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Opinion by KataraLover posted 27 days ago
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I never thought I would be doing a list like this because when I do lists based on looks it's on women. As a straight guy, it's easier for me to rank women than men. However, when I put my mind to something I try my best to come through. I had already done this list with women and I remember being asked if I would ever do it with men, so here it is. Keep in mind this is all just my personal opinion as a straight guy and it wasn't easy to figure out AT ALL! Please comment but be polite. Also, always comment because I worked HARD on this and during a time I had just had laser eye surgery and probably shouldn't have been on the computer. However, I won't be having descriptions about any of these men, not even my top 10, because I find it too hard to describe a man's looks. Anyway, please comment and I hope you enjoy!

[b]100.Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum
99.Joe Jonas
98.James Dean
97.Tab Hunter
96.Michael B. Jordan
Article by hatelarxene posted 27 days ago
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Attention all useless Fanpop sluts. Congratulations. If you're reading this, it means you've overcome the limitations of your tiny manatee brains and opened this post. Now, if you're asking yourself... "DERRR, wait, I'm confused. Is hatelarxene talking to ME? Am I a useless Fanpop slut?", simply ask yourself the following question aloud... "IS MY NAME FanpopUser1, FanpopUser2, FanpopUser3 or FanpopUser4?" Because if the answer to that is YES, then FELICITATIONS, THIS MISSIVE IS FOR YOU.

So, do you all remember when we agreed to meet at the campus pool and kill Donald Trump, and I got you all awesome new phones, so that when it came time to meet, the phone would light up a certain color, and when it did, you didn't even have to answer it, you just had to come meet at the aforementioned pool?

And then do you remember NOT coming to the pool, despite me making it super easy for you by concocting a plan so simple that an orangutan could have figured it out? Like, literally, a circus ape of moderate intelligence could have looked down at the phone sticking out of the single pocket in the front of his comical lederhosen and seen it light up and used his...
Opinion by Canada24 posted 1 month ago
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This is Lisa,(.) she is my friend. My mom and dad don't see her, so they say she is my imaginary friend. Lisa is a nice friend(.)
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Today I tried to plant a flower in the yard. I tried to plant it by the Sandbox, but Lisa said that is where her daddy is sleeping, so I planted it in a cup of dirt.
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Lisa is at school with me today. I brot (Brought) her for show and tell, but Mrs. Monroe got mad, because she can't see her. Lisa got sad, so she hid the Chalkboard eraser.
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Yesterday was my birthday party. Mommy bought pizza, but no one came. Lisa said people came to the porch and left. But they left presents. I got 3 barbies, a pair of shoes, and Five dollars. Me and Lisa played (with the) barbies.
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Mrs. Monroe is Absent today, (and) our substitute is named Mrs. Digman(.) She is pretty, and nice, and she is letting us have snack time after diary time(.) I wish Mrs. Digman can stay our teacher.