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Opinion by BlondLionEzel posted 23 hours ago
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#5: Miss Puff

Oh dear lord...after her Demolition Doofus performance, she's turned into a monster. She tried to freaking murder Spongebob!

#4: The Bikini Bottomites

These people are from the town of evil. They ruined Spongebob's dream (The Sponge Who Could Fly), Patrick's dream (Sing a Song of Patrick), they treated Squidward like a monster (Giant Squidward), did horrible things to Squidward after Patrick read Spongebob's diary (Little Yellow Book), and many more crimes.

#3: Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob is officially the little yellow devil. He crippled Miss Puff (Demolition Doofus), got a Nudibranch which almost murdered Gary (A Pal for Gary), got Patrick to pet-sit Gary (Pet Sitter Pat), and helped Mr. Krabs enslave wild animals (The Jellyfish Hunter).

#2: Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs is the ultimate scrooge who never turns good! He enslaved wild animals (The Jellyfish Hunter), pays his employees with fake money (One Coarse Meal), tries to drive Plankton to suicide (One Coarse Meal), sold rare animals for $5 (Pets or Pests), and many others.
Article by CheetahGirl5147 posted 1 day ago
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Well yes have these...Yes ALL of them at the same time so what I'm talking about is to hear what goes on my head when I'm really crazy or hyper...So first go here BAAUER - HARLEM SHAKE - 10 Hour Loop you type that in Youtube then go to settings.It's the gear and click on it then you will see 3 options but click on the speed it says normal but change it to 1.5 then pause it then get a new tab and go to Youtube and type in Nyan Cat 10 hours (original) then do the same thing as the harlem shake except click number 2 instead of 1.5. Then you get a new tab again and go to Youtube and type Awesome Face Song 10 Hours and then do the same and put 1.25 then new tab and Youtube then you type in Super Mario Bros. Can Can [10 hours] and put it 0.5 make sure It's not 0.25 It will muck things up. So then play them all at the same time and...There you go! What It sounds like when I'm crazy or hyper! And down there is...A picture of an example of what it LOOKS like...X3
List by PeacefulCritic posted 2 days ago
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5.The dad's reject stereo-type
Even through the show never showed this stereo-type. I guess I'll explain what this stereo-type is a dad who doesn't love his son/daughter. He often rejects his son/daughter because they aren't what he desires them to be. Here's couple examples Buck from chicken little, Grim's dad from the grim adventure of Billy and Mandy, and Timmy's dad from the fairy odd. Me given you couple of examples and telling you what the stereo-type is should be enough.

4.Marry-sue stereo-type
I believe everyone knows this stereo-type by now.
But just in case I'll tell you what the stereo-type is a character that's perfect or as perfect as possible that gets everything and nothing can destroy or beat them. This stereo-type is un relatable in each and every way and makes you want to be them cause well they are perfect. This stereo-type is the most known and hated out of all of them. Like Barbie. Even through she's the most loved out of all the marry-sue she's one of the biggest one out there don't believe me tell me one of her flaws and any time she lost. This is also the only marry-sue in my opinion that is perfect and making a...