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Opinion by BlondLionEzel posted 11 days ago
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WARNING: This rant will contain swearing

This episode...oh god this episode...

It starts with the Griffin family stuck in their house during a Hurricane. The Griffins (excluding Meg) decides to play a game and Meg wants to join their game, they tell her:

"No one wants to be fingerbanged by you!"

The Griffins are as***les towards Meg. And before you Family Guy fans start to flame me, Meg is my favorite character.

Peter decides to annoy the whole family. To which Meg opens up a can of soda. Peter snaps at Meg, and surprisingly Meg stands up for herself.

Now what amazes me is that the show puts her in the wrong for standing up herself. Don't believe me? Lois and
Chris decide to be little f**ckers and beat Meg down.

After Peter, Lois, and Chris keep yelling mean-spirited things at Meg (which include pointing out her flaws and telling her how ugly she is), Meg starts to point out everyone else's flaws.
Article by Dreazky posted 13 days ago
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See that guy in the picture? Do you know him? Do you like him? Is he your bias? Will you tell me?

Do you already knew the news about EXO? Will you tell me?

What if I tell you I am his sister? What's your reaction? Can you tell me? In my last article I said that I am his cousin, but I was wrong... He's my sibling...

Do you hate me now? Yes? No? Thinking that it's just a petty damn lies? Could you tell me?

If he actually leaves the EXO group, what will be your reaction? Will you tell me?

Will you miss him that much? How? Would you tell me?

Will you hate the SMTown for that? Or how about Kim Young Min? Why? Could you explain it to me?

Do you hate me now? Are you doubting me? Why? Can you tell me?

I don't agree that he should go and leave the EXO group; do you agree with me? Yes? No? Why? Could you tell me?
List by Tanjiabo273 posted 15 days ago
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Kisshia - Kisshia is more into fashion, she hates sports, but Kisshia is a Young 14 year old born in Paris, Kisshia is always a friend of Johannah
Susie - a young Ukrainian girl who is well almost the oldest, but Susie is a girl who is more into the boys a little, Susie likes to have aroung a young girl named Sassy
Nikky - Nikky is the one who is velvet, and always open minded, Nikky is a young Tuvaluan/Australian girl born in Tuvalu
Brian - Brian is Saudi Arabian And American, Brian is mostly called "BRITISH BRIAN" because he has a British Voice
Ryan - Ryan is Qatari and English, Ryan is the most perverted of the group, Ryan has a little sister named Alexis but born in separate places
Alexis - Alexis is Half Burmese and Half English, Alexis likes to keep things in mind. Alexis is a younger sister of Ryan
Sassy - Sassy is named sassy because she is the most Saasy of the group, Sassy has the real name of Himōro
Bee - Bee is bisexual Japanese girl, she lies a whole lot, she wants Ryan to be a friend of her. Bee is also known as Kiekō