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Fan fiction by aldrine2016 posted 6 months ago
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Song tune: link

The V of Doom, indigo and blue,
It zooms in like a plane,
The S from Hell, like Satan's spell,
It looks like a bloodstream,

The VID stone mask, will make you gasp,
And you'll scream like a maniac,
Fabrica has a face that's black,
It's stare will make you very crack,
And you will surely fall on your back,
And it's eyes look like those of a cat, a cat, it's eyes look like those of a cat!

Klasky-Csupo's face is coco,
It's kinda like Spongebob's face,
DIC's Kid in Bed is somewhat dread,
'Cause you get a creepy voice that said,
"DIC!" and it sounds just like a kid,
So you might as well run out your place, your place, you might as well run out your place!

The Stretch Films mouth just laughs about,
It has a British accent,
Fox Reality, no rarity,
It's Stretch Films' worst represent,
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 6 months ago
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Rabbit Peak, Chama New Mexico.

Japanese People: *Walking alongside a trailer, carrying Type 99 Machine guns*
Johnny: *Hiding behind a tree*
Narrator: Oh hey there. You must be wondering what this is all about. The answer is simple really. I work for the CIA. There's a lot of people around the world that do bad things.
Fat Mexican: *Smoking a cigar while snorting coke*
Narrator: Really bad things. This frightens the CIA, and because of that, we get rid of these people, or bring them down to Langley. There we interrogate them, and run a few experiments. May sound cruel, but that's the way the system works.
Johnny: *Moving closer to the trailer*
Fat Mexican: In favor of these untraceable weapons you've been giving us, we will give you 20 kilos of cocaine, along with thirty thousand pesos. That's worth over 100,000 yen.
Japenese Man 93: You are very honorabre. We accept the offer.
Johnny: *Pulls out an 80 Series Colt 1911*
Opinion by Canada24 posted 6 months ago
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~Personal Information~
-Canada’s birthday is February 11th, 1994, a few days before Valentines.. Not that Valentines day actually MATTERS.
-His’s real name is Connor, but is sometimes called Cons by his friends.. His name Canada24, was originally a inside joke amongst himself, as CANADA24 is his password for anything that EVER needed a password..
-Connor was born a christian. But he doesn't believe very much in Jesus.. Well, at least not the part about him being the son of God.. But he believes the painful death on the cross.. Humans are animals.
-Connor has both Irish blood, french blood.. Even a little American blood, witch might explain my sadistic humour, and love of violence in media.
-Connor can ONLY speak english. He knows no french words.

-Connor's father, Eric, works for a secretive origination. Making him a legal spy. But Eric only does the computer stuff with a team he controls.
-Connor currently works under the same place, his mom, Susan, worked her whole entire life. Ciana. He tells people she does human resear
News by noRAP posted 6 months ago
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1) Fixing Teeth
Number One-

Are you embarrassed of dental brace?

Well this how teeth were remodeled/fixed in 18th century

Number Two-

Looks like scene from "50 Shades Of Grey" but believe me they tried to treat Scoliosis

Number Three-

That's how doctor used to treat mentally ILL

(Bodies wrapped in sack like thing)

Number Four-

This lady posed for a photograph, displaying her artificial leg , but was too embarrassed to show her face.

Number Five-

Before using anesthetics all you got for surgery from doctors, if got something at all, was a little ether

Number Six-

Back then it was an invalid cart

Number Seven-

Physical therapy looked totally different than now

Number Eight-

These cute babies were treated for winter rickets at an orphanage in 1925
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 6 months ago
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An Imperial landing craft was leaving Coruscant. However, no Imperials were inside. It was only two men from the Republic.

Republic Pilot: *Looking at the clear sky. No other ships are seen as they are out of Coruscant*
Colonel Turner: *Walks up, and sits next to the pilot* Thirty five minutes. Can we make it?
Republic Pilot: We can make it. Will your friends make it?
Colonel Turner: Let's hope so.

Song: link

John made it back to the shed with Morris, Mary, and Cartwright where Heidi was waiting in the speeder bus.

Heidi: *Puts up a jammer, and turns it on*
John: *Starts the speeder bus, and goes as far back as he can to knock down the doors in front of him*
Morris: *Sits in the back with Mary*
Cartwright: *Sits down in front of Heidi*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 6 months ago
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John, and Morris walked into the center of the village, where the cable car station was. Three Imperial Troop Transports stopped next to the station.

Stormtrooper 75: *Opens the back door*
Stormtrooper 62: *Pushes Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson out* Go. Into the cable car station.

Song: link

John & Morris: *Climbing a ladder to the roof of the cable car station*

They walked towards the edge, climbed over a fence, and waited for the cable car to move up.

Barkley: *With Thomas, and Christianson. Their hands are tied with rope as they are being moved to the cable car station by two stormtroopers*
Imperial Officer: *Talking into a video messenger* Yes, Captain Mulloch with three prisoners.
Cable Car Operator: Alright. *Moves a lever, making their cable car move towards the castle*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 6 months ago
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Song: link

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A Star Wars Fan Fiction

Starring Louis Bodine as John Smith

Sean Bodine as Morris Schaffer

Emma Watson as Mary in

Where Eagles Dare

An Imperial Landing Craft was flying through a planet covered in snow, 18 inches thick.

Also starring Keith Wickham as Colonel Turner and Simon Greenall as Admiral Roland

And Rob Rackstraw as Colonel Kramer

The Landing Craft continued to fly as it was getting towards some mountains.

Tom Kane as General Rosemeyer
Jesse Neighbour as Major Von Hapen
Scarlett Johansson as Lieutenant Schwartz
Jordan Carver as Heidi
Opinion by Riku114 posted 6 months ago
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Hello everyone, and welcome to the I-Forgot-How-Many-I-Made-Before Annual Hunger Games Special for the Random Club brought back from the dead by yours truly, Riku114. This is something I used to do for this club and have decided to start doing again after carefully selecting some of the first users I saw to take part in the return of this series. My coding for this was erased so it only has a few of the fun events, but I will likely add on over time. If anyone would like to volunteer as tribute for the next hunger games, please do so by commenting in the comments below and I will try to make sure you get in next time.

Without further ado, may the odds be forever in your favor~!

As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.

Canada24 takes a spear from inside the cornucopia.

CokeTheUmbreon scares Riku114 away from the cornucopia.

Zeppie and BlindBandit94 fight for a bag. BlindBandit94 gives up and retreats.
Guide by TheLefteris24 posted 6 months ago
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Praise Kek!
Heed those words Mortals and set yourselves free!

There is no peace, there is PEPE
There is no fear, there is Shadilay(Peace be upon him).
There is no death, there is God Emperor.
There is no weakness, there is the MEMES.

I am the heart of darkness.
I know no fear.
But rather I instil it in my enemies.
I am the destroyer of worlds.
I know the power of the MEMES.
I am the fire of hate.

All the universe bows before kek.
I pledge myself to kek.
For I have found true life In the death of SocJus.

Peace is a lie, there is only Kek.
Through passion, I gain salt.
Through Shadilay(Peace be upon him), I gain power.
Through power, I gain Lulz.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The MEMES shall set me free.

Preached by the Enlightened Prophet known as ''The Turbo Syncretist''. The truth has been spoken! Know
Opinion by zanhar1 posted 6 months ago
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In case y'all haven't noticed I've kind of had some serious wanderlust lately. Like at this point there are so many beautiful places I'd be down to go anywhere that isn't where I've been living my whole life lol. At any rate here are 5 more breathtaking places.

1. Maldives

Honestly this one is actually probably in my top 5, I actually didn't discover it until after typing my first article. The Maldives are tied for first on my 'to visit list'.

For one thing the Maldives is home to a bioluminescent beach (a beach that has glowing water) and I have always wanted to visit one of those. They are so otherworldly and surreal. Beaches like Reethi seem like they don't even belong on Earth.

For seconds, I'm not much for romance. But when I see images like the one below, I'm ready to plan a freaking honeymoon. Honestly I'd take a friend and have a romantic candlelit dinner here. And, Christ, there are so many lovely pictures when you search up 'Maldives candle lit dinner.' Like everyone pause and do it.
Opinion by ace2000 posted 6 months ago
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Hi everyone!

It's been a super long time since I published an article, and I thought this would be a good time to update the list I posted about a year ago.

About the article:

1. I'll just be focusing on faces.

2. I tried my best (the Internet and I both have limitations) to base everything on how people looked before plastic surgery/ makeup. Somebody who looks amazing with all that, but without all that doesn't stand out to me, wouldn't cut the list... and somebody who doesn't look good after all that but used to look amazing would. (The photos here aren't the ones I based my rankings on.)

3. I'm not trying to state anything as fact :)

And finally, we start!

Female Celebrities:

10. Cora Emmanuel

I did a ton of agonizing research through various sites and general Google searches to make this list - and that's how I found out about this French model. I really like her facial structure - she has great cheekbones.
Fan fiction by Windrises posted 6 months ago
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Notes: Credit goes to the creators and owners of Game of Thrones. This fan story is meant for comedy so please don't take it seriously.

Sansa Stark walked outside the kingdom. It was late in the morning, but she was already tired.

Tyrion walked to her and said "How's it going?"

She said "Bad and I won't tell you why." Tyrion could tell she was in a bad mood so he walked away.

She felt like talking to nobody, but Jon Snow showed up. She growled.

Jon Snow said "I have sad news. Grand Maester Pycelle got killed."

She sarcastically said "I'm going to miss that creepy old guy."

Jon said "Sister it's good to see you."

She said "I'm not really related to you. Stop pretending like you matter." She walked away.

She was tired of the kingdom. She walked away from the kingdom. She wasn't sure where she was going.

20 minutes later she looked around and realized that she didn't know where she was. There was hardly anybody else around. She saw Lancel Lannister.
Article by deathding posted 6 months ago
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HEY! What do you think you're doing!?

???: Excuse us, but the administrators of Fanpop have told us to lock you in here. But have no worries, for we have given you a fun task to work on while they want you trapped in here!

Oh yeah. Because solitary confinement is so much fun. >.<

???: They want you to jot down any and all thoughts that come open your mind. Let us know when you've gone insane! :)

*Door Slams*

That was the worst fuckin' prologue ever. 1/10 for character development, and 0/10 for kindness.

Well, since I have nothing else to do, here it goes. I suppose.

Wait a minute, I might be able to make a beat out of that! One second, please...

♫I said here it goes, I suppose, because lord knows that this assignment is a load of toads!♫

Ah, screw that. This is why I never became a rapper. :P

Opinion by Windrises posted 6 months ago
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Notes: This fan story was inspired by the scene in the Power Rangers review where Michael jokingly hinted he had silly stuff on his cell phone. The Frozen franchise is owned by Disney. Michael is a real person who has a review show named MTCN Review Team. However the Frozen story was made by me. I hope you check out MTCN Review Team, because they deserve more subscribers.

Michael said "I think I got rid of all of the bad stuff on my phone. Here."

Ron said "Interesting stuff you got on your phone. Is this a Frozen fanfiction made by you?"

Michael said "Oh crap."

Ron said "Well I should read this." Ron read the story to himself.

here's the story:

The Duke of Weselton saw Anna and Elsa. The Duke said "My 2 rivals are here. I'm going to prank them." The Duke noticed a beehive. The Duke quickly put honey on Anna and Elsa's pants so the bees would come after the 2 girls.

Anna said "Oh no."
Opinion by SilentForce posted 6 months ago
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Donald Trump is The Man.
I admit that when Donald Trump was first elected as President I had mixed feelings about him but now I'm truly convinced that he truly is the President that America really needs.Today I'm going to express all the reasons why I believe that Donald Trump becoming President is the best thing that has ever happened to America and that he will truly make America great again.So lets start:
1.He's a big patriot who always puts America first
Donald Trump is a man who is very loyal to his country so he always thinks about ways to make his country America a better place in order in improve life for Americans.
2.He will increase the American economy
Whether you like him or not you have to admit that he is a brilliant businessman so its obvious that he is going to increase the economy by opening new businesses and helping the existing business companies so that they wont be forced to move from America to Mexico
3.He is a fearless leader who isn't afraid to speak the truth
Article by ishasinha posted 6 months ago
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My life began in a factory. I was made by various machines. I had a lot of fun. The machines were making me in such a way that there were tickling me. After I achieved a final shape I was loaded onto a truck with many of my friends but my best friend was loaded on another truck, which made me a little sad.

I was excited as well. As I was talking to my friends the truck suddenly stopped. I got to know that we have reached a gigantic shopping mall. Then we were dispersed in different shops. The one who was carrying did not know where to go so I got a chance to explore the mall. Finally he reached the shop where I was kept. We were kept in separate shelves that were pretty and comfortable. When the shop was closed that day I jumped off my shelf and talked with my friends. Then we went back to the shelf and started sleeping.

One man came towards me as soon as he put an eye on me. I was very excited to be bought. He took me home in his car and when he reached his house he took me and packed me with clothes, gadgets, some medicines and some important files for his business trip. He firstly took me to UAE. I had an amazing time with him then he took me to New...
News by deathding posted 6 months ago
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April Fools is almost here, let's make it one to remember!
Or TFCAFP2K17, for short.

....It's really not that much shorter though. XD But anyway...

Hey everyone, how're ya'll doing today? So it's recently come to our attention at this point that April Fools is almost here, and I currently have an idea to make this one the funniest out of them all.

More specifically, a sort of community event, and I figured that this would be the best place to put it, since the Random community is pretty damn huge, as we all know.

So here's the gimmick: This Saturday is the big day, and I want people to participate in this huge April Fools event that will forever be one to remember!

All you have to do is one thing: Something crazy, awesome, and so your own style that nobody else would've thought of it. Don't tell anyone what it is, and it can literally be anything. An article, a wall post, a change to your profile, a video involving binary code, literally ANYTHING goes, so long as it meets Fanpop's community guidelines.
Article by candylover246 posted 6 months ago
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Guyz!!1! Think about this 4 a moment!!!!!!!!1!

Wot if... THaSlimJim never was real??

Wot if he was actually kidnapped by aliens 1282839 years ago and replaced our Prez w/ an alien PRETENDING to be the real SlimJim to fool us????????

Wot if they are just waiting for the day to take over earth through ThaSlimJim with an army of Slim Jims??/?/?

Wot if ThaSlimJim was behind the whole moon landing???

Wot if we are all figments of imagination created by slim jims????

Wot if the origin of all weebs was bc of ThaSlimJim?????

Wot if... wot if this entire meme is a lie???!!?


Opinion by zanhar1 posted 7 months ago
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1. Reethi Beach, Maldives

This ladies and gents, is a bioluminescent beach.Yes the water actually does glow at night and that's why I really want to go there. One of the main reasons anyhow. Basically you have these glowing planktons and such that allow it to happen. Not only do you have glowing water but in Reethi beach you get over the water houses to rent. Overall Reethi just has gorgeous scenery and an abundance of sea-life.

2. Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

First and foremost temperatures average at 79 degrees so there's always nice weather. For seconds the scenery is just striking; most people who have stopped by there note that the sunsets have so many vibrant hues. The island has a quiet nightlife and is more mellow. Plus there are really nifty over the water bungalows. And they have a shark feeding expedition for the daring lot!

3. Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue, Seychelles
Opinion by Benhasnolife posted 7 months ago
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They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
They are cool and super interesting
Article by Canada24 posted 7 months ago
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Witch fate would be worst?

Sure, it SOUNDS fun.. Half man, half wolf.
But you have no control of your actions.. Each full moon, you can not escape your fate, unless your in the Harry Potter world, where you can take your medicine.. But that isn't a cure, it just stops the transformations.. And from what we know from AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, the said transformation is slow, and EXTREMELY painful.. Imagine your bones extending, your face stretching longer, your teeth growing sharp, and your body feeling like's on fire, throughout it all.. Each full moon, you are no longer you, your a MONSTER.. You are simply there to kill everything in your sight.. It doesn't matter if it's your mom, your date, your childhood friend, or even that morbid Canadian from Fanpop that everyone seems to like for some reason.. Point is, it SUCKS.. And only escape is sucide..

Basically your dead, and your soul is forever trapped inside a walking cannibal, that is no longer you.. Or even human at all..
Opinion by Renegade1765 posted 7 months ago
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It all started back in November of 2013 - I finally received a new cellphone, a Nokia Lumina 520, and along with it, I finally got my own Email account and password.
While it was nice having those, I didn't really use them, not even to make a Facebook account. However, in Christmas of that year, while watching some YouTube videos, it suddenly dawned on me: I could use the Email and password to create my own Google account and comment on YouTube videos. I liked reading other people's comments (When they were not rude.) and I wanted to do it, myself.
After creating my Google account, I immediately started commenting on YouTube videos (Mostly AMV's and Top 10 lists, in random.), however, because I was inexperienced, my comments were of very piss-poor quality. Heck, I didn't even know how to reply to other comments.
A comment I remember very well, was the comment I made on the: "Mayuri Kurotsuchi vs Szayelaporro Granz Full Fight English Dub" video, where, at the end of the video, Mayuri apparently raped her unconscious daughter to wake her up. I was surprised, to say the least, so I had to comment.
Opinion by twinklestar11 posted 7 months ago
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My favorite singer/raper is Bars and Melody. They began singing/rapping July 2014. At that time I had no idea who they were till 2016. People don't like them, but i dont know why. Maybe cuz those people dont like rapping or listening to young kid bands. They rapper is Leondre who started rapping when he was 13. People say it was 14, but the Bars and Melody song was relased in July and Leondre's birthday is in October so he was accully 13 when he started. The singer is Charlie. Charlie was singing when he was 15. His birthday is also in October. They are no longer 13 and 15. Leondre is now 16 and Charlie is now 18. Their fist song was Hopeful. My favorite song they sing/rap is Live Your Life. It is such a good song. Every time I feel down, it always makes me feel better.They were in Britin's got Talent in 2014 for the first time. What I really want to know is why they are not popular anymore. Why don't the radio play their songs? People should really know about them. But they really should
Opinion by Windrises posted 8 months ago
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There are several good films that sadly didn't get that much money and got bad reviews. This list is about 5 good films that should be more popular.

5. Ted 2

Ted 2 got mixed reviews, but I consider Ted 2 to be Seth MacFarlane's best film. This film leaves out Mila Kunis' killjoy character so it's more fun than Ted 1. The film has plenty of funny jokes, good acting, and fun characters.

4. Mortdecai

Mortdeaci is a 2015 comedy film that stars Johnny Depp. This film lets Johnny Depp shine with goofy energy. This film really shows how much fun Johnny Depp is. He has excellent comedic acting. This film is 1 of Johnny Depp's best films.

3. Alice Through the Looking Glass

The 2016 Alice in Wonderland film. I really like it for the same reasons as the 2010 film, but this film benefits from having a better plot. The film is a cute friendship film between Alice and Tarrant. It has good characters, great acting, and impressive visuals.
Opinion by zanhar1 posted 8 months ago
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I ordered them from favorite to least favorite.


Summer will always be my favorite season for many reasons. To me it's always been the most free and I have a lot of fond memories from wonderful summer days and relaxing summer nights. Summer is the season when I got to go out of starts, it's the season where I went to two huge music festivals, and it's the season where I'll be going to my Once Upon a Time convention. Summers are the days where I get to enjoy simple pleasures like going to visit my grandmother in the woods, sitting on the swing and reading my book and/or listening to music as I watch the sun go down and the air get cooler.

Which is another reason why I love summer. I adore the weather. I've always been more for steam weather and bright sunshine. I fare much better in the heat than I do in the cold. To be honest I actually really love the feeling of the sun on my skin.

When I think of sunshine I think of beauty. For me it's the third most beautiful season. I'm always a sucker for watching sun glisten over water like tiny diamonds. How the water reflects all of the greenery. I love just listening to the...