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Fan fiction by Ranma09 posted over a year ago
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Midori Haruki the new fiancee of Ranma
A few minutes later after Akane left..Midori was finding Ranma.She did find Ranma in the trash can and ended up being invited at the Tendo household

Midori:My prince, I brought you some dinner!
Ranma:P-prince?Who are you calling your prince?!
Midori:Of course you Ranma!Your my dearest prince!
Everyone stared at the food Midori brought

Soun Tendo:French food...
GenmA:And they look very expensive..

Midori:Oh no,not at all!all these just costs 500,000 yen!

Everyone gasped...
Akane:Lucky you Ranma you have a new fiancee!
Ranma argued back
Ranma:Wait,I ain't having any fiancees again!

MIdori stared at Ranma blankly..

Midori:You mean......I'm your......................WIFE?!

Ranma stared in a different look...

Ranma:W-W-Wife?! Your Lying!Lying!
I meant... I...you....

Midori:don't worry I was just Joking my dear prince!

Fan fiction by Ranma09 posted over a year ago
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One peaceful day...
Akane:RANMA!we're going to be late!
running,they still have time to argue.
Unfortunately they didn't reach the class in time...
Akane:All your fault Ranma now I have to stand in the hall again!
Ranma:How could it be my fault?The miso soup is just so great not like your cooking!I coundn't resist to have seconds that's all...

In the afternoon...
Akane and Ranma walked still arguing..
The argue stopped when Akane tripped on something
Ranma:Clumsy as always!
Akane ignored Ranma and rubbed her knees,when she noticed something shiny....
Akane:Ranma look!
Ranma stared where Akane was pointing..
It was a pendant were Akane tripped on!And it seems very expensive...
Ranma picked up the pendant it was covered with gems and precious stones
Ranma:This pendant might cost a million yen!

Ranma then heard someone attacking him
Guide by Ranma09 posted over a year ago
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Ranma ½ Nettohen
Episode Title    Director    Animation Director
1. Clash of the Delivery Girls! The Martial Arts Takeout Race    Kazuhiro Furuhashi    Atsuko Nakajima
2. You Really Do Hate Cats?    Kazuyoshi Nakamura    Asami Endo
3. This Old Gal's the Leader of of the Amazon Tribe!    Shinji Kouboku    Atsuko Nakajima
4. Behold! The "Chestnuts Roasting in an Open Fire" Technique    Kazuhiro Furuhashi    Masaki Kudo
5. Enter Mousse! The Fist of the White Swan    Takashi Kobayashi    Asami Endo
6. Cool Runnings! The Race of the Snowman    Kazuyoshi Nakamura    Atsuko Nakajima
7. The Abduction of P-chan    Kazuhiro Furuhashi    Asami Endo