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Article by pizzafan posted 6 days ago
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Today We Laugh at Rixton
Jake Roche - okay l want to start doing drugs because I'm a douchebag who's very popular like Justin Bieber

Lewis Morgan - We've got to keep it secret though like how I keep secret that I have woman legs with herpes on it

Charley Bagnall - I'd like some Marijanas

Drug Dealer - only if you promise not to tell anybody that I'm wearing a bikini and that I'm a cunt

Jake Roche - this feels great and hopefully we die so we don't have to be in the music industry anymore cause where just talentless losers

Charlie Bagnall - Great

Lewis Morgan - We suck

Danny Nilkin - I'm just a backup I'm nothing special

Jake Roche - Ooh a Cupcake

Jake Roche - mmmm

Jake Roche - ewwwwww I'm eating the fucking toilet paper I've got to puke

Talking Car - Hey Danny I need some gas please give me some
List by goatfacewwe posted 6 days ago
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There are many reasons as to why i believe she has earned this title.
1.She fattens her kids TOO Much.
2. She has let her kids get away with WAY too much crap.
3. She has let her daughter(honey boo boo) become a household name.
4. She and her entire family has made America Look Bad.
5. She herself is a BAD example for mothers everywhere.
6. She has let people to believe that being fat is alright.
7. She was once considered for Dancing with the Stars(which in it of itself would of been bad)
8. She had one of the Worst weddings that I have ever seen.
9. She should NOT have allowed her family get a show.
So as u can see she has proven to be the WORST Mother on the face of the earth.
Article by pizzafan posted 7 days ago
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Today We Laugh at Flo Rida
Flo Rida - Hey everyone you probably think you know a lot about me I mean I'm a shitty rapper who is a joke to the music industry who should retire from music but I got one other secret big

Flo Rida - I have a dick in my bellybutton

Flo Rida - It's worse than my girlfriends dick

Flo Rida - So not only am I a fucking terrible rapper and as big a joke as Pitbull but I also have a dick in my bellybutton my songs Good Feeling and Whistle Baby should be called Piss Baby and Bad Feeling cause I suck as I rapper and I have another peanus

Flo Rida PS I also love eating dog shit

Flo Rida that's it be sure not to by any of my music anymore and make sure I be forgotten and make sure nobody listens to my music anymore because I am a disgusting guy with a dick in my bellybutton