1. When in a public place, randomly shout "I TOLD YOU TO STAY OFF DRUGS!" See what he/she does.

2. When your friends is trying to tell you something important, grab a bag of Doritos and start eating them furiously.

3. When you friends is trying to have a conversation with you, yell out "I LOVE YOU, TOO!" Repeat every few minutes.

4. If you go to a McDonalds with your friends, when its time to order, randomly yell out "IT'S RONALD MCDONALD'S RETARDED PURPLE FRIEND!" Then go hug a random stranger.

5. When your friend is wearing a new white shirt, cover your hands with that orange dust you get on Nacho Cheese Flavored Doritos. Then, put your hand on your friends shoulder and say "I really like your shirt!"

6. When your friends is talking to you, randomly start lightly punching or kicking him. See how long it takes him to yell "KNOCK IT OFF!"

7. Avoid talking to your friend for a few days. When he/she asks you why, give them the finger and run off. A few days later, start laughing and joking with them like nothing happened. Repeat every other week.

8. If you are invited to a party, come in your underwear, look around at the other people at the party and say "Awww! I thought this was going to be a nude party!" Act mad for the rest of the day

I hope you enjoyed my list of ways to annoy your friends. Hopefully, they won't hate you.