I got this on DVD last week and I loved it it was fantastic the animation was beautiful and the voice cast was really good. But as I was watching this movie I saw a few things that were definitely not right so here is what I noticed.

#1 When Eugene aka Flynn Rider is at the town village he gets a loaf and cheese but two things I noticed were

#1 where did he get the money for them and #2 where did they go when the camera is facing Rapunzel??

#2 Rapunzel’s hair becomes longer and shorter when she has blonde hair.#3 When Rapunzel and Eugene are trapped in the cave how can Rapunzel swim when she was trapped in the tower for 18 years.

#4 When Eugene chops Rapunzel’s hair off it turns brown but when Mother Gothel cut a bit of her hair as a baby it should have stayed brown all the time not blonde.

#5 When Rapunzel’s tears goes on to Eugene’s cheek it glows and we see a healing flower going into his body his hair should have been blonde when Rapunzel’s powers went into him.

#6 The frying pan goes missing in certain scenes.

#7 How did Eugene get Rapunzel’s tiara when we clearly didn’t see his hand when she hugged the little girl that did her hair up when she had long blonde hair.

#8 Maximus goes missing when Eugene calls Rapunzel’s name when he goes up the tower.

#9 When Eugene dies its dark but when he wakes up and Rapunzel kisses him its not dark its daytime.

#10 In the Beginning of the movie Eugene talks about Rapunzel being the long lost princess but when he is held captive by her  he says you mean the lantern thing they have for the princess. This clearly states that he doesn’t know she’s the long lost princess when he said in the beginning of the film she was.

#11 When Rapunzel is on the boat she doesn’t have the satchel that belongs to Eugene but when she stops singing the first verse of the song I see the light she has it with her.

#12 Finally when Rapunzel meets her real parents the mother has one glove the next shot it disappears and how come they knew that she wasn’t a fraud. * Note if I made any mistakes in this article please let me know I don’t want any rude comments please. Thank you.