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Opinion by GDragon612 posted 8 days ago
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1) Go into a phone store, look at the sales person, hold out a banana and tell them you want to upgrade to an apple.

2) On New Years Eve at 11: 55 order a pizza then at 12:01, New
Year's day, call and complain I ordered this last year!

3) Go into a public restroom then after a few seconds, yell "LET IT GO! LET IT GO! CAN'T HOLD IT BACK ANYMORE!" then drop something heavy into the toilet.

4) Order a pizza 3 minutes before new year and when it comes say "I ordered this a darn year ago" and scream in frustration.

5) Go into a supermarket, and in the produce section, find a pineapple. Grab it and shake it violently, screaming, COME OUT SPONGEBOB, I KNOW YOUR HOME!!

6) Super glue a coin to the ground and watch people try to pick it up.

7) When someone knocks at the door, knock back and see how long it goes on for.

8) Get into a crowded elevator and say," I bet your all wondering why i gathered you here today."
Opinion by GDragon612 posted 8 days ago
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Go to the mall and hand out lost unicorn flyers and look really sad.

Get a marshmallow gun fill it with skittles and shoot people while screaming TASTE THE RAINBOW!!!!

Have you and your friend dress up as Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley and walk around a mall!

Go to a mall and walk around giving random people High fives.

Go to the mall and fall in front of someone.

Go to the top of a mall escalator when someone reaches the top throw skittles at them and yell CONGRATS YOU FOUND THE RAINBOW! And run

Fill a bowl with marshmalloes. put them in the microwave and watch them puff up!

Go to the mall and look behind you and yell at them "WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME!?!".

Go to a mall and go to a random store, find a closet and scream I FOUND NARNIA!

Go into a mall, and hide in a bathroom stall. Come out and ask a guy "What year is it?" After they answer, run away screaming "OMG YES IT WORKED!!"
Opinion by new2 posted 11 days ago
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First Of All I like to Give examples of what i'm talking about
EX: Shall I like Miley cyrus for climb then i should like her personality ,taking all the package .
She Got nude forward in future Shall I still support her to death
or Why?

other point people
there are different genres of music ,but teenager or fans go for pop most of all.
Like MJ fans
When i checked his song i didn't get amazed ,it's like reading newspaper it's not arranged like regular songs
Most of his songs he screams out loud ,not a song ,it's more like shouting in streets.
&his fans are crazy ,love every single stuff about him

I Didn't Mean to Insult anybody Just Thinking

Why I can't get respectable show or artist

why there is nudity ?

or fame depends on that
wear unsuitable clothes or grabbing crotch .
by telling me it was a show & they were acting only