be able to find this, so Ill just give you the title and no link so that should be good enough.

Okay lets begin with this.

Rule number 1. The golden rule of shipping; ship it until it's proven unshippable!

Okay so what is even with that? How do you even plan to prove a ship like that? The only way you could do that is if it becomes a canon couple in the story and how the hell do you expect to do that? Why the hell would you make something...
Opinion by Canada24 posted 11 days ago
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I actually UNDERSTAND the hate on Led Zepplin.
They recreate songs, apparently NON of those songs are orginally written by them.
And they don't pay for the RIGHTS either..

The name Santa Claus is synonymous with Christmas time, the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Actually, many elements of the Santa Claus story hold very little Christian relevance. The fat, happy Santa of our childhood memories is actually based on the fearsome Norse god of war – Odin..

Nostalgia Cretic actually RUINED my happy memories of this movie... Damn you Doug Walker! Never thought I'd say that.

Sad.. He looked like a cool guy to..

I learned this the HARD way.
That innocent, free spirited, cute little Sponge that loves his friends. Now acts like he's on heavy drugs, and Squidward should of KEPT that restraining order..
Opinion by Coffeeuser posted 11 days ago
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Just like with the previous list of my Top 10 Most Beautiful Women That Ever Lived, I decided to do the same thing with men. Similar to my previous list, I'll only be adding the pictures and names, and not writing any articles. Perhaps in the future I'll try my hand at writing an article but for now, we'll just have a simple list. Remember that this is a countdown, meaning that number one is the best. Despite being a woman, I am NOT romantically attracted to any of these men except my number one. Anyway, I hope you like it but please remember that this is just my personal opinion.

Opinion by Coffeeuser posted 13 days ago
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I'm no good at writing articles so I decided to just make a list from the pictures. I made a list like this once before when I used to be on Deviantart but some of my opinions have changed since then. Remember that this is a countdown, meaning that number one is the most beautiful. I hope you like it but this is just my opinion so be polite.

Opinion by andy10B posted 18 days ago
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I love skirts and dresses. They are so pretty. Every woman walks down looking good in them no matter who they are. I could wear any of those dresses and skirts that anyone from kim Kardashian wears to the skirt that older women wear across the street. I would wear one on a daily basis but there is a problem I'm a man.

Men can only wear trousers and shorts, if anyone sees a man in a skirt or a dress it is considered wierd or stupid. But is it? A poll i took on this club of 20 people, 75% said yes to say that men should wear womens clothes and still be men and I am one of them.

Most people would say that men who do wear dresses and skirts are gay, a feminist, a transgender female or wierd. But I disagree, any one should have the right to try these clothes and be happy, it's about how they suit you. For some men it suits them and even looks nice on them.

If fashion designers anywhere can design trousers and shorts fit for women, why not a skirt or dress for men, therefore making it all the merry.
Review by Peaceful_Critic posted 22 days ago
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This is a comedic review and shouldn't be taken too seriously. As it is all in the fun of the character PeacefulCritic(yes my username is shared with my Oc), thank you. Oh and also spoilers

(Skip this part of the review if you want to)
Episode 4 of Random Show:
*Puts a dress on the dog that bit me yesterday, then laughs*
Someone Girl:Hey you shouldn't do that! That's animal cruelty*everyone else joins in on lecturing me, then gives me a dirty look as if the dog was innocent*
PeacefulCritic:...but...you guys did the sa-
Someone Boy:Shut Up, I'm not going to talk to you, you're a jerk!
*next day while fighting crime*
PeacefulCritic:*sees that the villain enjoys animal abuse*
*Everyone else looks at me with dirty looks*
*Everyone ignores me*
PeacefulCritic:Wait, but didn't Someone Boy did the whole put the dress on the dog thing like a week ago?Why aren't you just as upset with him as much you are with me?
Opinion by zanhar1 posted 24 days ago
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Image by: Lumo55000 on tumblr
Okay so I was browsing the net and I found this lovely piece of work, that was published just two months ago. link
Apparently this is a 'student run' new site. So much for the plagiarism policy. Like at least give an exact link--as your site automatically generates for anyone who copies and pastes your work. But don't worry I already put that up top myself, out of respect. Anyhow I find it very funny how professionally set up this site is and yet they're utilizing my work without my permission and without even linking me to it. It's one thing to post my work (with credits) in appreciation of it behind my back and another to critique it behind my back. I'm not saying not to disagree with me at all, because really, I don't mind. What I am saying is, at least have the decency to link me to the critique so I have a chance to defend myself. That's my main issue with this article. The lack of professionalism is killing me and this site claims to be the site of a newspaper. [i]"The Record and its staff encourage a...
Guide by deathding posted 25 days ago
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(NOTE: This entire article is just a giant middle finger to the trolls who like medal-whoring their way to victory, and EVERYTHING in it was meant to be taken as a joke. We good? Alright. =D)

Hey everyone, it's Deathding here once again.... >:D

So I was pondering the other day on what to do with my life and how I can get actual goddamn HUMANS to notice and like me. And then, I came up with the be-all end-all ultimate plan.....


Surely this won't get me banned, right? Now let me just visit my profile really quick to see if I got a medal.....

The hell? Where's my page? @____@ Oh no..... THOSE BASTARDS JUST HITLER'D MY PROFILE! D:

Well, there goes THAT idea. I must think harder, hmm........

I GOT IT! :D How about I PM Fanpop a thousand goddamn times? Surely they'll fall down to sympathy, right? I mean come on, who the FUCK resists a good beg? ^___^
News by deathding posted 27 days ago
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Let critics join the competition! #FreeOurCritique
So if you haven’t heard as of recent times, there’s a plan to revive the old classic event on Fanpop called Fanpop’s Got Talent, or FGT. This entire event if being organized by a great man by the username of Kuro_Hyou666, and I highly recommend you support him. Because of this man, users from all around Fanpop can compete in an ultimate contest to be the best in a certain category.

Here are the categories as of right now: Haiku, Fanfiction, Singing, Dancing, and Drawing/Digital Art.

…...But what’s in for the critics out there? What about reviews? What about Top 10’s or Countdowns in general? It figures that one of the most unique categories isn’t even allowed to be a thing as of right now.

Countdowns and Reviews would be a GREAT addition to FGT not only for the sheer amount of freshness and competition, but to me, the whole event just feels shallow without it. And because of this rule, many people, INCLUDING myself, can’t participate in doing what they truly love the most.
Article by luckyPink posted 1 month ago
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Hey guys i recently found out about some amazing Google features and thought to share it with you guys. Google not only made our lives easy but made it full of fun. Well we all agree to that, don't we?

NOTE: I use Google Chrome so i don't if these also work on other sites.

Here are a few i like the most. Some of you might already be familiar with them.

1. Do A Barrel Roll:

Type "Do a barrel roll" in the search bar and tadaa Google will whirl. This ones a simple yet interesting one.

2. Google Gravity:

Ok for fist you "have" to type Google.com. Then at the bottom you will see settings. Go there and make sure "Never show instant results" should be marked. Save the setting.

Now go back and type "Google gravity" then click "I'm feeling lucky."

And then Google will collapse! But you still can search stuff in it. That's my most favorite!

3. Zerg Rush:

Opinion by ace2000 posted 1 month ago
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Hi everyone!

This article will rank the celebrities I think are most attractive from least to best. And obviously this is just my opinion :)


10. Bae Suzy

One of the most beautiful K-pop idols. She looks so graceful and sophisticated yet cute at the same time.

9. Gracie Gold

The Olympic gold medalist for figure skating a while back in 2014. Her smile is just adorable :) I want it. And her makeup is awesome; she looks so cute.

8. Elizabeth Taylor

Those eyelashes, those violet eyes, that face, that figure . . . she was just gorgeous overall.

7. Audrey Hepburn

My favorite classic actress. I love her eyes - they remind me of a doe's. And her eyebrows are perfect. She's not quite conventionally beautiful, but she has that grace that gives her star quality and beauty right off the bat.
Opinion by Canada24 posted 1 month ago
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I'm not saying this is a perfect movie.
But it's actually a surprisingly GOOD movie.

It starts off on On October 29, 1993 where the parents of Charlie Grimille record him as he is part of the SCHOOL PLAY.

During the play, Charlie is put on a fake noose, as part of the play. But suddenly the trap door opens, like you see in real noose sets, but it is soon revealed that this was NOT be part of the act. And Charlie is accidentally hung for real.

20 years later however, students at the same school resurrect the failed play as a misguided attempt to honor the accident.

A student named Reese Houser is excited, as this gives him a chance to grow closer to his crush Pfeifer Ross. But his friend Ryan Shoos is dismissive of the play, and comes up with the idea to vandalize the set. Reese is reluctant to take part, but agrees when Ryan promises that he'll be able to console Pfeifer afterwards, giving them a chance to kiss. Later that night Reese, Ryan, and Ryan's girlfriend Cassidy Spilker sneak into the school, only to run in to Pfeifer, who saw Reese's car. Knowing they cannot vandalize the sets with Pfeifer there, the...
News by LucyHeartfilia- posted 1 month ago
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There has been people who are doing offensive polls and photos on the Anime club like "I wish american soldiers would kill japan people cuz japan people have ugly face and skin.Skin is ugly". Its really disgusting and they are even things like " Autism is disease they can't do smart math. And what is up with this grammar?

I want all of you to take a stand to these horrible posts and get them of fan pop for good

Thankyou for giving me a bit of you time to read this article and maybe report them.

Some names:

Whatever you do DO NOT believe these things
Opinion by Stalag posted 1 month ago
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In this method, the victim is hung upside down, so that the blood will rush to their heads and keep them conscious during the long torture. The torturer would then saw through the victims’ bodies until they were completely sawed in half. Most were cut up only in their abdomen to prolong their agony.


One of the torture devices during the Spanish Inquisition and medieval ages, this is probably one of the most gruesome of them all. The victim is put astride, naked, on a donkey-like apparatus, which is actually a vertical wooden board with a sharp V-wedge on top of it. After that, the torturer would add varying weights to the victim’s feet until finally the wedge sliced through the victim’s body.


Was a torture device used for capital punishment from Antiquity into early modern times for public execution by breaking the criminal's bones/bludgeoning him to death. As a form of execution, it was used from "Classical" times into the 18th century; as a form of post mortem punishment of the criminal, the wheel was still in...
List by zanhar1 posted 1 month ago
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Now you can listen to the Numa Numa song forever, make a mixtape of all of the Numa Numas and annoy your whole neighborhood! All the Numa Numa you've never wanted in your life!

Original by Ozone: link

English Version by Ozone: link

Alina Vesion: link

Gabry Ponte Remix: link

Haiducii Version: link

Brazilian Version: link

Korean Version by Hyun Young: link
Opinion by zanhar1 posted 1 month ago
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Loling at the fact that I had an easier time typing this than the one for real people! Maybe it's because cartoon characters & anime characters can just be drawn in ways that really make them stand out. No less here's the list.


Honorable mentions (in no particular order): Icy, Ming Hua, Ultear & Michiko.

5. Lust

How could I not add Lust onto my list of attractive characters lol? I mean she is Lust after all! Above all my favorite thing about her appearance is her eyes; those purple snake-like eyes. She also has really pretty lips and lovely dark and wavy hair.

4. Beatrice

Hooray! Congratulations Beatrice, for being literally the only blonde anime girl on this list. Before anyone has a chance to yell "I'm offended!!!" or "what do you have against blondes!?" I am one people.

Anyhow, back to the point. I love her hair style, it's very elegant. She really works the updo. And it really suits her more regal appearance. She's a classic western beauty with those blue eyes and that blonde hair. And I...
Guide by pinkydoll posted 1 month ago
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1-Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or self-confidence.
(Robert Frost)

2-The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet.

3-Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the future. (Nelson Mandela)

4-Education is not learning of facts , but the training of minds to think. (Albert Einstein)

5-Education is not preparation for life, Education is life
itself (John Dewey)

6-Education is the movement from darkness to light.
(Allan Bloom)

7-The highest result of education is tolerance.
(Helen Keller)

List by abbymoo posted 1 month ago
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1. we dont just like bad boys! i dont know who thought that girls only like bad guys we just dont like goody to shoes!
2. we like it if you make the first move.
3. we dont admit to liking you because we dont want to be rejected.
4. we dont mind if your not fit (buut we love it if you are.)
5. we melt over funny guys.
6. we love it if you approach not the oter way around.
7. we find small guys cute (well i do anyways!)
8. we dont like it when guys are full of them selves.
9. we hate it when you say "i think you'll find lots of girls like me!" (ANNOYING!)
10. we dont like cheaters, after cheating on girls you are less likely to get a girl than you were before.
11. periods dont make us grumpy so dont let us tell you different.
12. some days we are just super emotional.
13. we love it when you compliment us.
14. we might not know you too well but we might like you!
15. the friend zone isnt all that bad, friendships can grow into relationships FRIENDZONE? get into it!!
Article by pinkydoll posted 1 month ago
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1-Dolphin sleeps with one eye open.

2-"silent" and "listen" use exactly the same letters.

3-An octopus has two hearts

4-Bull frogs do not sleep.

5-There are more chickens than human in the world.

6-flamingos gets their distinctive color from the food they eat.

7-The hair of polar bear is not white it's transparent.

8-Turtles can breathe through their rear-rends

9-The sun comprises 99% of total mass of our solar system.

10-Butterflies taste with their feet.

11-Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

12-there are about 550 hairs in each of your eyebrow.

13-A snail can sleep for 3 years.

14-A human eye can distinguish 10 million different colors.

15-Women blink their eyes twice than men.
Opinion by zanhar1 posted 1 month ago
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Over decades and decades and decades...and more decades, literature has produced so many kinds of villains, I thought I'd pick out a few types I commonly see and explain them. Some of these kind of go hand in hand. "Yo zanhar, there's a site called TV Tropes for this!" Shhhh, it's okay Imma type anyways just to defy you. (Am I a villain yet?)

The Pure Evil

As implied these guys are the ones who are evil through and through. No sympathetic background, no redeeming qualities, hell this person or being doesn't even think he/she is doing the right thing. In fact depending on the villain, he/she knows he/she is doing the wrong thing but likes it/or continues anyways to meet his/her ends.

Examples: Bellatrix, Nerissa, Ozai, Jadis & Zancrow

The Sympathetic

This is the character with the sympathetic story or motivation. The character whose past is so awful you can't help but say, "okay that explains a lot" or "I understand where you're coming from, but you need to chill." Dead family, dead lover, abandoned, abused, this character has gone through a lot of shit and for it became the bad guy.
Opinion by zanhar1 posted 1 month ago
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So a while back I made two articles about my favorite villains and why I like them specifically but what about the bad guys just makes them so enticing for me? Heck I may have even typed up an article like this before, but with a years later with a new perspective, alongside an updated list of my top 25 fictional villains, I decided that it's time to reveal why I like the bad guys so much.

Top 25

Some of them are refromed or simply played an antagonistic role but are not super evil. Won't state which ones are reformed because spoilers.

1. Azula (Avatar)
2. Regina Mills (Once Upon A Time)
3. Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter)
4. Nerissa (W.i.t.c.h)
5. Icy (Winx)
6. Isabella Gisborne (BBC's Robin Hood)
7. Kuvira (Korra)
8. Lust (Full Metal Alchemist)
9. Morgause (BBC's Merlin
10. Ming Hua (Korra)
11. Beatrice (Umineko)
12. Nehelenia (Sailor Moon)
13. Jadis (Narnia)
Opinion by zanhar1 posted 1 month ago
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I've been seeing a lot of these articles lately so I kind of wanted to join the party. Off of the top of my head--and this is liable to change--these are my top 10 most attractive men and women.
I'm only able to add 20 images so there will be one big image for most of the guys.



Sonya Scarlet


Alissa White-Gluz


10. Mally

I really just adore Mally's hair. I always did like shorter hair on women. She's so uniquely beautiful. Her eyes, her facial structure, she's just a very beautiful woman. I also love her piercings.

9. Minzy

I suppose I have a thing for Asian women (and as you'll soon notice, men). I think she has a really cute nose and really pretty eyes.
Review by egyptprincess7 posted 1 month ago
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Hey there! So I am going to be making a review on Fanpop (*looks at title of article* Thanks Captain Obvious! xD)
Anyways, here it is. Sorry if it might seem too short or too long.

I've been on Fanpop since 2010. (Yay for 6 years~)
Anyways, this site has ranged from being super active to somewhat active to hardly active. Like right now, it's really not that active and it is honestly boring now. I mean back in 2010 it had much more enjoyable things. Plus the chat system and all. The trolls weren't that bad.

Actually they were quite amusing back then. Now they just are completely boring and wasting everyone's time. (Well in my viewpoint haha). ANYWAYS, I digress. Fanpop is.. well it's kinda hard to describe Fanpop tbh. I remember getting on here 6 years ago and being like, "wow!" and then that faded. This site isn't bad. In fact, I'm glad I got on here that day in February. I've meet so many great people but unfortunately I met so many bad ones.
Opinion by shomill posted 1 month ago
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Is it possible to love someone that doesn’t really exist? Think about it. We do it all the time. A boy in high school sees a pretty girl on the other side of the classroom and imagines taking her to a rock concert. A girl dreams of a romantic picnic with the cute guy that just moved in across the street. These people might exist, but the way we visualize them is almost certainly wrong. I’m as guilty of this as anyone. Then, if we finally get to know these people that we’ve fantasized about, we’re crushed to learn that they are not who we thought they were. Why? Because, quite frankly, we never loved those people- we loved the people we dreamed about, and just used real peoples’ faces to make our fantasies seem more real to us.

So, bearing this in mind, why do so many people seem to think that those of us who dare to admit that we are in love with fictional characters, why do people think we’re strange or pathetic or crazy? In real life, it’s very rare for anyone to actually meet someone who fulfills all our hopes and desires (tell me I’m wrong, and if you think I am, wait until your next break-up and then come back and tell me). But there...
Opinion by shomill posted 1 month ago
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monkeemania said this, and I think any fan can apply it to their favorite shows:

“Like for me, they are like my best friends. They have taught me so many things like you don't need to know someone for them to be your friend. all they have to do is be there for you always, cheer you up when your down, and help you get through tough situations. the monkees do all this for me, a girl they don't even know. And that's why i love them so much.”

And the people who aren’t fans, the people who put us down for “living in your parents’ basement” or whatever, they just don’t get that. Some people just don’t make friends easy, or have trouble keeping friends, or they can’t find someone to be there for them all the time, anytime they need them. Let’s face it: that kind of relationship just doesn’t happen that often. And that’s why we use TV shows, or books, or movies, or music, or whatever. You get to know these people, fictitious or not, and you can learn from them. Seeing their problems helps you get through yours. It sounds strange, but it’s true. My best friends, aside from the Monkees, include the Winchesters, the original...
Opinion by zanhar1 posted 2 months ago
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24 fans
By all means this is a joke and I don't expect anyone to actually comply with these. But if you do, kudos for offering the Zanarchy support. We accept your love. :'D

Rule number 1. The golden rule of shipping; ship it until it's proven unshippable!

#2 They are friends? Ship it!

#3 They are best friends? Ship it harder!

#4 Person A is person B's only friend?? Very ship!

#5 They used to be friends but now they don't like each other? Much ship!

#6 The harder the friendship ending fall out, the harder you ship.

#7 If the character x's sibling dated character y, then character x and character y are now shippable.

#8 Okay okay you can ship x's sibling with character y.

#9 And if you're feeling adventurous, edgy, and controversial ship person x and his/her sibling.

#10 If they hate each other/are rivals it's shippable.

Opinion by darange posted 2 months ago
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what is life?
what is the eternal oblivion that we all are born, live, and die through?
where do we go in the end?
what will your accomplishments, friends, family, relationships, and more amount to in the end game? why do we do the things that hurt us the most? weather it be our future, our relationships, or even our body ourselves.
What's going to happen if our sun dies right now, or if its the end of the world? what would we do? what would you do? would you say goodbye to your loved ones? rob a bank? sit there all alone?
Is their even a Heaven and Hell? or are we all forgotten in the sea of never ending people. no one cares. we all forget over time

what would you do in the end of the world? opinions?
Opinion by poulamikundu posted 2 months ago
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Well, I have read many ‘Top10’ and ‘Top20’ articles here. Most of them revolve around topics like ‘Best Actor’, ‘Most Handsome Men’, ‘Prettiest Celebrities’, ‘Best Movies’, ‘Best Anime Characters’, ‘Catchiest Songs’ and so on. After today’s science class in school, I thought to make another ‘Top10’ article, but on a totally different topic – TOP 10 ENDANGERED ANIMALS.
So, here’s my top 10 animals which are really awesome but unfortunately, are on the verge of being extinct.

I am not much fond of rhinos but this black one looks pretty good. These are mostly found in Africa. They weigh about 1000kg. According to World Wildlife Fund, only 5000 black rhinos are left in the world.
Now this one’s from my motherland. In India, though we worship the elephants, but at the same time elephants are killed regularly. Due to civilization, forests are being cut off and elephants are entering the villages as well as towns and are getting killed or injured. As a result, only 20 thousand Indian Elephants...
Opinion by Kragfan1910 posted 2 months ago
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So, now that fanpop has implemented gold, and we have had a little bit of a chance to explore it, perhaps we could throw some opinions around.

So, I like being able to customize my profile, so that's a plus. If you look at my profile, I was able to express myself and my hobby in sporting firearms with a picture of an 1886 Lebel rifle. I'm pretty satisfied with the way that looks on my profile. I look forward to being able to get enough gold to change my background. (I wonder what kind of firearms shenanigans I could put up there?)

Now, I have one critique that I would like to point out. I noticed that they are charging 5 gold to participate in banner elections. 5 gold isn't much, I know, but my understanding of economics would lead me to believe that adding a cost to anything (regardless of the unit of currency involved, be it dollars, cigarette butts, or fanpop gold) will discourage people from doing the thing. So, adding the gold cost will decrease the total amount of votes that the poll will receive. Again, 5 gold isn't much, but with such a small active user base, it wouldn't be wise to discourage even one user from participating. Now, if they...
Opinion by tamore posted 2 months ago
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as much as i love the song by my love brittany spears this is about the random club

y'all are toxic not because y'all have different opinions (idgaf about that man) but because y'all are so quick to point out flaws. compliments are rare and instead everything seems to be a fight. it's a war of the egos because nobody wants to be wrong and everybody thinks they're better and smarter than everyone else.

it's interesting i suppose to look at it sociologically - the internet levels out such differences as socioeconomic class, appearance, gender to a large extent, location, language........... instead everyone hides behind icons and all that you're presenting to everyone else on fanpop is words. it becomes a sick hierarchy of "i type better than you so i am better than you." "my pseudo-logic makes more sense than yours." y'all just make shit up. not that i don't too cuz god knows i have no idea what im talking about 75% of the time, even right now im typing stream-of-consciousness without editing, but y'all don't need to be so high and mighty.
Guide by 3xZ posted 2 months ago
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What is an icon? An icon is not merely a square-sized edited image. It has to be 200x200 pixels or smaller. But how to make it in the right size? There are free websites that allow us to resize it properly. In this tutorial, I'm using 'picresize' website to assist me. Here are the 5 easy steps to make it 200x200 px. Hope this article will help you!

[u][b]1. First of all, type www.picresize.com.

2. Click 'Browse' to select your picture.

3. Click 'Quick resize' after you choose your picture.

4. In 'Make my picture' option, choose 'Custom Size' and type '200' in both width and height.

5. Finally, click 'I'm Done, Quick Resize My Picture! and your icon is now 200x200 px...

Opinion by THaSlimJim posted 3 months ago
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Everyone girl wants a gay bff right bcause they are like girls but not girls and they are very fashion savvy and hey will b all you need to unlock success in life
life is better for u as a girl when u have a gay bff
so today lets talk about how to get a gay bff

we are people stop with the gay bff thing
we r not ur gay bffs ok
we r human beings ok
if i do not like u
i will not b ur friend
just so u can have a gay bff ok
i kno 0 things about clothes
i will give u shit fashionn advice and shit life advice
if u want 2 b my friend buy me a pizza dont make me go shopping
if u want a gay bff shopping buddy w lots of fashion call my bf his number is 555-555-5555
but its not me ok
we r not all fashiony sassy omg gurl blah blah blah

and now u know all the secrets to finding a gay bff to go shopping with you I saved your life i know ur welcome
Opinion by soniastar posted 3 months ago
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When a guy flirts with other women.while out with his girl, it. may be he is just trying to be funny and charming or seem polite. Or he may secretly be feeling insecure. Maybe he fears his gal is still.into her ex, or worries she may be seeing simeone else besides him. He wont come out and say his fears, so rather he tries to appear more of a stud flirting with ladies. What he may not realize is this drives a gal away and makes her feel unimportant. How would a guy like it if a gal behaved that way toward him? Does anyone have any suggestions how to deal with this obnoxious male behavior? Does a gal call him out on it? Or simply walk away, as I did from a guy I loved a lot, and not call him out on it, just simply tell him, "You hurt me."?
Article by gtamike_TSGKK posted 3 months ago
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1 fan
I have enjoyed my stay at fanpop. Didn't really do much though never talked to anyone (you all seem pretty nice) i'm done using fanpop for a couple of reasons.

One is the only 2 fan clubs i ever see active is the random club and the anime club, not that this is the main reason i'm leaving but kinda wished other clubs were like the random club.

The main reason though is i never do anything on here.
>Goes to fanpop
>Goes to random club
>85% of the time just looking at dumb pictures of cats or anime
>15% of the time answering questions like "Do cats know who god is?"
>5% of the time posting random crap in the random wall
>0% of the time talking to anyone

And that's all i do on fanpop.

Basically it's boring so this is last you will hear of me (even though i never talked to any of you)

So have fun everyone enjoy fanpop. (sorry for any grammar mess ups)
List by deathding posted 3 months ago
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I'm pretty sure that we gamers have already tried getting free card codes online for our 3DS, iTunes, PSN, and it never worked.... Until I found this site. The link is here: link

Basically, how it works is you give someone your link that you get when you go onto/join the site and share it with others for one point.

And by now you're probably thinking "Oh nooo, no, NO! What do I need for something, 500 points? -___-". And you'd be right, but you're wrong. XD

For example, for a $15 Dollar E-shop card you only need five points. FIVE. So after five people click your link, you can get a $15 dollar E-shop card. WOW.

I hate to sound like a self-promoting moron, and I haven't actually seen what happens when you get enough points for anything, but if enough people on here click my link + spread their own, we can verify if this site really works.

The reason I worded the title is because I REALLY think that this site will work. It looks legit, is updated to 2016, and so on so forth. Try it out! You might be surprised. =)
List by zanhar1 posted 3 months ago
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Emma Hewitt
So I decided to compile a list of my top 100 songs and a few honorable mentions. I'll probably provide links to the reasons why the songs are placed where they are in the comments once I finish typing that up.

Honorable Mentions: Fantasy (Dye), Never Say No To Aldo Raynes (Shoot The Girl First), My Girl (Bermuda Lovers) and Laid (James)
100. Still Remember You (Emma Hewitt)
99. Jewel Of Abilene (Grey DeLisle)
98. Alice (Cocteau Twins)
97. Me Against The Music (Madonna & Britney Spears)
96. Take Me Away (Kosmonova)
95. Take Me Away (Fefe Dobson)
94. Rx (MXMS)
93. Summer Rain (Slinkee Minx0
92. Boys Boys Boys (Lady Gaga)
91. Children Of Frost (Indica)
90. Serpentine (Flowing Tears)
89. No Compliance (Delain)
88. Crazy Loop (Dan Balan)
87. Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Madonna)
86. Ray Of Light (Madonna)
85. I Don't Need You (Die Antwoord)
84. This Is The Time (Atomzfears)
List by AzulaFanboi posted 3 months ago
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Okay! Hi! I'm AzulaFanboi (A TOTAL NEWB) and thought I would start things off with a BANG and lay out how much of a FREAK I am. I am a pansexual male soooo... yeah this might get a little weird. lol
These men are just sexy to me and I NEED to share them with the world m'kay?
Also, I have an obsession with hair... so... yeah... be prepared for that.

P.S. Ya'll should totally check out my home-boy kataralover's article, which was totally my inspiration. Here is the link to his ranking of sexy men (although he calls his handsome). You may see some crossovers! XD

100.    Shunsuke Daito: Second best thing in the live action Ouran High School Host Club series...
99. Mitchel Musso: He's like a little kitten... I just want to take him home...
98. Yuri Lowenthal: You're voice sir... You're voice.
Article by 200485908 posted 4 months ago
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Pretend powers-
1.) get some thin string that looks invisible.
2.) tie it to some thing like paper, a piece of cardboard or a card stock door sign.
3.) lightly tie other end of string to ur finger. Hold ur hand like zac from mako mermaids does when he's using his powers.
4.) when people are looking, start to pull lightly while using ur "powers" to pull the object.
You can amaze people with this. I've wanted to do this stuff for a long time.
Moon pool-
1.) get a kiddie pool ( plastic or inflatable ).
2.) put rocks about 5 in. big around the side of the pool. ( if it's inflatable u don't have to do this. )
3.) fill pool with water and pack sand around the sides of the pool if u put rocks on the sides.
4.) put on ur tail and sit in the pool. Enjoy!!!
Thank u everyone for reading this article and I hope it works for everyone that read it.
Opinion by THaSlimJim posted 4 months ago
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introduction: being cool in 2day's society
it is very hard to be cool these days
everyone wants u to be hot and all that
but you do not have to conform to these standards of society
you can b cool if u want to be
just follow these simple steps
do what i tell u and u will be an individual

lets begin

step 1: invest in an air conditioner maybe
idk about u but im always cooloer when i have the air conditioner going

step 2: do not use blankets
seriously they only make u warm they r not recommended if u want 2b cool

step 3: take a nap in ur refridgerator
if you can fit i cannot fit in mine but i want to nap in one and u r sure 2 b cool in one

step 4: go outside with no jacket in winter
u might get so cool that u freeze 2 death try not 2 do that but if u do its okay because you died cool
Opinion by Dreamtime posted 4 months ago
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What’s not to like about walking? It’s free. It’s easy to do, and it’s easy on the joints. And there’s no question that walking is good for you. Walking is an aerobic exercise; a University of Tennessee study found that women who walked had less body fat than those who didn’t walk. It also lowers the risk of blood clots, since the calf acts as a venous pump, contracting and pumping blood from the feet and legs back to the heart, reducing the load on the heart. Walking is good for you in other ways as well.

1. Walking improves circulation. It also wards off heart disease, brings up the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart. Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Tennessee found that post-menopausal women who walked just one to two miles a day lowered blood pressure by nearly 11 points in 24 weeks. Women who walked 30 minutes a day reduced their risk of stroke by 20 percent – by 40 percent when they stepped up the pace, according to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.
Opinion by tamore posted 4 months ago
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REMEMBER WHEN ...............

CLUBS were called SPOTS ???!

users actually VOTED for BEST ANSWERS!! (WOW!)

PROFILES didn't have WALLS so you had to talk through PROPS?

there were more ADULTS and less KIDS?? (((THEY DONT KNOW ANYTHING THESE DAYS))) *exasperated sigh*

there were only THREE kinds of MEDALS? and earning them actually MEANT SOMETHING????

the F4 CARED about what WE had to SAY?!

you could CHAT with your friends through MEEBO! ??(INSTANT MESSAGING! ain't nothin that good anymore)

you could still submit SCREENCAPS to the IMAGES section?! (now it's just useless!!!!(

the FONTS didn't SUCK?

CLUBS were more ACTIVE than they are now?!

there weren't so many ADS on all the pages???? (FUCK THAT CAPITALIST BULLSHIT!!! WE DONT WANT IT)

there was a five star RATING SYSTEM????? none of this "LIKE" bullshit!!!! this isn't FACEBOOK!!!!
List by deathding posted 4 months ago
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Let's fuckin do this
Well, the first episode has a whopping SEVENTEEN fans now, which is my most popular article to date, so I guess a lot of you wanted a sequel. Hope you guys enjoy, sorry it took so long to happen. XD

"How to compliment a guy."

It's not that hard, just say something nice. Do you REALLY need advice from the internet on something so INSANELY simple such as this?

"Fries insulted me!"

You insult humanity, it's a pretty fair trade to me.

"Paul's Empire."

DANCE my minions, DANCE! >:D

"What does astroglide smell like?"

Fresh flowers, unless the lubricant has been used after masturbating, in which case a LOT of semen.

"On top of spaghetti..."

All covered in blood. YOUR blood.

"Is living in Syria a good idea now?"

The venomous snakes are telling me yes.

"Why are people so stupid?"
Opinion by KataraLover posted 4 months ago
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I never thought I would be doing a list like this because when I do lists based on looks it's on women. As a straight guy, it's easier for me to rank women than men. However, when I put my mind to something I try my best to come through. I had already done this list with women and I remember being asked if I would ever do it with men, so here it is. Keep in mind this is all just my personal opinion as a straight guy and it wasn't easy to figure out AT ALL! Please comment but be polite. Also, always comment because I worked HARD on this and during a time I had just had laser eye surgery and probably shouldn't have been on the computer. However, I won't be having descriptions about any of these men, not even my top 10, because I find it too hard to describe a man's looks. Anyway, please comment and I hope you enjoy!

[b]100.Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum
99.Joe Jonas
98.James Dean
97.Tab Hunter
96.Michael B. Jordan
Opinion by Canada24 posted 4 months ago
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Page 1
This is Lisa,(.) she is my friend. My mom and dad don't see her, so they say she is my imaginary friend. Lisa is a nice friend(.)
Page 2
Today I tried to plant a flower in the yard. I tried to plant it by the Sandbox, but Lisa said that is where her daddy is sleeping, so I planted it in a cup of dirt.
Page 3
Lisa is at school with me today. I brot (Brought) her for show and tell, but Mrs. Monroe got mad, because she can't see her. Lisa got sad, so she hid the Chalkboard eraser.
Page 4
Yesterday was my birthday party. Mommy bought pizza, but no one came. Lisa said people came to the porch and left. But they left presents. I got 3 barbies, a pair of shoes, and Five dollars. Me and Lisa played (with the) barbies.
Page 5
Mrs. Monroe is Absent today, (and) our substitute is named Mrs. Digman(.) She is pretty, and nice, and she is letting us have snack time after diary time(.) I wish Mrs. Digman can stay our teacher.
Opinion by KotokoAihara posted 4 months ago
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Liz Wessel and J.J. Fliegelman, Co-Founders of WayUp
Hi! I work for a company called WayUp; an online site where college students can apply for jobs and internships. Before I started working for WayUp, I had created an account on WayUp to apply for jobs (one of which was a job for WayUp). What I really like about WayUp is the layout of the website as well as the variety of jobs available. What I especially like about many of the jobs is that you can work on online or on your college campus. When I say working on campus, I don't mean that you are employed by your college. What I mean is that you will be a representative of a company on your campus like my job for instance. I am a Campus Rep for WayUp. My basic job is to increase awareness about WayUp on my college campus and to get students to sign up. I would also like to make it clear that my job isn't just to get college students from my particular college to sign up. It can be from any college.

WayUp is a great resource. I really enjoy working for them and the service they provide. Honestly if you are looking for job experience, WayUp is a real easy way to get that experience without having too much stress.
List by deathding posted 4 months ago
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Let's do this.
-When I go off to a restaurant/store and the lines are longer than the Amazon River

-When I'm hungry/thirsty but am too lazy to do anything about it

-Doing the same chores every day of the week

-Waking up when I'm REALLY tired

-40% of the current generation for being senseless jerks with little to no knowledge of courtesy or grammar

-When someone spoils a movie I wanted to see

-When I bite my tongue/lip

-Random black-outs that interrupt EVERYTHING

-When I go somewhere just to find out that it's been closed for an hour

-Being forced to go somewhere when I REALLY don't want to

-School Days, both the anime AND in general


-When I miss something for ONE DAY and I get insanely behind on everything because of it

-Being rushed

-When my shower's out of hot water and it hasn't even been five minutes
Opinion by THaSlimJim posted 4 months ago
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An article by president zakh thaslimjim

Ok so 2day I will teach u how not 2 do the internet argument thing
so pay attention this is all very complicated
Very difficult
But u will get it with practice


Step 1: Don't

like its not even that hard man
Just don't argue there's no trick to it
Just calm ur self
And move on man
take a breath
Nd just forget about it???
It aint a big deal
Different opinions arent a personal attack
Its ok man
Just breathe
don't get mad bro
Its all cool
Ppl have opinions amirite
Not gonna kill u


now u r prepared 4 the internet
Have fun bro
If you aint havin fun then y even bother bein here ya feel
Now get out there and dont argue
List by Eleni4ever posted 5 months ago
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This list is to be of help when you are arguing with someone and you want to end it (or win it depending on how you do it)
1. End it with because - all they can say after that is, "That's not a good excuse."
2. Change the subject - people will forget about the argument
3. Bring someone else into the argument that loves debates, get them started on defending your side, and stop talking - let them do the dirty work
4. Pretend you can't hear the other person - it makes them mad
5. Act like you stopped caring about it - this will confuse anyone and they will stop talking just to figure out what happened
6. Stare at the other person for a long time with a menacing look on your face - it freaks them out
7. Focus on something else - if you do something like start to pet your dog, the other person will generally stop
8. Walk away - by walk away, I mean literally leave the room
Review by deathding posted 5 months ago
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Let's do this.
So my marvelous friend by the name of Kicksomebut23 just made an article on this club about why arguments on the internet often lead to pointless and annoying scenarios, and I'm here to review it because she wanted me to.

Also, I'm sorry if I talk kind of weird because it's pretty difficult to commentate when someone's holding a knife to your throat.

Kicksomebut23: KEEP GOING...... >:)

Jared: YES MASTER! D':

So uh, here you go?

"Yes, often on the internet, we have our ups and downs."

And our lefts, and our rights, and our diagonal up-lefts. XD

(I apologize for that.)

"Some people don't care for arguing, some people like to argue, and some people try to avoid arguments."

Trust me, I get MORE than enough complaining from my family. For me, the internet seems to be a BREAK from all that, at least for the most part.

" I do not like arguing because, I feel like it's not worth my time and unnecessary."
List by kicksomebut23 posted 5 months ago
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7 fans

Yes, often on the internet, we have our ups and downs. Some people don't care for arguing, some people like to argue, and some people try to avoid arguments. I do not like arguing because, I feel like it's not worth my time and unnecessary. In this discussion, I will interpret reasons why arguing on the internet is not good. I'm not trying to force anyone to stop arguing on the internet. This your decision,rather if you do right or wrong.

1.Forcing or Arguing About Opinions

What is the point of arguing or forcing an opinion continuously? Opinions are just feelings that do not provide evidence or facts. Convincing,your opinion is right,will get no where because, the person won't feel the same about it.

2. Arguing too long

So you would rather argue all hour or day without doing something else good? Would you rather stress sharing a fact or opinion to someone else who may not listen? That's what will happen if you keep stressing on arguing about a fact,opinion,etc, too long. Arguing consumes stress and anger. Who wants to deal with that? What's so good about...
Guide by vivitar posted 5 months ago
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1. Write a new article on this website
2.Draw a snow wolf
3.Go to the library
4. Call a friend and go on a walk with them
5. Have a dance party
6. Listen to music and "scream sing"
7. Clean your house (That might get boring though)
8. Paint Your room
9. Go to the park
10. Call a friend or two and do the yoga challenge
11. Decorate the house
12. Watch YouTube
13. Watch FRIENDS The TV Series
14. Go on google and search weird things
15. Learn to juggle
16. Go to an elevator and annoy random people (this could get you kicked out but its super fun)
17. Go shopping
18. Go skating
19. Play a board game
20. Sleep!
21. Bake food
22. Exercise
23. Read
24. Hike
25. Garden
26. Sugar Cookies
27. life size candy land
28. Paint snow

Article by MusicMorris145 posted 5 months ago
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Best Male Music Star

Austin Mahone - Winner
Ed Sheeran
Pharrell Williams
Luke Bryan
Sam Smith
Shawn Mendes
Wiz Khalifa

Best Group Music Star

5 Seconds of Summer - Winner
Fall Out Boy
Fifth Harmony
Foo Fighters
Imagine Dragons
One Direction
Florida Georgia Line
Artic Monkeys
Super Junior

Best Female Music Star

Ariana Grande - Winner
Demi Lovato
Christina Aguilera
Katy Perry
Jessie J
Iggy Azalea
Nicki Minaj
Selena Gomez
Taylor Swift

Best Song
Bad Blood - Taylor Swift Featuring Kendrick Lamar
Confident - Demi Lovato
Dirty Work - Austin Mahone - Winner
Downtown - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
How Bout Now - Drake
Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd
Article by Quincy8832 posted 5 months ago
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I made a new friend yesterday at my high school.His name is Anthony and we have some things in common which is great!
I'm so glad we met each other.Tomorrow I'll hang out with him again and maybe go to his place.He actually lives right across the street from me.So that means we get to walk to school together!!

Friendship is a great thing in life,and I'm glad I have a new friend to be with and chat with.My mom and dad always knew I could do it and I also thought that I would meet someone.

You could also make a friend and maybe you have something in common with that person.And who knows maybe your new friend lives right by you,if not at least you still see them or talk to them. :)
Article by alice1919119 posted 6 months ago
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This 15 year old girl used to maintain a common diary with her 13 year old best friend in which they wrote how they felt about each other and their friendship. When she discovered that her friend who had been a patient of clinical depression had tried to kill herself, she wrote this in the diary and it brought her best friend to tears...
The names have been changed as per author's request...

November 13

Dear Amira,

K so... without going on about any trivial stuff this time, you should know that I've more than you'd expect to say about stuff I usually don't go on about on phone or in person...

When I heard about your suicide attempt from Jaya and the others, it took some time (visibly an understatement) to process. To be extremely honest, I was hurt... When I finally got everything in my head, I felt extremely hurt...

You most probably didn't tell me because you thought I'd cry, be pissed, be worried to death, or you won't be able to face me anymore, but let me tell you, not telling me was only worse...
Guide by RipDudeHugh posted 6 months ago
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Not all boys are visceral, but all are elegant and considerative in some way
1. If the Boy's Father is successful or fulfilled, remarkably in his career, then the Boy will use his as an example of inspiration and motivation, to relentless mentioning and even bragging some times.

2.You are mostly reinstating the needs our Mother provides: condolence, comfort, serenity, with some other more erotic ones we didn't get (hehe)

3.There is a Spectrum of Boys, ranging from the tough ones who went to prison, to the modest along the mid range who have decent employments of some sort, to the smart who study Engineering or Science. What coheres us all is our sense of respect for women.

4.If a boy shows a vivid interest or boast of sex, than they perceive it as a Utility rather than incarnation of acceptance if they are still a virgin, remarkably if they are a feisty boy.

5.Yes it is true that we dream plenty about bra and panties. This is incumbent at every boy and there is not much we can do about it.

Opinion by aslamali posted 6 months ago
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Don't mess with this monkey.

Footage from a security camera is said to show a young man in Shimla, India, giving the finger to one of the area's famously belligerent monkeys. And as you might expect, the monkey is having none of it.

It drop kicks the man right in the head, knocking him to the ground.

The man, however, appears to be OK after the attack as he gets up and walks off.

Shimla's monkeys are known to cause problems for both tourists and locals visiting the Jakhoo temple, which is dedicated to the monkey god Hanuman.

"The monkeys of Shimla are not pleasant animals, they roam around in gangs looking for the opportunity to rob tourists of their food or any other item which catches their eyes," the Shimla India .Guide website says. The website advises tourists to rent a stick to use to threaten the monkeys.

"Without the deterrent of the stick expect to have pockets and bags rummaged through no less intensely than by a human criminal," the website says.
Article by Dude_Kansas posted 6 months ago
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The users have very much a lot in common-
They love the same anime
They act the same
They all go offline at the same time

The users are:
Lilydude92 (both lexi and lily have 'dude' and the same number.)

List by deathding posted 6 months ago
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9 fans
Tired of taking the tedious way out of everything? Is life just NOT giving you the luck you want? Do you want to know cool and fast ways out of common annoying scenarios? Then this list the list for you my friend! =D

I hope you enjoy my list of Life Hacks! And who knows, maybe a few of these will really help you out. :)

#1. Here's a simple but effective life hack. Are you ever feeling down, depressed, or sad? Stick a pencil horizontally in the middle of your lips and hold it there, then you'll be smiling. This may seem REALLY stupid at first, but doing this will actually trick your brain into thinking you're happy, therefore putting you in a good mood. Try it!

#2. Having trouble taking off a shirt? If so, then this one was practically MADE for you. Just grab the left/right side of your shirt around where your elbow is and pull it towards your hands, then slip it right off with ridiculous ease. Try it!

#3. Some of you guys may already know this one! If you're ever feeling nervous or tense, chew on some gum! This will help relax your nerves, therefore making you calmer. How you might ask? Well, since your body knows you'd...
Opinion by WhiteMaggie posted 6 months ago
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Here's the list:
Fast like a fox - Fingerboard
Cat simulator - Karlo Benčić
Dr. driving - SUD Inc.
Flappy doge - Flappy.me
Trial xtreme 3 - Deemedya
Sonic dash - SEGA
Flappy Grumpy Cat - Danbot
Nom cat - Lucky Cat Studios
City Cat - Nevosoft Inc
McQueen Highway - HS Projects entertainment
My Moy (Virtual Pet Game) - Frojo Apps
Moy Mini Games - Frojo Apps
Moy's World - Frojo Apps
My Chu - apofiss
Penguins Puzzle Island - Pocket Scientists
Retro Car - fiCode
101-in-1 Games - Nordcurrent
101-in-1 Games HD - Nordcurrent
101-in-1 Games Anthology - Nordcurrent
Review by deathding posted 6 months ago
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(I made this around two years ago and never finished it so..... HERE YOU GO. XD)

(By the way, this was originally going to be a video so expect to see some *Insert Here* moments. :P Not that it matters, I doubt anyone will even read all this anyways but WHATEVER. ENJOY.)

Ah, Atari. A classic game company that made so many classic titles. Among those were some of my personal favorites, Centipede and Millipede. First off, Centipede, released in 1981, was a vertically oriented shoot em up classic designed by Ed Logg, who also made Super Breakout and co-developed the game Asteroids with Lyle Rains.

He also made Millipede, and co-designed the Gauntlet series. Also among the developers of this game was Dona Bailey, who helped out make both this game and Millipede. The game was released for the Atari 2600, 5200, and 7800 all in the 80’s. In the game you control an Unidentified Flying Object (See what I did there? :D) Shooting up presumably evil centipedes, fleas, scorpions, spiders, and for some strange reason, mushrooms. Maybe the playing field is a garden? I honestly have no idea. But hey, that’s what I love about Atari, the graphics are...
Review by PeacefulCritic posted 7 months ago
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Major Spoilers Alert
Happy Halloweenish everyone!Today I’m going to review a very nostalgia Halloween classic for me. That’s very unique to say the least, Caroline or Coraline whichever one you prefer to call it. So let’s get to it, starting with the story.

The story stars a certain blue haired girl named Coraline who isn't amused of her new life in Oregon.Then suddenly she comes across a mysterious, small door that opens to a whole new world. This other world is very much to fit what Coraline wishes her life to be like, but she is unaware of the dark secrets within the new world.There’s also a lot of other plot lines and arcs,Coraline’s main character arc,a lost twin thingy,the ghost children,the other world, something about a garden, witches, the door and just 100 more other plot lines that the movie decided to have.And I’m sorry, Caroline just couldn’t jiggle all of the little plots and arcs without at least dropping some or leaving some things unexplained.For example we were told in the beginning of the film that Caroline was a water witch, which spoiler alert didn’t go anywhere.We weren’t even told what a water...
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This is my updated list of my top 20 favorite fictional characters. Unfortunately, some characters had to be kicked out to make room for some new favorites of mine. I also added honorable mentions for some characters I wish could've made the top 20 but, unfortunately, missed the cut. Please keep in mind that this is just my personal opinion, so please be polite. Please fan and comment because I love to see what people think and to know that they like my articles.

Honorable Mentions:
30.Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)
29.Pocahontas (Pocahontas)
28.Goofy (The Mickey Mouse and Friends Franchise)
27.Cruella De Vil and Patch (The 101 Dalmatians Franchise)
26.Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
25.Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove)
24.Jane (Return To Neverland)
23.Dorothy Gale (The Wizard of Oz)
22.Anastasia/Anya (Anastasia)
21.Mulan (Mulan)

20.Littlefoot (The Land Before Time Franchise)
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sweetest poison run into my mouth
bittersweet in taste
what you think I would do
i still just in love with you
your kisses are like fire
you take me to the stars and higher.
dark is the night,
but if we colouring dreams, it will be shine light.
a breeze of wind is in the air
it´s flying a leaf into your hair.
my heart is flying like a butterfly.
Let`s be together you and I.

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real quotes by me..

"Those who take life to seriously and can't laugh at themselves, are always gonna miss out, one way or anouther"

"Chainsaws, salve everything"

"Ted Bundy, bitch!"

"I'm no more than what you expect from Irish French Canadians"

"Life is crazy. Nothing more to say"

"Ever feel so damn miserable you just want to take everything you own, and watch it all burn away.. Me neither"

"ADHD, ADD, Autism, dosen't affect my life orhow people treat me, but I HATE when it dose"

"I'm one of the most morbid humored 'bronies' I know"

"Don't read this stupid story unless you like stupid comedies by an stupid Canadian writer who has no stupid life outside this stupid fan fiction site"

"Having re read Cupcakes currently.. I still found it oddly inspiring. Not for the morbid gore. But by the narrations"
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This was definitely the most difficult list I've made so far. I even made a few changes when I was deciding the ranking. You can obviously tell that this wasn't easy and took A LOT of dedication in order for me to figure it out. First of all, I will only be talking about the top 10 and just listing the other women and showing pictures. I figured that it not only makes it easier for me to make but also makes it easier for you guys to read and not be overwhelmed. I hope you enjoy it and keep in mind this is just my personal opinion. Please don't forget to comment and I can't wait to hear what you all have to say.

[b]100.Maharani Gayatri Devi
99.Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
98.Kate Middleton
97.Leslie Caron
96.Ingrid Bergman
95.Ella Raines
94.Tippi Hedren
93.Kate Winslet
92.Joan Bennett

91.Lucy Hale
90.Kate Upton
89.Keke Palmer
88.Tyra Banks
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#10: LUCY:
I haven't actually seen this movie, but somebody told me how stupid the ending is.
Lucy reaches 100% of her cerebral capacity and disappears within the spacetime continuum, where she explains that everything is connected and existence is only proven through time. Only her clothes and the black supercomputer are left behind.
And she herself suddenly disappears into thin air.
leaving only a text, saying, "I AM EVERYWHERE!".
It's bad enough Hellsing Ultmate pulled that line..

I love this show, but it become less and less popular after Charlie left. And the producers just gave up on trying, giving us THIS..
Alan tries to prove Charlie is dead in order to collect $2.5 million in back-royalties, but has no proof other than Rose's word. Evidence begin to mount that Charlie is still alive. The money is claimed, threatening notes are received and Jenny, Jake, Chelsea and friends of Charlie receive mysterious checks for large amounts along with written apologies. Alan receives a FedEx package addressed to Charlie containing whiskey, cigars, and a knife with which Charlie used to chase...
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So. I saw this movie once.

I can agree much of the acting is hard to take seriously.
But it's a lot better then people give it credit for..

The one thing that reached my attention when reading the reviews of this movie.
Is that someone stated that using a "blonde" girl wasn't a good choice..

But here's why that upsets me so much.

A girl I knew, Dean. Was one of the most popular girls in my school (yes, she was blonde). Was struck by cyber bullying.
And you know what happened?
She killed herself!


My best friend, KILLED HERSELF!


Now you know why I was effected so strongly by this movie..

And fuck cyber bullies!
Fuck them all!!
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Starting off as your average immature dare devil. But then Vaas kidnapped him and his brother Grant.. And during their escape Vaas coldly murders poor Grant and Jason is unable to save the poor guy. This being being one of them main reasons Jason tracks down and kills Vaas, though not too many sympathize the death of Vaas, despite how badass he is.
Not only that but Jason becomes a unstoppable force do to the harsh ways of the island destroying both his innocence, and even his sanity.
But Jason uses this, not for bad, but for the sole purpose of rescuing his friends and family from the terrible people of the terrible island..

Keller Dover is the main protagonist of the 2013 thriller film ''Prisoners''. Despite being the main protagonist of the story, he has committed several villainous acts throughout the film, the most obvious example was torturing Alex Jones, a mentally challenged man, but this isn't because he a bad person, but because, in his eyes, this was necessary to find his abducted daughter Anna. As he believes Alex knows where she is..
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I wanted to include some of my favorite disturbing events in history. This is only a brief overview of the events, I encourage you to go research them yourselves. I intentionally included a lot of the lesser known events in history.

1, Rape of Nanking
During the Sino-Japanese wars, Japan figured they could break the Chinese spirit by murdering and raping women and girls of all ages in the Chinese town of Nanking.

2, Armenian Genocide.
After suffering a terrible defeat by the Russian Navy during the first world war, the Ottoman government blamed the failures of the campaign on the Armenians. Despite outcries from even the Ottoman empire's own allies, the Ottoman government starved, gassed, murdered, and tortured thousands of Armenian citizens in the Ottoman empire.

3, Black and Tans
Okay, this one is more of an organization than an event. The Irish waged a war of independence in 1919. Winston Churchill decided it would be his responsibility to deal with the rebellion. He hired former World War One veterans to hunt down and kill any Irishman or Irishwoman who might be involved in the rebellion. The Black...
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No comment..

The idea of it disturbs me..

What was wrong with people back then!?

The Holocaust, also known as the Shoah, was a genocide in which approximately six million Jews were killed by Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime and its collaborators. Some historians use a definition of the Holocaust that includes the additional five million non-Jewish victims of Nazi mass murders, bringing the total to approximately eleven million. Killings took place throughout Nazi Germany and German-occupied territories..

Theodore Robert Bundy was an American serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, and necrophile who assaulted and murdered numerous young women and girls during the 1970s and possibly earlier. Shortly before his execution, after more than a decade of denials, he confessed to 30 homicides committed in seven states between 1974 and 1978. The true victim count remains unknown, and could be much higher..
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This is at the bottom of my list, because its not nearly as bad as people say it is.
By this point, I am use to hearing stories about rape.
I review bad Alpha and Omega stories.
And the stories involved have everything from incest to turning cute characters into out of control sluts. MLP fairs no better sadly.
And I usually know what I'm getting myself into.
Truth is, Trixie is kinda attractive for pony, and the pervert side of me would probably 'let' her do such things to me.
But, we can't ALL be freaks like me, so. I guess I would recommend NOT reading this story, ever!

It's sad that I have to put South Park on this list. But as Cartmen says "a talking poo is where I draw the line".

I've changed a lot from my childhood, I use to be scared of anything and everything. But as my body matured, so has my scare meter. I am rarely scared of anything, espically creepypastas. But this one marks one of the few to actually get to me..
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#1: The new MLP:
I never even heard of the new MLP at the time.
And when I was convinced into seeing it, by all those pictures on Facebook.
I can't say I enjoyed it.. In fact.. It was terrible.
But when I heard of all those so called "bronys" I figured to at give it an honest chance before truly judging it.
And the fact it had John De Lancie, only gave me MORE reasons to keep giving it an honest chance..

I know what you think.
But no.
Discovering this guy had NOTHING to do with my friendship with Windwakerguy430.
It had to do with looking up Freddy Krueger's villain's page cause it had an link to a video. Witch. As you probably guessed.
Was the first video I've ever seen by AVGN.
I liked his humour so I got addicted to him.
But I still admit. I more or less forgot about him till meeting Windwakerguy430..

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Image by: crystalfalls on deviantart
I keep ranting and raving about how great Symphonic Metal and Folk Metal are so I may as well make an article on them. I mean everyone likes new music right? Or maybe you already like Symphonic Metal and Folk Metal and just want to read more about it. Either which way, I present to you an article about Symphonic and Folk Metal.

What is Symphonic Metal?

Well, naturally it is one of the many raindrops under the metal umbrella. It combines elements of classical music with orchestral music, Gothic music, opera, and of course metal music. Sometimes it can actually include the folk/Celtic elements. Lyrically, Symphonic Metal is usually enchanting with themes of nature and sometimes fantasy. It's really poetic. Guitars, keyboards, drums, keyboards, violins...Symphonic Metal has it all. Typically the vocals are clean and powerful, and of course very pleasing to the ear. Speaking of vocals; it is actually a strikingly common trend for the band to consist of all males on the instruments and a wonderful lead female vocalist. A vocalist who may or may not be accompanied by a second vocalist who does the 'death-metal'esque growls. The genre popularized in...
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Courage the Cowardly Dog was a show on Cartoon Network when it actually had mostly good shows (It aired from 1999-2002). It was cancelled after 4 seasons but it's shown on Cartoon Network sporadically.

One episode in particular that scared a lot of us was King Ramses'' Curse. But does anyone really know King Ramses' backstory? Not really. That's where I come in. About 3 weeks ago, a friend of mine named Ted sent me a link to a website. It was the Cartoon Network website but there was something off about it.

It was darker than I had last remembered it, and by that I mean dark colors. It had been a while since I'd been on the site, so I figured they remodeled or something. There was a Courage the Cowardly Dog section of the website. I went to it, as it was my favorite show on Cartoon Network even though it scared the ever-living shit out of me sometimes. One part of the section was "learn the real story of King Ramses". I thought it was some history section of the actual King Ramses. Being a history buff, I clicked on it expecting to learn about King Ramesses, or Ramses as he's called sometimes. I was wrong.
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Walt Disney here chap
Better prepare yourself
I make record selling movies
Not comics on the shelf
I'm a childhood film icon
You're just a wrinkly old geek
You look like Hugh Hefner had sex
With one of your X-men freaks
I'm the musical master
My lyrics flow faster
My lines will fly past ya
Quicker than Iron Man's blasters
And there's no point contemplating
The nerdy worlds you're creating
Your target market's 30 still living at home procrastinating
I could walk through Comic-con
And find 20 replacements
You don't stand a chance here Stan
Go back to your mom's basement!

You make films for kids Walt?
Well congratulations
I write plots for an audience
That have an education.
It takes me under ten minutes to guess the outcome of your kids shows
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For all Wreck-it Ralph fans out there, here is a club I made here to create and play as your own character from any of the games in the Movie! So far we have the Games of Fix-it Felix Jr., Sugar Rush, and Heroes Duty! I would have just made a link but it would not add it here, so here it is!

To those who stumble on this article, Welcome! This will be the Role Play for those who love the Movie Wreck-It Ralph. This page itself is for you to game jump. You can share things with different characters, go try your luck in another game, and mainly to make friends. There will be a couple rules, but the main one is have fun, play nice, and Enjoy the Arcade! 

Main Site:
Join for a digitally fun time!

The Code Mainframe- where you create characters:
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1. The last thing i saw was my alarm clock flashing 12:07 before she pushed her long rotting nails through my chest her other hand muffling my screams, i sat bolt up right glad it was just a dream but as i saw my alarm clock read 12:06 i heard the closet door creak open.

2. Growing up with pets i was used to scratching on my bedroom door, now that i live alone its much more unsettling.

3. In all the times i lived in this house, i swear to god i closed more doors then i open.

4. I thought my cat had a staring problem she always was looking at my face, until one day when i realized that she was always looking just behind me.

5. Theres nothing like the laughter of a baby, unless it's 1 am and you're home alone.

6. She went to check on her sleeping toddler, the window was open and the bed was empty
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Once upon a Time...The Night was calm, and Nice.....Many of the customers in my restaurant "Popeye's Fast Food Restaurant" was hungry and ready to order chicken. Most ordered Chicken breast with biscuits , chicken wings, and French Fries as a meal. But a guy showed up in the restaurant very tall than most of us.....I remembered since the first week....and the first day was Sunday before school beginned for me. He appeared with a yellow,jacket and boots. Almost most people looked at him because he was very tall. He had pretty,Blue eyes, and long brunette hair. I was a little surprised to see a tall guy come over but not that much. He walked towards me and I said to him "Hello , how are you? What would you like to order?" He looked at the menu for a second and respond " Let Me have number 2 and a large coke drink" I told him the cost and he waited for his order by standing in the corner....I wasn't sure but the guy seem like he looked at me....I thought he was staring at someone else....surprisingly he went to my high school too...but he is a senior....he is great at playing football and seems lonely sometimes. Everyday we suspectly hear that a murder kills a teenager at our...
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Don't let others stop you from your dreams. Don't ever give up reaching your dreams . Don't never EVER give up! JUST...DO IT!
Don't be afraid to climb higher than others In the mountain. Don't be afraid to be yourself. JUST...DO IT! Be yourself and stand up for what you believe. Express yourself. Don't become a faker. Don't follow others and try to be like them because if you do....you will be giving less respect and lose confidence. If You Like Anime, Books , A Certain Artist, or whatever....love it because its you and your opinion. Don't make others change you and stop you from doing something ....JUST DO IT! If you want to wear your hair anyway you feel rather others like it or not or your outfit... JUST DO IT! If haters gonna hate because you have so much swag than them or skills, let them hate. Haters are great to have because they want to be in your position but they know themselves they are not doing better as you are. JUST DO It! Sing? Dance? Draw? Voice Act? Act? Play? DO IT! Who cares if negative comments from people are said?...Let haters hate and don't let that bother you....because it will be hell in the world... But you...
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Item #: SCP-509

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-509-A and SCP-509-B are both to be contained on-site, due to their immobility. Each is to be cordoned off, and any members of the public turned away. Outside of research and maintenance purposes, no humans or pigs, living or dead, are to be allowed into either structure. Personnel may safely enter and leave SCP-509-A and SCP-509-B within four minutes of activation and while inactive.

After testing, any living humans recovered from SCP-509-B are to be trained as Level 0 personnel and assigned to minimal security positions. Personnel are cautioned that smoke inhalation from SCP-509-A poses a health hazard, and are advised to wear particulate respirators during and immediately after testing.

Description: SCP-509 is the collective term for two structures with similar and possibly linked anomalies. SCP-509-A is a wooden sauna located in Gaston, Oregon. When activated remotely, it functions as normal for an electric stove sauna, producing steam by dripping water onto a heated surface. Local records show that SCP-509-A was built in 1987, and exhibited no...
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Princess Luna has a problems that a lot of us have. Family problems for the most part. She's always in the shadow of her sister. She's not appreciated for what she does. She's an lone wolf, alone for the most part. Lot of ponies judge her from her past and not what she is now. Unable to except her new self..

I never noticed at the time.
But she reminded me a bit of myself.
Never really having the time for friends.
Till I met them..

Zuko feels like an real person who goes through a lot in the world. His father abandoning him from his home and having a nasty scar that reminds him of his father, trying to find himself while everything's going on..

Ian's dad.
While often used for comic relief, Ken can be a sympathetic character, especially when he seems aware of how uncool he is..

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Item #: SCP-465
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-465 is secured in containment locker 8423 at Site-19. Under no circumstances is SCP-465 to be opened by any personnel ranking above class D, and then only in a space at least 15 square meters in area. No other special attention or care is required.

Description: SCP-465-01 is a large two-piece cardboard box decorated with a faded confetti pattern popular in the 1970s. Other than a large printed label on the top of the lid marked "Party in a Box", no indication of contents or manufacturer are found on any portion of the object. When any human subject completely removes the lid of SCP-465-01, an array of decorations, furniture, and a group of at least 20 people (collectively SCP-465-02) appear spontaneously in the room or immediate vicinity in which the box was opened. These individuals proceed to celebrate raucously and actively attempt to include the subject in their festivities (primarily dancing and consumption of alcohol). Though most members of SCP-465-02 are persistent in these attempts, and several of them extremely persuasive, the subject does not appear to be compelled...
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1.Add the total of medals, props, fans, and caps that you have.

2. Divide the total of medals, caps, props, and fans by 4 because is your set you collect.

3. Divide your number once again by your age.

4. When you finish receiving the total number, give props to fans by the total number you made for each.

If you have so much fans, props, caps, and medals, divide the number by how many years you stayed on fanpop to minimize your total... Continue on again by how much friends you have in here or the total clubs you joined.

Don't be too lazy to do it, this was made for fun... And this math is not too bad...just use a calculator to solve the problem. Simple.

Thanks For Reading ^ ^
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Now, this is story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, when i watched all of his videos and realised taking crticsism he can't . let me tell you about my mr enter rant.

First of all, he is copying off of another reviewer. in 2011 a man named his series " Animated Atrocites." in 2013 Mr Enter said " HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I HAVE CAME UP WITH THE HIGHLY ORIGINAL NAME! ANIMATED ATROCITES!" Then i go on the man's videos and people are saying " WOW. way to copy mr enter!" just shows you how stupid his dumbass fans are.

Secondly. He is so unable to be criticed. He litterally admitted on his Tumblr that he doesn't watch videos that criticed HIM but wants people like Casey Alexander and Jonah HIll to watch his videos. He also said on his trolls video that he hates people who step up to him and blocks them on Deviantart. Yeah, that TOTALLY Makes sense!

Third, He uses autism as a excuse to be a dick -_- Now, that strikes me harder then anything ever , Because i have autism. Just because you happen to have a diffrence DOES NOT give you the right to be a stubborn ass . I Say...
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you will need an object(you can carry),a yellow or white candle and pure honey(essencial).
note:this spell can be casted any time,any day.
okay,step one;light the candle and hold it in your left hand.
step2;put a little honey in your mouth(don't swallow)get a pitch of honey on the object,hold the object in your right hand,close your eyes and chant"i call upon the the dark god of magick to protect me from all negative energies and forces that may come my way,may this be my magic wand to make my wish come true so mote it be.
open your eyes,put the wand in the candle fire, let it burn for a minute then after that use the honey to quench fire,BING BANG BOOM! it's done!have fun.
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I still find this show quite humorious.
Though people don't seem to realize how many villain roles he actually has..

Is comedy blind to Gary's danger, and is always blaming Gary for, even though it's "puffy fuffy" who's the threat.
Even when Gary is about to be eaten.
Spongebob, instead of helping him, starts to scold him for his destruction and how he's still treating Puffy Fluffy, even when the eel is clearly about to eat him. SpongeBob continues to lecture Gary..

SpongeBob must wait patiently for the toy.
But he becomes very rude.
Not feeding Gary.
Flipping Sandy rudely.
And yelling at Patrick when he thought Patrick broke his toy, instead of forgiving Patrick for doing so unintentionally..

Spongebob needed to be more assertive.
He got an abrasive side.
But it become downright rude.
Insulting anyone and everyone it can..
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1) Go into a phone store, look at the sales person, hold out a banana and tell them you want to upgrade to an apple.

2) On New Years Eve at 11: 55 order a pizza then at 12:01, New
Year's day, call and complain I ordered this last year!

3) Go into a public restroom then after a few seconds, yell "LET IT GO! LET IT GO! CAN'T HOLD IT BACK ANYMORE!" then drop something heavy into the toilet.

4) Order a pizza 3 minutes before new year and when it comes say "I ordered this a darn year ago" and scream in frustration.

5) Go into a supermarket, and in the produce section, find a pineapple. Grab it and shake it violently, screaming, COME OUT SPONGEBOB, I KNOW YOUR HOME!!

6) Super glue a coin to the ground and watch people try to pick it up.

7) When someone knocks at the door, knock back and see how long it goes on for.

8) Get into a crowded elevator and say," I bet your all wondering why i gathered you here today."
Opinion by GDragon612 posted 9 months ago
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Go to the mall and hand out lost unicorn flyers and look really sad.

Get a marshmallow gun fill it with skittles and shoot people while screaming TASTE THE RAINBOW!!!!

Have you and your friend dress up as Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley and walk around a mall!

Go to a mall and walk around giving random people High fives.

Go to the mall and fall in front of someone.

Go to the top of a mall escalator when someone reaches the top throw skittles at them and yell CONGRATS YOU FOUND THE RAINBOW! And run

Fill a bowl with marshmalloes. put them in the microwave and watch them puff up!

Go to the mall and look behind you and yell at them "WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME!?!".

Go to a mall and go to a random store, find a closet and scream I FOUND NARNIA!

Go into a mall, and hide in a bathroom stall. Come out and ask a guy "What year is it?" After they answer, run away screaming "OMG YES IT WORKED!!"
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First Of All I like to Give examples of what i'm talking about
EX: Shall I like Miley cyrus for climb then i should like her personality ,taking all the package .
She Got nude forward in future Shall I still support her to death
or Why?

other point people
there are different genres of music ,but teenager or fans go for pop most of all.
Like MJ fans
When i checked his song i didn't get amazed ,it's like reading newspaper it's not arranged like regular songs
Most of his songs he screams out loud ,not a song ,it's more like shouting in streets.
&his fans are crazy ,love every single stuff about him

I Didn't Mean to Insult anybody Just Thinking

Why I can't get respectable show or artist

why there is nudity ?

or fame depends on that
wear unsuitable clothes or grabbing crotch .
by telling me it was a show & they were acting only
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Hey Guys this is Rkofan22 aka Michael Lui

I'm hear to tell u the truth about utubers like jerry travone Ryan higa and takeshotaction

I hear that They are all ducebags they do stuff like cheat there subs by tricking them

And they also are racist saying stuff against asians likens saying fuck Asians they r the worst of the world who need to die which is bullshit

Asians are awesome

And they also love to be haters and they also hacked my Facebook

Fuck them all and takeshotaction cheats on his girlfriend

Jerry travone abuses Hiskids and ryanhiga is succussful
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Shadowfan here!

In case you all didn't know, today is my birthday. (Well, when i wrote this, it was still Aug 13th, now it's the 14th) 25 years ago today, I made my way into this fascinating, yet dark and mysterious world we call: Earth. Over the years, I have learned a lot about the world around me. I've learn that there is not only evil here, but also good--even when it seems so lost and buried. Now, although today was a pretty good birthday, I'd like to take a moment out of this day to talk about someone I know. Someone that left me too soon.

I don't talk about him much, but now I think it's time to. 25 years ago, my mother gave birth to twin boys--Me and Jeremy. He was born pretty healthy, while I was the one with a lot of health problems. We were born 3 months early, but somehow, Jeremy turned out OK for the most part. However, it seemed like one of us were just destined to leave rather quickly. 2 months after birth, my twin brother sadly passed away. Granted, he had problems, too, but not as bad as mine were. I basically got the crappy end of the stick....
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*I've learned that you can't make someone love you.
All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in.

*I've learned that no matter how much I care, some people are just jackasses.

*I've learned that it takes years to build up trust and it only takes suspicion, not proof, to destroy it.

*I've learned that whatever hits the fan won't be evenly distributed.

*I've learned that you shouldn't compare yourself to others.... They're more screwed up than you think.

*I've learned to not sweat the petty things.
And to not pet the sweaty things.

*I've learned that we're all responsible for what we do.
Unless we're celebrities.

*I've learned that 99% of the time when something isn't working in your house, one of your kids did it.

*I've learned that the people you care most about in life are taken from you too soon and all the less important ones just never go away.
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(Hello there! If you're new to this series, here's the basics. I take comments asking questions from the last episode and answer them in the next article, but with Robotnik! As a result you'll see some pretty funny stuff. XD Hope you enjoy our third episode of Ask Dr. Robotnik!)

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Opinion by Canada24 posted 9 months ago
fan of it?
Carrey has been in serious work before.
But to me, nothing compares to his perfamance in "the number 23".
The thriller were Carrey protrays a depressed, averaged married man.
Who, while reading book called "the number 23". Begins seeing the number everywhere he goes, and he slowly starts going a bit crazy.
But not your average "Jim Carrey crazy".
But much spookier.
I won't give away the ending, but let's just say he "discovered who he truly was"..

Another thriller.
Although Bateman wasn't above still throwing in several jokes.
For the most part he is a very serious.
In fact, I REALLY can't say anything more without giving out spoilers,
But lets just say, Bateman can be "unpredictable".

Playing a drug-addicted comedy writer may not be completely leaving the creature comforts of comedic sensibilities behind, but there's no mistaking this role for just about anything else in his career; and you're certainly not watching this for a few laughs.