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Alex13126 posted on Aug 26, 2011 at 01:40AM
Your name was just reaped for the Hunger Games. Or you volunteered to take someone else's place. Either way your going into the arena. Your loved ones just said good bye and your now on the train to go to the Capitol. This may or may not have been the worst few hours of your life.

The Hunger Games is where the 24 tributes get set up against each other in the arena. The last one surviving wins. Winning's not so easy.


District 1- Luxury Items for the Capitol (Wealthiest)
District 2- Peacekeepers, Stone Mining and making weapons
District 3- Electronics and firearms
District 4- Fish and other Seafood
District 5- DNA Manipulations and Muttations
District 6- Medical Research and Morphling
District 7- Lumber
District 8- Textiles
District 9- Hunting
District 10- Livestock
District 11- Agriculture
District 12- Coal Mining

Are you apart of the Hunger Games?

Age (between 12-18):
Volunteered or reaped into the games?:
Part of the career pack?:
Weapon (Nothing too fancy):

The arena is sorta like a seasons thing. In the morning its a jungle (spring). The afternoon is a desert (summer). In the evening its a "seemingly" quiet pine forest (fall). In the night its a full out blizzard (Winter).

Joy- District 4- Me :D
December- District 1- Leah
Silver- District 9- Carmen
John- District 7- Mike
Dragon- District 4- Tim Tim
Spryng- District 11- Penny
Allie- District 7- Anny
Emilia- Distric Ten- Pink
Rikki- Distric 3- Greeny
Garrus- District 9- TGBA
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over a year ago Alex13126 said…
I pressed play on the remote.
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I sat quietly and watched.
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
((YES! I finally found out what happens before the actual games!
1. Chariots
2. Training
3. Gamemakers Assessment/Training Scores
4. Interviews
Then we're off to the Games))
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
(OK awesome!!)
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
Name: Spryng
Age (between 12-18): 15
District: 11
Volunteered or reaped into the games?: Volunteered for my brother
Part of the career pack?: Possibly.
Looks: Long light brown hair, freaky gray eyes, 4"11, six pack, scar down left side of face.
Personality: Fighter, Independant, Fun, Happy, Loyal
Weapon (Nothing too fancy): A dagger
Token: A Pendant with the wheat on it.
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Name: Spryng <br />
Age (between 12-18): 15<br />
District: 11<br />
Volunteered or reaped into the g
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
I winced as one of the tributes got speared in the head. I glanced around the room. Everyone seemed friendly. I didnt want to kill them.
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
I grabbed a bow and arrow and shot at the targets. I kept my face a mask, but nothing could hide the fact I didn't want to kill anyone. People always thought I would be nice to them because my name is Spryng, but if it came down to my family's safety and honor... i would not hesitate. I sighed and put the bow up.
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I shook my head,"This isn't the time for this." I said sternly, turning off the screen.
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
I looked around the room and then saw the guy turning off the screen. I walked over to him. "Hi." I said smiling small. "I'm Spryng."
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I turned and nodded,"Hello."
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
I sighed angrily and said, "I don't understand this. Why do teens like us have to go into a effing contest to die? What joy do they get out of this! I mean REALLY?" Then I stormed off.
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I shrugged,"It's un-fare but we have to deal with it."
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
I looked at him with a sparkle in my eyes. "That's what you think." I told him angrily.
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
(Penny we're still on the train)

"We dont really have a choice."
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I nodded,"But, what do you mean by that?"
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
(urg i didn't know this!)

My eyes sparkled brighter. "What I mean is, why be pawns of the Capitol... when it's backwards day?"
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I frowned,"I still do not understand."
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
My eyes widened. "You know what would happen if we defied the capitol!"
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
I walked back over to him. "We," I poked him in the chest and then pointed to everyone on the train. "Are Pawns of the Capitol. They make children, barely even had time to LIVE, go into the Hunger Games, to... to DIE. My brother is 12 and he got voted in the Reaping. I took his place because it's not RIGHT. He is disabled, and they were willing to put him to DEATH in these games because they want to RULE OUR LIVES. Districts like mine and district 12 and 13 and all the others except 1-4 get a chance to TRAIN. To have a HOME. What do we get? Hm? We are PAWN OF THE CAPITOL. And Maybe it should be the other way around." I stared into his eyes. I looked at Joy. "I know what would happen if I did. I would Die. But it would be worth it to give my Mother and Brother a chance to see their daughter and sister come home."
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over a year ago sonoboreas said…
(Shhhh there's no 13!(; )

I shrugged, a bored look in my eyes,"And what do you plan to do about it?"
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
I looked at his bored eyes. I stared at him. I shrugged and smirked. "What anyone would do who felt like I did." I stared at him. "I'm going to fight for my life and while I'm at it, fight the fucking capitol."
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
I shivered. "Remember the capitol is cruel. They were willing to send a girl with mental problems into the arena. I took.the girl's place."
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
I looked at her. "My brother has Mental Problems. He... He is the most sweet boy who wouldn't kill a fly. But that didn't stop them." My face hardened. "That's why I'm rebelling. Either your with me, or your not. Your choice." Then I walked away.
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I laughed,"You don't have the slightest idea..." I muttered.