Ray Ray is giving Rae the death glare and he looks like he's about to slap the b*tch! Then Princeton comes and pulls him from Rae!
Prince: Ray let's go man!
Sam: No.... Its fine I'll go because I'm the one who's not wanted at this party...and Ray maybe its best we bre- (GCO) *Ray is kissing her right in front of Rae hehehe!*
Ray: *pulls apart* I think WE should go!

They're walking out and Rae is just standing there shocked!!! And then Roc and Geek suddenly come downstairs! Who knows what they were doing up there!

Ray: Roc we gotta go, NOW!
Roc: Why?!? This is great party and its FRIDAY!!
Ray: Cuz!
Geek looks at Sam who is wiping away tears and holding her right cheek and puts it all together and DAMN!!! Geek got mad!!!!!
Geek: oh hell NAW!!!!!!! Who you think you are Bitch slapping my BFF!!!!!! * she's about to go whoop Rae's ass when Roc holds her back* Nigga let me go or imma go Madea on both you and that hoe!!!
Roc: Gurl don't make threats you can't live up to and she's not worth it let's just leave!
Geek: FINEEE!!!! But I swear if she ever lays those grisly hands on my BFF even a finger! You'll be visiting me in jail!!!!
Roc: Damn girl!

They leave and get into the car

In the car:
Lyric: Gurl are you sure you don't want us to go back and whoop that hoes ass?
Sam: No! But thanks for sticking up for me you guys! But I have to ask where on earth were you?!? *pointing to Roc and Geek*
Roc: *bites his lip*
Geek: *just looks down but she's smiling*
Prod: Y'all are freaks aren't ya!
Roc: At least I got a girl to be freaky with!
Everyone except Roc and Prod: OOOOOOO!
Prod: Well..... I got news for you! I do have a girlfriend!
Every1: Who?!?

Who is Prod's girlfriend!?!
I'm sorry this was a boring chapter not sure how to continue the story but I'm getting a few ideas?!?