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Opinion by Riku114 posted 1 day ago
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I love Random club, don’t get me wrong. It’s great from its questions to its users to everything in between. I could be just fine with the club if it wasn’t for my personality that went to make me want to make things better, I would be able to sit back and just enjoy the level it is at now, but sadly I’m not. Actually, no, I’m just bored. Don’t take this too much to heart. I needed to do something to entertain me and this was one of the things to come to mind as something I’ve wanted to say.

Honestly, if you were to ask me, between the time I used to watch the Random Club (rarely ever posted cause I never really felt like it), the gap where I ignored it, and the time when I became a rather active member of the club, I’ve noticed that it’s become more….. ‘Boring’ you could say. I actually don’t remember all the things that went on during the time back yonder, but I remember being amused quite a bit with it. I’m not going to go off to say “Oh! Random club is so horrible and boring now! Its shit now!” because that would be a lie. I still do get some entertainment from it, but it seems the entertainment coming from this club is basically...
Opinion by deathding posted 1 day ago
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Oh boy, this is a BIG one. Bigger than if you took the Eiffel Tower and quadrupled its size! Bigger than the sun if it got a hold of steroids!

Alright, maybe I over exaggerated a bit there. Dear god. o-O

Seriously though, I absolutely despise today's people. And don't get me wrong, there's a TON of great, nice, friendly, and overall AWESOME people out there! But I LOATHE how everybody these days (Especially at my school.) Is talking like this: "YOYOYO NIGGER WHAT'S UP ILLUMINATI 21 KID? >:D"



I don't get it. At all. Is it funny? Is it entertaining for you? I just don't understand!

So many lives have so much potential out there, but they do NOTHING with it!

And YES Fanpop user Dreamtime, I agree with you! It's not just how stereotypical and cliche kids these days are, it's also how they just ditch anything they do in a second.
Review by PeacefulCritic posted 3 days ago
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efore I get started I'll like to get a few things out of the way. First of all, I'm going to make a lot of rants about this anime since it's one of my least favorite animes. Second, I am only reviewing the classic anime nothing will be judged from the manga ,crystal,SuperS, etc.(meaning only up to episode 127) This review is pretty much me having a blast ripping this thing apart one by one until an angered fan decides to give me a piece of their mind. In other words if you hate this show too, this will be an enjoyable review/rant for you. If don't you'll probably hate me. With all of that out of the way let's begin.

When I started this anime, I truly expected that I would enjoy it but, I guess I was wrong this
is actually too cheesy and predictable to be called good quality. Especially since more than half of the anime is basically action show cliches. The villains try to get control,destroy kingdoms or anything else that is a generic and evil goal. The heroine/hero falls in love with a attractive person, and ends up with that person. The villains usually have no depth apart from being evil or the villains decide they don’t want to be evil...