Do you notice? Some of the scenes in the movie Tangled are actually similar to the scenes in other Disney movies! Perhaps it is because the animators who created it also created the other Disney movies. Remember the similarities between Snow White's dwarf party dance and Maid Marian's forest party dance? Or Aurora's last dance and Belle's ballroom dance? Here are 12 similarities between Tangled and other Disney movies.

1) When Will My Life Begin vs. Part of Your World vs. Belle vs. Out There (Quasimodo Version)

Dream to be free

Rapunzel sings her dream. Sounds common? Yes! Ariel, Belle, and Quasimodo also sing their dream. And about the same thing: Freedom to be somewhere else.

2) Mother Knows Best vs. Out There (Frollo Version)

"Out there is a dangerous place"

Out? No way! Gothel won't let Rapunzel out of the tower. Same with Frollo. He doesn't let Quasi out of the church. Both of them explain the dangers of the outside world.

3) Rapunzel's Dandelion vs. Belle's Dandelion


Rapunzel's dandelion scene is really like Belle's scene. Is it a reference to Belle's movie? Disney does often copy one scene from a movie and put it in another movie.

4) I've Got a Dream vs. When We're Human

"We've got dreams"

In "I've Got a Dream," Rapunzel, Flynn, and the thugs tell about their dreams in detail. So do Tiana, Naveen, and Louis in "When We're Human."

5) Attila's Dance vs. The Genie's Dance

Funny dance

Same case with the dandelion scene. Atilla's arm and leg movement is a total copy of the Genie's dance. Only the Genie's body is separated from his "legs"...

6) Rapunzel and Flynn's Background Story vs. Tiana and Naveen's Background Story

Sharing stories

After the trouble in the mine, finally Rapunzel and Flynn can take a breath. They share their histories. In The Princess and the Frog, Tiana and Naveen tell their backgrounds after the trouble with the frog hunters.

7) Rapunzel's Town Tour vs. Ariel's Town Tour

Town tour

Ah, finally Rapunzel and Flynn enter the town! They take a tour from buying bread and cupcakes, painting on floor, spending time in the library, to dancing with people. Well, Ariel and Eric are luckier. After a similar tour, they dance with each other!

8) I See the Light vs. Kiss the Girl

Romance on Boat

Rowing in the lake at sunset is romantic! And accompanied with lights! Two Disney couples enjoy it. Rapunzel and Flynn, and Ariel and Eric. And both end with an almost kiss.

9) "You're My New Dream" vs. "My Dream Wouldn't Be Complete without You in It"

Dream of love

Flynn whispers that Rapunzel is his new dream. Tiana also declares that her dream won't be complete without Naveen. It shows how love can change people's dreams!

10) Flynn's Death vs. The Beast's Transformation

Back to life

Flynn is stabbed by Mother Gothel. The Beast is pierced by Gaston. When Flynn dies, Rapunzel weeps on his chest, just like Belle weeps on the Beast's chest. Their return to life is accompanied with lights and dramatic music!

11) The Return of the Princess: Rapunzel vs. Aurora

Families reunited

After a long-lost separation since a baby, Rapunzel returns to the palace escorted by Flynn. She hugs her mother and father. Aurora also returns to her home after she was brought away as a baby. She also hugs her mother and father. And if you notice, Rapunzel is like her mother, and Aurora is like hers too. And both mothers are taller than the daughters, and both fathers are very tall and bearded.

12) Everybody's Got Their Dream vs. Dreams Do Come True in New Orleans

All happy

Rapunzel's happy, Flynn's happy, Rapunzel's parents are also happy. The thugs, Maximus, and Pascal also get their dreams. Similarly, Tiana and Naveen get their dreams! So do Louis, Charlotte, and Ray...