skip 2 nxt Monday
me-*at my locker*
ray-oh rite *slams locker*
me-wats ro-2 days ur last day?
me-im gnna miss u randy!
ray-im gnna miss u 2 but here *givs me box*
me-OMG!!! randy u-u got me ths?!
ray-lol yeah
me-i luv it! thnk u! *kisses him*
chrys-awwwww luv birds!!!
me-lol! yeah
ray-luv birds 4evah
chrys-well im sorry u hav 2 go ray ray, u made my sister happy
ray-uh u-

at ray's house
me-how long till u gtta leave?
ray-2 nite at 10
me-how come ur house is so quiet ths days?!
ray-u knw thy got their own houses rite?!
me-oh rite
chrys-y dnt we go somewhere?!
me-lol where?!
chrys-lets go out of twn thn come bak b4 he leave
ray-tht sounds good!
me-okay but where we gnna go?!
so we get our stuff n go out of twn!!!!!!

in miami
me-i wonder y we nvr come here!!! i mean its right by our city!!!
chrys-BEACH! *runs ahead of us*
me n ray-*runng aftr her*
we all play in the water 4 a little while n leave

me-im hungry
chrys-anybdy hungry 4 pasta n pizza?

in cici's ray pays 4 3 buffets
me-i h8 red pasta sauce
me-i just do
me-*gets alfrado pasta n cinnimon buns*
ray n chrys-get alot of stuff but chrys won
me-dam yall!
chrys-i aine on no diet!
ray-me either
me-*rolls eyes*

we go shopping
me-omg chrys look!
chrys-omg tht iz sucha cute shirt 4 u!
me-honey child i gots plenty of these *yes those r wat i meant 2 put. say it n itll sound rite*
ray-i h8 shopping
me-*goes ovr n kisses him* well u bttr!!!
chrys-hey guys!
chrys-graduation in 2 hours!
me-omg we gtta go!

at school. we all had 2 wear purple n white
chrys-*purple tank pink skinny jeans n white stilettos*
ray-*purple top white jeans n white high tops*
me-*tank with white n pink pants with white boot high heels n white gucci stunnas!!!*
ray-im xcited!
chrys-ME 2!!!! I WNNA SCREAM AND CRY!!!!!
ray-lets go.
me-swagger wlk?!
all of us-OH YEAH!
wlk in2 school lik thy do in movies wen ur cool n wlk in slow mo
evybdy-looks at us in awe
me-were good!
chrys-oh yeahhhhh

in gymnasium
teacher-*sayng sum boring stuff*
ray-*half asleep*
me-*whispers* RAY!
me-dnt go 2 sleep!
ray-lol i wznt! i was thnkng!
me-oh okay

an hour aftr techer stops tlkng
princible Wilkson-now the scholarship program!!!
*he calls names includng me chrystal n ray*
n thn aftr tht he givs out diplomas

thn we go home
ray-well i guess ths iz good bye
chrys-i guess it iz!
me-lol we're gnna miss u ray!
prod-wat about me?!
me-ill miss all of u!
chrys-and im gnna miss u most of all roc
me-well i want all of u 2 knw, we will nvr stop thnkng about u n ill txt or call u evryday okay?!
me-bye! *givs thm all hugs*
ray-im gnna miss u
me-ikr lol! but ill miss u 2 *cryng n kisses him*
chrys n roc kiss 2
boys-*get on bus n leave*
me-im happy 4 thm
chrys-i knw but ill nvr get thm out of my mind
me-*2 myself* ill nvr 4get u ray
chrys-here *hands me box ray gav 2 me*
me-*takes out promise ring n puts it on*
chrys-ths means u guys r bound 4ever
me-no mttr wat
me n chrys stay out at night looking at the stars dancing in the sky*
the end!!!!!!
thnks u guys 4 all ur support n nice comments so i luv u guys n stay mindless! n plz read my nxt article coming out, "Because of You*!!!!
p.s. sorry ths was boring 2!!!