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10 ways to get kicked out of a store

List by koalagirl9 posted over a year ago
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10. Tell a random person you love them
9. go up to a worker and ask them random questoins about them (name age Zodiac sign)
8.Try on a bra thats way to big or for guys just a random bra and ask a worker how you look
7.sit in the middle of a isle
6.clog the toilet
5.go up to a random person and say gimme all your cash and nobody gets hurt
4.(for department stores) Jump on a display bed
4.(grocery stores) Eat food before buying it
3.Scream bloody murder
2.Go store streaking
and number 1 is
1.yell kick me out of this store at the top of your lungs
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sum of those stuff i did
scream bloody murder
jumped on bed n slept in it
n ate a taco tht i thght they were gvng out 4 free.
but ddnt pay 4 it.
posted over a year ago.
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Babe_Tee said:
haha lol
posted over a year ago.
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E-Scope90 said:
Uh... don't you mean... 11?
posted over a year ago.