I was sooo mad yesterday because I wrote Chapter 7 and it got lost!!!!!!!! Ooooo..anyway on wit the story :)

Ray Ray's P.O.V:::

I got up out of my seat and slowly made my way to the door because I was still sore. I had a small limp while walking down the hall. Soon I made it to the lunchroom. Noise from the students instantly crowded my ears. I went to the lunch line wondering what I was going to eat. Out of nowhere I heard laughing. I turned my head in that direction. It was Nikol. Mm, now I know what I want. A slice of supreme pizza, with a side of western fries (wedges), and a medium Dr. Pepper. I know that's what she got without looking at her tray. When we were in middle school that's what she always used to order for lunch. It is her favorite. After I found an empty seat. It was 6 tables away for theirs. The guilt is killing me. It seems like a huge ton on me right now. Why now do I feel it? Why couldn't I feel it years ago when I first started to hurt her? Was I too blind or..just to stupid? I sat there thinking of ways for me to better myself, because she doesn't deserve this. Not like she would ever love me back. *eyes start watering* I can never take back what I did. My mind is having a war. On one side it's saying: " You might have a shot only if you get your act together." Yeah Im willing to do that that but the other half is weighing me down. It's saying: "A shot?! After what you did to her? She don't want any scumb like you. You're nothing." I just bust out in tears. Look at dis shit! An 18 year old man crying like a damn baby!!...I felt someone watching me. I looked straight up and saw it was Nikol. We stared into each others eyes for a few seconds from the distance, then she looked away. I looked down at my hands. They were shaking. Dag. I didn't know I was crying so hard.......fuck it. I need help and she's my motivation.
It was suppose to be longer but there's going to be a part 2 making up for the rest of chap. 7. Hoped you liked it.