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Article by kicksomebut23 posted 5 hours ago
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What is your favorite movie?

KP: Oh, that's easy. Terminator. It's less of a movie, more of training manual.

What's your favorite cartoon?

KP: I like all colors really, but gold takes the cake, I'm covered in it!

What's your favorite desert?

KP: I will read anything and everything. Except itunes license agreements. They are too long.

Are you in love?

KP: I don't have time for relationships, I got my mind on my Kik points on my mind.

Do you have friends?

KP: I have too many friends...mostly because I am awesome and everyone loves me.

Are you a girl or a boy?

KP: I am both male and female and other...at the same time. I am a robot and I wasn't programmed to have a gender...what about you?

What do you love to do?
Opinion by KataraLover posted 13 hours ago
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I've been meaning to make this article for a while and now I've finally gotten to it. I've done my favorite couples list before but it was always with animated couples but now I'm not just limiting my list to animated couples. I'm going to include all fictional couples. Please comment but keep in mind that this is all just my honest opinion.

10.Odette and Derek (The Swan Princess)

With Odette and Derek, yes they don't get a long at first and fight over the years but there are subtle hints to them secretly liking each other. I mean, Odette as a preteen is constantly following Derek and Bromley, like most girls at that age with when it comes to boys, unfortunately boys at that age think that girls have cooties. Along with that, Derek as a teenager is shown to have some interest in her, though he won't show it. When Bromley said that he thinks Derek kind of, sort of like her, Derek doesn't deny it, he simply says that he'd like her better if she'd lose them cards. He doesn't deny it, whenever a guy doesn't like someone and someone says they do, they'll instantly deny it, which he doesn't. Plus if you noticed, when Odette...
List by kicksomebut23 posted 1 day ago
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Young Men. - Young Women

1.TհօմցհԵs օƒ sҽx/sօʍҽ Ӏօѵҽ. - TհօuցհԵs օƒ Ӏօѵe/Śօʍҽ sex

2.Sports. - MօsԵ cɑɾҽӀҽss/Śօʍҽ ςɑɾҽ

3. Erection... - Pҽɾíօժs...

4.Lҽss emotionaӀ. - EʍօԵíօղɑӀ/Śօʍҽ ɑɾҽ ղօԵ

5.ʍօsԵ ƒɑѵօɾíԵҽ cօӀօɾ ís bӀuҽ. - MօsԵ ƒɑѵօɾíԵҽ ςօӀօɾ íŚ Թíղk

6.ʍօsԵӀy cհҽɑԵ. - CհҽɑԵs Ӏҽss Եհɑղ ցմվŚ

7.ɾuns ƒɑsԵҽɾ Եհɑn ցíɾӀs. - Ruղs sӀօաҽɾ Եհɑղ ցմվŚ

8.ŚԵɾօnցҽɾ Եհɑղ ցíɾӀs. - Wҽɑkҽɾ Եհɑղ ցմվŚ.

9.ʍօsԵ հɑnժsօʍҽ. - MօŚԵ Śҽ×վ.