Random Never-Ending Magnificent Garden Party

Shadowmarioking posted on Feb 24, 2012 at 12:38AM
In a series of events, Ingo, a party guest, has vanished without a trace. Can a group of garden party guests piece together what happened, and save this man as well?

This Garden Party's turned into a sort of adventure thing, but new members are always welcome!

1. You must have at least 3 guests or more, fictional or not. I would prefer bringing fictional "spouses", but you can bring anyone you want really.

2. Keep the drama under control. Don't go over the top and make things too crazy.

3. If someone else has brought the character you want to bring, simply choose another one.

4. You actually can change your characters. I should've mentioned that earlier...you just have to make the character or characters you originally invited leave.

And now, for the guests attending.

Shadowmarioking brings:
1. Zero (Mega Man series)
2. Miles Edgeworth
3. Ingo (Pokemon Black) - M.I.A.
4. Emmet (Pokemon Black) -Special guest

Ale1152 brings:
1. Hime (Princess Resurrection)
2. Dark Magician Girl
3. C.C. (Code Geass)

Heartisalone brings:

Sammisaurus brings:
1. Naoi Ayato
2. Edward Elric
3. Sebastian

Kitmolly123 brings:
1. England
2. America
3. Oliver

Mrs_Romano brings:
2. Tamaki Suoh {Ouran High School Host Club}
3. Keiichi Maebara {Higurashi}

BlindBandit92 brings:
1. Moka Akashiya (Rosario Vampire)
2. L (Death Note)
3. Bugs Bunny

missraccoon brings:
1. France
2. Amy
3. Death the Kid

izfan9500 brings:
1. Momiji Sohma (Fruits Basket)
2. Alexis (her friend)
3. Honey (Ouran High School)

Kaitgirl7676 brings:
1.Fiona Glennon(Burn Notice)
2.my spouse, Michael
3.Angela (Bones)

SonicChief150 brings:
1. Mr. Usui Takumi
2. The Spy
3. Human Version Princess Celestia

If you want to join, just tell me and I'll add you to this.
Also, don't feed the Audrey plant and don't listen to the picture. You're all invited.
[i]In a series of events, Ingo, a party guest, has vanished without a trace. Can a group of garden pa
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over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Zero: Yes, for the time being of course. My wife wouldn't be happy if I destroyed the garden she worked so hard on preparing.

Edgeworth: I never said I was in a dress! The thing that I had around my neck, a cravat, was taken from me, making me look less professional!

You say things like that Mr. L, but how can I be sure you're not simply turning away my flattery towards you?

Edgeworth: I've been through more confusing things than you think. Well, Manfred von Karma killed my father simply because my father ruined his perfect record. Does that count?

Ingo: *looks to left* >:L I HAVE HIM NOW! Zhank you fraulein!
*runs to left*

Zero: So wait, you were created too?! No way! :D

Me: Hello Mikayla, Alexis and Momiji.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Okay, so my family is basically phoenixes, and I have other siblings also going after the throne. So before we reach adulthood, we have to kill each other during our childhood. Whoever survives becomes the new ruler. And I have no intention on dying yet. And no, that doesn't count.

C.C.: But aren't you a robot? We both have different creators.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Edgeworth: ...So basically your family's a bunch of murderers?
DAMN. I really wish that counted.

Zero: Well, I don't know who your creator was. Mine was Dr. Wily.
over a year ago BlindBandit92 said…
Moka Akashiya: And addition to that we would destroy the party as well. I'm actually enjoying it at the moment though so I wouldn't want that to happen.

Bugs Bunny: Why are you lookin' professional at a party doc? I mean you're not prosecutin' any cases. It seems to be a waste of a dress.

L: Why I'm simply not turning away your flattery. But that really wasn't as hard as it seems. Anyone could have done it you know. "eats cake"
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: I guess you can say that. I don't do any of that, I just try to stay alive.

C.C.: Well if I did know, I would have broken the 4th wall.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Zero: Indeed. Want some cake then, Miss Akashiya?

Really? My wife's broken the fourth wall before. For her, it certainly must have been frightening.

Edgeworth: I like to look my best. Besides, it is a garden party, so I figured some sort of professional dress was required.

Ah, so you're the nice one out of your family. I guess I should just be lucky you're not gonna kill me Hime!

Me: I don't think just anyone could have seen that. I don't think a person with mental retardation could have observed something like that.
Mana, come over her and talk with me and L.
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over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: I won't kill you unless you try to kill me.

Dark Magician Girl: Okay. *walks to wear you are*

C.C.: I'm guessing so. I also heard about that incident from her brother.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Edgeworth: How comforting. I won't harm you...unless of course you end up being the defendant in a trial that I'm assigned to. Then again, you are royalty, so I guess you've got some sort of diplomatic immunity.

Me: Would you like some cake, Mana? Or perhaps to stroll around the flowers in this garden?

Zero: I think she's gotten used to it now though. I mean, she even took the time to have this little party where all of us could meet. I guess I'm glad I have her around, huh?

Brother? I've never met him before. She's told me about him though. He sounds alright.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Yeah, I do have diplomatic immunity. However, we have rules on killing each other so that no one has the advantage over the other. One of these rules is to never use the zombie since you almost can't stop them. Would you like to hear more Edgeworth?

Dark Magician Girl: Yes, I would like some cake. What kind of cake is it?

C.C.: Indeed, this is so far turning out to be a good garden party.

Me: *walks up to zero* .... Are people actually this short?
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Edgeworth: Oh yes! I'm intrigued by this entire system your family has.

Me: Well, I wasn't sure what kinds of cake you all wanted, so I made a bunch. There's cheesecake, vanilla cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, etc.

Zero: Yes, I think my wife would be quite happy with all this.

And I didn't realize people could be so insulting.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Okay, I'll just describe the zombie rule. If a zombie happens to stumble into the human world, then massive chaos will ensue. And therefor, it's against the rules to have and use zombies to win a battle. I have been the victim of zombie's twice. Would you like to hear about it?

Dark Magician Girl: I'll take some of the chocolate.

C.C.: Indeed.

Me: It was just a joke.... but I do have one problem with you.... how do you get your hair like that?
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Edgeworth: Zombies, huh? The only zombies I've seen are in some horror movies my wife watches from time to time. Are all zombies like that, or...?

Me: Sure thing. *hands chocolate cake to Mana* Want a glass of milk to go with that?

Zero: Quite. Why don't we join the others with something to eat?

I-UH, er...
Zero's thoughts: Why is everyone fascinated with my hair?!
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over a year ago BlindBandit92 said…
Bugs Bunny: I see doc. Maybe I should've got spiffed myself.

Moka Akashiya: Yes I would. I would also like some sort of refreshment. No water if you would be so kind because that is my weakness. Water in it most pure state has been used against me so many times it's dreadful.

L: You do have a good point. But I'm sure you understood what I was getting at. How are you Nana? What would you be interesting in conversing about?
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Depends on the movie.

Dark Magician Girl: No thanks. Um, what can we talk about... all I know is that I'm a really popular card in the game Yu-Gi-Oh. Other than that, I really don't know what happens in this world.
((Did you *Mana? I was confused for a second there.))

C.C.: Just as long as there is pizza.

Me: I'll just head back to the table if you're not going to talk.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Edgeworth: Well, she's watched Shaun of the Dead, which she kept freaking out about because some of the things in there were wrong. There's Zombieland, which she liked. And then there's the Resident Evil series, which I must admit, I think she's got her eye on Wesker. I have no idea why though.

No, you look fine Mr. Bunny.

Zero: I'll tell Ingo to bring it to you. I had no idea that water was your weakness...
Knowing my wife Miss C.C., I'm sure there is pizza.
.///. No, wait!
*looks around*
It's just...people are always fascinated with my hair, for whatever reason. I just use this soap, to be rather truthful. Then I brush it, and that's that.

*shows soap*

Me: Oh, my brothers play Yu-Gi-Oh! a lot. They even watch the shows on Saturdays in the morning. I could never understand the game though.
Edgeworth: [i]Well, she's watched Shaun of the Dead, which she kept freaking out about because some o
over a year ago Sammisaurus said…
Ed: Hey, that's the same shampoo stuff I use!

Sebastian: Did someone say they required something? I would be happy to obtain it obtain it for them.

Japan: *silent*
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Zero: Old Spice is quite popular.
Oh yes, Mr. Sebastian. I need three things to be done.
1. Go get a refreshment that isn't pure water.
2. Go get some cake as well. It doesn't matter what kind.
3. Go find Ingo. He's probably around the garden, running like a maniac.

Edgeworth: Where is Ingo, anyway?
Me: I think he's passed out somewhere from running around. Poor thing.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: I think Zombieland shows the true zombie even though most zombies can't run.

Dark Magician Girl: But the game is very easy to play.... once you get use to it.

C.C.: Okay.

Me: Well, I never expected that you use Old Spice to wash your hair. I just use Head and Shoulders to get rid of dandruff.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Edgeworth: And what of the other movies?

Me: I suppose it is; I just haven't gotten used to it then. The only reason I would ever even become interested in playing the game is because there are so little female Yu-Gi-Oh players, as far as I know.

Zero: No one ever does. Dandruff? What is "dandruff"?
over a year ago izfan9500 said…
*Mikayla, Alexis, and Momiji pop out of nowhere*
Mikayala:...So um, now that we're here, what do we do...?
Momiji: Oh, look, cake! *points to the cake and runs to get some*
Alexis: Momiji, don't just randomly grab cake without asking...!
*Runs towards Momiji*

(lol, I wish I could change one of my chars...eh, it's alright. xD)
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Well, the rest don't show the true zombie, but I think they are okay as movies.

Dark Magician Girl: Well, there has been at least a couple of female duelist in three of the series.... including myself.

Me: Oh right... you're a robot and have no skin.... or am I wrong?
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over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
(You actually can change your characters. I should've mentioned that earlier...you just have to make the character or characters you originally invited leave.
*le just made that a rule*)

Me: You socialize and eat with us here right now. Later, we'll walk around the garden. Just don't touch my Audery plant.

Edgeworth: I see. I could never understand such movies. My wife finds them hilarious though, for whatever reason. And I don't even know why she's keeping her eye on Wesker.

Me: Yes, but that's the thing. There's only been at least three. Yu-Gi-Oh is dominated mostly by men. I want to change this really badly. Alas, who knows if my wish will be granted.

Zero: I kinda have something similar to skin. Y'know, the exoskeleton protecting my inner mechanisms. Or something like that. I dunno; you'd have to look at my creator's designs for that.
over a year ago izfan9500 said…
(Oh, okay. Then I'll change Mikayla to Honey from Ouran Highschool Host Club. xD)

Mikayla:*Takes out her cell phone which she felt vibrating in her pocket* Oh, sorry guys...gotta go. *Puts cell phone back in pocket and leaves*

Alexis & Momiji: Oh, bye Mikayala!

Honey: *Arrives* Hai!!! *looks at guest list* Oh, Tamaki's here, too? This is gonna be so much fun! Oh, look! CAKE! *Runs to where Momiji is near the cake*

Alexis:...M'kay, guess I'll take some cake, too. *Gets a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting*

Me: Wait for me~! *Runs and grabs a slice of lemon cake with vanilla icing*
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Why don't you ask her yourself?

Dark Magician Girl: I think it would be new to the Yu-Gi-Oh series, you probably just have to write to the directors to see if it can happen.

C.C.: Where's the pizza?

Me: I don't feel like doing that. It sounds long and complicated.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: Bye bye Mikayla.
Hello Honey.

Edgeworth: I...don't think that would be a good idea! ._.'

Me: I guess so, or maybe I'd write to the creator of the entire series.
It's over there next to the refreshments Miss C.C. Help yourself.

Zero: Not to mention my creator's nothing but a maverick creator.
over a year ago BlindBandit92 said…
Moka Akashiya: I highly appreciate the refreshments. Btw Zero just out of curiosity what kind of interesting exploits you've experienced as a maverick hunter?

L: "silent"

Bugs bunny: "eats a carrot"
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Why not?

Dark Magician Girl: I'm not sure if the creator is still alive..... I'm sorry L, are we leaving you out on our conversation?

C.C.:*grabs a whole pizza box for herself*

Me: Right......
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Zero: I've experienced some interesting things. Some aren't memories I like looking back on...

Edgeworth: I...I don't know. I mean, some of the things she does...I don't think she wants criticism on. I just think I should leave her alone and let her sort it out for herself and make a decision.

Me: *le eats some pizza from another box*
You must really like pizza C.C. Do you have a favorite flavor or type of pizza?
over a year ago BlindBandit92 said…
Moka Akashiya: I see and respect that. Well are there any memories you wouldn't mind sharing? I could use a good tale. My exploits although good aren't exactly what I think is up to par with my skills. Damn monsters get knocked out far too quickly for me to have any challenge. The only real challenge I had was fighting a fox demon and the fox demon almost ended me and my companions lives...

L: "silent. just taking everything in and observing"

Bugs: "Le talking with other guests"
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over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Okay.....

Dark Magician Girl: um.... L? Are you still alive?

C.C.: Just as long as it's pizza, then it will be good to eat.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
((I'm getting lazy about responding to this forum...we need some sort of action to happen))

Zero: Well, I am a resistance fighter...I do have some stories I could tell about that.

Edgeworth: Yeah, she's complicated.

Me: Poke him with a stick and see what happens Mana. :3
If you say so Miss C.C.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Just like my husband.

Dark Magician Girl: But he looks like he's doing something very complicated.....

Me: Where's Ingo?
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
((Where the fuck is everyone?))
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Edgeworth: At least you understand.

Nah, he's probably just thinking. You can totally interrupt someone's thoughts.

.n. I don't know, but something tells me he's near a cliff terrified to death.

((I'm here. I just kinda abandoned this forum for quite some time. Yeah, let's go with that.))
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Yeah, most of us do.

Dark Magician Girl: But I don't want to interrupt someone's thought process!

Me: That doesn't sound good.

((But in all seriousness, it really is just us that are responding, and no one else.))
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Nah, don't worry 'bout it! I'll be sure to protect you in case anything should go wrong.

Yes it is very bad. .n. Perhaps we should go look for him.

Edgeworth: That makes me feel better.

Mr. Zero, would you have any idea where Ingo could have gone?
over a year ago Ale1152 said…

Me: Well, things would be a lot easier if we had a subway.....
over a year ago sheerika said…

Dark Magician Girl:OMG keep up
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
((Do you even know the rules sheerika?))
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
((sheerika, at least make some sort of attempt to read the rules before trying to do something as stupid as reply. You have to pick three other people not mentioned to bring with you, then introduce yourself. You cannot in any circumstance roleplay or talk as a character that has been taken. Final.

Now why don't you just delete that post of yours and start over with your introduction?))
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: Distraction, WHERE?!
*looks around*

Zero: I dunno where Ingo could've gone. We should scout the area looking for any signs of the man.

Edgeworth: There's plenty of us here so that we can search in groups of two I believe.
over a year ago kaitgirl7676 said…
I would like to join!
I will bring:
Fiona Glennon(Burn Notice)
my spouse, Michael
And by the way, we will bring waffles if anyone is interested...
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over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
((Waffles always help stop crime~!))

It looks like we have new guests.
over a year ago kaitgirl7676 said…
Don't they?
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Dark Magician Girl: *quickly hides behind me*

Hime: Groups of two? Sounds good enough. However, we need a map of the area before we send scouts.

Me: .... Where are we even located at?
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
We're in Princess Peach's Garden at her castle.

Edgeworth: The next question would be who goes with who. Does anyone have any ideas on that?
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Me: Why didn't someone invite Mario or Peach?!?!?
So, who is in charge of this operation?

Hime: And let's not forget that if Ingo got lost in the forest or something similar, then we would need a specialist in the area to guide us.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Zero: As a warrior, I've explored and fought in plenty of forests in my years. I should be in the group that scouts the forest.

Edgeworth: Okay, so Zero said he'd go in the woods. I'll be in the group that decides to go scout the castle.

I guess I'll stay here and see if he comes back or not. Hime, why don't you go with Zero? Mana, accompany Edgeworth. That means C.C. and Ale1152 will stay here in the garden in case Ingo comes back. I'll go out near the gates and see if I can find him...
Got it?
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
((Yes, you can. :3))

C'mon in, guys~!
*allows SonicChief and friends inside*
We're in a bit of a crisis right now. Would you mind helping us?
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
One of the men I invited to this party ran off while trying to catch another guest who he thought was a pokemon. He hasn't returned for quite some time, which concerns me.
Right now we're deciding which of us will search the forest, in the castle, and outside the entrance to the castle.
Now, where do your people want to go?