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Article by goatfacewwe posted 3 days ago
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the new big momma
Tyler Perry: Hello Everyone It's Tyler Perry and This is the story of how Big Momma's House became Madea's House. U guys know how Martin Lawrence was suppose to get the role but something crazy happened He ate too many baby back ribs from Chill's and ended up become the new Fat Albert so they needed someone to play big momma and I got the call since I already Had Madea made up. and Thus starting the new Madea's house Franchise series.
Article by goatfacewwe posted 6 days ago
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Austin Mahorny Himself
Am: Hey guys It 's me it's me it's Austin Mahone and Do I have a crazy story to tell u. It all started when I was watching Austin Powers in goldmember.
scene is when Dr.evil walks in on Powers having sex
Powers: Do i make u Horny?
Mahone: I was so inspired by that that I wanted to meet the man so I had a phone call and we met on the set
Powers: Hello? U name is
Mahone: Austin we talked on the phone
Powers: Oh right, What can i do for u?
Mahone: I was Wondering how u get so horny?
Powers: really? well it's simple u see(whispers to him the stuff)
Mahone: So I came back to give it a try and the first place was a club. What do u know it worked. Next thing u know I being surrounded by girls. So next time u hear my song MMH Yeah! u'll know it was inspired by the horny one himself sir Austin Powers.
Now people everywhere I go they call me Austin Mahonry. so thank u Austin Powers.

Review by deathding posted 7 days ago
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I have made a new-ish series a month ago called toxic and admirable fanfic reviews, where i review fanfics! I have many many fans and many think I am funny! So if you want comedy based bad and good fanfiction reviews, go on Fanfiction.net club and check em out! ^__^

I review the best and the worst in each one, and I love the support I get from my fans! I also have a youtube channel named jared potts if you're interested. I made a top 10 kirby boss fights video, at 700+ views, so check that out too!

Thanks guys, and as always, Keep it SHADY! :D