Legacy of flippy

It was late at night, Flippy and the other tree friends were at a party thrown by Disco Bear. Disco bear was trying to impress girls, and like always he was failing miserably. Nutty was eating all the sweets. Everything was going well until Mime started showing off with the balloons. He was trying to make tons of things with tons of balloons and they all popped, making a huge noise which sounded like a gunshot which made Flippy go insane. He dropped to the floor and stood back up with yellow eyes. At first, nobody seemed worried. Then Flippy pulled out his knife and ambushed Flaky. He stabbed her in the back then snapped her neck. Everyone turned towards him, surprised and scared at what had just happened. Flippy pulled the knife out of Flaky's back and ran at sniffles, stabbing him in the eye. By now everyone was trying to get away. Flippy abandoned his knife and grabbed the bowl of punch. He smashed it over Disco Bear's head. Shards of glass were in Disco Bear's head, face and neck, splattering blood all around him. Next Flippy picked up a fork. He jabbed into Toothy's forehead causing blood to ooze out of the holes and cover Toothy's face. By now almost everyone had escaped. Some people were hiding. Flippy was walking towards Giggles with a steak knife police sirons sounded outside. The loud noise made Flippy turn back to normal. “come out with your hands up!” one of the cops said. Flippy walked outside, still confused about what happened. When he was outside he saw rows of cops with guns aimed strait at him. It wasn't hard to see why. Flippy was covered in blood and there had to have been lots of noise at the party. also somebody obviously called 911 before Flippy was done killing. There was also blood stains on the windows of the house. Suddenly Flippy was plunged into a flashback. He was a prisoner in Vietnam jail. Solders were pointing guns at him while two guards held Flippy back in case he tried to attack. Back in reality, Flippy flipped out and charged at the cops, thinking they were the solders from his flashback. They shot at him but Flippy dodged every single bullet. When he was near them he pulled out another knife and stabbed every cop he could see while still dodging all of their attacks. In less than an hour Flippy killed all of the cops and left no witnesses. When he was done he snapped out of his trance and looked around, shocked, at the piles of dead bodies and ran home as fast as he could, back to his house and locked himself in until he was sure nobody was looking for him.