If you never seen this film then avoid reading this article if you have seen it then enjoy.

Ok I managed to get a sneak preview of the whole movie on YouTube last week and quite frankly I enjoyed this film as it was hilarious, clever and original. Plus the songs were very good and not forgettable like that 2009 movie The Princess and the frog.

So here is my opinion on Flynn & Rapunzel.

#1 Rapunzel: Kicking off with Rapunzel who is locked up in a high tower by an evil witch who stoled her from her royal family as her blonde hair(which is actually brown as the blonde hair was the healing flower that helped her mother get better as she was sick)heals anyone or makes them youthful again. She wishes to see the lanterns as they appear every year for her birthday. So she meets this thief named Flynn Rider(aka Eugene Fitz Herbert)who stoled a crown from the palace and she falls in love with him. Voiced by ex pop singer Mandy Moore I absolutely love her singing voice as its so brilliant and she is a very good actress as she appeared in A WALK TO REMEMBER.

Flynn Rider(aka Eugene Fitz Herbert): Voiced by Zac Levi as well as singing as his character in the movie he appears in that living TV show Chuck. Flynn is a thief who steals a crown at the palace and he is the main character in the film as well as the narrator of the film too. He meets Rapunzel as he hids the crown in the high tower where Rapunzel is kept and he brings her to see the lanterns for her birthday. Of course him and Rapunzel fall in love and he gets stabbed by Mother Gothel but he is later revived by Rapunzel. He marries her in the end of the film.

What I think of the two?

Starting off with Rapunzel I actually think she is the best Disney princess since Belle from Beauty & the Beast. She kinda reminds me of Giselle (minus the colour of her hair and the length of it)when Giselle was in cartoon form but her personality is like Anya’s from the 20th century fox movie Anastasia as she is stubborn,fiesty,has to get what she wants and she is also very elegant too.

Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitz Herbert is so hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing at his ad lib quotes like Hey how’s a going or lets just say they don’t like me either LOL.

Scenes that remind me of other Disney/non Disney movies

#1 The boat scene: This reminds me of The Little Mermaid for some strange reason as Flynn is enchanted by Rapunzel and he was going to kiss her but they got interrupted.

#2 The stabbing scene: A cross between Beauty & the Beast and Stardust as the villainess reminds me of Michelle Phieffer’s character in that movie as she turns back being old again as she falls from her death.

Favourite moments in the film

#1 The kingdom dance was cute

#2 The part where Rapunzel hits Flynn over the head with a frying pan.

#3 The I see the light scene so enchanting.

#4 The reprise for When will my life begin I honestly can’t stop singing this song its brilliant it reminds me of that farewells score from Pocahontas with the backing music and Belle reprise.

#5 The part where she heals him when his stabbed.

#3 The kingdom dance reminds me of Pocahuntas II as they get to dance together near the end of the Irish music that you hear playing in the background.
Frying Pan
Are you coming blondie
Shall we dance
And so they lived happily ever after