1. Wait, why do we need to learn this?

2. Learning hurts my head!

3.Yeah, I was listening I just wasn't paying attion.

4.Why do we get homework and you don't?!

5. I'm sorry I didn't hear the question, I was to busy drawing funny pictures of you.

6. *They ask you a question* Ummm Ummm Your FACE!

7. Wait! Can I erase the board?

8. When do we start Sex Ed.? *raise eye brows*


10. I missed what you said right there. I wasn't paying attion.

11. I have this great diet plan. You should try it.

12. Oooooo Ahhhhh, What were you talking about I was to busy Oooing and Ahhhing.

13. Does someone need a hug?

14. Well...its not my problem I don't know the answers you have the book full of answers!

15. *raise your hand* Ooooo pick on me I have the answer!!!

16. Why did you pick on me when he knows the answer?!

17. Don't yell at me your supossed to help me learn!

18. Sorry I was busy on Fanpop thats why I didn't do my homewok.

19. You keep on talking but all I hear is blah blah blah.

20. I FORGOT BREAKFAST!!! That is why I didn't know the answer!

21. You make my head hurt!

22. Do we really have to learn today?

23. But it's my birthday!

24. Hey, how old are you anyway?

25. Who do you think you are?

26. Who died and made you the boss of everything?

27. Why do you HATE ME!!!!

28. Did someone forget to take their meds today?

29. That time of the month?

30. Just remember I'll be here everyday...EVERYDAY!!!!
Teacher of DEATH!