Hi! :)
Here are the top ten to impress the guy you like, just out of my personal oppinion, only try what you want to try, my sources are personal expirence as a woman:
10. Respect the men, example: no its not just a game, its football/soccer and its more important than breathing to most guys. ;)
9. ....but don't be too suck up-like.
one of my friends heard her crush loved chickens according to the guy, so she was thrilled when she got invited to his "Amazing" party, I was really happy for her and asked her wheather she'll like to borrow a fiver to buy acessorie for the party, but she said thanks but there was no need, the day after the party she emailed me telling me it was so embarassing: She went to the party dressed as a chicken with a feathery dress and red head feathers thinking it looked hot! Was her crush impressed....Well no, to put it lightly.
8. try not to do the "Men" sigh....very often.
Lets face it, we've all done it, thought ot ourselfs stuff like "Why did he bring his friend along to the resturant????" or "The male mind is a very curious thing." but say it aloud and it might hurt their feelings. Yeah I know, I was freaked when I heard they had feelings at first either.
7. Set a lip smacker ban!
It may be addictive, and when kissing a lad its funny to see the neon lip mark on their face, but its a tad of a turn off when his mates laugh at him for it, I learnt that the hard way. Lip gloss has the same effect on your lips as lipstick, just with less of a obvious clue to when you've been kissing them.
6. Ditch the jodie marsh look, or you'll be ditched!
I'm sure your all independant but just a little warning: over doing makeup, shortening skirts and giving yourslelf a fake tan is....well, fake I guess, the true meaning of 'fake' tan. I don't mean to offend anyone with this tip, I just thought it would be a little bit of a caution.
5. Don't take photos of him on your mobile of him with a face mask and send it everyone who knows you and/or him. It. happens. Or is it just me how made that mistake?
4. If you did what I did once (See tip 5) try your hardest to make it up to him, sending a pic of you looking equely as ridiculous or buying a gift, perhaps telling his mates its fake or something, he'll probaly forgive you anyway, or laugh at loud at the picture you sent to everyone of you looking cr*p and then forgive you.
3. Try not to be too forward, sure its great to be confident, but try not to overdo it.
2. Be yourself.
Very important.
And last but certainly not least.........
1. NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES....Steal his chocolate cake, this drives men nuts.
Thanks for reading please comment and rate, I hope this guide helped you, pandawinx. :)