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WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY MORE OCS. And we will be extremely hesitant about any new people, really, because this RP got pretty close-knit.

...So yeah. This is pretty self-explanatory.

Just say who you are and I'll add you here. You can have a maximum of 3 characters. Fanmade characters are allowed and don't count towards the 3. Just don't go overboard.

Germany: SodaCat17
Japan: daridoodle
America: SirLordKingDerp
England: DibLuver25
France: XxEmolovexX
Russia: Skitty_Love
China: AzulFire
Austria: zeebem10
Sealand: taismo723
Prussia: XxEmolovexX
Belarus: Me_Iz_Here
Switzerland: noobio7143
Finland: Skitty_Love
Greece: XxEmolovexX
Romano: tokidoki123
Canada: DibLuver25
Liechtenstein: noobio7143
Belgium: JapanHetalia
Poland: mflorida
Wy: tdafan121
Turkey: izfan9500
Lithuania: animeartluver21
TRNC: JapanHetalia
Seborga: JapanHetalia
Hong Kong: Me_Iz_Here

Pennsylvania (Ashley): mistymaydawngo
-Age 13. Personality:Usually hyper and random also believes Canadia is Sparta (and I agree) Medium brown hair usually in a pony tail and brown eyes

Mauritius (Aurélie): mflorida
-Personality: Insecure, Protective, Caring
Family: Little sister-Réunion, Little brother: Rodrigues, ''Big brozer''-England
Appearance: Medium length Dark brown hair, Green-grey eyes, Tanned Skin
Pronounced: Oh-ray-lee

French Polynesia: JapanHetalia
-Human Name: Belle. Father: France. Mother: ??? Brother: Canada?
Personality: Shy, nervous, Dependent
Looks: Sapphire eyes, Brownish red hair, short

Berlin: mindy890
-Works for Germany. Appearance: Long blonde hair and blue eyes. Wears white lab coat over her black mini shirt and tank top. Personality: Violent and smart. Logical and basically Germany in woman form.

Oregon (Ani): Me_Iz_Here
-(Pronounced Ah-nee). America's little sister. Really weird, annoying, VIOLENT, and outgoing. Sarcastic and makes everything a sexual innuendo. Professional stalker or some shit. Loves revealing secrets and blackmail. Straight brown-red hair, blue eyes. 16/17. Wears a white shirt with black diagonal stripes with a black leather jacket, ripped gray skinny jeans, and combat boots. Puts up with pain easily and loves to fight.

Fukushima: Vocaloidcode01

Andorra: tdafan121
-Human name is Carme Fortuna, aged 18-19, female. Short and small for her age. Chin-length brown hair that sticks up all over the place and blue eyes. Wears a red floral dress with a black poncho and apron over it with black boots. Wears a white bow in her hair. Siblings are Spain and France (check a map of Europe to see why XD). Shy and blushes a lot and tends to confess important things in Catalan.

Portugal: tdafan121
-Human name is Sol Zita Cruz, aged 22-23, female. Has long wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes. Wears a traditional Portuguese dress with black boots and a pink headband. Her brothers are Spain and Brazil, and has some other younger siblings. She ends up fighting with Malta a lot due to some... issues that they have over... certain nations, but is normally rather sarcastic toward people.

Malta: tdafan121
-Human name is Geriet, age is unknown, female. Has long, curly red-brown hair with an ahoge that curls to the right and looks rather like a heart, and brown eyes. Wears a red traditional dress with brown boots. Almost always irritated or annoyed, she's at her worst around the people who have conquered her in history. Especially a certain " indanna Britaniċi jerk"(her words XD) whom she hates for reasons no one even knows. Tends to curse in Maltese. A lot.

Yunnan: SummerMoon
- Real name; Xavier Kwon. Age; 12-13 Female. Long black hair with two blue streaks. Wears a plain yellow shirt with sleaves that are to long for her. Wears blue jeans. Sibling is China.

Philippines: ChocoLuvr101
-Human name: Maria Dela Cruz or "Piri"
She once used to be a colony of Spain, America and Japan, and inherited many traits from them (especially Spain and America) She's a friendly and usually happy person, but would get bullied easily by the other countries. She would also believe ALMOST everything America says and idolizes him... and is quite dependent on him. No joke. She also points with her lips or chin and also has the ability to see odd creatures (i.e. tikbalang, aswang, tiyanak... etc.)But she also tends to be noisy and annoying at times.

Vatican City: JapanHetalia
Gender: Male
Family: Italy, Seborga, Romano
Allies: Switzerland
Background: Religious center of the Christian world. 100% Literacy rate. VERY RELIGOUS

San Marino: tdafan121
-Human name: Azzurra Vargas. Age is unknown. Female. Has long straight red-brown hair and an ahoge that curls to the left and is slightly bent. Wears traditional Sanmarinese clothes. Tends to brag about being the oldest of the nations and claims that everyone should listen to her because of that. She's rather stuck-up and tends to yell a lot

North Carolina: mistymaydawngo
Personality:Happy-Go-Lucky. And is afraid of turkeys

Washington: SirLordKingDerp
-Read here: link

Michigan: LunaShay
-Real name:Michael Jones
Appearance:Black hair(neck length) with deep blue eyes.Bangs are a couple inches above eyes,which he sometimes has to blow out of his face.He wears multiple things,though he is sometimes seen in a detective outfit.
Personality:He is a cheerful type and loves solving mysteries,no matter how big or small.He also loves swimming.America loves his enthusiasm towards things,but hates how Michigan does not like his food taste.
Also:Due to his awesome detective skills,he can see Canada(since detectives have a keen eye for things o3o),but only a bit.

Colorado: LunaShay
-Real name:Felecia Jones
Appearance:Red long,wavy hair with little freckles going across her nose.Green eyes,a bit of a tan,and bangs sometimes gets in face(*Likes bangs getting in face*xD)She wears a green tank top with dark green,baggy pants and black boots,taking an appearance of a military officer.
Personality:She may look a bit tough from the military officer form and stuff,but she is a huge clutz.She is also forgetful,like paperwork for certain things,and really likes books.She is a fan of warm weather,and can't stand the cold.She's very nice once you get to know her and avoids perverts and people whenever they are using drugs(she drug free!=w=)

Alaska: JapanHetalia
-Age 15. Personality- Easy going loves a good laugh and is very cold tolerant. Female, but thinks she's a gay male.

New York: tdafan121
-Human name Tiffany Isabella Jones. Age 16. Female. Has blonde hair in two pigtails, one smaller than the other, which she refers to as Li and Fi (for Long Island and Fire Island), light brown eyes, wears a half-top that says I <3 NY with a black tank-top underneath, shorts, strappy heels, a newsboy cap, and lots of necklaces and bangles. Has a bluebird named Albany. She's rather obnoxious and a wannabe, and happily praises herself for housing one of the world fashion capitals. She has a long-running popularity rivalry with California

Arizona: taismo723
-Human Name: Alex
Sex: Male
Age: 11. He is the 48th state.
Personality: Shy around strangers (He will implode in this rp). Is one of the few sane states. Tries to steer clear of his brothers and sisters.

California: XxEmolovexD
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Real Name: Alice
Looks: Black hair that goes to mid-back, blue eyes, has a tan ^^
Personality: Really happy most of the time but can be a bitch
Extra: She wears short shorts, and a tank top with black boots, she carries a gun with her everywhere. She has a Siberian-husky puppy named misty. She's known for being emo and wears black eyeshadow all the time, and cuts her wrists. She loves seeing blood, playing video games and drinking.

Massachusetts: Me_Iz_Here
-20. People just call her Mass, but she likes calling people by their human names, which annoys them. Her human name is Maxine (lol). Blonde hair like America's, brown eyes, tanned from spending a lot of time on the beach. Almost always in a good mood. Really smart and shows it off. Oh and she always wears a Red Sox hat. She's bad at keeping secrets and has a tendency to give stuff away.

Ylistaro: SummerMoon
-Human name; Kiyoko- Yun. Gender; Female. Apperance; Long blond hair with dark blue highlights. Personality; Shy, loves to sing, like to play music, artist ablity, etc. Age; 14 Sibling; Finland.

Ascot: kaboomgirl
-(Nuclear Reactor OC x3)
Age: Teen
Hair: Brown with purple streaks
Eyes: Purple
Personality: Hyperactive, joyful, like a little sister, prone to falling over and out of things.

New Hampshire: Me_Iz_Here
-Human name is Jason Christiansen. Age 20. Dark brown hair and brown eyes. Really tall (and attractive xD). Personality is a lot like America's, including his annoyingness. Loves fishing, boating, seafood, you get the picture. Is extremely close to Mass and also has a thing for calling people by their human names. He can be a big flirt sometimes but his relationships never really go well. And he's really childish a lot of the time.

Hollywood: zeebem10
Real Name: Ben Reinhold
Gender: Male
Personality: Can be nice but is usually a big jerk and thinks is better than everyone else just because is a city where a lot of films are made. Also has multiple personalities depending on what movie genre is thinking about.
Loves: Filming, Cheating on people, Acting, Writing Scripts, Grilled Cheese, and Water.
Dislikes: Pie, Annoying People, France, Rats, and Pasta.
Looks: Curly Blonde hair, Tan Skin, A Black Tux with Dark Indigo Stripes, The same colored pants, A Black Tie, and Blue Suede Shoes.
Family: America, Austria, Ukraine, and France.

Minnesota: Skitty_Love
-Human name; Nelly
gender; Female
Age; 16
Personality; Hyper, very sporty, intelligent, pushy at times, encouraging.
Appearance; Hazel hair tied in a a pony tail and a green headband. Wears a purple off-the shoulder shirt with a yellow tank top under it. Usually wearing shorts or a skirt.

Montana: kaboomgirl
-Human Name: Zana Maylee
Age: Same as Scottie (teen)
Looks: Bright super-spikey green hair with aqua blue tips, always wear really punky clothes.
Personality: SUPER tomboy-ish, doesn't like the slightest thing girly. Can usually be seen with her cell phone or a portable video game. Scottie and her have been best friends since FOREVER. She finally just gave up and came to live with Scottie xD Always gets into trouble, and will try ANYTHING new if it's really weird. She has an obssesion with green Jell-O...

Fiji: SummerMoon
-Real name; Yliana -Gender; Female -Personality; Shy, adventurous, quite, artist, and sneeky. -Apperance; Sort of tan, mediem brown hair with blond highlights, red jeans, black shirt, and bronze glasses. - Age; Secret.

Brazil: XxEmolovexX
-Age- 25
He has dark brown, almost black hair and brown eyes. He normally wears a black shirt, and black jeans. He gets pissed easily but most of the time is care-free. When he gets pissed he tends to swear in Portuguese and/or throw things..

Serbia: cre8tive2114
-Her name is Aleksandra Andelkovic. She is 20 something.
She has medium length straight lightish brownish black hair and brown eyes
Party girl dominating take charge sort of like Russia likes food hits on anyone(guys)

North Dakota and South Dakota: kaboomgirl
North is Female, South is Male
Daisy and Dennis (Daisy prefers to be called Daze. She thinks it sounds cooler. xD)
Looks: Both have short blond hair with swept bangs and light brown highlights (Daze's is a little wavier, compared to Dennis's stick-straight hair.) Both have dark brown eyes. Daze is a bit short, and Dennis is a bit tall, and they're both extremely skinny. Daze wears a plain white tee-shirt with dark skinny jeans and gold high heels, and she always carries some sort of weapon. Dennis wears a white tee-shirt and light jeans with white sneakers, and classic geek glasses.
Personalities: Daze is outgoing, and is pretty adventurous, and acts on impulse. Dennis, however, thinks about things before he acts. Daze and Dennis came here after Montana told them about it over the phone. Daze likes calling people random names she thinks up based on their appearance (Example: When she sees her big brother America, she calls him 'Burger Boy').

South Uist and North Uist: SummerMoon
-Gender; South Uist is a girl, and North Uist is a boy. ((Twins))
Personality; They are both very nice, stay together no madder what, like to sing and dance, etc.
Apperance; They both have short blond hair, white shirt, and black pants.
South Uist; Alésia [A-lay-sha]
North Uist; Tylor [Ty-ler]

Chiller: tokidoki123
-13, male. Scary, dangerous, and anti-social. Neer really went to school, no one knows his first name. Don't ask about it and don't find out, for your own good.

Indiana: kaboomgirl
David Jones
Spikey brown hair, hazel eyes. Tall.
Thinks he's really cool and the best thing ever, but is actually really nice on the inside.
So, History: Zana (Montana) is his sister, but they fell in love, secretly, or course. In the end it didn't work out, and there was a nasty fight. They both still have scars. Zana hurts a lot when she hears David's name, and vice versa.

Marci: tokidoki123
Background:Total electronic geek

Pandaria: XxEmolovexX
-Bio: An ancient continent shrouded in the mists for thousands of years has been awakened. Who knows what secrets this mysterious continent has. Despite them not having as much machines as modern continents, Pandaria does know how to fight. Watching the world evolve, this continent was always hidden, not one person has discovered it until now.
Appearance: Pandaria appears to take the form of a female elf, except her skin tone is a light purple and she has icy blue eyes, aqua-blue hair and markings on her face. Her markings are sorta like a claw shape, around her eyes, the claw part going downward, with the circle part of it around her eye. She carries a bow and arrows, along with a polearm that has jagged edges. Her normal armor is chain-mail armor and has black shoulder-pads with spikes on them, her chestplate is black with a skull on it, her belt is a chain-mail belt that's plain black, she wears chain-mail pants, her boots are just below her knee and have spikes on the side they are quiet heavy and hurt when you get kicked with them, she wears bracers on her wrist which are hidden by her black mail gloves that go up to her elbow, she has a long black cloak that ends just above her feet, and to finish it off she wears a tabard that is black with a thin white outline and a skull and cross bones on it. Her pet is a gray wolf with sharp teeth that is under her command.

Panem: tdafan121
-Human Name: Thalyn Lilyleap
Apparent Age: Late teens
Appearance: Chest-length light brown hair, golden-colored eyes (although during the Games, her eyes go blood red), pale skin.
Personality: Usually looks shy and nervous, but can get very violent. Her personality differs very much. She takes on the personality of each of the twelve districts at different times. When she takes on the Capitol personality, however, she starts by acting conceited and moves on to going mad and snapping, which is when she gets violent.

Tennessee: tokidoki123
-Real name: Chloe DeMain
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Personality: Happy,Random.
Clothes: White short shorts, Light blue Loose Tee.And socks
Eyes: Green
Hair: Grayish
Infomation: Her Real name is chloe,But call her by her initials,CD (xD) Very hyper,But clumsy
Random,And loves to sing. When she gets mad,She'll Kick Ass-She loves to fight- Tends to curse Alot. Crazy-In a good way~ And is an expert glomper >w<
Favourite food: Burgers,Which Means she steals america's burgers.
Interests: Her phone,anime,And Manga

Azsharaza: XxEmolovexX
-A night elf, like Pandaria, but she is a druid. Being a druid, she can turn into several different animals. When she's in her night elf form, she has light blue skin, and her eyes seem to glow gold. Her aqua hair stops just below her waist. She wears leather armor, which is basically a leather skirt, and shirt. The leather has feathers sewn into it,dark black feathers. She carries a staff that she uses when fighting, when she isnt in one of her animal forms.

Anaza: XxEmolovexX
-She is a night elf, but she is quiet different from her sister, Azsharaza. She has short, black hair that ends just below her chin, and gray eyes. She too wears leather armor, but her armor is different in many ways. Her armor is dyed black, with a red outline, she wears leather gloves, that go up to her elbow,all black boots that end just above her knees, her pants are normal leather, except they're layered, meaning that its multiply layers of leather stacked, to add extra protection, her chest piece is the same as her pants, layered. She wears a tabard over everything, one that is black as night. Her, being a rogue, keeps daggers with her at all times. She equips poison on her daggers, for different effects on her enemies. Using the shadows to hide, she is quiet the deadly predator.

Kazakhstan: Vocaloidcode01
-She looks up very much to Russia(Kazakhstan was part of the U.S.S.R.[Soviet Union], currently has Russian as the main language, and is under the Russian Federation's control. Kazakhstan is also located under Russia.). She's a bit soft towards Denmark, however. Generally, she's very warm and open to society. If she's ever seen eating, she's most likely eating yoghurt. Drinks on occasion, but when she does, she gets WAY drunk.
Age: 27
Human name: Odin-glaz Peremotka

Utah: tokidoki123
-Human Name: Olivia Hanes
Age Appearance: 19
Hair Color: Really light blond
Eye Color: Light blue
Personality: Kind,Shy,And very lovesick.
Likes: Water,Love,Seas.
Dislikes: None.
Fears: That she will be alone for the rest of her life.
Family: Oregon.
Friends: Tennessee
Potential Love Interest: Hong Kong, She blushes whenever he is in the room,or speaks to her.

Nation of Celestial Space, AKA Celestia: tdafan121
-Human Name: Celeste Cosmos
Human age: 12-ish
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long jet black hair, light grey eyes, wears a flowy white sleeveless gown that drags the floor with a sparkly sash and golden wrist cuffs with gems shaped like the sun and the moon on them plus a gold ring-type crown thingy on her head with a star-shaped gem on it.
Bio: Celestia is a strange micronation with her territory being all of outer space. She has a strong connection to magic, celestial beings and objects, myths, and aliens. She loves popping up in random places and involving herself in stuff that's none of her business. She has a tendency to threaten to drop satellites on or aim meteors at her enemies. Despite her weirdness she always welcomes a friend in need. Due to being outer space, she's acquainted with almost everyone, but she's closest with her fellow micronations. She owns a Pegasus named Ciela which she frequently rides. Her name is a touchy subject to her. She never hears the end of it about My Little Pony due to her name being Celestia. It gets her pissed off when people mention the name commonality. So feel free to mention it at any time~

(All the states are America's little siblings xD)

Hong Kong/New York

I know I'm forgetting people so I'll just add them as we go.

If you're making a fan made character, just give us a description.

When you're talking as yourself, use (parentheses.)

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