Who do you have a crush on?

If you had to date anyone here right now, who would it be?

Name one celebrity you would want to make out with

Name five people you hate and why you hate them

Name all the people you've had a crush on before

Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of everyone in school? If you did, what did you do?

What embarrassing thing has a parent done to you?

Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend/boyfriend?

Have you had your first kiss, if you have, were was it and who was it with?

Have you ever seen a parent naked?

Have you ever seen animals reproducing?

Have you stalked anyone, if you have, who was it?

Have you ever typed up anything inappropriate on Facebook/Twitter?

Have you had a blind date before, if you have, who was it with, and do we know him/her?

Have you ever accidentally grabbed someones butt?

Have you ever done anything illegal? If you have, what did you do?

Have you ever had beer/wine?

Have you ever cheated on you girlfriend/boyfriend with your friends girlfriend/boyfriend?

What was the biggest trouble you've ever gotten into? What was it about?

Have you ever licked anything off anyone? If you have, what did you lick off of them and who was it?

Have you ever touched someones... Thingy? If you have was it on accident or on purpose?

Have you ever had to hump anything? If you had to, what did you hump?

Have you ever t-bagged someone on (whatever games you noobs play all I know of is Halo were you can do that)

Have you ever called your best friend a naughty word (example: dick)

Have you ever lick an animal before? If you have, what animal? And was it your pet?

Have you ever been attacked by an animal? If you have what animal was it and were where you at the time of the attack?

Have you ever seen animals fighting? If you have, what animals were fighting?


Lick the person to your rights feet

Make out with someone of the opposite gender for two minutes

Make out with someone of the same gender for one minute

Kiss the person on your rights cheek (does not matter which gender) and say you love them and you think their sexy

Tell someone (any gender) their sexy

Go outside and scream out "someone shot me!"

Run around the neighborhood screaming: "I'm a dick! And everyone hates me!!" do this until your friends tell you to come back

Go outside in front of everyone around and sing to them any song of your friends chose

If your in a pool or hot tub wait until you have to fart then fart and announce it out loud as loud as you possibly can "I cut the cheese"

Make out with someones girlfriend/boyfriend (only if they allow it which probably won't happen)

Tell someone their fat and ugly, then ten minutes later apologize and give them a hug and a kiss on the cheek

Give someone an "aunty kiss" borrow some lip stick then give kiss them!

If there is a pool with people in it then sprint up to it scream and belly flop into the pool

Go up to someone you don't know and ask for their number

Order a pizza, and when they get there ask them out (no matter what gender) if they say yes make out with them then break up with them

Ask a random person if they want to make out, if they say yes make out with them for as long as the dare says, then just get up and randomly walk away after that time

Swap clothes/bathing suits with someone else for a half-an-hour

Rip of someones bikini top and throw the bikini top out the window and tell them to go get it without covering their boobs

Take off your shirt or bikini top for five seconds

Make someone ask someone out in the game, if they say yes you have to be their girlfriend/boyfriend for a least two weeks (or until that other person wants to break up)

Go up to someone and say they need to lose weight, at the end of the game say your sorry and offer to take that person to McDonalds for fries and shakes

Tell someone their a bitch then stomp away and never attempt to talk to them again

Call your crush and say their sexy and or hot

Call a random person and say their sexy and or hot

Cover your eyes then go up to someone in truth or dare and ask them out (does not matter the gender)

Okay there, there is a whole lot more but yeah this is just me brainstorming have fun, at your parties/sleepovers/having friends over :)))))