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Opinion by Brickleberry posted 8 days ago
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The other night, I dreamed where I was Candace Flynn from Phineas and Ferb. While having lunch with Jeremy, I remembered that Phineas and Ferb made a time-traveling tape measure. This reminded me of how awful the Gravity Falls episode went, with Dipper and Mabel losing various items through several dimensions.

This prompted me to write about how Trent would cause tension between Courtney and Gwen if he competed in TDWT.

It went like this:

[I]Trent tells Tyler to reveal Duncan and Gwen's kiss, causing tension between Courtney and Gwen. Even though Trent and Tyler voted for Duncan, Chris ignored the votes and sent an intern home, so he can keep Duncan and the tension between Courtney and Gwen for another episode. This was true, since Gwen was eliminated for losing a [obviously rigged] tiebreaker in Australia. Even though Trent never meant to get her eliminated (in an unintentional way), Trent and Duncan worked together and throw Courtney off her game. However, in China, both Blaineley and Courtney get sent home, due to budget, and the fact that both girls were caught cheating by Heather. Duncan, at long last, gets eliminated when Trent...
Review by PeacefulCritic posted 11 days ago
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I was thinking about doing the "giant spider invasion." But being resist to the Gnomes were pretty bad. Let's just start the episode.*turns on Netflix*

The theme: of course it isn't bad at the same time it isn't that good. At some points it's catchy at others the lyrics gets a little too cliche.

Short video: And it's about how there is only one gnome with a pure heart. And they are resist about any of the others that aren't pixies so of course stead of making a fairy has a past problem with the gnomes. And their greed getting in the way of their broke kingdom and wanting revenge. That'll be a way to make it a better movie. But nope just an elf wanting to put them all in stone for no reason at all. Because you know elf. Has no reasoning for their actions. We don't get a back story. or a reason. Just cause their are evil and the only good thing in the world that isn't animals are pixies. Shall we go on.. No okay next.

Talk about the movie: Our main cast talks about
Guide by BlondLionEzel posted 12 days ago
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I usually like to make my characters after these tropes:

#1: The Hero

The hero (Applies to males and females) is a strong, determined, and just. He defeats his enemies but is willing to show weakness. He fights to defend others, and puts others before himself. It's always the heroes job to protect the weak.

#2: The Princess

The princess (Applies to females mostly) is a kind, gentle, and fair soul. She likes the Hero and despises the Villain. She usually like cute things, but you can change this if you like.

#3: The Villain

The villain likes to cause harm to others. He usually can be found making evil plots from his base of operations. He hates the hero because the hero is the opposite of him. The villain does horrible things like kidnap children, destroy cities, and kidnaps the princess.

#4: The Mentor

The mentor teaches the hero all needs to know and is usually where he finds his inspiration. Something you can do is have the villain kill the mentor so that the hero has more reason to fight the villain.