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Opinion by zanhar1 posted 1 day ago
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Step one: enjoy/love/like the show, book, movie, and/or band.
Good job, that's it, you're a true fan.

One thing that just never fails to annoy me is when someone tells me (or another person honestly) that they aren't a true fan of whatever it is they are a fan of for having a certain opinion.

One of the most common things I get is 'you're not a true fan because you like the villains more'. Okay no let's talk about this for a second; the villains are a crucial part of the story. Villains are what essentially gives the show/book/movie its plot. Without villains there is no conflict and without conflict, sure there's a story/plot, but it wouldn't be a very exciting one.
So of course people are going to like the baddies and that's okay. Why? Because villains can be and are well written, interesting, and complex. Why? Because they help make the story fun. I just don't get how one can tell another they aren't a real fan of something for liking a character critical to the story line.
Opinion by tamore posted 2 days ago
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As an introductory note, none of this is directed at anyone in particular. It's just based on what I've seen here and elsewhere. I don't wanna start any shit; this is just kinda my two cents about etiquette.l

My opinion pretty much revolves around one policy: don't be an asshole.

Don't be a grammar nazi. Yeah it's annoying when people can't spell or fuck up punctuation but honestly, so what? Unless they made an honest mistake, you being uptight about spelling and grammar isn't going to change how someone types (any grammar nazi would know this from experience). What do you gain, anyway, from being anal about it? You get to feel superior to someone else? You "educate" them? Buddy, you ain't educating anyone; you're just feeding your ego. There's no way to pretend it's anything else.

Don't hold grudges. Don't start fights for no reason. Don't attack people. Don't gossip. Don't exclude. I can't say I haven't been guilty of some of these in the past, but I'm trying to reason my way through being better about it. I'm tying to hold my tongue more because, again, what's the point? It's different if it's an actual debate, and I also think that...
News by Riku114 posted 5 days ago
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(Eh. To all those out there don’t take this too seriously. This is about 60% a joke. XD Mostly for those that suck at keeping up with the Uaan news as well XD)

Okay so hey there everyone! Apparently Im the Grandma who writes long explanatory paragraphs for everyone so here I am to do more explaining and catching up for those that will be lost soon! Anyways, so Uaan decided to answer a question binding Five Users under the title of “Gang DUMBHEADS”! Heres a screenshot of his response.

If Im correct, I believe this was him trying to insult us or something, but if you managed to get a look at the comments you would quickly notice that me, and several others, took this more of a comedic show than anything else.

So….. For those out there, particularly those who were listed in his mail, I would like to ask if we should take up the gang assumption and title he gave us. You see, I think it sounds like an interesting thing really and if we are all up for it, it was about time we got a name for our group of people. Its fine if you aren’t up for it.