Random Never-Ending Magnificent Garden Party

Shadowmarioking posted on Feb 24, 2012 at 12:38AM
In a series of events, Ingo, a party guest, has vanished without a trace. Can a group of garden party guests piece together what happened, and save this man as well?

This Garden Party's turned into a sort of adventure thing, but new members are always welcome!

1. You must have at least 3 guests or more, fictional or not. I would prefer bringing fictional "spouses", but you can bring anyone you want really.

2. Keep the drama under control. Don't go over the top and make things too crazy.

3. If someone else has brought the character you want to bring, simply choose another one.

4. You actually can change your characters. I should've mentioned that earlier...you just have to make the character or characters you originally invited leave.

And now, for the guests attending.

Shadowmarioking brings:
1. Zero (Mega Man series)
2. Miles Edgeworth
3. Ingo (Pokemon Black) - M.I.A.
4. Emmet (Pokemon Black) -Special guest

Ale1152 brings:
1. Hime (Princess Resurrection)
2. Dark Magician Girl
3. C.C. (Code Geass)

Heartisalone brings:

Sammisaurus brings:
1. Naoi Ayato
2. Edward Elric
3. Sebastian

Kitmolly123 brings:
1. England
2. America
3. Oliver

Mrs_Romano brings:
2. Tamaki Suoh {Ouran High School Host Club}
3. Keiichi Maebara {Higurashi}

BlindBandit92 brings:
1. Moka Akashiya (Rosario Vampire)
2. L (Death Note)
3. Bugs Bunny

missraccoon brings:
1. France
2. Amy
3. Death the Kid

izfan9500 brings:
1. Momiji Sohma (Fruits Basket)
2. Alexis (her friend)
3. Honey (Ouran High School)

Kaitgirl7676 brings:
1.Fiona Glennon(Burn Notice)
2.my spouse, Michael
3.Angela (Bones)

SonicChief150 brings:
1. Mr. Usui Takumi
2. The Spy
3. Human Version Princess Celestia

If you want to join, just tell me and I'll add you to this.
Also, don't feed the Audrey plant and don't listen to the picture. You're all invited.
<i>In a series of events, Ingo, a party guest, has vanished without a trace. Can a group of garden pa
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over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Native: No visitor often. Have visitor two week ago. Know not happen to him.

Zero: What does that mean for us, Hime?
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: I don't know Zero, I still have a lot of questions to ask.
Did you see what the visitor looked like? In what direction did he go? And do you have any type of monsters like bigfoot or a yeti that are a threat around here?
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Native: No see thing. No know what direction go. You leave now. Not safe here.

Zero: Not safe?
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Why isn't it safe?
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Native: Forest not safe. Forest filled with danger. Village no safe either. Chief kill visitor he get.

Zero: Uh-oh. SonicChief, do you see the Chief of this village anywhere?
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Who is the Chief?
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Native: He bad man. He be monster.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: What type of monster?

Zero, we might be in trouble.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Zero: I don't see SonicChief anywhere. This is concerning.

Native: He like us. He bigger though. Have big stick. Stick harm people.

Yup, we're in deep trouble.
over a year ago RickRolla said…
(Lol I think you guys should kill off Sonicchief150 since he got suspended)
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: We have to assume he's dead. Right now, the best thing to do is to get reinforcements.

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over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
(Whatever you say~. I'll delete what I said, and keep the forum.)

Zero: Fine, but where in the world are we gonna get reinforcements?
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over a year ago RickRolla said…
^(thanks mate!)

Spy: *ahem* Gentlemen. It seems you have forgotten all about me.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: What happened to DMG?
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Zero: *points saber at Spy*
Where in the world did you come from?
Don't you remember? She's somewhere in the castle.

(No problem. Anything for a friend.
I feel as if I should make Hawkeye or some other fictional character pop out of nowhere or something. xD Just for the heck of it.)
over a year ago RickRolla said…
Spy: I was right behind you.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Zero: ...Riiight.
*puts saber down*
Where's Edgeworth? I would assume he's with you and DMG. Is that the case?

*rumbles heard through the forest*
That's not good.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: No it isn't. Zero get ready to fight.
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over a year ago RickRolla said…
Spy: I will go and find him. probably still in the mansion *cloaks*
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Zero: Just make sure he's unharmed.

As you wish, Hime. *takes out saber*

*natives scramble, giant dragon shows up*
And how in the world does that resemble a Whittle?!

Native: :| ...
Not sure.
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: *looks up* This is going to be hard to kill....

*back at the secret tea party place*
Me: *sudden blood warrior instincts take over* Hime is in trouble. *takes off running to where Hime is*
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over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Zero: Oh this? I've faced worse...

Native: That king. Dx

Oh joy. I'm waiting for your command, Hime.

Edgeworth: *running*
When I was invited to a garden party, I thought it would be a peaceful, nice get together.
*tox boxes following Edgeworth*

Just in case you don't know what tox boxes are~.))
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: Kill the king Zero. He's probably a maverick.....

Me: *running at full speed* Must hurry.
over a year ago Shadowmarioking said…
Zero: Your wish is my command.
*rushes toward dragon, dodges dragon's slashes*
*slashes at, shoots at with Zero Buster*

Edgeworth: *escapes tox boxes*
That takes care of that problem...
*dust devil picks up Edgeworth*
over a year ago Ale1152 said…
Hime: *looks on, watching the battle*

Me: *arrives to the scene* Hime, I got here as quickly as possible, what the hell is going on here?

Well, Zero is battling with the king of this tribe. And I'm not sure of the outcome.