You were in the bathroom for about 20 minutes trying to sort things out. Once you stopped crying, you opened the door and slowly walked to the living room.
Roc: Oh there she is. Hey YN, you ok?
YN: uhh y-yea im fine.
Prod: Well come over here and introduce yourself to Rays new girl.
YN: sure…ok.
Even though you wanted to run out of the house and go home, you didnt want to be rude to the girl. You decided to give her a chance. Maybe you’ll like her…
GF: Hi, im HN. (her name)
YN: Hey, im YN.
GF: I dont think ive ever hurd of you before. Ray doesnt talk about you like he talks about the others.
Thats it.! You wanted to pounce on her and choke her until she stopped breathing. How dare she say that about you but you had no one to blame but…Ray. You glanced at Ray but he still didnt look at you. Was he that mad that I tried to kiss him..?
YN: Well…..we havent talked in awhile so im pretty sure he forgot all about me. *you gave out a very fake smile*
GF: Oh, well it was nice to meet you.
YN: You too…
Prince: ….Whos ready for some games.?!?
He tried to break the awkward silence.
YN: Prince im sorry but i cant stay here anymore. Bye.
You quickly get up and make your way to the door and before you knew it, someone grabbed your arm…but it wasnt Ray.
Roc: Why are you leaving.?
YN: I just dont wanna be here right now. I wanna go home.
Roc: Is it GFN…? ( girl friend name )
YN: NO.! Why does the WHOLE world have to revolve around her huh.?! Shes nobody special.!
You basically yelled that. Everyone heard it, including Ray.
Ray: Naww, let her leave. She wanna leave then thats fine, since clearly no one cares about her.
Your heart just burst into pieces. Ray had never said anything like that to you before and you couldnt take it. Before you knew it you were crying and running out of Prince’s house in full speed. You ran to your house and sat in a corner, crying to yourself. You couldnt take the stress so you decided to takes a nice hot bubble bath. So many thoughts were running through your mind; you couldnt take it. The tears begin to flow soo much and you couldnt stop. No one, not even Ray could cheer you up. You felt like nothing but deep down inside, you knew you deserved it. What you said about her was rude and you shouldve yelled at Ray instead. The more you thought about it the more upset you got so you just blasted music and relaxed in your bath.
Prince: Uhm..I think everyone had enough tonight We all need some rest.
Prod: Yea, he’s right. Ray…you know what you gotta do.
Ray: I aint gotta do nothing. She wanna be rude so imma be rude. She was acting like everything was ok and then she just want to flip out on my girl for no reason.
Roc: Ray…so you telling me you dont see what everyone else is seeing.?
Ray: Its whatever. Im done with her. Lets go GFN.
Ray and his GF leave.
Roc: I’ll be right back.
Prince: …Do you think she likes peace signs.?
Prod: Really.?! After all of that, you worried about if the girl likes peace signs.?!?
Prince: Im just saying. I cant be cool with her if she aint tryna spread the peace.
Prod: Yea well..lets hope thats all thats shes tryna spread. *they both laugh* To be continued