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Opinion by BlondLionEzel posted 5 days ago
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This movie is a masterpiece. It's a million country miles better than Frozen, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and a lot others. It's a breath of a fresh air.

The story starts with Hiro Hamada and his big brother Tadashi. Hiro decides to join Tadashi's college, with Tadashi's friends GoGo Tamago, Wasabi no Ginger, Fred, and Honey Lemon. Hiro enters a contest for entry, and he invents these awesome nanobots.

Then, on the night before Hrio goes to college, Tadashi dies by sacrificing himself to save a professor named Callaghan. Over the next few days, Hiro is depressed. However, he finds Tadashi's nurse robot Baymax. Hiro also discovers that a thing called the Yokai is using stolen Nanobots.

Hiro and his friends decide to bring Yokai to justice, as they deduce that the Yokai killed Tadashi. They don awesome superhero suits, and they call themselves Big Hero 6.
Guide by Americsson1776 posted 6 days ago
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Just a tip for all of you writers out there. A good method of character development that 8theGreat and I have been using, is to imagine them in normal every day situations, such as:
1: How would he/she react to accidentally walking into a glass door?
2: What kinds of movies or shows would he/she watch?
3: What social group would he/she be in while in high school? Extra curricular activities?
4: Favorite celebrity or person in history?
5: Favorite music, books, or movies?
6: What kind of car would he/she drive?
7: How would he/she react to being invited to see a horror movie with someone he/she likes?
8: His/her computer is being outrageously slow, or even locking up completely? What would he/she do?
9: How would he/she react to being rejected by a long-time crush?
10: Which religion (modern or ancient) would he/she likely follow?
And so on, feel free to come up with your own, or even add to this list. I'd be happy to see what sorts of questions or answers you all may come up with.
List by BlondLionEzel posted 14 days ago
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#11: Swarm

Swarm is a a former Nazi scientist, named Fritz Von Meyer. He became Swarm after mutant bees devoured him.

#10: The Beetle

There are three different Beetles to choose from. They are Abner Jenkins, Leila Davis, and Janice Lincoln.

#9: The Molten Man

Molten Man was once named Mark Raxton, a scientist for Oscorp. His body was altered in a chemical explosion, causing him to be a villain made of fire.

#8: Hydro Man

Hydro Man was once known as Morris Bench, a man who worked on a shipyard, until he was genetically altered by radiation.

#7: Dr.Spencer Smythe and the Spider Slayers

Dr.Spencer Smythe is a scientist who created the Spider Slayer robots to hunt and kill Spider Man.

#6: Scream, Lasher, Agony, Phage, and Riot

Scream, Lasher, Agony, Phage, and Riot are the Symbiote "Children" of Venom.

#5: The Shocker