Chapter 1
I kept my eyes half closed even though I was awake. I had a full visual of what was going on around me and sadly, that meant my foster mother, Mrs. Lovett waking me up.
    “Emily, Emily,” she repeated in a sweet tone. This would have have made any other gal happy except I knew this would be over to soon.
    “I’m awake!” I yelp out smiling. Her wicked smile always made me happy.
    “Guess what? There’s good news.”
    “Have you ever noticed good news for you always seems to mean more work for me?”
    “No someone ordered you.”
    “What?! That can’t be, I mean I’m not McKenna” McKenna was known for her… looks I guess you could say. Any boy could have her.
    “Yeah well whoever ordered you sounded pretty mad so I would go.”    
    “Maybe I don’t want to go. Where is…”
    “Well is it a man or a woman?”    
    “A man”
    “And you’re letting me go!”        
    “Yes, it’ll be good for business.”
    You see, Mrs. Lovett ran a pie shop and never had a husband or a family. She adopted me when she started getting lazy, or at least that’s what she told me.
    “What if this guy is some type if mass murder?”
    “Too bad then”
    “Shut up!” I yelled back at her as I got dressed. Instead of having the bedroom upstairs which was empty I slept in the dingy and dark kitchen.
    “Well how am I supposed to get there?”
    “I demand walking”
    “Fine!” I walked out the front door all by myself. I saw Meg and Raoul across the street. I called them to help protect me from this weird-person ordering man. They didn’t hear me so they both owe me big time if I get killed today.
    I followed the directions but it led me to the opera populaire. I raised one eye brow, thinking that this couldn’t be the right place. Right when I was about to leave I found a note on the floor. My lucky day, it was addressed to me! I never got mail before so I was excited. I dropped my bag and sat on the steps. The letter read,
    “You’re here, follow the music to the cellar,
                The weird- person ordering man”
    He heard me, I thought to myself.
    “I didn’t mean it” I said hoping he heard that to. I tried to open the opera’s door but it was hard.
    “Send me another letter telling what to do please magical letter writing person o’ mine!” just as I was praying for the mysterious man to send me help in a paper cutting form, the worst people in the world were watching me.
    “Oh, look the desperate fish is praying for some love”
    “Shut up Brandi” yelled Meg, “When she does find love, she’ll be the only one being kissed by him!” Brandi had no response.
    “Yeah!” I yelled in defense. Brandi’s flock walked away in their snobbish ways. Meg and I stared them off.
    “Hey look a note!”
    “Yeah you’re hurting it!”
    “It’s paper! It doesn’t have any feeling!”
    “In that case lets name it Steve!”
    I picked up the note, looking at Meg bizarrely. She always scared me.
    “Oh my god! He’s following me!”
    “Who, who! Do you need my amazing karate skills to fight him off?!”
    “No! he ordered me!”
    “You were selling yourself and didn’t tell me!”
    “No look I’ll talk to you later” I said trying to close the conversation fast.
    “Remember, if you sell yourself I’m willing to pay top dollar!” Meg yelled from a far distance. I followed the letter’s instructions, and went around the Opera’s corner. I broke the last window, like instructed and crawled through the crawl space (how else would I get through?)
    My dress ripped three times crawling. I finally made it into a pink room full of roses. I look around, trying to find something that says a man lives here but I found nothing.
        “Oh my god, he’s gay!” I whispered to myself.
Chapter 2
    I snickered to myself at the thought that a gay man called for me. I took a seat on a pink chair and looked around. Was I in the right room? I mean why would a gay man call for a straight girl? I was only 18 but I am pretty sharp for my age. I continued to search the room for some clues. My eyes fell upon a mirror with gold corners. It seemed to be calling me.
    “Uh your delivery is here…” I said unsure what was going to happen next.
    “I’m your Angel of Music, Come to me my Angel of Music” he repeated this sentences over and over.
    “Uh I’d rather not.”
    “Look at your face in the mirror, I am there inside”
    I looked at the mirror the same way I looked at Meg when she believed that the paper had feelings. I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was actually a man in the mirror. He faced seemed half covered by a mask. He reached his hand out toward me but I was hesitate to give him my hand.
    “Wait what is your name?”    
    “Why would you need to know such a thing…, Emily?”
    “How do you know my name?”
    “Come with me please, my angel”
    “Well tell me something I can call you first!”
    “People know me as the Phantom of the opera, only few know me as an Angel of Music”
    “Hey your that ghost who Meg always talks about!” he continued to reach his hand out toward me so I finally gave him mine, “You know you should move or something because-” He closed my lips with his. “Woah, uh I don’t even know you”
    “Yes but we are meant to be together.”
    “How would you know that?” the long journey from the pink room to his den didn’t seem to long since he was telling me of his I guess amazing past. The Angel of Music told me of a girl called Christine, and the strange thing is Raoul told me of a girl called Christine. Raoul said he used to be in love with this girl but quickly stopped loving this girl because she went crazy. He must be confused or something because I’m pretty crazy myself.
    “Are we there yet?”
    “Are we there yet?”
    “When will we be there?”    
    “When we get there?”
    “So you must be pretty healthy having do all this just to get your house,”
    “Den, it’s a den”
    “Well no need to get cranky about it, so why did you pick an opera basement over everything else in the world?”
    “I picked it because it was the only place I was able to go”
    “Really, tell me that story”
    “If you didn’t want to hear the last story you should’ve have said something.”
    “Well the ending was more interesting than I thought, can I tell you a secret,”
    “Lets save that till the end”
    “We’re here?!”
    “Yes, now stay close”
    I was starting to worry more about myself than… well I was always worried about myself. I tried to break away from his embrace but his arms were to strong for me to take. I missed Raoul that second, I could always break through his arms. In fact once I actually did break one of his arms. As I was drifting off in to my dream land the Angel of Music began talking again.
    “That’s a beautiful dress my angel, but I have one that might fit better”
    “Why would you have a- Oh my god, oh that’s really sweet! Your proposing after almost giving me a heart attack, can I say think about?”
    “Do as you may my angel, if you feel uneasy then please take a rest in my bed please”
    “Uh I’d rather not”
    “Mademoiselle I have two beds and for your comfort you won’t be sleeping in my bed with me… tonight” he said tonight a couple of seconds after he tucked me in. I blame Mrs. Lovett. I blame her for making come and see this weirdo who leaves under an opera house. None the less he was the sweetest person I have ever met. I couldn’t sleep the whole night so I stayed up watching the angel on his organ. There were no clocks so I had no way to tell what time it was. I would estimate that it was probably about 5 A.M when he told me I could go back home.
    “Come back today… please” he whispered please to me so I figured that’s the least I could do for him.

    Chapter 3
    I met Meg and Raoul in Mrs. Lovett’s kitchen to tell them what happened. Sadly Raoul had news to tell me. Having the magnificent story I had, I knew that I had to go first.
    “Oh my god, you have a stalker following you!” Raoul explained.
    “What?! No, well how do you know?” I asked sounding kind of worried.
    “Well I don’t know maybe the fact that he asked you to touch and trust him!”
    Meg was watching our conversation, turning her head viciously when the other had to say something. She finally spoke up.
    “That’s not a stalker, that’s a mass murder!”
    “You guys are just meanies!” For some reason I felt the need to defend a man I didn’t even know. I decided to end the conversation.
    “So what’s your amazing story Raoul?” I asked him angrily.
    “Well I met someone…”
    “it’s a man isn’t?” asked both me and Meg together.
    “No, why can’t you ever listen before jumping to conclusions?”
    “Who is she then?” I asked looking at him peculiarly.
    “Or he?” yelled Meg.
    “Shut up Meg! It’s Brandi!” yelled Raoul over her.
    “I’d like it better if you were gay!” I said.
    “Well, maybe I like her”
    “No you don’t, we wont allow it!” yelled Meg.
    “If anything you’ll marry a rock before you marry that thing, I mean they both have the same IQ level!” I said.
    “It’s a lot better than you weirdo boyfriend you wants you to touch him and trust him!”
    “That’s different he’s sweet and has a heart! Unlike Brandi who only has a giant tornado that sucks up all that is good!”
    “Good description Emily”
    “Thank you Meg”
    Meg and I both turned around and saw the one and only Brandi.
    “Out of my way losers” she said pushing me and Ceridwen out of the way. I make a growling noise toward Raoul and decided that I would go and visit the Angel of Music instead. Meg saw me leaving and made a whining noise. I told her she was stuck until I came back and then we could have a sleep over. She turned around and gagged while pointing her finger toward Brandi. I smiled and nodded.
    I ran into Mrs. Lovett on the way and she stopped me.
    “Where are you going?”    
    “A place where Raoul isn’t and hopefully never will be”
    “Why is he so annoying? I mean he was always annoying but why now more than usual?”
    “He’s in a relationship so that makes him all magical”    
    “He finally came out that he’s gay”
    “No he’s with Brandi, so I think that’s a step up from where he was a day ago.”
    “Well why isn’t Ceridwen with you?”
    “I’m going a place where she’s not even allowed to go, well wait that’s a lot of places so forget that”
    “Well have fun”
    “I’ll try, oh and ask Ceridwen about the mass murder”
    “Ok, I’m not sure that I want to but I guess I will”
    I walked around the opera house and crawled through the crawl space just like yesterday. Except this time I had to wait twice as long for the Angel of Music to arrive. To pass the time I decided to walk around the opera house. It seemed darker and eerier than usual. It turned out than Brandi was fired for being caught dating the old managers. Which was really gross because they were both really old. I was walking around the 3rd cellar when I saw the Angel of Music sitting by himself.
    “Uh excuse me, I came to visit you” he turned around and patted the ground next to him. I sat down next to him and he put his arm around me.
    “What was your secret?”
    “I asked what was your secret? Yesterday you told me you had a secret but you never told me”
    “Oh well its nothing”
    “If it was nothing then you wouldn’t have bothered to mention it”
    “It doesn’t matter”
    “Please tell me, what does this relationship-”
    “Yes, why else would I call you?”
    “Well I thought you wanted to be friends or needed something important”
    “Is there a reason you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with me?”
    “Well the two times I have seen you, you were wearing a mask…”
    “…Yes… What about that?”
    “I have never seen what was under it?”
    “There’s no need to see what’s behind it”
    “It won’t bother me, please show me”
    “No Emily, it’s too horrible for your angel eyes”
    “Please let me see, you’re the sweetest person I have ever met!”
    “If I let you you’ll leave it there?”
    “Of course” I slowly removed his mask and saw what he has been trying to hide from me.

Chapter 4
    Even after I explained what had happened between me and the Angel or Music, Meg still thought he was a phantom and a mass murder.
    “Meg, you’re such a meanie, you never even met him!”
    “So, from what you told me he already sounds like a weirdo!”
    “He’s really sweet and just wants to be in a relationship-”
    “And you think you should go out with a mass murder! This is worse than the time that you like Daniel!”
    “Hey! He was the first person who was kind to me so what was I supposed to do!”
    “Well now he hates you and and to add to the bad news Brandi, who is his present girlfriend is going out with Raoul!”
    “Yeah we should tell Raoul Brandi is cheating on him.”    
    “We should”
    “We will”
    We both went to bed after that.I couldn’t fall asleep until 12 but none the less I fell asleep. I was awoken quickly by Meg, who had screamed and thrown something.
    “What’s wrong now?” I asked. She never did answer but instead took it to responsibility to hurt whoever was in the bedroom. I looked over the side of the bed and saw the Angel.
    “Meg! Stop you’re hurting him! It’s him, it’s the angel!”
    “Emily I’m not stupid I know you can only hurt paper!”
    “Meg you are stupid!” I helped the poor man up and sat him on my bed.
    “Are you okay angel? Did the idiot hurt you?” I said looking at Meg for the last part.
    “No, no the question is are you okay, my angel?” he was too sweet, and of course Meg had to hurt him
    Meg was still angry.
    “Oh give me a break! This guy is some type of kidnapper and you feel bad for him?!”
    “Yeah well he doesn’t throw things!”
    “In my defense people shouldn’t crawl through windows, especially at night, especially any other time of the day!”
    “Are you okay Angel of Music? Do you want to pass the night here?”
    “I wouldn’t be invading would I?”
    “Yes…” muttered Meg under her voice.
    “No of course you can even sleep in my bed, Meg can sleep on the floor!”
    “Thank you, my dear! Thank you!”
    “It’s no problem, I would feel better if you stayed the night”
    Meg mimicked each sentence I said.
    “Shut up Meg , get on the floor.”
    “Well, why me?”
    “Because this is my house and you don’t live here, that’s why!”
    “That’s a little unfair don’t ya think?” she asked putting her hand on her hip.
    I tried to take his mask off but he refused to let me.

Chapter 5:
    I tried to explain to Raoul the fact that practically every single other guy is more romantic than he is after Erik left.
    “Mhmmm and we are talking about the same guy who wanted you to-” Raoul explained.
    “Don’t even bring it up!” I yelled.
    “What that weird stalker called Zach?” asked Mrs. Lovett being nosy like she always is.
    “Zach was always a stalker and there’s no changing that!” I said. Zach walked in to the building and I interrupted him before he could finish his sentence. “McKenna’s no here so you probably don’t need money her!” Both Raoul and Mrs. Lovett were trying to hold in their laughs but it was impossible with a guy who looked like Zach standing in front of you.
    “I come in here and try to have a civilized conversation, but no we can’t let” Zach started to complain.
    “Look do you want to order something or not?!” I asked impatiently tapping my shoe rather loudly. As we waited for the awkward stare off between Zach and I to end, a strange young man walked in.
    “Excuse me Madame, I’m looking for Raoul de Chagny.” stated the young boy.
    “That’s nice to know” said Mrs. Lovett.
    “Well?” asked the young boy.
    “Have you seen him?”
    “Yeah he’s dating a rock” I interrupted their conversation.
    “What?!” yelled Zach.
    “Yeah Brandi is as smart as a rock, so she is-”
    “He’s my father!” yelled the young boy.
    “Whaaaaaaat?! He couldn’t he’s-”
    “EMILY” yelled Mrs. Lovett telling me to stop.
    Raoul must’ve stormed out while me and Zach were having a stare off.
    “Well if you come with me then we can find your father at the opera house. I have dance in a couple of minutes so its no big deal.” I explained. At the end of my explanation Meg came bursting through the door.
    “Oh my god, Emily you missed it! Brandi got hit in the- O god it was hilarious!”
    I shook my head at poor Meg and left. On my way to the opera house, I found out that the boy’s name was Pierre. And his mother was the one and only Christine Dai. No wonder Raoul refuses to go back to her, he has a child he refuses to take care of. I walked into the opera house with high hopes and a huge ego.
    “Yes people its true I just walked through the door!” I yelled walking up the stairs. “Where’s De Chagny?!” I asked as loud as I could speak.
    “Why would you need to know, b-” Madame Giry interrupted Brandi’s rude comment.
    “Pierre?! Where is mother?!”
    “I don’t know where father is!” I yelled trying to act like I was taking care of him. As Madame Giry took care of Pierre, Meg ran up to talk to me.
    “Who’s the cute boy?”
    “He’s 12, and Raoul’s kid. At least that’s what he says.”
    “So he doesn’t look like Raoul!”
    “Doesn’t matter, I mean like there is still that ugly DNA”
    “Good point”
    Both Meg and I looked hopelessly into space. This was going perfectly until Raoul came over and annoyed us.
    “Did you hear, Did you hear?!” he asked sounding a bit more giddy than usual.
    “Brandi got upgraded from a rock to a stone!” I said fake excitedly.
    “Wha- no, Christine is back!”
    “So you don’t love her anymore, your with that rock”
    “Yeah so what? I’m leaving her.”
    “That’s great. But what about her son?” I asked.
    “What son?”
    This argument went on forever. That is until Christine stopped me to talk to her.
    “Yes Christine”
    “I was wondering, how is, well you know?”
    “Who?” I knew who she was talking about but I refused to give her any sort of agreement on her leaving Erik.
    “You know,” she whispered his name, “Erik”
    “Yeah what about him?”
    “How is he? You think he could be a father?”
    “What? What type of question is that?!” I left before she could answer that question. I went back to Meg and told her the whole story about Erik being a father. But of course she didn’t understand because Meg doesn’t know who Erik is. I kept telling her that he was the mass murder but of course she didn’t understand. We kept walking around for hours I tried to explain but she would never understand it. In the middle of my big explanation, Meg interrupted me.
    “People!” she yelled out.
    “And he- What?!” I asked, questioning how sane she was.
    “I don’t know, I was hoping that would make you stop talking”
    “Oh shut up”
    “My story is the best story in the whole entire WORLD!! HAHAHAHA!” I yelled out, making sure everybody could hear me.
    “Why are you mad at Christine? Are you mad because Erik still loves her?”
    “What?” I asked defending my part as his girlfriend.
    “I understand if you despise her somewhat but why can’t you put it as part of his and her past. This is the same reason why Brandi is mad at you so you can’t use it!” she explained.
    “What?! Why not?!”
    “Because- because, just because”
    “That’s no fair.” I turned my back from Meg because she didn’t understand. She would never understand because she didn’t know the story, so ha yeah HA!
    “Oh come on, you promised you’d never turn into that!” she protested.
    “Go bother your mother or something” I insisted.

Chapter 6:
    Erik came over later and I started complaining about Meg. I had my head laying on his lap so I highly doubt Erik was even listening.
    “And then she compared me to Brandi!”
    “Of course my dear” he whispered.
    “Your not even listening are you?!” I asked angrily.
    “Of course I’m listening. You and Meg got into a fight, now aren’t I right?”
    I hated telling him that he was correct.
    “I love you Erik” I whispered to him.
    “I love you too” he replied.
    In the middle of this sickening love fest, I forgot about the shop being open so it surprised me when I heard that really annoying “ding-a-ling” sound from the bell above the door.
    “Hey where’s the bossiness?”
    “That’s Brandi!” I informed Erik. We were both in the living room with the door closed so we would be interrupted.
    “Hey come here, by the door” I instructed in whisper. We both pressed our ears against the door to listen. I heard McKenna and Brandi together but lord only knew if Kate was there or not. They always shunned her out. Brandi was complaining about some type of diet and how she can only drink water. I told Erik to hand me one franc and that what I was about to do would be funny. I simply handed McKenna the franc and said it was from Daniel. Daniel was Brandi’s secret boo so I knew that would make Brandi really mad. McKenna started to stutter and didn’t know what to do. Brandi grinded her teeth and quickly ordered twenty francs worth gin and liquor. I tried to look as innocent as possible, but it was hard when playing a trick this funny. Daniel walked in and a small kitten followed him. “Hey Coonie” I yelled out. Coonie was Erik’s pet cat. She was very skinny and fluffy which made her seem fat. Her favorite spot was on Erik’s lap. I opened the living room’s door so she could walk in and Erik picked her up joyfully. Coonie let out a small plea and then cuddled under his arms.
    “Who is this?” Brandi asked between her chugs of alcohol.
    “Non of your business! Now out- out all of you, I’m leaving and mother isn’t here!” When everybody left Erik and I shared a small glance at each other. I ran over quickly to hug him but forgot about Coonie in his arms. She clawed at the torso area of dress. Erik removed her paw and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I let out a smile and pulled him outside. Since I surprised him he dropped Coonie and her claws scratched the hardwood floors. Erik and ran together holding hands to his den. This was the most fulfilling, happiest moment of my life.
    When we got to Erik’s den, he was pressuring me to do something I didn’t want to. I didn’t feel mature enough to do it. I shook my head no at everything he said. Erik eventually gave up and leaned back in his chair.
    “Did you have a child with Christine?” I asked knowing I was getting my self in trouble.
    “Not that I know of” he said slyly. I think he thinks I don’t love him anymore.
    “Erik I still love you, you know I do! I just feel I don’t know you well enough!” I explained myself, even though I felt as though he should be explaining himself.
    “You want to know me more! I smoke pot, and I do crack! Do you know me enough now!” he yelled. He might’ve not hurt me and he probably wouldn’t say he wanted to hurt me, but I know deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, well really deep he wanted to beat me.
    “Are you happy now?! Answer me!”
    I couldn’t answer him. I was too scared of him. Even those our eyes were not looking into each others, I could feel his burning into the back of my head.
    “Of course you cant answer! Your too ashamed that you in love with an addict-”
    “No, I might be scared, but I’ll never be ashamed” I yelled back.
    “Really now, yet you wont go any where with me!”
    This argument went on for forever and consisted the subjects of his addiction, my low self esteem, and the fact that he didn’t know if he had a son or not. It ended with us sleeping in the same bed and he had his arms wrapped around me.
    “Erik, I’m really sorry.”
    “I am the one that owes you an apology”
    “I just want to know why you started.”
    “I started because I needed an escape from the pain Christine gave me.” I looked into his eyes. At the precise moment I knew he never wanted to hurt me. I simply hit a nerve that hurt deeply. Those wounds she gave him, will never heal. And me taking a part in his life, well I’ll have to deal with that. Erik reached in his drawer and gave me a joint.
    “Erik, I-I can’t- I couldn’t”
    “That’s what I thought. My good friend the darogo , gave me my first one,” he snickered “because I was so tense. I think its your turn”
    “Erik, Erik I shouldn’t” That’s what I kept telling myself. Even though I couldn’t, shouldn’t I knew that I needed to do it. For him more importantly. Maybe if I just took one it wouldn’t affect my life. I guess it wasn’t really my decision because Erik shoved the joint in my mouth and lit it. I took one puff and it made me gag.
    “Its okay, I felt the same way my first time”
    It gave me a feeling of acceleration, every part of my body felt as if it were sweating. My eye lids, my eyeballs, my heart, every cell was sweating. It was an unbelievable feeling. Erik and I took turns between puffs. Once it was over, I sent my self home. I promised myself that I would never do that again.
    He threw a joint wrapped in a plastic bag. “I don’t need this” I said trying to get the point that I wasn’t going to do it again across.
     “That’s what I thought”
    I smiled and got out of there.
    Nothing new between Meg and I. She seemed alone so I went ahead and talked to her like the big person I am. She asked me what I did last night, but I couldn’t tell her about the pot. Or could I? Well I could tell that he does it, but I didn’t need to say I did once. Oh I also didn’t need to say I had a joint on me. I felt like Brandi. Sneaking drugs just because one person got me into it. It was the worst and best feeling in the world. Could I tell Mrs. Lovett? She might understand. I mean, I didn’t do anything wrong. I simply tried one of god’s many creations. Oh who was I kidding? I wont need it. I need it right now. Maybe I could run in a corner and just light it. Maybe in the many cellars. Only people that are up there are the scene shifters and McKenna. And McKenna is really nice to me so she probably wont care. Meg was talking on and on but she must’ve noticed I wasn’t acting normal. She caught me off guard and I told her everything. The pressure, the fight, the nap, the smoking, and how he thought I would do it again. She was in shock. Meg of course thought I should tell Mrs. Lovett and leave it at that. But she didn’t know the secret desire I had for a joint right then and there.

Chapter 7
Erik’s Narrative
    I can’t believe I did that to her! I hate myself! My depression remedies should never involve her getting hurt! I wonder if she is mad at me. Should I visit her? Did I make her an addict? I know she didn’t want to do it again but I knew she would want to smoke it again! But I didn’t need to encourage her acts did I?! Of course I didn’t! why do I always mess up the whole entire universe!!? Will she ever forgive?!! Will she go to the Masked Ball with me?!!! Will she still marry me?!!! Some many questions that I need answered right away. Hopefully the next time I see her, she could answer them. When I went by the shop, it looked as if her mother and her were fighting. It was probably about the pot so I decided I would stay out of the conversation. It is sad to attempt it, but her mother scared me. The few times I have seen her, she seemed angry. If I did get her in trouble then I have high hopes that she will forgive me. If she does then I will be the happiest man alive. I hear coming down the steps. It sounds as if she has tears streaming down her face. I hope my dear Emily is okay.
    Emily has informed me that she has been kicked out of her living situation. Her mother found the joint I had given her and kicked her out. I blame myself only. I’m the one that gave it to her because I thought she would want it. No need it! I wrapped my arms around her and led her to sit next to me on the chaise lounge. I smashed the joint I had dropped on the ground for her. She needed to quit. I needed to quit. Now remember I only said I needed to quit pot. I still have crack and that’s all I need. Emily would probably find me on it and that will get her started to. I cradled her in my arms and suggested that after we finish my stash then we’d quit.    
    Well that’s exactly what we did. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t the best experience in my life getting high with Emily. I might’ve made a small mistake telling her I take crack because then we got high on crack. Which again, was the best experience in the world. This is something Christine would probably never do. After the crack, she was excited so we started making out. That was the second best experience in the world. She started to get tired so I allowed to sleep in my bed ( I just want to point out that she insisted on sleeping in my bed). She clung to my chest all night.
    Emily woke up and had a crash from the neurotics. I informed her that it always happens on your first few times. I still wake with a few pains when I get high on crack. I’ve only started recently (by recently I mean 2 weeks ago). I’m not sure if she’ll mind but the Daroga has suggested giving me morphine and heroin. I’ll try them first and if I approve of their effect then I will give them to Emily. It felt horrible supplying my only love with drugs but the more I gave her the more she wanted. I know even with that horrible crash she had, she would want more cocaine tonight. And so would I. I’m letting Emily stay here until she either chooses to go back or is made. I asked her how she was feeling and she wanted to bath. She replied that she was still feeling sick but would like to bath.
    “Where do I bath?” she asked with question in her voice.
    I led her to the lake and she seemed uncomfortable about bathing in the lake in front of me. I told Emily she was fine and wouldn’t watch (like I was going to? HA!) She undressed nervously and slipped into the lake (Now I know that I promised I wouldn’t watch but I couldn’t help myself!)
    After an hour in the lake (I think she was nervous to come out so I left the room), we ate lunch. She seemed like she had something on her mind.
    “What’s wrong?” I asked.
    “Nothing” Emily replied.
    “When do you go to dance?” As much as I love Emily, I needed some time by my self.
    “I had to quit” she whispered. She might’ve felt scared being alone with me.
    “How come?”
    “I have no money and Mrs. Lovett was paying for the classes” she answered sounding saddened at the fact she won’t dance anymore.
    “Oh, I make 20,000Francs a month. I can pay your way if you want.”
    “Do you want me to go back?”
    “No I want to spend as much time as possible. But you sound sad that you won’t go back.”
    “I’m not, I’m just scared of Mrs. Lovett”
    I took that as an answer and left her alone on that subject. She seemed down so I allowed her to get high again. And why let her have all the fun? I got high myself which really help get the whole watching-Emily-bath guilt off. The Daroga came later and I informed him that I did not do pot anymore and only needed the crack. He handed me the morphine and heroine discreetly. I would try after Emily went to bed. I have it all planned out inside my head. I decided that the best way I wouldn’t be found is if I went out on top of the opera house. Their the Daroga would teach me how to take it. I already now that heroin is injected.
    I followed my plan and everything went great. I tried the morphine and lets just say that isn’t the best. Then I tried the heroin and I got rid of that as fast as I could. It didn’t even feel great. Emily would not touch any of those. I’ll tell her of the experiences and even she did want some she wouldn’t get any because I threw it all out. Okay maybe not out. But somebody who walks out of an opera house even though they know is haunted, deserves to be hit in the head with needles. I rush back down to make sure Emily is okay and as always she is cuddling with a bunched up part of the blanket. I try to slip into the bed so she wouldn’t notice me but of course she did. To my luck though, what she did actually made me feel a little bit better. When Emily woke, she waited for me to get comfortable and laid her head on top of my chest. I patted her hair just like I do to Coonie. She nuzzled her head into my chest and I snickered. Never before in my life (besides being high!) have I felt as happy as I did right there.

Chapter 8:
Emily’s Narrative:
    Lets just say these past days I’ve been feeling happier than ever. Erik may be that very special someone! He asked me to the masked ball and of course I accepted. I asked him if he could tell me about his past, and from what Meg has told me he has a depressing past. He told me that he doesn’t remember anything from before he was 16 and that Madame Giry was the one that took him in and taught him how to heal wounds and all that stuff. He only wishes he forgot his parents. His mother is rich and his father is a drunken idiot. Sounds like someone I know (Zach!). I have been keeping one secret from Erik and only one. All the drugs he had given me, I haven’t taken them. I just brush it on the floor. And technically he never said I needed to take them, he said he would like it if I took it.
    Later today, when I saw Erik, I told him how I didn’t take any of the drugs. He completely understood, he even suggested him quitting all together. That made me the happiest person in the world. I ran over to Mrs. Lovett’s and told her that both Erik and I will be clean. She allowed me to move back in. I figured that if I can stay with Erik 90% of the time then, he won’t be tempted to go back. I also knew that I better ask Mrs. Lovett later because she is already mad at me. Erik has been sneaking in and out and I also gave up my dance lessons to spend time with him. Meg is still mad at me but oh well.
    Its been two weeks since I first moved in and I think its time I ask Mrs. Lovett if Erik can live with us. I made sure that the store was closed and Mrs. Lovett was relaxed and happy. I snuck down the stairs and sat down on the couch next to the chair in which she was lying on her stomach.
    “Good Evening my favorite mother of all time!” I stated with a smile on my face.
    “I’m your only mother so I am automatically your favorite mother” she informed me.
    “Can I ask you a question, mother dearest?” I asked trying to ask as sweet as possible.
    “What do you want?” asked Mrs. Lovett smiling.
    “Now you know I have found the love and my life and you know how he was on drugs. But he told me he would quit, so I said maybe if my mother loved me enough that he could-”
    “No, no, no!” she interrupted me.
    “But you haven’t heard the end of my sentence yet! And he really is a nice person!”
    “Are you sure he is quitting?” Mrs. Lovett asked angrily.
    “Yes, yes he’s quitting I know!”
    “I guess, if he is quitting then…”
    I knew she wanted his name so I answered her, “Erik”
    “Erik can stay, BUT he can’t sleep in the same bed as you! Understand that!”
    “Oh yes, yes Mrs. Lovett.” I wrapped my arms around her neck since she was standing up. I quickly went looking for Erik and I found him in his den. He informed me that he has been sober for 3 days and I informed him that he would be living with me for awhile.
    Both Erik and I ran to my home to make the sleeping plans. Erik would sleep downstairs and I would sleep upstairs. This would continue until Mrs. Lovett approved of him and then we both would sleep upstairs… together… like he said the first night we met.
    I finally apologized to Meg and now we are best friends like we have always been. We both agreed that the best thing to do for our friendship was to torment some people we didn’t like. Meg made the flyers and I thought of our slogan. “Stop Raoul Abuse, it must be smushed at the source BRANDI” We ran toward Brandi and her friends and gave her the flyers. Raoul knew we were up to something and came to get us away.
    “I know Brandi is easy to pick up but I hope you know that not everybody girl is like that” I educated him. He informed me quite meanly that we was no longer with Brandi and was now going out with Christine. Then we made a stupid slogan which totally made me slap him right across his face. “Smart girls choose Raoul” What idiot thinks of that?! Oh I know Raoul! As I was arguing with Raoul, Pierre came over and said the cutest thing I have ever heard! Now I know that Pierre is officially my step child but I know Christine would give Pierre up the first second she got. This is exactly what he said as he held a small kitten.
    “I’ll love it, and I’ll pet it, and I’ll name it George!”
    Meg and I practically squealed when Pierre said this. Have I mentioned that we were in the opera house? If I haven’t then the next part won’t make sense. Erik was watching us from the third cellar where the stage shifters work.
    “How is that not cute?” we kept asking Raoul.
    “Well lets think! He is 13?!” he complained.
    After that, both Meg and I ignored him. We were both more concerned about Brandi. I was already mad at for that huge gage on my wrist. Meg could see the anger in my eyes.
    “Be positive while you slap her to the floor and pull her hair!” she yelled.
    I couldn’t help but laughing.
    “Please she’s twice my size!”
    “So I could be your backup”
    I shook my head no and did something much worse. I pulled Meg into the dressing room.
    “You slap her to the floor, I walk by” I instructed. I messed my hair up a little and smeared lipstick over my lips. Oh, it was wonderful! Meg slapped Brandi down and pulled her hair while calling her every single name in the book. I walked by and stopped to watch Meg. We both ran and locked the bathroom door. We couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. Meg could barely talk without laughing.
    When I got home I had a headache so I laid down. I didn’t really think much about Erik not being home with me, since Mrs. Lovett didn’t say anything about him. I fell into a deep sleep… well that was before Coonie jumped onto my stomach.
    “Coonie, you silly kitty, what are you doing?” Mrs. Lovett came running up the stairs with anger.
    “Yeah get that bottomless pit out of my kitchen!” yelled Mrs. Lovett.
    “What did she do to you? Anyways how could not forget about it with a small cute little face like the kitty right here has!” I said smothering the cat with hugs and kisses.
    “You don’t forget it when its all you supplies!”
    “Oh forgive her! FORGIVE HER!” I yelled hold Coonie’s furry lips up to Mrs. Lovett’s cheek. “You know you want to!”
    “Just keep her busy”
    “Fine but I still think she’s the cutest kitten in the world” As I continued to smother Coonie in kisses and hugs, Erik came. He looked Mrs. Lovett up and down, probably because she was covered in flour. Erik had a brand new dress in his hand, and says he bought it especially for me. Did I mention we were going to the mask ball together? Of course I did!

Chapter 9:
    It was unbelievable what Erik did tonight! It started out normal, like any other masked ball but Brandi obliviously got mad at me because I was dancing with the most attractive man on the face of the earth. While Erik and I were dancing I heard her talking about me. I don’t know what she was thinking because I was right in front of her. I started to cry so I pulled Erik away. He must’ve heard Brandi too, because all of a sudden he started defending me.
    “Hey Vodka!” Erik yelled at the top of his lungs.
    “Excuse me, are you talking to me?” asked Brandi in that fake sophisticated voice she had.
    “You, the cheaply dressed one!” Erik yelled. McKenna gasped.
    “How dare you!” McKenna yelled as she stepped on his foot. She had this proud look on her face. He simply pushed her out of the way.
    “If Emily’s ugly, then… what are you?” he asked. McKenna gasped again. “Don’t you dare take another step!” he ordered McKenna. I tried to get Erik to leave but he refused.
    “Erik, please stop” I whispered in his ear. After several minutes of making a scene and arguing with Brandi, Erik and I went home. He tucked me in as he always does, but I stopped Erik before he went down the steps.
    “Erik?” I said.
    “Yes” he responded.
    “Umm, I just don’t think I thanked you enough for what you did. Do you mind sleeping in the same bed as me tonight?”
    “Won’t your mother be angry?”
    “And I would care because?” Erik got ready for bed as he always did and crawled into bed with me. I looked over his shoulders and he began kissing me.

Chapter 10:
Erik’s Narrative
    Last night was the best night of my life! Was that the way she wanted to thank me or did I jump to conclusions about her? Whatever the reason, it was the most fulfilling moment in my life. I wonder if she felt the same way. I couldn’t sleep at all last night. At 5 in the morning, Emily had me go downstairs, so her mother wouldn’t think we did anything. As I lay on the pull out couch, I think of the best feelings in the world.
    1. Doing what we did last night.
    2 Making out with Emily.    
    3. Getting high.
    She might laugh at my list but I’ll add to it until I die. I don’t think anything will beat number 1 or 2. After I thought this over in my mind, Emily’s mother came downstairs.
    “Erik, Erik are you awake? I need to talk to you” Her mother asked.
    I tried to act like I was awoken, so I raised my head and balanced my head on my hand. “I am now. What do you need?” I answered her.
    “I just want to tell you why I don’t want you sleeping in the same bed as Emily,” I head worry in her voice, “I just don’t want her to make a mistake, as in well you know what I mean”
    I got to my feet and I knew I looked confused. “What do you mean make a mistake? Why do you think its impossible for Emily to love me?”
    “Erik, I just don’t want her to make her decisions based on assumptions” Emily’s mother was trying to calm me down.
    I had enough of her mother. Most of the time when Emily told me of her mother’s bossiness, I thought it was just exaggerations but now I know its real. “What would you do if I told you Emily already made that mistake?” I said storming out of the bakery. I’m not sure what happened to Mrs. Lovett after I left but I knew I had to get out of that building. Hopefully Emily will trust me enough and know me enough to know I wasn’t leaving after what happen last night. I also hope she doesn’t think I’m going on drugs again.

Chapter 11:
Emily’s narrative
    Ugh! I cant believe Mrs. Lovett! She’s making both Erik and I leave just for what we did last night. Now I don’t think what we did last night was so bad. Actually it was kind of… fun. I think it was fun. I don’t really remember much. All I do remember is kissing. A lot. And I mean a lot. I walked down to Raoul’s apartment and banged on the door.
    “Raoul, open the door! I need to talk to you!” I yelled. He finally opened the door and I could tell that I had woke him. “I’m sorry, Raoul I’m sorry to wake you sleeping but there’s an emergency!” I said holding my bag. He showed me in and I could tell Raoul was angry.
    “What happened now?” he asked angrily.
    “Mrs. Lovett kicked me out” I said.
    “What did you do?!” he said.
    “Shhh… you’ll wake Pierre!,” I said scolding him in his own house, “Well it wasn’t really what I did. It was more of what we did. Erik and-”
    “Eeeewwww Emily you just nasty!” he yelled.
    “Oh yeah like you never did that with Christine!”
    “What do you need?”
    “I kind of need a place to crash, just for a while. Till the next time I see Erik. Please Raoul”
    “I need to ask Christine but I guess you can sleep on the couch until she wakes up. When is the next time you see him?”
    “Like maybe tomorrow night, if I’m lucky.”
    “Then stay.”
    “Oh thank you Raoul you’re the best friend ever!” I said hugging him.
    That night when I tried to fall asleep I couldn’t help but think that Erik was walking, all alone, just wondering the streets by himself. Unless… unless Erik went back to his den! Yes that’s it! I’ll go there and if he’s not there then I’ll come back!
    I tried to walk out as silently as possibly. SUCCESSS!!! Okay so I walked down the stairs, and walked through all that other stuff until I made it to the opera house. I walked down to his den and found Erik with only a shirt on. He was laying with his legs spread apart and was crying.
    “Emily,… Emily? Is that really you?” he asked raising his head.
    “Oh Erik, my poor sweet Erik! What has happened?” I asked.
     “Have I done it yet? Have I ruined your life yet?” he asked.
    “Why no, you’ve only made my life better!” I explained. After a couple of hours of explaining it, I stayed the night at his place.
    The next morning, I didn’t wake up next to him like I expected. I walked up to the stage upstairs to find Daniel and Zach beating a poor defenseless person on the stage. I ran up the stage quickly to help that person and the two fools ran as fast as they could. I soon found out that the person was Erik. When I helped him up, Erik went running with a dagger in his hand. I sat thinking for a second. I figured if I help Daniel and Zach then I would be helping the people I hate the most. I decided to run in slow motion. Meg saw me and she decided she would follow whatever I did.
    “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…” yelled both of us. Well, that was before young runaway ballerinas threw pillows at us from the dorm windows.
    “Go back to bed, little Jammie!” yelled Madame Giry.
    Meg, hearing her mother’s hollers., decided to run for her life. Just then I saw Daniel and Zach running for their lives too. They both were running and yelling mass murder.
    “I do good?” asked an exhausted Erik.
    “You do great!” I answered. I kissed him on the lips. I was dropped from my position when Meg yelled my name. I stayed the night with Meg. It was late at night and she was asking me all these different questions.
    “Have you kissed him?” she asked like the desperate ballerina I knew she was.
    “Mmmmmmm…. Which way?”
    “And you talk about Brandi!”
    “I’m asleep, I can’t hear you!”
    “Fine night”
    I faked snored after that. I couldn’t wait till tomorrow night so I could see my Erik again.

Chapter 12:
Erik’s Narrative
    I hope those home wreckers learn their lesson. They shouldn’t hurt me, or Emily. I wonder if Emily cared about how I looked when she found me. I need to ask her all these questions the next time I see her.

Chapter 13:
Raoul’s narrative
    Why is so hard to fall asleep next to Christine? Maybe because I know Emily is lying next to a man that’s not me. I need her. I’m scared of Christine though. I’m scared of what she’ll say if I leave her. She can’t say anything about Pierre because he’s not even mine. He’s the Phantom’s child. All she can say is that I made her leave someone that loved her. Now if Emily is correct then he doesn’t love Christine anymore. In fact he despises her! Emily says the phantom thinks Christine ruined his life. Its not that Christine is annoying, but she is kind of clingy. I still love her but I don’t know if I love her in that way. I haven’t seen my brother lately. Well I guess I can’t say that because I saw him just the other day chasing Emily and Meg down the dressing room stairs. Emily and Meg always try and make him mad by calling him names like “Homo” (not that he’s gay, actually he’s quite straight). And Meg is Emily’s little follower. She’ll go wherever Emily goes. Emily is proud of her position as Meg’s mentor.
    “Raoul… Raoul… RAOUL!!!!!” I hear between three loud knocks on the door. I knew exactly who it was.
    “TRICK OR TREAT!” yelled Meg with Emily next to her.
    “Meg you dork your supposed to say happy Hanukah.”
    I wasn’t Jewish but it was a joke that started when I first met her. “Yes?”
    “Well we came to say hi but I guess now we have to stay now don’t we? Mr. Forget your manners Roaul.” They stayed for a while but then Emily left to go see whoever she is dating.

Chapter 14:
Emily’s Narrative
    I yelled I’m home as I walked down the steps but I could see that Erik was busy writing stuff and stuffing it in huge yellow envelopes. I went ahead and sat right next to him.
    “My mom had those envelopes before… but then she hit me in the head with most of them… but they were still pretty cool. Why, what’s wrong?” I explained. He seemed disappointed but excited at the same time.
    “I just finished my latest opera. I’ve studied all my life for this chance. I will simply instruct the managers to perform this opera with the roles I have demanded and there will be no trouble.”
    “Do you think they will follow you?” I asked tilting my head a little.
    “Who do you think got Christine to where she was today?”
    I stole the casting list from his hands and Erik wrapped his arms around me. “You really want to put me as the lead?”
    “Why, certainly! Now read on!”
    I’ve continue to read the list. The Opera’s name was Don Juan Triumphant and Don Juan’s last wife is played by Brandi. Of course. I think by this point you know what McKenna does for a living now. If you don’t then let me explain her job in clean words. She goes home every night with different men and gets paid for it. McKenna part was the same as her job. Meg played a back up dancer. Even though most other dancers would like to be a leading lady but Meg refused to be anything other than a dancer. She said it gave her more time to goof off.
    I slept with Erik that night. It was strange, but it felt weird not to sleep with Erik. We even had special ways to sleep. If I slept on my stomach then he would do the same and rest his arm on my back. If I snuggled up to him, Erik would wrap his arms around me and rest his head on mine. It is perfect chemistry. Until one night when Coonie jumped on Erik’s arm and ruined the whole thing. But that was just one night and I guess I shouldn’t really care about that I guess.
    I woke up besides him and Erik had his shirt off. He was gazing off into endless space. I looked in the direction that he was looking but found nothing. I asked what was wrong and he started to list everything that he thought was wrong with his body. I looked at him bizarrely. I told him that I’m the one who needs a body change. I needed a larger bust and to lose some weight. Erik looked at me with those pitiful eyes. He slowly placed his hands on my hips and pulled my body to his. I pushed him away and asked why now, not in the middle of then night like tradition. He simply ignored me and tore off the rest of my clothes. Some how I knew we couldn’t do this but that only made me want to do it more.
    “No… mph… Erik we… no… its not right…” I tried to convince but he just wouldn’t listen. When I tried to push him off, I actually pulled him towards me harder. I pushed me on the bed as hard as possible and pulled the remaining of his cloths off. I couldn’t understand why Erik was crying. I get up into sitting position and cradled his head in my hands.
    “Oh my sweet Erik, why are you crying at this sweet, passionate time?”
    “Emily, why do you love me? I can never give you a good life? You’ll only know pain and misery!”
    “Erik this time I have been spending with you, the time we will spend together in the future, and now, now is more special than any other moment in our lives that we will share together is the complete opposite of pain and misery! That foolish Christine in don’t know what she was-” he jumped on top of me after the first part. There was a time where I could breathe. His lips were constantly on mine. Erik’s arm were viciously wrapped around my body. He finally gave me time to breathe and started to talk to me.
    “Whoever told you that your not attractive is blind, you beautiful. And I need you know” he said jumping on top of me after he’s words of wisdom. No matter what Erik said it would never change mind of how I look at my body. Erik was pressing his body against me to hard. I was trying to get him off but every time I pushed he bit my tongue. Why was he so angry and sad at the same time? Was he angry at me? Was he sad because of Christine? What was wrong he wouldn’t tell me and I was getting mad. But some how no mater how mad I got it never matter because I wanted him even more every time I got madder.
    When we were done with this fiasco Erik was asleep next to me like he always is. I held my arms close to my body. I started to grimace. I knew he wasn’t asleep. He was breathing harder than ever before.
    “I’m sorry” he whispered.
    I ignored Erik.
    “I was just… scared that you didn’t love me”
        “If I didn’t love you then I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t have done what we just did.”
    “I don’t think you want to hear this right now, but… I liked it”
    I hated to say but I liked it too. After he made me laugh for awhile then we went back to those cheesy hugging positions while we sleep
    When I saw Meg the next morning I skipped to her. “Hi Meg!”
    “Hi someone’ s cheerful!”
    “Make that two people!”
    “What’dya get me?!”
    “Not you Erik and I”
    “Eww you disgusting people.”
    “Its only human nature.”
    “Ha yeah right. Did you hear about the new opera?”
    “Why yes I did, and I also know who wrote it!” I said as we skipped through the dormitory halls.
    “Raoul wrote an opera!”
    “No you butt bag! Erik wrote it!”
    “So he’s like the complete package. I guess you won’t need a sidekick anymore.” Meg said, starting to cry.
    “Why, no Meg! Your fierce and I need a fierce sidekick. Who will tell me how fabulous I look everyday!”
    “Oh Emily you’re my best friend!” Meg exclaimed.
    We skipped our way to every nook and cranny. We said hello to everyone we saw. Before practice started I slipped into the attic. I crossed my leg when I sat down in the boards. Before I knew it, I was attacked on side by Erik. He started kissing me all over and I couldn’t help but laugh. Before I knew it he had stolen my undergarment. I mean my lower one. I stood up and he was standing by the stairs with them wrapped in his hands.
    “You weren’t like this when we first met!” I informed him. He simply just ran down the stairs. I knew it would be impossible for me to find him, so I decided I should go find Meg and ask her for some help. I finally found her talking to Sorreli. Sorreli was our best friend. I will admit that Sorreli is a little gay. Oh what am I saying he is full blown gay! Oh I’m getting sidetracked. I saw Meg and started yelling for help. She turned her head viciously and then started waving like a complete idiot. Sometimes I don’t know about that girl. Nothing was done about my situation which made me really mad.

Chapter 15:
Erik’s Narrative
    I haven’t seen Emily since I have given my opera to be performed. I hope she is at rehearsal and not cheating on me. I decided to take a look for my self and found she was doing just what I thought she was doing. She is such a beautiful performer. I miss her so much. I often find my self sitting on top of the ledges just watching her as she takes her slow turn and listening to her glistening voice flow through the theater. How could anybody reject her. Sometimes when there is a late rehearsal my deep breathing and Emily’s sweet voice will make me want to fall asleep.
    I’m not sure how long I have staying on the ledge of the stage shifters work area but I know it has been a long time. I use my cape as a blanket late at night and I can hear the sweet Madame Giry’s footsteps through the halls. She (besides Emily) has been the only person in my life that was kind to me. I looked down from the ledge that I was lying at to see how far the fall was. If I fell then and their I might have broke the floor. Maybe not. I’m not completely sure. I decided to take the risk of being found out. I fell flat on my back.
    “You were always mischievous” I heard my sweet Madame Giry say. “Come I’ll take you to her.”
    Madame Giry must have known about my relationship with Emily. She took me to a door that read “Meg
        Christine” I was hesitate at first but turned the knob silently. I heard a couple of giggles when I first walked in so I knew they were awake. I smiled and moved Emily’s hair away from her cheek. She turned her heard silently and looked at me for awhile.
    “I haven’t seen you in awhile” she whispered.
    “No need to whisper I know they’re awake” I responded calmly holding her head in my hands. I heard her friends trying to hold in their laughter. It was to much for the little blonde girl. She kept snickering. That was until Emily kicked her underneath the blanket. Then she went on into this big speech about how you shouldn’t kick people because its not nice. At one point I think she got so tired she just forgot what she was saying. Emily said she would see me after this whole opera performance was over. Thankfully it was more than ¾ done.

Chapter 16:    
    Tonight is the night of the performance and I have a special surprise for Emily. I saw Emily’s mother in the audience so everything must be fine with them now. They were sitting in my box ( box 5 as always) but it didn’t matter tonight. Tonight I wouldn’t be watching the performances like I used to, no, tonight I would performing in the art that after so many years of studying and watching. I waited till the second act that so many people had inspired. When one of Emily’s male arch enemies left, that’s when I took my part. I came out in costume and all. When I did walk out, I saw Emily’s blonde headed friend walk next to her and whisper in her ear.

Chapter 17:
    Meg whispers in my ear,
    “At least you don’t have to act like you love the weird guy”
    I couldn’t help but giggle. When Erik began to sing, whispered to him “Damn” He smiled at me and the opera continued as it was supposed to. That was till the end. When I got close to Erik I whispered to him, “You look so hot right now!” He smiled and started to go completely off track the lyrics and script. I tried to tell him through signals and stuff but it didn’t work. It took me awhile to understand that he was proposing. I jumped up and down and squealed. I couldn’t believe it. I could see from the corner of my eye Madame Giry shaking her head with her hands on her lips and a smile on her face. In the moment of completion of my life, I saw Brandi right behind Erik. I tried to tell him but I was to excited and scared at the same time to tell him. So without my warning, Brandi tore off his mask. Erik looked at me with those pitiful eyes and I whispered an apology to him. He instructed me to go down to his den. He grabbed Brandi by the arm and went off to his den I guess. Raoul tried to follow me but I guess I annoyed him with my long speech about privacy and stuff like that because he decided not to follow me. I ran down to Erik’s den because I wasn’t sure what Erik was thinking to do with Brandi. I mean Brandi has done about everything.
    I finally made it down to his den, through like a thousand steps, exhausted, and tired, and out of breathe.
    “LAND!” I yelled plopping my self on the floor. I flashed a smile to Erik. He walked my and viciously pulled me up. I yelped and he dragged me to were he hid the dress. I took back my smile and frowned. “I liked it better when you didn’t want revenge. All you wanted was for me to be happy.”
    As I walked to the room with the peacock bed he yelled, “I’m tired of being rejected! And your going to marry me I don’t care you like it or not!”
    “If you didn’t know from my response, I did want to marry you” As I slid off my dress I couldn’t believe I hated Erik at that moment. I started crying. But then I noticed something. I wasn’t mad at Erik. I was mad at Brandi. After all this, making my fiancé scared, tormenting me my whole life, some how she is still important. And I have no idea why she is. I came out and looked Erik in the eye while holding on to him. I couldn’t understand. I sat down and started weeping. Erik knelt down and petted my hair. I could tell he was sharing a glare with Brandi. “I’ve held in these tears for to long Erik!” Erik remained silent as he patter my head. He picked me up and carried me to his room. He told me to stay. When Erik left the room, I heard Brandi scream and a loud bang. I decided I would walk really slowly and act like I was going to save her. Once I made it outside the doorway, I started dancing. Erik turned around to see what was wrong with me. “What? Every good drama scene needs a great dance break!” I explained. Erik snickered because he knew I was back to normal. Dan was trying to act like he was my best friend but he wasn’t. Raoul came down, exhausted with Meg, who obliviously hasn’t been doing any walking. Meg ran over to Dan and slapped him.
    “I always wanted to do that!” she yelped with joy. Just then Erik and I heard people marching on the roof above us.
    “If your going to kill them, hurry up!” I yelled. Erik looked around for a little bit.
    “I don’t want to hurt anybody so if you promise that you wont come near Emily or any of her loved ones then I wont hurt neither of you”
    “Erik!_” he pulled me to his room and pulled the curtain.
    “Who do you want to stay with, me or those scary crazy people?”
    “Lets think about it?”
    We both went running out of the cave and left. We weren’t going to get caught. He threw me on a horse and I saw Meg and Raoul get on a boat. Erik threw himself on the horse and we rode off into the moonlight leaving the past behind.
    The End??????