it was on the net, don't blame me if it's crap.

1. Walk up to 2 girls with a cup in your hand, give it to one of them and say "WHOA TWO GIRLS ONE CUP!" then look seriously at them, say "Disgusting." and briskly walk away.

2. When you see a group of people, follow them around and act as if you belong with them, when they laugh, you laugh, and after a while, when they're talking about something speak up and say "YEAH I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN!" then, when they look at you, just nod at them and say "Afternoon." and walk away.

3. Walk into McDonalds and say at the counter "Hey, have you got anything healthy?" and if they go like fruit bag or carrot sticks go "Ugh that's not healthy. You disgust me." and walk out.

4. Buy a pack of chewing gum and put all of them in your mouth and chew them until they are gummy, and then walk up to someone, take it out of your mouth, and say "Guess what?" and throw the ball of chewing gum at their feet and say "I don't like spearmint." and walk away.

5.Walk up to someone of the opposite (or not) sex, give them a hug and say "I love you, but I'm dying." look sadly at them, then walk away, head drooped.

6. Stick a piece of paper saying "AVAILABLE" onto your shirt, and run around screaming and singing "Born Free"

7. Walk up behind someone and shout in their ear "You have a nice neck!" and when they turn around looked shocked and say "You looked nicer from behind." and walk away.

8. Start taking pictures of a random person saying "Yes, work it, work it baby!"

9. (for boys, or girls, if they tie their hair back) Wear a black, sparkly scarf and some Gok-Wan-looking glasses, and walk up to someone and in a gay tone say "Yes, fabulous darling, now, let's take off those trousers."

10. Buy a bottle of water then pour it all over your head outside, then jump up and down screaming and laughing, then glare at anyone staring at you as if they were crazy.