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Opinion by popular567 posted 12 hours ago
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Ok. Here is my crazy hetalia middle east story

One morning. Qatar got up and woke up everyone for breakfast. "Wake up everyone! Its time for breakfast." Shouts Qatar when she tried to wake up her younger sister Bahrain. And everyone went to the table. "What is this again? I really don't like this kind of food" says Libya when she sits down at the edge of the table. "WHO HATES PANCAKES???" shouts Qatar across the table after breakfast everyone took A joyride in the truck. "Ok. Who is driving? And where are we going" says Syria when she cross her arms. "Ok. So Kuwait is driving. And Kuwait where will we be going today?" Says Qatar . "TO THE COOKIE STORE" shouts Kuwait very cheerful. "No Kuwait. We are going to be going at Grammy's house" says Qatar "but Qatar!! We can't go over there. She is at bingo!" Shouts Iran. "Grammy is not going to be happy about this." Says Yemen. Qatar slapped Yemen in the face. "GRAMMY IS WHERE WE ARE GOING AND THAT IS FOR YOU TOO KUWAIT. AND YOU LIBYA AND.." shouts Qatar very loud. Everyone went back inside. Qatar went to. Saudi was on the couch eating pasta. "Hey babe" says Saudi. "Shut up" says Qatar
Article by BlackPetals posted 2 days ago
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(Literally sat down and typed this out...)

She gave away the secret.
She told him he was my crush.
I wanted her to keep it.
Now when he meets my eyes I blush.

Cheeks are red.
Heart is hammering.
I wasn't mistaken, wasn't misled.
Somewhere, others are yammering.

But in this closet, it's only us two.
This small room is full of me and you.
It should last.
It shouldn't end.

But afterwards, he told his friends.
I was just another girl he got alone.
I was just another girl to flirt with on the phone.
Whenever he was bored, when he had nothing to do.
I wasn't the first.
The first was you.

I met you the next day,
You told me the truth.
It hurt at first,
As you well knew.

Now we are friends,
Brought together by disappointment.
I hope this parade of girls with broken hopes ends.
Article by Bvb_Sws_TH_BMTH posted 6 days ago
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Eve's drawing
A woman runs from a soldier from the army F.E.A.R. She clutches a necklace as she runs through the desert. She’s out of breath but keeps going, knowing that if she stops she’ll die. She looks back often as thoughts run through her troubled mind.
‘When will we kill them? Or will they win? Will the rebels or F.E.A.R. prevail?’
Her heartbeat quickened and it grew harder to breath every second. But she pushed on. The soldier of F.E.A.R. was closing in on her. She cried out as she saw F.E.A.R. just behind her.
As the soldier approached her she spun around and held the necklace in front of her, trying to repel it. The soldier swung his weapon, knocking the necklace from her hands. She fell to the ground and began franticly trying to get back up. However F.E.A.R. was hovering over her, chasing her backwards, jabbing the weapon towards her. Suddenly he reared back and stabbed her in the stomach.
Warm blood flowed from the open wound and onto the ground. The necklace lay beside her hand and drops of blood trickled onto the edges of the symbol. To the rebel the world was a blur. The cloudy sky above her head seemed to be fading, slowly fading...