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Alex13126 posted on Aug 26, 2011 at 01:40AM
Your name was just reaped for the Hunger Games. Or you volunteered to take someone else's place. Either way your going into the arena. Your loved ones just said good bye and your now on the train to go to the Capitol. This may or may not have been the worst few hours of your life.

The Hunger Games is where the 24 tributes get set up against each other in the arena. The last one surviving wins. Winning's not so easy.


District 1- Luxury Items for the Capitol (Wealthiest)
District 2- Peacekeepers, Stone Mining and making weapons
District 3- Electronics and firearms
District 4- Fish and other Seafood
District 5- DNA Manipulations and Muttations
District 6- Medical Research and Morphling
District 7- Lumber
District 8- Textiles
District 9- Hunting
District 10- Livestock
District 11- Agriculture
District 12- Coal Mining

Are you apart of the Hunger Games?

Age (between 12-18):
Volunteered or reaped into the games?:
Part of the career pack?:
Weapon (Nothing too fancy):

The arena is sorta like a seasons thing. In the morning its a jungle (spring). The afternoon is a desert (summer). In the evening its a "seemingly" quiet pine forest (fall). In the night its a full out blizzard (Winter).

Joy- District 4- Me :D
December- District 1- Leah
Silver- District 9- Carmen
John- District 7- Mike
Dragon- District 4- Tim Tim
Spryng- District 11- Penny
Allie- District 7- Anny
Emilia- Distric Ten- Pink
Rikki- Distric 3- Greeny
Garrus- District 9- TGBA
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over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
I glared at my wheat colored mini dress. I mean COME ON! The super high heels were torture and I groaned.
"My brother's name is Leaf." I told them, uncomfortably.
over a year ago percyLover101 said…
"My brother's is Will.." I said avoiding eye contact by staring at the floor.
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
I looked at her and then sighed angrily. "You know, we could become friends, and make an alliance!"
over a year ago percyLover101 said…
I looked at her,"Alliance? Why would we do that? So we could become friends and be forced kill each other!!!" My voice rises.
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over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I stood there quietly, looking back and forth at everyone.
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
"Time to go." I elbowed Dragon.
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I shook my head, awakening my senses. I followed quietly after Joy.
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
I watched District three went by and sucked in a deep breath.
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
I nodded, and followed.
over a year ago percyLover101 said…
Only a few more until it's me and John's turn.... My hands start sweating from nervousness.
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Name: Emilia
Age: 15
District: 10
Career: yes
Looks: short straight red hair and green eyes
Personality: brave, great friend, loyal, shy
Weapon: a bow and arrow
Token: a little stone in a bracelet she owns
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
I shook my head. "We won't have to kill eachother." I said quietly. They stared. "I was forced to move from District 4, where I was born to District 1, to Ditrict 8, then Finally to District 11 where I now live. Why? Because of the Capital."
over a year ago percyLover101 said…
"Well.... Eventually we will have to kill each other.... One player wins... Those are the rules of the Hunger games.."
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over a year ago greenstergirl said…
Name: Rikki elson
Age (between 12-18): 14
District: 3 electronics
Volunteered or reaped into the games?: reaped
Part of the career pack?: sure
Looks: long brown hair, green eyes, tall
Personality: loud, annoying, happy, silly, hyper, doesn't take the whole 'got to go kill u' thing seriously, good at building and fixing things
Weapon (Nothing too fancy): knife and throwing dagger
Token: blue necklace
Name: Rikki elson<br />
Age (between 12-18): 14<br />
District: 3 electronics<br />
Volunteered or re
over a year ago greenstergirl said…
so.....wuts a happening??
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
"It doesn't have to be that way." I said quietly. "I beleive that with the right faith and spirit, we can all win and go back to our familys. Alive."
over a year ago percyLover101 said…
I snorted and looked the other way.
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
"It could happen. But no one's mind is big enough to beleive it." I said coldly.
over a year ago percyLover101 said…
"Like the capitol will ever allow more than one winner in the Hunger Games..... I'd rather kill than actually spend my time believing there might be a chance to go home with you guys."
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
"Then maybe you should open your mind and those ears of yours, and listen and take in what I am saying." I said. "I will do wahtever it takes to get home as long I have something to beleive in. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, can crush my heart and make me kill. My brother is my Anchor to being open minded, and I swore to hi I would come home alive. You don;t have to listen," I added. "But think: What is stopping you from beating the Capitol, besides yourself?"
over a year ago TheGreekBadAss said…
heyy guys i was ment to join but didnt so i will now and what if in the end everyone comes out alive and like stops the hunger games happening again? or somin??

Name: Garrus Johnson
Age (between 12-18): 16
Volunteered or reaped into the games?: reaped
Part of the career pack?: why not?
Looks: brown hair with little random sandy blonde bits in it, green eyes, tall, fit
Personality: nice loyal mature caring
Weapon (Nothing too fancy): bow and arrows and a short-sword
Token: Wooden howling wolf on a bit of string for a necklace
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
^^^This is only the 72nd Hunger Games...we had to make it before 74....everyone should know what happened during the 74th and 75th
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over a year ago greenstergirl said…
I stood next to my partner. I looked down at my long black dress. my brown hair was up in a bun. i hate this. I looked over at a group of other kids. some of them were fighting. i might as well go see what they were doing. i picked up the skirt of my dress so i wouldn't trip, then walked over. i walked over to one girl.

"What are they fighting about?" i whispered. she looked at me.

"Just....everything. My name is december, district 1."

i smlied. "I'm Rikki, district 3."
over a year ago percyLover101 said…
"Well... Being opened minded gets you killed by people who don't care if your dead or not as long as THEY go home...... But i will join your group in the arena... But i refuse to become close to any of you.... That will bring a problem that has no solution..." I stare into her eyes.
over a year ago greenstergirl said…
i stared at the girls fighting i turned to december "who ere they?" i asked her

"that one is allie a district 1 girl then the other is spryng shes from district eleven"

i nodded "okay then"