As a lover for fairytales I decided to see this movie on YouTube as I heard a lot of great reviews on this movie from other viewers and I decided to check the film out. The last decent Disney fairytale movie that I really loved was of course Enchanted which was a half animated half live action romantic fantasy comedy with a modern day twist to it but we are not talking about this film today I am going to talk to you guys about Tangled.

What is the film about well the story is based on a brother grimns fairytale Rapunzel and it tells the story of a thief who steals a crown at the palace and has to find a place to hid the crown. So Flynn Rider(voiced by the hilarious Zac Levi) climbs up a high tower and meets a feisty blonde-haired gal named Rapunzel who was stolen as a baby by an evil witch(or whatever she is) Mother Gothel who stoled her from her royal family as a baby because her mother had the healing flower to make her better as she apparently was sick and that’s why Rapunzel’s hair is blonde as it has magical powers that can restore a person’s youth and can heal a person who is either sick or dying.

Of course Rapunzel wishes to see the lanterns as every year on her birthday they appear so Flynn (aka Eugene Fitzherbert) decides to take her to see the lanterns and you can probably guess what is going to happen after this.

This movie has to be one of the best Disney movies I have seen since 2007’s Enchanted which was superb. Its got funny characters, memorable music from I see the light(love this song) and When will my life begin(love this song too)and a nice story. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 6 year old girl or a 42 year old man TANGLED should be for everyone whatever sex they are or age.


****out of *****

Best quote: Hi how are you doing the name’s Flynn Rider.

Best scene: The lantern scene is adorable

Worst scene: Nothing really although its all so familiar to other fairytale movies.