So I used to be the QUEEN of pranking. You may have heard some of these before, but these are some of the best, least complex ones I've pulled.

1. Go to google images and search up "Blue Screen of Death". Save it as a image and change your victims desktop wall paper to this. Hide all icons and watch them try to "fix" it.

2. Hack someones iPod and delete all songs. Then, download "Never gonna give you up" and "Friday" So they are the only songs to play. If you can, download them more, record them, whatever you can.

3. When people are sleeping, take the couch cushions, unzip them (their should be zippers), get a bunch of blown up whoopee cushions, stuff all the cushions with them, and put the stuffed cushions back in place. Hide the original couch stuffing.

4. Switch all their CDs inside the cases with ridiculous music like Barney.

5. Delete all their TV's favorites and then save a bunch of random things like Nick Jr., some porno station, and some other station they hate as favorites.

6. Make up fake evidence such as an open window or things that don;t belong to people in your house to make your parents believe someone snuck into your sisters (if you have one) room.

7. Make a sandwich for someone. Do something stupid like trade peanut butter for caramel or leave the wrapper on the cheese.

8. Leave bubble wrap under your siblings or someones pillow.

9. If you know a really manly dude, take all his white clothes and wash them with one white sock. Purposely. Pretend you don't mean to.

10. Write an ad in the paper for something you don't have.

These are amateur, but most of them are too complex for most people...x

And another one, switch all your sister or some lady's bras for way smaller ones.