Random Never-Ending Magnificent Garden Party

Shadowmarioking posted on Feb 24, 2012 at 12:38AM
In a series of events, Ingo, a party guest, has vanished without a trace. Can a group of garden party guests piece together what happened, and save this man as well?

This Garden Party's turned into a sort of adventure thing, but new members are always welcome!

1. You must have at least 3 guests or more, fictional or not. I would prefer bringing fictional "spouses", but you can bring anyone you want really.

2. Keep the drama under control. Don't go over the top and make things too crazy.

3. If someone else has brought the character you want to bring, simply choose another one.

4. You actually can change your characters. I should've mentioned that earlier...you just have to make the character or characters you originally invited leave.

And now, for the guests attending.

Shadowmarioking brings:
1. Zero (Mega Man series)
2. Miles Edgeworth
3. Ingo (Pokemon Black) - M.I.A.
4. Emmet (Pokemon Black) -Special guest

Ale1152 brings:
1. Hime (Princess Resurrection)
2. Dark Magician Girl
3. C.C. (Code Geass)

Heartisalone brings:

Sammisaurus brings:
1. Naoi Ayato
2. Edward Elric
3. Sebastian

Kitmolly123 brings:
1. England
2. America
3. Oliver

Mrs_Romano brings:
2. Tamaki Suoh {Ouran High School Host Club}
3. Keiichi Maebara {Higurashi}

BlindBandit92 brings:
1. Moka Akashiya (Rosario Vampire)
2. L (Death Note)
3. Bugs Bunny

missraccoon brings:
1. France
2. Amy
3. Death the Kid

izfan9500 brings:
1. Momiji Sohma (Fruits Basket)
2. Alexis (her friend)
3. Honey (Ouran High School)

Kaitgirl7676 brings:
1.Fiona Glennon(Burn Notice)
2.my spouse, Michael
3.Angela (Bones)

SonicChief150 brings:
1. Mr. Usui Takumi
2. The Spy
3. Human Version Princess Celestia

If you want to join, just tell me and I'll add you to this.
Also, don't feed the Audrey plant and don't listen to the picture. You're all invited.
<i>In a series of events, Ingo, a party guest, has vanished without a trace. Can a group of garden pa
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over a year ago izfan9500 said…
Can I join???

My guests:
1.Momiji Sohma (Fruits Basket)
2.izfan9500 (Myself! xD)
3.Alexis (One of my friends in real life)
over a year ago Sammisaurus said…
I am going to post mah characters now so they don't get taken.

1. Naoi Ayato
2. Edward Elric

And I can't think of another right now. ;o;
But for now I have them.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
((I don't think you can invite yourself; you're going either way, why would you need to invite yourself? :L And as soon as I have time, we shall continue this party.))
over a year ago izfan9500 said…
(I invited myself because I couldn't think of anyone else to bring. xD Okay, then I guess I'll invite my other friend, Mikayla.)
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over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
((M'kay. I guess I'll just begin now, seeing as how I have some time to spare.))

over a year ago Sammisaurus said…
I have decided! I realized it might be sorta hard to RP Naoi, so my characters are Edward, Japan, and Sebastian. Mhm.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Ah, Sebastian! :L Who wouldn't want to invite a butler? Oratleastthat'swhatI'massumingyoumean.
over a year ago Sammisaurus said…
That is indeed what I meant. Anyways, I should probably let my guests introduce themselves.

Ed: Hey there, I'm Edward Elric, AKA the Fullmetal Alchemist.
Japan: Herro, I am Japan.
Sebastian: Greetings, I am Sebastian Michaelis. I am honored to be attending such a prestigious gathering filled with such interesting characters.
over a year ago BlindBandit92 said…
Bugs Bunny: Eh what's up docs? (whiling eating a carrot)
Moka Akashiya: I think I should be mildly honored that you'd invite a monster of worthy caliber such as a vampire like myself. Do note you'll always have to know your place when dealing with me or I shall make you understand your place. And we don't want that now do we?
L: Hi my name is Ryuzaki. "stares hard at you in a almost creepy fashion" How are you?
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over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Zero: What in the world is a Fullmetal Alchemist?

Edgeworth: ...................Hello "Japan". Quite strange that you're named after a country.

Ingo: Hello Mr. Michaelis. I am Subvay boss Ingo. It's an honor to meet ya.

Edgeworth: Doc? >:L I'll have you know I'm a lawyer!

Zero: Vampire huh? I couldn't tell; it seems you left your glitter makeup at home.

^^; Oh dear...

Ingo: *stared down* Err...I've veen fine...thank ya.
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over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Well, since you guys have already introduced your guest, I might as well introduce my guest.

Hime: My name is Hime, and you shall call me HIme. Don't you dare call me by my real name.
Dark Magician Girl: Hi you guys/gairls, my actual name is Mana and you can either call me Dark Magician Girl or Mana. ^^
C.C.: You may call me C.C.

Yep....Zero that was not nice. We all know that vampires don't use glitter.... well, most of them.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Edgeworth: Hime? Doesn't that translate to princess?

Zero: Another royal monarch?

*looks at Ale1152, shrugs*
Eh, it was just a joke. I'm not really serious. But, seeing as how Twilight has really left a mark on the stereotypical vampire, I couldn't resist with such a joke.

Greetings Miss C.C. *stares up at* ._. Y-You're tall...*is short*

Ingo: *looks at Mana* Quite an outfit ya have zhere. I am Ingo, a pleasure to meet ya.

over a year ago InvaderStickly said…
Classic Sonic (Sonic Genesis games)
Mystery (My mind)
The Joker (Batman)
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Ingo: *le looks at Sonic*
IT'S A POKEMON. GO, Garbodor!
*throws pokeball, Garbordor comes out*
over a year ago BlindBandit92 said…
Bugs Bunny: Yeah well you look like a doc to me doc. By the way got anymore carrots?

Moka Akashiya: ಠ_ಠ I'll have you know vampires don't glitter. We are of regal status. By the way if your name is Zero. Does that mean you are actually a zero? Hmm? "smirks"

(Me: /Le joke guys I actually like zero from megaman)

L: I'm pleased to know you're fine. Now if you would be so kind to pass me a piece of cake. I'm quite famished.

over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Edgeworth: I'm a prosecutor, not a doctor! ...But I'm going to assume you're complimenting me on my dress, so thank you.

Zero: It's just a name. Now, if that were my NICKNAME, I'd be screwed.

Ingo: *concentrating on capturing Sonic* Um, fraulien! Give zhe man some cake!

Me: *hands L cake* I'm sorry. Ingo just gets so carried away when it comes to battles. He takes things quite serious.
over a year ago BlindBandit92 said…
Bugs Bunny: Prosecutors wear dresses doc? Wait if you wear dresses? That means you're a gurl?

Moka Akashiya: You would be screwed if you're implying anything in reference to me sparkling. I have killed a monster for less than that.

L: Why thank you. Now I must ask an query. Why does Ingo feels like he must capture that creature? I find it most illogical and foolhardy. The creature runs at the speed of sound. Unless he would do the unthinkable and eclipse the speed of sound without any mechanical help then the whole idea would be a lost case. "eats a bite of cake"
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Edgeworth: ?! I most certainly am not! You have to look professional when being a lawyer.

Zero: But in the case that a bunch of glitter got on you for whatever reason, does that mean I could not refer to you as "sparkly"? So you're a monster killer. I'm a maverick hunter, and I've destroyed reploids and such in my career. It appears to me that we are both warriors each on a different level Miss Akashiya.

Me: No, I don't think he wants to capture it. Probably wants to battle it to make his pokemon stronger. At least he's attempting to attack it. I must ask though how you knew the creature was that fast. I must admit also that seeing as how the creature isn't doing much of anything at all, he might now stand a chance. ^^;
over a year ago BlindBandit92 said…
Bugs Bunny: Riiight! So in order to be professional you must wear a dress?

Moka Akashiya: Well now. We have never battled so we don't know exactly how of a different level we are each on. Mr. Zero. I have killed monsters of every mythology in the world and even if you're a maverick hunter you'll find I'm not one to mess with or deal with half-heartly. I haven't been near such an insignificant thing so that outcome is most unlikely.

L: Quite simple. "stares at you for 5 seconds" I did my research and payed attention. "smiles" You might be correct in the reasoning he could have a chance (that is a slight chance) in achieving his goal.
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over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Yes Edgeworth, it translates to Princess. I'm basically Princess of all monsters from where I come from.

Dark Magician Girl: It's nice to meet you to Ingo.

C.C: *stares down at zero* I never knew people could be this short.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Edgeworth: I figured. Queen of monsters? Does this mean you control Manfred Von Karma?
(Go google him, I can't really describe him very well.)

Ingo: Yes yes, nice to meet you too fraulein. Now, vhere did zhat pokemon go...?

Zero: It's not my fault I was created to be this short. ._. But, how did you get so tall anyway?
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Zero: You can never be too careful though. I'd ask for an honorary battle from you miss, but I'm afraid that if I did, I would have to worry about two people kicking my ass.

Edgeworth: ?! I am no woman, nor am I in a dress! I'm simply wearing a suit with a cravat-oh, right. The Audery plant at my cravat...

You remind me of detectives in books Mr. L. I could never have such observational skills. I'm impressed.
over a year ago BlindBandit92 said…
Moka Akashiya: That outcome is quite probable. But I guess we must participate in that obligation some other time I guess.

Bugs Bunny: But didn't you just say you were in a dress? I'm confused doc.

L: Why thank you. But it really wasn't nothing.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: No, I'm not Queen of monsters. If I were to go into detail about the royalty in my world, it would probably get confusing for someone like you. Unless Manfred Van Karma is a monster, then I have no authority over him.

Dark Magician Girl: He went that way. *points to the left*

C.C.: I don't know... all I can say is that I was created to be this tall.
over a year ago izfan9500 said…
(Oh, whoops. Haven't introdeuced my chars yet. I'll do it now! xD)
Mikayla: Oh, hai, guys. Nice to meet you! *Is kinda nervous, because she's an anime fangirl and some of the guests are anime people*
Alexis: Hello! ^^
Momiji: Hiya, I'm Momiji Sohma! ^^
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