(A/N) there is gayness, cussing, and sex

~Jason's POV~

I had just woke up tomorrow is Pax and im really excited.

I pulled off the covers and swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up.

I'm going to Pax with Sky, Dawn, Husky, Jerome, And Deadlox, i was excited i'd never actually met them and tomorrow i would.

I grabbed a pair of clothes and a towel and hopped into the shower blasting my outro song Eclipse.

Five to ten minutes later i climbed out and pulled my clothes on and brushed my hair out.

"Daily routine..done" I muttered to myself staring at the mirror.

My phone rang, i quickly grabbed it and answered it.

"You still planning on coming to Pax?" A familiar voice asked.

"Sky?!" I asked in shocked he called so early, "And Pax..yeah i'm still coming."

"Good, Deadlox, aka Ty is coming to pick you up" Sky said ending the call.

"Damn it Sky" I muttered to the almost dead phone.

I slumped down in my desk chair looking at the computer monitor looking at the icon of a dirt block in minecraft.

"Should i play?" I asked myself seeing as how i had nothing else to do.

I looked at my camera and suddenly had an amazing idea.

I set my camera up and turned it on.

"Hey stars," I said, "tomorrow is Pax for some of you who don't know and i want to say i won't be uploading any videos until Pax is over, but i will be recording bits and pieces of it."

I took a breath, "But since i'll be gone for so long im going to take some question from you guys."

I first looked on twitter, "The question is, would you, deadlox, and skydoesminecraft ever have a threesome?," I looked up at the camera and winked licking my lips, i bursted out laughing but still answer, "maybe."

If some stars were here i know i'd hear them scream endlessly.

Hours passed and i uploaded the video.

After i turned off my computer i heard a knock on the door.

"Coming!" I shouted grabbing my bag of things and my jacket.

I pulled open my door and there stood deadlox.

"Jason?" He asked.

"Hey Ty" I said dumbfounded, he was hot i'm not gay, but i guess i'm not straight either.

Ty took my bag from my hand and walked off to his car.

"Let me just lock up" I said loud enough he could hear me.

I spun around on the back of my heel and stuck the key in the lock and turned it, i took the key and check if it were locked, it was.

~Ty's POV~

I will admit, he was good looking, but im straight i'v liked boobs my entire life and always will.

Just the way he looked at me though..was something wrong with my hair, or face?

"....Lock up" I heard him say.

He turned around and fiddled with the door nob, than came running to the car.

He was breathing hard.

"You excited for Pax?" I asked turning on the car looking over at him.

He looked at me confused, still breathing hard, but then nodded, "Yeah, alot!"

I looked back at the road.

"How did you decide to pick me up?" Jason asked still looking at me the way he had earlier.

"Well you told sky you didn't have a ride,so in a round of cops and robbers sky made a bet the who ever is out last had to pick you up, well the sneaky bastard sky broke dawn, ssundee, and jerome out while no one would let me out of the dead cell" I had to explain.

I could see Jason trying not to laugh, he did well holding his hand over his mouth.

Not to long after that he fell asleep in the car.

I stopped in front of the address i was given to go to after i picked up Jason.

"Jason wakey wakey" I laughed shaking him awake.

"Where are we?" He asked yawning.

"Adam's house" I said.

"Yay sky" Jason said yawning again, causing me to yawn.

We got out and i knocked on the door.

Jason still looked tired, he looked hot tired.

"Wait..what am i saying? He looks hot? I'm straight not gay" I thought to myself.

"Hey guys" A girl with a familiar voice said opening the door.

"Hey Dawn, can we come in?" I asked politely.

She nodded and stepped out of the way.

"Adam is finishing up on editing a video, i'll tell him you're here" Dawn said.

That left Jason and i alone again with my now mixed feelings, he was hot, but i was still straight.

"Hey" Adam said walking out.

"Hey dude" Jason said still a little tired.

"Woah what happened to you?" Adam asked sitting beside me on the couch.

"Fell asleep in the car" Jason said dragging his fingers through his hair.

Adam looked at me.

"What?" I asked.

He looked away, "Anyway Jason i saw your video."

"Which one..?" He asked.

"The one you uploaded today" Adam said holding back laughter.

"Oh" Jason said.

"I didn't see it" I said lost.

"You don't want to" Jason said looking at me quickly.

"Follow me!" Adam said.

I smiled at Jason mischievously and followed Adam.

I heard Jason moan and then appeared behind me at the end of the hallway.

Adam searched up the video.

Have fun Adam said standing up from the chair he sat in.

I sat down.

"Where do i sit?" Jason asked looking around.

"Go sit in Ty's lap" Adam said.

I looked up at the mention of my name.

"He'll be in your lap" Adam said grabbing Jason's shoulders and pushing in my lap.

"Aww so cute" Adam said laughing.

The feel of Jason's warmth on my crotch only added to those mixed feelings.

~Jason's POV~

My cheeks were burning, my heart racing, i was sat in Ty's lap as he watched the video all the way through.

"What the hell?" Ty laughed.

I shrugged wondering why i uploaded it at all.

Night came and i was tired.

"Where do we sleep?" I asked.

Dawn came into the living room with some pillows and one blanket.

"You share the floor" She said pointing to the floor between the couch and the tv.

"We share a blanket?" Ty asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, me and Dawn do" Adam said kissing his wife's forehead.

"Yeah but we're not married, and we're both dudes" I said pointing between both me and Ty.

"Tough luck" Dawn laughed.

"Very funny" I said sitting on the floor holding the blanket to my chest giving Ty the evil eye, he gave me the evil eye back.

Soon Ty and i gave up on the fact that there's no getting out of sleeping together, and we joked about it.

"You wanna spoon?" Ty joked pulling off his shirt.

"Nah, not if you sleep naked" I laughed.

He laughed and shook his head, "I sleep in my boxers."

"As do i" I said throwing a pillow at Ty.

"Stay as far away as possible?" Ty asked picking up the pillow.

"Yep" I nodded getting under.

I lied on my side thinking about Ty, why did i find him so attractive? Am i bisexual? I must be.

I woke up from the tv blaring, it was Adam.

"Good you're awake, we're leaving soon" He said turning off then.

Today was the day of Pax, i'm meeting Jerome and Husky, and a bunch of stars.

"Hurry slow poke" Ty said drying off his hair.

"I thought it was Dawn in the shower" Adam said looking akwardly at Ty.

"You thought wrong" Ty said throwing his hair towel at me.

I stood up and grabbed some spare clothes from my bag.

I walked into the bathroom locking the door behind me.

My back was against the door as i slid down soon sitting on the floor.

"Do i...do i like Ty?" I asked myself quietly.

I shook my head and got undressed to step in the shower when i heard Adam and Ty talking.

"So you have ..... ........ for ....." I heard Adam say even though i couldn't hear all the words.

"Yeah . .... it's weird but ... ... and only ..." Ty said.

I heard Adam laugh.

"Shut up" Ty said i think leaning on the door.

I turned off the water and stepped out grabbing my clothes and pulling them on quickly, i brushed through my hair.

I unlocked the door and pulled it open causing Ty to fall on his ass at my feet.

A minute of silence passed between all of us, i stared down at Ty.

"Ouch" Ty said causing Adam and i to laugh hysterically.

I apologized and helped him up.

We all piled into Ty's car, heading to Pax.

"Pax here we come!" I shouted laughing.

When we got to Pax we heard a familiar voice talking to another familiar voice.

"Is that fluffy...?" Adam asked.

"Hey Adam!" Fluffy's voice yelled.

Two people ran up to us.

"Jerome?" Ty asked.

"And the Canadian Mitch" Mitch said.

"Hey Jerome, Mitch" I said, they were both good looking too, but Ty still looked the best to me.

I pulled my camera out and starting filming, Ty did too.

That day i saw a lot of people but when that day came to an end it was pouring so we all decided to stay at the hotel across the road.

"That was a convenient placement" I said freezing.

"Sure was" Jerome said walking beside me.

I blew out and almost saw my breath.

"Not that cold" Ty said catching up to us.

I shrugged being sure it was.

"You okay?" Ty asked eyeing me.

"It's freezing out" I said looking at him.

"Don't you have a jacket?" He asked.

"I took it off at Adam's house and forgot it there" I explained myself.

Ty took off his jacket and handed it to me.

"Don't you think it's cold?" I asked stopping.

He stopped too, "You need it more."

It may have only been four words, but it had a big impact.

When we got to the hotel we dropped into the bar.

"So who's first time drinking is this?" Jerome asked ordering a beer.

"Me" I said quietly hanging my head.

"Don't worry, everyone's been there" Jerome said picking his beer up and taking a drink.

"If his first time he need's something not as...." Adam seemed to have forgotten.

"Something not as strong" Ty finished taking a drink of his own beer.

"Yeah" Dawn agreed.

"Or no alcohol at all" Mitch shrugged grabbing Jerome's beer as he was about to drink.

"Hey my beer! Get your own" Jerome said tackling Mitch.

Jerome returned to his feet holding his beer in the air proudly, "I won the hunger games guys."

"Can't i just try a beer?" I asked feeling foolish.

"Do you really want to?" Ty asked.

I bit my lip and nodded.

Ty held his beer out to me and i grabbed it.

"Be careful, if you drink too much at one time you will get sick" Dawn warned.

I nodded and took a sip.

Ty gently took the bottle from me.

"You okay?" He asked me.

"Yeah,i am" I said.

But i wasn't, i passed out about a minute later.

~Ty's POV~ -short i know sorry-

"Shit" Jerome said looking away from his battle with Mitch.

"Who's going to take him home? We can't leave him like that!" Dawn said.

I handed Adam my beer.

"You're taking him to his room?" Adam asked.

"Apparently" I said picking him up.

"Won't people look at you?" Adam asked.

"And think what? That i'm gay?" I asked.

Adam nodded.

"To be honest..i don't really care" I said walking away.

I didn't care because i liked Jason.

I dropped Jason off in his bed, and returned to the bar.

~Jason's POV~

I woke up just minutes before Ty came to the room, drunk.

"We're sharing a room?" I asked.

Ty nodded.

"I something wrong?" I asked noticing him being quiet.

He nodded.

"What's wrong" I asked walking up to him and putting the back of my hand to his forehead checking if he were sick.

"Are you sick?" I asked checking my forehead to.

Ty looked at me and shook his head.

"Please tell my Ty, you're my friend, i care about you" I pleaded him.

He wrapped his arms around my neck hugging me,his voice cracking as he spoke "Jason..i really like you."

"You like me how?" I asked feeling i already know.

He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.

"I see" i said looking at him biting my lower lip.

We stared into each others eyes, my knees beginning to grow weak.

I couldn't help myself anymore, i kissed him, and he kissed back.

"Is this what love feels like?" I thought to myself.

Ty moved his hands to the bottom of my shirt, pulling it upwards.

I pulled away from the kiss so he could pull the shirt over my head.

I started pulling Ty's shirt up as well and after that we continued lip locking.

~Ty's POV~

I didn't know what i was doing, or even why, but i liked it, just him looking at me is enough to my my heart race, and now to be here with him knowing how this'll end i almost died of excitement.

I moved my hands from his upper back to the zipper of his pants.

Jason tried undoing my pants but seemed to having trouble.

"Need help?" I asked.

He looked up at me and nodded.

I undid my pants while he sat on the bed.

"Now come here" He demanded grinning devilishly.

He lay on his back on the bed, and i lay on top of him.

While we kissed we both snuck a hand into the others boxers and to their crotch.

His touch, it felt absolutely amazing.

"God damn it..." Jason moaned.

"Limit?" I asked.

He nodded, "But..don't stop."

After almost and hour or two we both fell asleep naked in the bed.

Morning came and Jason wasn't in bed.

I got up, had a shower, did my hair and met up with everyone at Pax, everyone but Jason.

"Where's Jason" I asked.

"I don't know, but he told me he was confused about something, he didn't tell me what" Jerome told me.

"I'm going to find him" I said.

"You and Jason have been really..close lately" Adam pointed out.

I shrugged knowing exactly why.

I looked everywhere before going to the minecraft part of Pax.

There he was on the floor with his head between his knees.

"Jason" I hugged him.

"Ty?!?" He asked shocked.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked.

"Last night, you were drunk and didn't mean it, i was sober and i did mean it Ty i love you" He told me tears in his eyes.

"Stand up" i told him.

He did as i said.

"I meant it too Jason" I confessed hugging him.

"You did?" He asked tears falling down his cheeks.

By that time we drew a crowd, a big one.

"I did" I said kissing him in front of everyone even Jerome, Dawn, Mitch, Husky and Adam.

~Jason's POV~


"Hey stars im back here's a video of everything that happened" In my editing i put pictures of everything even one of Ty and i kissing.

"Now you're probably confused about the last picture well, Ty and I are dating!" I smiled.

"Hey guys" Ty laughing jumping onto the bed in camera view.