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Opinion by blackpanther666 posted 2 days ago
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Regardless of who is on here and who isn't anymore, most of the people on here have a nasty habit of feeding the trolls, then wondering why they write so much crap and rubbish directed at others.

Trolls love attention. Yeah, no s**t, Captain Obvious, they say. But, think about it - if no-one answers a troll's questions, or pays any attention to the, then they end up getting bored and go away (fair enough that you can disagree that it isn't always right, because some trolls, like Naoi, or HaruhiSuzumiya- never go away). Then, all is well, right?

But, I just feeling like pointing out that this club has never really gotten that. Some people do and don't make a big deal about trolls, while others take every opportunity they can to try and insult the troll and entertain their silly habits. I think it is time we started thinking about this a little more and maybe start learning when to stop, take a deep breath and then think logically and rationally about the situation.
Opinion by Riku114 posted 3 days ago
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After taking a good long look over at the arguments and rioting that was going on yesterday as well as holding a bit of a conversation with Zeppie, I have to say something about this whole Uaan scenario. But before I say anything else I would like to address two things. Firstly, I am just as guilty as all of this as anyone else and in no way do I think I am better nor do I really have a place to even call anyone bad, so if I do (which I don’t think I will but in case) I take it back right now. Secondly, I still do not agree with Yumi at all. Just putting that last one out there. Oh I lied. Thirdly, toilets still need saving.

So Im pretty sure we can all go to say that yesterday was the largest Anti-Uaan day we have had as a group of anti-Uaan people. People were posting GIFs. People were saying “Fuck You.” People, as in me and Wanta, started shipping him with poor toilets that needed saving. People started arguing about things that we in the end pointless and dumb. And hey! Leagalized gay marriage nationwide in the United States! It was fun, it really was. We got our laughs and we got a lot of things said and done. Or did we really?
Article by poulamikundu posted 4 days ago
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I've been reading the novel THREE MEN IN A BOAT
here are some funny parts of the first three chapters of the novel Jerome K Jerome:
Camping out in rainy weather is not pleasant.

It is evening. You are wet through, and there is a good two inches of water in the boat, and all the things are damp. You find a place on the banks that is not quite so puddly as other places you have seen, and you land and lug out the tent, and two of you proceed to fix it.

It is soaked and heavy, and it flops about, and tumbles down on you, and clings round your head and makes you mad. The rain is pouring steadily down all the time. It is difficult enough to fix a tent in dry weather: in wet, the task becomes herculean. Instead of helping you, it seems to you that the other man is simply playing the fool. Just as you get your side beautifully fixed, he gives it a hoist from his end, and spoils it all.

“Here! what are you up to?” you call out.