Random Never-Ending Magnificent Garden Party

Shadowmarioking posted on Feb 24, 2012 at 12:38AM
In a series of events, Ingo, a party guest, has vanished without a trace. Can a group of garden party guests piece together what happened, and save this man as well?

This Garden Party's turned into a sort of adventure thing, but new members are always welcome!

1. You must have at least 3 guests or more, fictional or not. I would prefer bringing fictional "spouses", but you can bring anyone you want really.

2. Keep the drama under control. Don't go over the top and make things too crazy.

3. If someone else has brought the character you want to bring, simply choose another one.

4. You actually can change your characters. I should've mentioned that earlier...you just have to make the character or characters you originally invited leave.

And now, for the guests attending.

Shadowmarioking brings:
1. Zero (Mega Man series)
2. Miles Edgeworth
3. Ingo (Pokemon Black) - M.I.A.
4. Emmet (Pokemon Black) -Special guest

Ale1152 brings:
1. Hime (Princess Resurrection)
2. Dark Magician Girl
3. C.C. (Code Geass)

Heartisalone brings:

Sammisaurus brings:
1. Naoi Ayato
2. Edward Elric
3. Sebastian

Kitmolly123 brings:
1. England
2. America
3. Oliver

Mrs_Romano brings:
2. Tamaki Suoh {Ouran High School Host Club}
3. Keiichi Maebara {Higurashi}

BlindBandit92 brings:
1. Moka Akashiya (Rosario Vampire)
2. L (Death Note)
3. Bugs Bunny

missraccoon brings:
1. France
2. Amy
3. Death the Kid

izfan9500 brings:
1. Momiji Sohma (Fruits Basket)
2. Alexis (her friend)
3. Honey (Ouran High School)

Kaitgirl7676 brings:
1.Fiona Glennon(Burn Notice)
2.my spouse, Michael
3.Angela (Bones)

SonicChief150 brings:
1. Mr. Usui Takumi
2. The Spy
3. Human Version Princess Celestia

If you want to join, just tell me and I'll add you to this.
Also, don't feed the Audrey plant and don't listen to the picture. You're all invited.
[i]In a series of events, Ingo, a party guest, has vanished without a trace. Can a group of garden pa
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over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
*runs into hallway*
Me: Alright, let's go! *starts running towards end of hallway*

Edgeworth: Go where? It's a dead end!

Me: *falls through random trap door*
...I don't even know anymore. *follows*
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Me: ..... Well, let's get moving.

Narrator: The Fearsome Foursome has started their journey to the end of the level where they will face Bowser.... or someone like that.

You've got to be shitting me........
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over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: *lands with a thud*

Edgeworth: *lands on top of me*
Oh jeez, I'm sorry.
*gets off of me*
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Narrator to Shadow and Edgeworth: They went to the end of the level and are probably going to face Bowser.
Hime: I'm not getting into that pipe....

Me: And why not?

You know perfectly well the reason why.


Then you go first and we will follow you.


*all three of them give a kitty look*

over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: :D Thanks, narrator!
*runs through level with ease*
Where are you, Edgie?!

Edgeworth: *appears behind, suit is someone burnt*
...You look awful.
*runs towards pipe*
...UGGGGGH. *follows*
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Narrator:The Fearsome Foursome enter the pipe with Ale1152 leading the way.

Me: *lands on my stomach, is about to get up*

Hime: *lands on me first, gets up*

C.C.:*lands on me next and manages to get up*

DMG:*lands on me, and manages to get up*

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over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: SHIT. They went through already.
Edgeworth: *trailing behind*
C'mon, Edgeworth! I hope you're as good at fighting as I am! *jumps into pipe*
I'm not a fighter though! *follows anyway*
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Me: *gets up* And I knew that would happen.... anyways, who are we going to face? *looks around*
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Edgeworth: *lands next to Ale1152*
Me: *falls into Edgeworth's arms*
...Uh...you can, um, set me down now.
Oh right, sorry. *sets me down*

Bowser should appear any second now.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
*Bowser lands right next to us, already defeated*

Narrator:Our hero's are shocked to find out that Bowser has been already defeated.

*Some random person appears on top of Bowser*
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: Who on earth did that?

Edgeworth: Why not ask the figure on top of...whatever this turtle is in front of me.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Random Guy: My name is Roll Lkds. And I will gain all the stars so that I will be the most powerful person on this planet.
((Okay people, you can make up random shit about him and give him nicknames and all that crap.))
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: Roll Lkds? Sounds like a failed candy.
Keep all the stars you want, we're only here to find a man.

Edgeworth: Have you seen a man in black with gray sideburns speaking with a German accent?


Zero: ...
Emmet: .v. Subvay~~~~
Do you like zhe subvay, Zero~?

over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Me: Don't forget, we need that star to get out of here.

Roll Lkds: Exactly. And I will take the star and leave you hear in this universe.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: Or I can kick your ass by swinging you into one of the bombs surrounding us. Sound like a game you wanna play?

Edgeworth: I'm not sure if violence is going to solve anything.


Emmet: Hey, hey Zero. Hey.
Zero: ...
Hey Zero, hey, Zero, hey hey hey hey. *pokes at Zero*
...(Thoughts: Maybe I should've gone with Shadowmarioking...)
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Roll Lkds: *suddenly grows 10 feet and muscles grow in size*

Me: ....

Hime: *grabs chainsaw and turns it on*

DMG: *grabs wand and is ready to attack*
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: Sure thing bro!
Are your girls gonna handle bro or should I take care of this?
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Me: I guess I'll have to do something. *opens my trench coat and grabs dual wield pistols*
Get ready for the fight for your life.

Roll: *charges at us*
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: I'll let you guys handle this one. Edgie, sit this one out.

Edgeworth: I'm no fighter, so that's fine with me.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Roll: *completely misses us and falls off stage*

Me: ...... What the hell just happened.....
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: He'll jump back, you wait.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
*bomb goes off where he fell off*

Me: Are you sure he's jumping back?
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: *sees bomb go off*
._. Not anymore.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Me: So where's the star.........
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
*star pops out of nowhere*
Star: Touch me. I'm nacho cheese flavored. Durr hurr.

Me: .______________. ....*touches star, does victory pose*

Edgeworth: Was that necessary?
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
*suddenly a bunch of stars pop up out of nowhere*

Me: I guess the guy wasn't lying when he said that he had a bunch of stars....
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: *looks around* Geez, how many stars do we have now then?
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Me: If anything, probably 42 stars.

Hime: Do we leave the stars here or do we try and take them all?
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: Try and get them all. Just don't fall off or anything, alright?

Edgeworth: *hesitates to touch a star* ._.;
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Me: *grabs a bag and puts stars in a bag*
Where is Mario?
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Me: ...I dunno. |D

Edgeworth: More importantly, where is the princess? You would think that we would have seen her by now.
Something isn't right.

Zero: ...
Emmet: .v. Trains~
...*takes out saber* What was that?
Vhat vas vhat?
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Me:Which princess? We have a princess over there *points to Hime*, and then we have Princess Peach, and then we have Princess Daisy. Also, where is Bowser? Wasn't his body right here a couple of minutes ago?

C.C.: I think it's best that we leave right now before something happens. For all we know, something might have happened to the castle.
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over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Edgeworth: I was referring to Princess Peach. I don't know a Princess Daisy. I can't say what happened.

Me: Chances are that strange guy that had all these stars took care of Bowser. We shouldn't worry about this now, we have other matters to attend to.
._. How do we leave?

Zero: *looking around* I know you're out there. Show yourself!
Emmet: .v. I go investigate.
*wanders out of room*

Emmet, don't you da-Shit. *follows Emmet*
over a year ago RickRolla said…