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Guide by zanhar1 posted 15 days ago
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Image by: crystalfalls on deviantart
I keep ranting and raving about how great Symphonic Metal and Folk Metal are so I may as well make an article on them. I mean everyone likes new music right? Or maybe you already like Symphonic Metal and Folk Metal and just want to read more about it. Either which way, I present to you an article about Symphonic and Folk Metal.

What is Symphonic Metal?

Well, naturally it is one of the many raindrops under the metal umbrella. It combines elements of classical music with orchestral music, Gothic music, opera, and of course metal music. Sometimes it can actually include the folk/Celtic elements. Lyrically, Symphonic Metal is usually enchanting with themes of nature and sometimes fantasy. It's really poetic. Guitars, keyboards, drums, keyboards, violins...Symphonic Metal has it all. Typically the vocals are clean and powerful, and of course very pleasing to the ear. Speaking of vocals; it is actually a strikingly common trend for the band to consist of all males on the instruments and a wonderful lead female vocalist. A vocalist who may or may not be accompanied by a second vocalist who does the 'death-metal'esque growls. The genre popularized in...
Article by slenderman777 posted 15 days ago
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Courage the Cowardly Dog was a show on Cartoon Network when it actually had mostly good shows (It aired from 1999-2002). It was cancelled after 4 seasons but it's shown on Cartoon Network sporadically.

One episode in particular that scared a lot of us was King Ramses'' Curse. But does anyone really know King Ramses' backstory? Not really. That's where I come in. About 3 weeks ago, a friend of mine named Ted sent me a link to a website. It was the Cartoon Network website but there was something off about it.

It was darker than I had last remembered it, and by that I mean dark colors. It had been a while since I'd been on the site, so I figured they remodeled or something. There was a Courage the Cowardly Dog section of the website. I went to it, as it was my favorite show on Cartoon Network even though it scared the ever-living shit out of me sometimes. One part of the section was "learn the real story of King Ramses". I thought it was some history section of the actual King Ramses. Being a history buff, I clicked on it expecting to learn about King Ramesses, or Ramses as he's called sometimes. I was wrong.
Opinion by deathding posted 24 days ago
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Walt Disney here chap
Better prepare yourself
I make record selling movies
Not comics on the shelf
I'm a childhood film icon
You're just a wrinkly old geek
You look like Hugh Hefner had sex
With one of your X-men freaks
I'm the musical master
My lyrics flow faster
My lines will fly past ya
Quicker than Iron Man's blasters
And there's no point contemplating
The nerdy worlds you're creating
Your target market's 30 still living at home procrastinating
I could walk through Comic-con
And find 20 replacements
You don't stand a chance here Stan
Go back to your mom's basement!

You make films for kids Walt?
Well congratulations
I write plots for an audience
That have an education.
It takes me under ten minutes to guess the outcome of your kids shows