After he sat me down, he went over and locked the door. The one with the bush just stood there and stared at me. It was getting really annoying I had to say something.

Me- Hi. Questions, comments, concerns? Anything I can help you wit?

I barked. He threw his hands up in defense and turned away....Dag, now I regret snapping at him. He was a cutie. He had on some nerd glasses on, with some baggy cargo pants, with green vans, and a green shirt with the words "Video Killed the Radio Star". He looked like a geek...but a cute one too. The other boy went to the back room and got the First Aid Kit Im guessing so I sat there and waited.
Soon he came back out. Now I had a great view of him. He had light caramel skin, big juicy lips, two ear piercings , chocolate eyes, muscles that you can see from a mile away, and a nice and fresh haircut. He was a god!! Just 1000% that even possible. Im guessing he was talking to me because he waved his hand infront of my face due to not responding.

Me-, huh? What?...Im sorry can you repeat that?

Him- What's your name?

Me- Um..uh *mumbles* Damn, what is my name) Oh um Nikol.

Him- *smirk* Well...nice to meet you Nikol. Im Chresanto..but everybody calls me Roc.

Nikol- Nice to meet you.

We were kinda lost in each others eyes. And you already know I was blushing.

BushBoy- *alil jealy* ahem *clear throat*

Us- *snap out of it*

BushBoy- Anyway Im Jacob...but everyone calls me Princeton. *gives the most SEXIEST smile without even trying*

Me- *melt inside* H-h-hi P-Princeton. *blush*

Roc- *watch the whole thing**jealous* So..uh what's going up wit you and Ray? *starting on my cuts and bruises*

Me- Long story...*look the other way*

Princeton sat down on the bed next to me and Roc stayed crouched down in front of me. They looked at each other.

Them- We have time.

Me- *sigh*.........Okay. Well me and Ray knew each other since we were 4.He lived next door. He always bullied and abused me. Verbally and physically. I used to cry every day, until we got into the 4th grade. I got sick of it and started fighting back. But one day, I walked home by myself from school. He was with some of his friends and they saw me. He told them he could walk the rest of the way an--

Prince- I knew you looked familiar. That's why I was staring at you--

Roc- Prince.

Prince- Oh sorry...continue.

Me-...and so after yall were gone he walked up to me.


Ray- *walks up to me* Hey crybaby.

Me- *roll eyes* What do you want Raquan.

Ray- No need to get smart..I just wanna know where you're going.

Me- You already know *continues walking*

Ray- Hey! *run up and grab her arm* Don't walk away when Im talking to you Braceface. *jerk her around to face him*

Me- Well, I did. And imma continue to. Bye.

Ray- *mad**grabs me by my throat and slam me against a wall* See, this is what happens when you walk away from me while Im talking to you. Do you HEAR ME!?

Me- *choking*


Me- *choking*............

Somehow I managed to kick him in the nuts. He dropped me and I tried to run but he caught me and almost beat me to death.

.::::: EnD Of FlAsHbAcK←
And from that day on I toughened up and fought back harder.

Roc+Prince- *tensed up with anger and sorrow* We are so sorry.

Roc- If we knew he was going to do that we would have stopped him.

Prince- Yeah he has serious anger issues but that is no excuse to beat a girl up. We are truly sorry.

Me- No need to's not yall fault. *looks down and play with fingers**about to cry*

Prince- Please don't cry. I can't stand to see a girl cry.

Me- *wipes falling tear*

Ray Ray's P.O.V:::..
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