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Article by ShadowFan100 posted 21 days ago
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This is my follow-up article to my last one "What's the point?"

Let me start by saying that I have thought long and hard about what you all had to say regarding my article. And I think it's time I reveal more of whats going on.

For what seems like forever (actually about 2 years or so) I have been battling depression. And when I am dealing with my depression, it's not always easy to see the good in this world. I've also thought that maybe some of my depression was brought on by my own self, but other times it may be an actual severe case of it. Because when you have depression, you tend to view the world darkly. But anyway...

I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but on some of the questions on the Random club, I tend to mention a dog on a few of them. The dog that I mentioned is named Duji (Dew-jee) who is my dog. On 1/13/2013, I lost him to the outside world. When I think back to that day (and I do it a lot) I can still remember exactly what was going on the day before it. I remember what I was doing, what I was thinking and how I felt. The day before, my mother and I were in town, while my aunt stayed with her grand kids (who...
News by garnetsai posted 21 days ago
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Despite the complaints though, the first drilling already began in 2010 which was supposedly finished in 2012 but due to unforeseen circumstances, the completion has been postponed overtime.

With one goal in mind, major companies like Axis Capital Group, a company which sells and rents capital equipment in Singapore and has been able to bring their business to Jakarta has teamed up with the government by lending their equipment for free.

The Flyover Roads project constitutes two viaducts above current roads: the Antasari - Blok M viaduct and the Kampung Melayu - Tanah Abang viaduct. With very limited space in Jakarta, vertical infrastructure is regarded to be the best solution to Jakarta's serious traffic problem.

As the traffic congestion situation has already reached alarmingly levels for many years and the government is seemingly reluctant to lower gasoline subsidies or invest in public transportation, these flyover roads - above current important artery roads - are regarded as the best solution. The project is funded by the Jakarta Local Budget (Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Daerah, APBD).
List by deathding posted 21 days ago
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LET'S GO! ^____^
(WARNING: There is some cussing in this article, so if that bothers you in any way, please leave now. Also, since this is a top list and not a review, I won't say TOO much about the shows. So if you want to find out more about these series, just watch them yourself.)

Goddamn, this list took forever to make! And I'm NOT exaggerating! It took me hours upon days upon weeks to construct this countdown, and it was NOT an easy task to do. I had to think of EVERY single last show I've EVER seen, and believe me when I say that this is easily going to be the longest article I've ever done.

I also know there’s a million and a half shows I either forgot to put on here, or just never watched, so keep that in mind before saying: “WHERE’S FUTURE DIARY!? >.<”

It’s finally time. The biggest subject in the world…. The most popular debate of them all….


That, my friend, is easily Dots. Seriously, you just can't beat those, but I'm getting off-topic here.