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Review by Tailsfan99 posted 16 days ago
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In the past six months alone, dozens of studies examining the health impact of drinking sugary beverages or diet soda have been published in medical journals. Some suggested a relationship; others did not.

Sometimes, the media coverage of these studies took the researchers by surprise.

That was the case for epidemiologist Hannah Gardener, PhD, of the University of Miami. In February, she presented early results from her ongoing research at a health conference, and was completely unprepared for the media attention it received.

The story appeared on all the major networks, in most major newspapers, and on the Internet, including WebMD.

The early findings showed a 48% increase in heart attack and stroke risk among daily diet soda drinkers, compared to people who did not drink diet sodas at all or did not drink them every day.

Most reports cautioned that the findings were preliminary and did not prove that diet sodas cause stroke.
Article by Trinity360 posted 18 days ago
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Yes before you ask me 'oh my god go to the assassins creed club' there won't be half of the people there to see this post.

So spoiler alert.

This will relate to ac4 and rogue.

So we all know the main protagonists will die later in every game (some by murderers and other cause of old age) But the new protagonist die's way earlier then expected, but both of the games are based in the 18th century, and you can find some 'templar armor' in the Great Iguana hideout. So now I directly propose a theory towards both of the games now. So here is the first clue, Rogue is set between 1752 and 1761 during the Seven Years' War and will take place in various North American locations, including the frozen North Atlantic, the Appalachian River Valley, Alabama, New York and Quebec.

The North atlantic has the great Iguana in it (well in game :/) Witch holds the Armour, and there is 5 keys to unlock it that are with some of the highest templar commanders in the game in ac4 and considering it has a house that has been growing lots of vegetation nearly covering up the house on the cliff. It seems that the owner left or died ago, [b] or died...
Guide by BlondLionEzel posted 21 days ago
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Out in the darkness, someone is rending the silence
Awakening this planet from its sleep
Who is it?

Look, evil spirits are right before you
There's nowhere to run, so take 'em straight on!
Someone tells me to erase my "worries" and "fear"
We reconstruct our minds
Clench your fists strongly
Believe in the bonds between us
And fight!

So all I can do
And all you can do
Is spread your wings and transform
Take the anger piercing your heart and turn it into strength
Now all I can do
And all you can do
Is shine and transform
To the stage of evolution
Touch and go!

Listen closely! It's a new "beginning"
Why do you think this age is testing us?

Power is awakened in an unknown area
Unleash the light, aim for the ultimate level!
We will all clear a series of trials
And overcome what we are now