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Guide by BlondLionEzel posted 8 days ago
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Out in the darkness, someone is rending the silence
Awakening this planet from its sleep
Who is it?

Look, evil spirits are right before you
There's nowhere to run, so take 'em straight on!
Someone tells me to erase my "worries" and "fear"
We reconstruct our minds
Clench your fists strongly
Believe in the bonds between us
And fight!

So all I can do
And all you can do
Is spread your wings and transform
Take the anger piercing your heart and turn it into strength
Now all I can do
And all you can do
Is shine and transform
To the stage of evolution
Touch and go!

Listen closely! It's a new "beginning"
Why do you think this age is testing us?

Power is awakened in an unknown area
Unleash the light, aim for the ultimate level!
We will all clear a series of trials
And overcome what we are now
Guide by BlondLionEzel posted 8 days ago
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Nobody believes in the end of the world
A sadistic melody thunders through the air
Darkness was born, Darkness haunts, and Darkness rules
Fill this world rampant with despair with an insane love

Before time began,
there was the All spark
Like all great power,
someone wanted it for good,
others for evil.
And so began the war.

Now is the time to resurrect, a bloody desire called sin
Grasp eternal life with those hands

Nobody notices the darkness in hearts
Nobody can hear the screams from the heart
Covered in lies, controlling lies, and lies are allowed
Fill this society filled with hypocrites with rotten dreams

And the All spark was lost to the far reaches to the space
Searching for every star, every world,
Drew us to an unknown planet called…

Article by slenderman777 posted 9 days ago
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I Always liked the Mario creepypastas. they were good and might i add not that creepy....that all changed when.... i had the dream...so i went to bed i woke up and first thing. everyone was dead. my brothers. my sisters. my parents. friends .random other people all dead. then out of no where Mario came out of nowhere. he started to say something. he said."survive my deadly maze and you will live but fail and you will die" i then was in a maze. walking what seemed like hours of no point of ending.at this point i was scared out of my mine.just then Mario Came at me and said "you failed my maze therefore you must be dead" it was at this point i woke up Screaming. i was back in the real world. the end