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Opinion by deathding posted 5 days ago
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Yep, this is a series now. Yippedikiyay. -___-

Anyways, for the people who've been living under the Earth's core for most of their life, a hater is an immature troll who randomly despises anything they can come across.

And I literally mean anything. :D

And let me just say, IT'S ANNOYING AS HELL. Seriously, I didn't ask for society to be perfect, but haters are EVERYWHERE and they're SO irritating.

It doesn't even matter what the subject is, haters just spaz out whenever the hell they wet their pants or something.

If they want to hate our opinion, they will. If they want to dislike a YouTube video for no reason, they will. IF THEY WANT TO LOATHE THAT F**KING PILLOW OVER THERE, THEY WILL.

They make no sense, and are the most annoying part of society HANDS DOWN.

My Friend: Darn it! Go-Fish. :(

If you've been blessed without the knowledge of experiencing a hater, they're like fusing Scrooge and a troll into one, and it's not pleasant.
Review by QueenofthePika posted 6 days ago
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This just came to my head while listening to these songs, so here I go! Oh yeah, these are my very first reactions, so they won't always make sense XP
Lyrics are like this
(Thoughts are like this)
Let's go!

Hearing title for the first time: (Whaddya think he's gonna do, get a mop and clean you up?)

This might be wrong, but here's all I know, here's all I know
(Well unless you're stupid or have amnesia, you are wrong.)

Most times I pretend that he's just a friend, he's just a friend

Yeah I'll try to make our hearts beat in time
Even though your rhythm might not be with mine
(It will not. It would be creepy if it did.)

But darling I'm a mess without your love
(I'm an angel without anyone's love, what about you?)

Heaven knows I'm trying, trying to get by
(You sound like me trying to solve a maze.)

But darling I'm a mess without your love
List by deathding posted 12 days ago
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ANIME! ^____^

An awesome source of entertainment that's basically Japanese cartoons often inspired by manga, or Japanese comic-like novels. AND THEY KICKED ASS! :D

Seriously, half my life is just watching anime, and I almost love every one I see. And this list is celebrating THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF.....

Uh, canned bread? :P I don't know, I just wanted to make this list.

The rules are obvious. Only entries from anime I've seen, they have to be from anime, and they have to be FREAKING AWESOME SAUCE! ^__^ (That didn't even make sense.....)

So kick out the popcorn, soda, get comfortable, and enjoy! This is my Top 10 Anime Openings/Theme Songs!

#10. Soul Eater Season 1-Resonance.

Starting off this list is an awesome anime by the name of Soul Eater. And honestly, who DOESN'T KNOW THIS ANIME!?

I know it, my friends know it, my relatives know it, THAT ROCK OVER THERE KNOWS IT.