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Fan fiction by ViGirl98 posted over a year ago
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It was one week before the summer vacation in Japan, an it was a really hot day. Ranma was on his way home from school.

"Hey! Watch out!" - Said Ranma as he crashed into a young girl. The girl looked up to Ranma's face.

"Hmm... I've never seen this kind of girl before. I mean, she has long blonde hair, her skin is pale white, and especially, she has blue sapphire eyes." - Thought Ranma.

"Privyet!" - The strange girl said.
"Huh? What do you mean?" - Ranma asked back.
"Oh, I mean hello." - Replied the girl.
"Oh, hi. You can speak Japanese too?" - Answered Ranma.
"Yeah. I have been learning Japanese for eight years. What's your name?"
"Um... My name's Ranma Saotome."
"Oh. I minya zavut Ekaterina... Oops, I mean my name is Ekaterina. Ekaterina Ledakova." - The girl smiled. - "It sure is hot today... Do you want some ice cream, Ranma?"
"Yes. But hey, why do you have so much ice cream?" - Ranma pointed at the box that Ekaterina was carrying.
Fan fiction by ViGirl98 posted over a year ago
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Disclaimer: I’m not Rumiko Takahashi, and I neither own Ranma ½ nor some song lyrics in this story.
It was one day before New Year arrived. At the Tendos’ living room…

“Hello! Is anybody home? You’ve got mail!” – A postman knocked the door.

“I’ll get it.” – Said Ranma. The postman gave him a yellow poster that said: “You are welcomed to our Royal New Year party tonight at our restaurant! There is going to be delicious food, great games for guests, wonderful New Year Countdown, etc, and the most amazing…

“Hmm… A lovely prize for the winner huh…” – Ranma speaks to himself. – “I wonder what it is…”
Suddenly, a voice came out from upstairs: “Whoa! It looks great on you indeed, Akane!”

“Hey!” – Shouted Ranma. – “What’s going on?”

“Hmm… Ranma…” – Akane – in her brand new cute blue dress – appeared behind him. – “I got an invitation to a New Year party at the restaurant nearby, so… What do you think? Do I look good?”
Fan fiction by Ranma09 posted over a year ago
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Midori Haruki the new fiancee of Ranma
A few minutes later after Akane left..Midori was finding Ranma.She did find Ranma in the trash can and ended up being invited at the Tendo household

Midori:My prince, I brought you some dinner!
Ranma:P-prince?Who are you calling your prince?!
Midori:Of course you Ranma!Your my dearest prince!
Everyone stared at the food Midori brought

Soun Tendo:French food...
GenmA:And they look very expensive..

Midori:Oh no,not at all!all these just costs 500,000 yen!

Everyone gasped...
Akane:Lucky you Ranma you have a new fiancee!
Ranma argued back
Ranma:Wait,I ain't having any fiancees again!

MIdori stared at Ranma blankly..

Midori:You mean......I'm your......................WIFE?!

Ranma stared in a different look...

Ranma:W-W-Wife?! Your Lying!Lying!
I meant... I...you....

Midori:don't worry I was just Joking my dear prince!